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Chapter 394: Money Making Method

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


You XiaoMo let out an uncomfortable groan and slowly rolled over as he unhurriedly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was an unfamiliar handsome face. Shocked, he sprang up into a sitting position on the bed, and was suddenly wide awake.

You XiaoMo did not even have the time to understand what happened before a dull pain came from his head. There was also a trace of stinging pain from that hard to speak about place below, “It hurts…”

A pair of hands abruptly stretched over and pressed his temple. The strength was even, neither too light nor too heavy. He lifted his head upwards and let out a happy sigh.

“Is it better?” The man’s familiar voice slowly and lazily echoed beside his ear. The deep voice carried the languidness of one just having gotten out of bed, making him feel comfortably warm.

You XiaoMo had already regained his senses. He leaned against the man’s body on the spot and roguishly said, “No, my head is still very heavy. Next time I definitely won’t drink.”

“Okay, then don’t drink.” The man said with a laugh.

You XiaoMo opened his eyes and glared at him, “You still dare to laugh. If not for you urging me on to drink a little more, I wouldn’t have such a headache now.”

The man innocently replied, “If you feel that the wine was not tasty, will you drink it if I pour it for you?”

You XiaoMo gave a dry cough, “That wine…was really quite tasty.”

The tavern also had many varieties of wine. However, it was best known for its fruit wine. It was said that the fruit wine was June City’s specialty. The flavor was not spicy and also not strong, rather it had a faint fruity flavor. It tasted good, and one would not feel tired of it no matter how much was consumed.

You XiaoMo had thought that fruit wines would be very strong-tasting in the beginning. After drinking it, he discovered that it tasted just like fruit juice. Ling Xiao also frequently poured the fruit wine for him, so he drank cup after cup and unwittingly finished several pots of wine.

“Oh yeah, something seemed to have happened when I was drunk yesterday. What was it? My head is still dizzy now so I’m not too clear about it. You explain it to me.”

You XiaoMo felt a little guilty so he quickly changed the topic. He took a moment to recall what had happened yesterday. Although he remembered that the YuXian City was present and there was that something Mage Guild, but he couldn’t remember several details.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes. His finger skimmed You XiaoMo’s cheek as he laughed, “Can’t you remember? Yesterday you obviously made Hu KangNing and Hu Yin choke until they could not even refute a single sentence.”

You XiaoMo had an uneasy expression on his face as he pushed Ling Xiao’s hand away, “I said I don’t remember, so I don’t.” He gave the slight impression of trying to hide it but made it more conspicuous instead.

Ling Xiao did not continue to tease him upon seeing that he was about to flare up, “Yesterday, the people from YuXian City and the Mage Guild appeared in June City. From their conversation, it appeared that there would be more people arriving. I suppose that there’s something here in this side of the mountain range in June City which has attracted them.”

“Do you know what it is?” You XiaoMo asked.

Ling Xiao shook his head, “I don’t know yet. Their secrecy is actually very tight. Other than themselves, all the people in June City do not appear to know what it is about.”

You XiaoMo replied, “Maybe there’s some sort of treasure here.”

Ling Xiao chucked, “No matter what treasure it is, this situation is a good opportunity for us. We do not need to specially run to the territory of the Vermillion Blood Clan and their branch forces to investigate.”

Be that as it may, but it was a fact that the people from YuXian City and the Mage Guild appeared in June City at the same time after all. Two great powers together would draw a lot of attention and they were not the only ones curious about this. The people who were present at that time also were wondering about it, so someone went to investigate that very evening.

After a whole night, the news that the YuXian City was waiting for their forces to arrive had spread throughout June City. Moreover, it was also rumored that the members of the Vermillion Blood Clan would also be sent over.

The two changed their clothes and You XiaoMo called for CatQiu to return again.

After dressing up, he changed his appearance into yesterday’s ordinary-looking youth once more.

Although CatQiu’s strength was in the lower range in his Qiu team, his transformation techniques were unusually top-notch and it was hard for people to see through them. Just like Hu Yin from yesterday, he had an Emperor Realm cultivation base, but even he did not see through his disguise.

Then the two went out.

Many people poured through the gates to June City in the early morning after the events yesterday. They had all hurried over because of the news. It appeared that many wanted to know why the YuXian City and the Mage Guild would come here.

From time to time there would be a crowd hurrying past them.

Just as You XiaoMo was having some misgivings, a peal of hectic footsteps abruptly sounded from behind. He saw a group of people rushing over once he turned back.

“I’ve heard that someone knows why they would come to June City.”

“Is that true or false?”

“Of course it’s true, because the people from the Cang Alliance are also here.”

“That’s great…”

You XiaoMo saw this group of people running past him at a high speed, as though they would miss the opportunity if they were late. In the beginning he did not understand, but after thinking about the nature of the Cang Alliance’s influence, he then understood.

Ling Xiao wore white from head to toe today and he was holding a fan in hand. With a graceful and elegant demeanor, he smiled, “Interesting, let’s go take a look too.”

There would be no lack of the Cang Alliance in any place that was bustling with noise and excitement. In the Tong Tian Continent, this point could practically be said to be a common understanding. Furthermore, many secrets would no longer remain as secrets at any place that had the Cang Alliance present. This was because other than collecting information, the Cang Alliance would also engage in the sale of all kinds of information.

When You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao arrived, they saw an enormous demon beast in a huge plaza.

The appearance of the demon beast was very similar to a tortoise. It stood about fifty meters tall and was about five hundred meters long. The shell of the tortoise was green and it carried a building similar to a house on top of its shell. There were delicate and beautiful carvings on the building and with a look, and one would know that it’s a thing of aesthetic pleasure.

Those people who had just run past You XiaoMo were now surrounding one side of this tortoise as they continuously chattered in discussion over the matter.

Ling Xiao walked over and cleared up his confusion, “This Green Tortoise is from a branch bloodline of the Psychic Black Tortoise from the Four Ancient Beasts Clan. Rumor has it that the head of the Cang Alliance subdued the entire clan of Green Tortoises. Henceforth, the Green Tortoise Clan began to serve the Cang Alliance for many generations.”

“To even be able to subdue the branch bloodline of the Psychic Black Tortoise, the head of the Cang Alliance is really too amazing.” You XiaoMo gutsily exclaimed in admiration. Furthermore, this way of thinking of using the tortoise as a means of transportation was completely new and original. At least to a person like him who had wholeheartedly believed that a tortoise was a very slow animal, he thought as such.

People jumped down one after another from the back of the Green Tortoise just as they were talking.

There were more than a dozen people were in the same attire, only the clothes of the person taking the lead was different. His aura was very strong and his body was so sturdy that he seemed to be able to carry a mountain on his shoulders. His silhouette was unwavering and determined as the edge of a blade. On his back was a broadsword without a scabbard.

This was an expert who used swords!

“It’s Lord Xiong Xiao, who would have thought that the Cang Alliance would actually send him over.”

“Ah-ah-ah, Lord Xiong Xiao is the twenty-first expert on the Tong Tian Rankings. Sure enough it’s really different once an idol appears! He’s so mighty and domineering.”

“I’ve heard that Lord Xiong Xiao was the eighth disciple that the head of the Cang Alliance took in. He also has a high status in the Cang Alliance. However, the head of the Cang Alliance really deserves his name, each and every one of the disciples he took in are all formidable and extraordinary.”

“I wonder how much the price for the information this time is going to be?”

“Based on the degree of confidentiality of the information, the price should be high. Looks like not many would be able to afford it.”


The chatter of the crowd discussing had not stopped ever since Xiong Xiao jumped off the Green Tortoise. Though it was noisy, it let You XiaoMo know a lot of information.

Ling Xiao whispered an explanation in his ear, “The Tong Tian Ranking is the rankings of the experts in the Tong Tian Continent. The rankings are judged based off their overall strength. Basically, those in the top hundred are all the powerhouses of the present age. This Xiong Xiao is ranked at the twenty-first place, so his cultivation base should around one star Divine Realm.”

Both were handsome guys, but the first impression that this Xiong Xiao gave them was much better than Hu Yin and such.

Xiong Xiao swept his eyes over everyone present, his eyes was as sharp and penetrating as a blade. Each and every one of those who he saw felt their breathing become sluggish. His stature was very tall. After reaching the ground, he was still a head taller than everyone, easily giving others a feeling of oppression.

The plaza suddenly quieted down, all kinds of noises were ceased with his glance-over.

After the crowd quieted down, Xiong Xiao’s clear voice got right to the point, “With regards to the rumors of a treasure in the mountain ranges of June City, it’s confirmed to be true. In accordance to the past rules, those who want to know the news can purchase the information jade drive from me.”

As soon as this statement was made, alarmed clamoring suddenly rang out.

Originally, they were not sure whether it was true that there was a treasure in the mountain ranges of June City. Now it was confirmed with Xiong Xiao saying as such. Never did they think that the news would be so closely guarded that they would have heard of it only when the other forces from the YuXian City had rushed over.

If not for the Cang Alliance, they would probably have still been left in the dark this time.

“Haha, Xiong Xiao-laoge, it’s really true that you can see the shadow of the Cang Alliance wherever you go. Looks like this time the Cang Alliance would be able to earn a large amount of spirit gems. How then would this price be calculated?”

Just when everyone was spiritedly discussing, a candid laughter abruptly sounded from the rear. Everyone turned their heads and looked over, discovering that it was from a refined youth in white. The youth was beaming from ear to ear was he walked towards them.

Who else was this youth but the Beast Transfiguration Guild’s Qiao WuShuang!

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