STSC Chapter 18

STSC Chapter 18

STSC Chapter 18b

Chapter 18

Therefore, reputation and everything are temporary … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

On the fifth day of the month Renard, Nan Jae completely lost his face.

After this event, which has been spreading in places such as Hiroshi, Nan Ge’s spreading ERS event has spread like wild fire throughout the region.

After careful to return to the administrative office, he noticed the smile of Mo Shu’s “Majesty” expression. He certainly knew about it!

He was absorbed in combustion.

First, the month of the month ended in one month. On the 15th day, a colorful lantern appeared in the lantern festival. In order to maintain the public order, civil servants had to take patrols. Of course, as unreasonably dedicated to Judge Daren, Mo Shu had to take the weight of the first night movement.

He pushed the sweet food supplier Nan Ge Er for his patrol.

In fact, Nan Ge Er just wanted to go to the tennis eyes between him and Mo Shu, all became the truth, he did not want to go because he did not want to do it real I did. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

However, Mo Shu, of course, had Nan Ge Eru, who threatened his way with a smile. Nan Ge was not a preference but to go with him.

They patrolled the Lantern Festival for one round. After an incredible incredible discovery, they could return to the government.

However, Mo Shu seemed not to return yet.

“Darren, where are you going?” Nan Ge Er asked that Mo Shu slightly blended the signal.

This is not an instruction of the government agency.

“To fly with a lantern,” Mosh replied.

Do not you give a real answer to something that maybe I did not know well? I do not remember you’re going to fly in a lantern!

“Darren, it’s late” Nan Ge Er remembered his mouth as he spoke.

Mo Shu replied. “Do not worry, I will not be afraid.


This is not a matter. I do not want to hear it? Anyway, is there a pressure to damage such dishonest phrases?

“Who are you?” Mo Shu completely ignored the gloomy expression of Nan Ge Er.

“Oh, this is Mo Shu-xiansheng … and Nan Ge Er, huh.” He accepted them, so the thief posed ridiculously.

… What does this little thing mean to you?

Nan Ge Er could only feel an unprecedented despair.

“If any of them captures your interests, see,” Mo Shu once again saw Nan’s Ge Er and checked direct lanterns.

Nan Ge Although I saw a lantern that looks smart though it’s hard to draw. I shook my mouth. “Well, thank you for your friendship, Darren, I’m afraid I have to resign …” You say I’ll let you choose, but I’m right, finally Is it expensive? I’m not interested in something incredible.

“Oh, do you want here?” Mo Shu of course did not understand his words and went to see Nan Ge Er.


Nan Ge Er’s face became a black line.

“Look here,” Nan Ge Er just looked at each other, and Mo Shu was already in another dress.

How many years are you? Mo Shu-xiansheng?

Nan Ge was very distressed and continued indefinitely.

So they bought from one table to another. When Er Er, having returned to his mind, he noticed that they were already approaching the river to screw in an important part of the street.

It was called a “street”, but in fact it was a way to walk along the river. The vast majority of the crowds are caught in long ladies, or they buy lanterns that enjoy themselves or just sell lanterns.

There was a lantern on the banks of the river. In the middle of the night, various colors scattered around every corner of the city.

Children, adolescents, old people, all crossed the lively street. Some laughed and played, some raised their heads to see the lanterns, some of which had different lanterns.

From the side of Nan Ge, although you can see the other side of the river. The landscape that flows the river is vibrant and spectacular attracts beautifully colorful.

The shining wave of the river was not clear, but the bright brilliant color was deeply absorbed in the water. The surface of the surface of the surface looks like leeks, and the slabs look as if they bent one with another, which is fun and contradictory. I have created scroll paintings that the whole scene is unusually beautiful.

Nan Ge Although unexpectedly stopped his song. He stood perpendicular to the dam and saw the landscape on the other side of the river.

Mo Shu then stopped his song following him and stood next to him.

“… It seems right …” Nan Ge Er was silent about dissonance and anxious humans.

He did not need an audience. The words were only for themselves. That is why he was silent in such a right way.

He never thought he could see such a vision during this life …

Attractive and dreamy look.

However, Mo Shu heard what Nan Ge Er said. He smiled at Nan Ge Er slowly looking at the other side of the beach.

In the cold air, the whole breath is white. While unfortunately complaining about the cold weather, they literally contacted their neighbors.

Brothers left each other between intruders. Without anxiety common to these shouts, the puppies laughed loudly when they fled.

The girl dressed in clothes, but when he admired other clothes, they acted endlessly. On the other hand, the group of young children was abused because everything had lanterns. They intimately entered the ladies and persisted and beat them.

Parents walked carefully in places that were not so crowded, but we werehed for lanterns, rivers and humans.

Like Mo Shu and Nan Ge Er, people standing at banks across the river exploded and laughed and watched the scenes of Nan Ge Er.

This is a fast, living world.

I stand there.

Here, Nangaro suddenly thought.

Hard and rocky cold seemed to slowly melt in his heart.

Maybe I can understand why I stay here and die.

“Oh, is not it Shao Nang?” A well-known voice worried his idea.

Nan Ge returned to his feelings. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Councilor Zhu Xi had guards and a corpse around him as he walked to them. He had lamps in his hand.

A lantern was a hundred red, and the heel had a cranberry cushion. Every iron is tightened. The cat’s lantern was very attractive.

However, such adventure lanterns were pleased to find Zhu Xi …

This made the whole scene incredibly offensive.

Actually, Nan Erram felt that Mosh and Shizuko had completely abandoned their role.

Shuzo had a beautiful and excellent appearance, but seemed to be a judge, but Mo Shu had a stylish beauty and grace that looked like an adviser with knowledge and education.

But the tragic part is that adviser Zhu Xi competes as a counselor, Mo Shu, maybe a subtle and stylish thing is just a perfect idiot!

How does he look inside?

Nangal’s misfortune in his mind.

“What do you do?” After other people who took patrols in all directions around him, adviser Zhu Xi stood by the river and asked them.

“Wandering”, Mo Shu clearly showed a transcendental transcendent expression.

Of course, Zhu Xi knew Mo Shu. As he did not doubt at all, he saw Mo Shou up and down before asking Nan Ge Eru. “Shao Nang, did you see Lantern?

“Mn …” Nan Ge Er talked on his lips, “Darren continued to insist on buying a lantern.” And I want to get it.

It was obvious that Zhu Xi was one of the few Guang Tian who knew the true color of Mo Shu. He knew the message behind the words of Nan Ge Era. He accidentally caught his lips: “And he …” Because the dry cough came out, he was silent.

“What’s this?” Mo Shu was not worried, and Nan Ge Er and Zhu Xi did not think he knew he had understanding. He immediately took care of Zhu Xi.

“Oh …” Zhu Xi just remembered Nan Ge Era’s proposal, it seems to have been forgotten about the lantern. He lowered his head and saw the flash of the fantastic cat again, “This is you, Xiaonan.

“I?” Did not spread his eyes He could not imagine that nobody except Mo Shu would feel a lantern.

“But when I teach you why, I do not think that I probably want to get it.

“Did you do it?” Nan Ge even saw anxious Zhu Xi.

“Aime …” Zhu Xi displeased: “Well, Tian Jiao … especially …”

After that, he looked at Nan Ge Er’s face. It was tinted and looked a bit terrible for the red cat lantern.

Nan Jae-el trembled very long, but his lips trembled. He began to remember the tragic memory …

Zhu Xi laughed for depression. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Women are really scared.

Wide Tian ladies are the most expensive!

“It’s really nice.” Mo Shu, who stood without a sound, suddenly caught the cat’s lantern with Zhu X’s hand and fell into his hand. He lifted it up and the face of Nan Ge Er shone. “Do you really like you?”

Nanga saw him.

He really wanted to get that fool.

He was really stupid and was driving forward into the desert. Although he could still endure it, he thought that sooner or later they would transform those impulses into reality.

Like your honey!

What does the cat look like? And I’m glad about Mrs. Gag, you’re a squad!

After all, Nan Ge Er could see the only defeat, for Monsie made a completely stupid cat lantern in the government office.

The most depressed thing is that everyone noticed the cat’s lights with Mo Shu’s hands and saw them as unexpected at the same time.

I say that this is not mine, really!

Nan Ge even urged someone to blame again.

When they approached the office, Mo Shu suddenly stopped at his song.

Later, Nan J. Els talked badly about him in his mind, but he temporarily lost his attention and almost hit Mo Shu. He raised his head and was worried about what’s happening.

Why did you stop suddenly?

Was he suddenly nervous again and did not like the fact that this boy again made an idea worse?

“Lantern clouds,” Mo Shu said softly, looking at the night sky.

Nan Ge. Instantly, Mo Shu’s eyes followed.

There was a pale yellow sky lantern above the river dragon. They slightly brighter and organized the dark skies calmly.

Mo Shu suddenly said seriously. “It is said that expectations awaited by the lantern of the soul will take place.

… You do not have to worry about ancestral prayers, do you want under the heavenly lantern?

Nan Ge’s face turned black again – he did not really understand Mo Shu’s internal behavior.

During the navigation, he noticed that Mo Shu, who walked along the way with lanterns in his hand, really closed his eyes. He looked solemn and awful, and his hands broke – I think he really wants it!

Nan · The · I was saying.

After Mo Shu made a solemn desire, the two were still walking.

Nan Ge Er felt a bit strange. “Do you want it?” To be more precise, the desire of a typical person as a desire, I thought it was not right for Mo Shu. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Mo Shu smiled, “of course I am.” At that moment, under the pale yellow lantern on the road, Mo Shu’s face seemed like a fog, it seems quite serious.

“Oh, Nanga was still asking, but he thought he was not interested.

“I wanted to have dinner for tomorrow. You’re preparing beans. The sweet beans are sweet beans, which Mo Shu has been a lot of support.

… Nan Ge Er’s face became a black line.

This desire, that’s not a bit …?

Focusing on the expression of Nan Ge Er, Mo Shu suddenly laughed. “Mn, that’s a bit ridiculous, is not it?”

You know that, Give You?

Nan Ge could not, but let him see.

However, tomorrow’s future is formed. Mo Shu laughs and reaches the head of the chain Nan Ge Er.

The moment Nan Ge Er was surprised.

What does Mo Shu mean?

“We’ll eat together tomorrow.” Mo Shu was shocked: “It will remain the same post tomorrow.

“… I want a ruinous person!” She cried quietly, so Nan Ge Er was a little worried. Future causes and results will be decided at night!

“If you have a special desire, you will be more motivated.” Mo Shu smiled Nan Ge Er’s hair.

“It’s still difficult”

In fact, Nan Ge did not know how to express his contemporary feelings. He wanted to continue speaking in a coincident manner to make himself a little more natural.

“So are you ready for tomorrow?” As usual, Mo Shu used a gentle tone, but the question he asked gave Nan Ge Er a sudden hole to destroy him. It was.

Nan Ge Despite no breathing, he almost choked at the door of Mo Shu’s word.

He finally raised his head and saw Mo Shu: “In fact, you did it, the desire to give it to me?” Even if I do not do that, this man may still tell me You will find a way.

“Good desires are available.” Mo Shu smiled and saw Nan Ge Er’s head. “Instead of asking the god that could be present, the request for my Nan Ge was much more reliable, he obviously did not know how frightening his words were.

… I knew!

Violent Impairment began again in the heart. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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