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Chapter 393: Retreat In Defeat

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The whole inn was charged with a stronger pressure and was like a raging storm; the two pressures battled and collided with each other inside the small inn. Some were so startled they fell off their chairs and landed with their bottoms on the floor, each wearing stunned expressions on their faces. Hu KangNing, who was in the path of the two pressures, was the first to be hit.

When faced with such an aura, the Imperial level powerhouse was like a dinghy weathering out the storms and winds on the ocean. Without the chance to retaliate, he was thrown out of the inn by the immense force of the aura. His battered body hit the opposite stone wall like a rag and then crashed, rolling a few rounds on the ground before coming to a stop. By then, the guy was already breathing feebly.

Deathly silence swept across the inn. A few seconds later, a sharp intake of breath could be heard throughout the inn, followed by many more to come. The looks that everyone gave to the handsome man and the youth immediately had more fear and respect in them. While they didn’t know who attacked, it was definitely one of the two and many were leaning towards the handsome man had committed it.

Just when everyone else was still caught in a state of shock and confusion, a loud sound suddenly caught their attention. The source of the sound had originated from the side and everyone turned to face it. Unsurprisingly, they saw Hu Yin, who wore an expression as dark as soot. His right hand was clenched tightly into a fist as he slammed it on the table. Clearly, he was the one who made the sound. He glared coldly at the handsome man and the youth, just like a venomous snake would with its prey. It was as if any second now, he would crush their bones and swallow them whole.

The people from Yu Xian City standing behind him were also shooting them icy stares as if they were watching corpses. They were ready to stir up trouble from the looks of it and it seemed like they might attack anytime.

“The two of you belittle my Yu Xian City too much. You dared to hit my people in front of me. If I don’t get an explanation today, then I’ll take it as the two of you want to challenge Yu Xian City.”

Hu Yin stood up and the aura of a powerhouse immediately burst forth from within him, followed by frenzied Pressure that swept towards them like a storm. The handsome man lifted his eyes and lazily glanced at him. Hu Yin’s aura was timely blocked by an invisible wall and could not get any closer.

After a while, the aura that Hu Yin had intentionally let burst out from himself had bounced back at him. Not only did he not gain the upper hand, his face paled instead. The him right now no longer had the smugness and arrogance he had previously as he stared at the handsome man in aghast.

By solely comparing auras alone, he was completely floored. One could also say he was utterly defeated by the handsome man. Hu Yin was an Emperor level Three Star powerhouse and for someone to defeat him using aura alone, the person must either be an Emperor level Seven Star or Divine level powerhouse. No matter which one he was, the handsome man was far superior than him in terms of power.

On the sidelines, the plastered smile on Cheng DongQing’s face disappeared and was replaced with a grim look on his face. He gave the handsome man a complicated and fearful look as he stared at him.

“Looks like this sir really wants to become enemies with Yu Xian City. Since it’s already like this…”

While Hu Yin had Yu Xian City backing him up, he didn’t dare to act recklessly before the others from Yu Xian City arrived. Should the other party intend to kill him because of that, then it would do him more harm than good. But still, he was unwilling to lose the war of words.

The handsome man smirked and finally spoke his first sentence. “You’ve been yapping non-stop about Yu Xian City. Do you know how to say something else? If you feel that I’ve slighted or challenged Yu Xian City, then why not take action against me now? Or am I right to say that you’re afraid of me?”

After hearing what he said, Hu Yin’s face turned green.

What he said was the truth. Indeed, Hu Yin couldn’t defeat him and feared his power. But to lay it bare in front of everyone else at the inn, how could he not be embarrassed.

Hu Yin clenched his fist. With eyes were aflame and with a twisted look on his face, he screamed at the handsome man.

“If you have the balls you stay here and don’t leave! Wait till Yu Xian City’s elders come and teach you a lesson! I’ll see if you’re still so arrogant then!’

“You’re mad!” The youth beside the handsome man quipped. The look he gave Hu Yin was one full of frustration. His head hurt. This guy never stopped talking. After he was done talking, the youth no longer paid any attention to Hu Yin. He buried his face in the arms of the handsome man and mumbled something, making others wonder what he was complaining about.

“What did you say?! If you have the guts I dare you to say it again!” Hu Yin’s sharp and piercing voice could be heard once again. It already pissed him off enough to have one person insulting him and now this seemingly weak youth had the gall to reprimand him! How dare he despise him just because he had a powerful companion with him!

Being repeatedly slighted by the other party set all of Hu Yin’s rational thoughts on fire. He was almost at the end of his fuse and he really wanted to slaughter them.

“Captain, calm down. You are not his match as of now. It’s never too late to take revenge.”

The two Imperial level powerhouses who sat at the next table were also Hu Yin’s men. Seeing as he almost lost all rationality to his anger, they quickly came up to hold him back for fear that he might just charge ahead.

At this moment, Cheng DongQing suddenly cut in, “Brother Hu Yin, what they said is reasonable. Please don’t act recklessly, that man might really kill you. There’s no need to risk your life over a fit of anger. You have a bright future ahead and if you die here, it really won’t be worth it. Let’s just leave him to the elders.”

Cheng DongQing’s words were like a pail of water that doused the fire in Hu Yin’s heart. The flames of fury had mostly been put out. He might not have listened to his two underlings, but Cheng DongQing was different. He was the disciple of Master XiLe, who was one of the board members of the Southern Continent Mage Guild. As the saying went, “Not for the sake of the monk, but for that of the Buddha.” Even if he didn’t want to listen to Cheng DongQing he had to, in order to give face to his Master. Furthermore, what was most important was that he had a way out without embarrassing himself too much.

“Hng! Since Brother DongQing has already said so, I’ll do it for Brother DongQing.” Hu Yin acted all high and mighty as he said, then grunted coldly when he looked at the two of them. What a prideful guy. Despite clearly being on the losing end, he still had to find words to salvage his hurt pride. Didn’t he realise he was making himself more of a joke to others? What a classic ‘turn tail and run’ situation.

After he delivered what he had to say, Hu Yin got his men to carry Hu KangNing who was outside and left.

He couldn’t stay in that inn any longer. Even if he wasn’t pissed to death, he had lost all face there. He had lost all face to remain there anymore. Neither did Cheng DongQing stay behind.

The inn once again resumed its peace. After a while, people started to whisper and discuss. The Yu Xian City which had had their way on the Southern Continent for many years had finally met its match in this inn. Not only were they unable to fight back, they even had to flee from the inn in defeat. This was the first time in history that such a thing happened.

After the initial stages of shock…

“Back to the topic, why would people from Yu Xian City and the Mage Guild be in June City at the same time? Judging from Hu Yin’s tone, it seems like some elders will be coming over. Don’t tell me something big happened? But why haven’t we heard anything about it?”

Not long after, the crowd’s attention was redirected.

“I don’t think the Yu Xian City and the Mage Guild are here to train. Something must have happened and the news was contained. That’s why we know nothing about it.”

“If the Yu Xian City and the Mage Guild are here, then the other forces are sure to follow.”

“This sure gets people pumped! I wonder what will happen this time.”
Just when everyone was busy buzzing around, the handsome man and the youth stood up. Their every move was scrutinised by the people there and when they stood, the noise died down a bit.

The handsome man helped the slightly tipsy youth up the stairs and they were instantly hidden away from the inquiring looks others gave them. Yet, the crowd still refused to give up as they stared in the direction they left.

When they returned to their room, the youth suddenly lifted his slightly flushed face and wrapped his arms around the man’s neck. Then, he kissed him.

The youth nipped at his lips clumsily as they shared a drunken kiss that tasted of wine. While it was sloppy and slightly painful, it had undoubtedly fanned the man’s desire. He quickly bent down to gather the youth in his arms and carried him to bed.

As the man laid on top, he suddenly reached out to grab a ball of white stuff before conveniently throwing it out. Following this series of actions, the youth’s appearance underwent a drastic change.

The ordinary face transformed into one with fine and delicate features as the youth turned into a teenager. And that teenager, was no other than You XiaoMo.

Said white ball of stuff that was tossed away by the man landed on the ground lightly. It meowed resentfully at the two on the bed before hopping its way out of the room.

Seeing as the person under him was still dizzy, the man took advantage of it and leaned down to seal the teenager’s lips with his. He easily pried open his clenched teeth and his tongue eagerly swept over every corner of his mouth. Teasing as he sucked on the teenager’s tongue, the man kept his hands busy by sliding them under the teenager’s shirt. And when he found that nub, he pinched it forcefully.


You XiaoMo couldn’t suppress his moan when he felt the stimulation. In return, he wrapped his arms even tighter around the man.

In the next second, his lips were captured once again by the man and his moans were swallowed in the kiss. You XiaoMo was already drunk since earlier on. His body had gone all soft and weak and ready for the man to have his way with it.

The man released his lips and brushed his cheek.

“Looks like you only behave slightly more passionately when you’re drunk.” The man gently smiled.

At that moment, You XiaoMo suddenly lifted one leg. His knee just brushed against the bulge between the man’s legs which sent a wave of heat coursing through his body. Meanwhile, the person who started it was laughing out loud inconsiderately.

The man sucked in a breath before lowering his head to kiss him.

“You little imp!”

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