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Chapter 395: Not Expensive At All

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Qiao WuShuang was one of the young and popular leading figures within the Beast Transfiguration Guild. Rumor had it, he was only second to that person in the ZhongTian Headquarters of the Beast Transfiguration Guild. Though he wasn’t the one and only, his name was widely known, especially throughout the Southern Continent.

The Southern Continent’s Beast Transfiguration Guild was a branch of ZhongTian’s. Qiao WuShuang was mostly active in the Southern Continent, so he was more renown there. He was also a powerhouse on the TongTian Rankings. He ranked a little under Xiong Xiao, but he was also younger than Xiong Xiao.

When he appeared, everyone’s attention shifted.

There were rumors that Qiao WuShuang was on friendly terms with the people in the Cang Alliance, but they never had proof because almost no one had seen Qiao WuShuang walking together with people of the Cang Alliance. However, judging by how he referred to Xiong Xiao just now, they could be certain that the rumors were true.

After Yu Xian City and the Mage’s Guild, people from the Cang Alliance and the Beat Transfiguration Guild had appeared, too. People from the other guilds would probably be arriving soon.

“Does Qiao-laodi intend to buy it, asking after the price?”
t/n: laodi: affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself.

Xiong Xiao and Qiao WuShuang really did have quite a good relationship, thought they weren’t friends that would lay their hearts bare to one another, Xiong Xiao had often had dealings with Qiao WuShuang. This refined looking person was actually rather candid person. Upon seeing him, that stern and solemn expression had warmed up a little, though he still looked quite serious.

Qiao WuShuang could tell though. He shook his head and smiled, saying. “I have no intentions of buying. I can’t afford the price of a jade drive like that. Plus, why would I spend spirit gems to buy information I already know? I, Young Master WuShuang, am not an idiot. If I really did buy it, there’ll probably be people saying I’ve been kicked in the head by a donkey.”

“Qiao-laodi jokes. Who dares insult Young Master WuShuang, after all?” Xiong Xiao began to laugh. He liked people who spoke openly like WuShuang; this was what he admired about WuShuang the most.

Qiao WuShuang also laughed a little before saying, “Xiong-laoge, there’s no need to entertain me further. Your business is more important.”
t/n: laoge: affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much older than oneself.
Xiong Xiao didn’t reply, but it was clear that Xiong Xiao’s opinion of WuShuang had gone up.

In the audience, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but envy this sort of person. He lived carefree; that was what life really was about. People who did nothing but plot against others only did it because they had nothing better in their lives to do.

As opposed to people like Cheng DongQing and Hu YinNing, Xiong Xiao and Qiao WuShuang had an easier time getting people to like them.

It wasn’t just You XiaoMo who was envious. Others had the same thought.

“Let’s cut to the chase. I believe everyone knows how valuable these Jade Drives are. The price this time isn’t the highest the Cang Alliance has ever set, but the price isn’t low either. A Jade Drive is one hundred thousand spirit gems,” Xiong Xiao declared.

With these words, many people were struck dumb by this price of one hundred thousand.

Though the South Continent was much wealthier than Bei Dong, those who truly were rich with spirit gems were few and far between. A hundred thousand spirit gems was quite a fortune for most people, so who would spend it on information?

So, after Xiong Xiao’s words fell, he received no response.

Xiong Xiao seemed to expect this situation and didn’t feel surprised.

This was a price he had came to after discussing with the others. When considering the information inside the Jade Drive, it really wasn’t very expensive, but only those who decided to spend their fortune on it would known if it was worth it or not.

When silence had fallen, laughter suddenly came from the back of the crowd. It was especially abrupt in the silence and the owner of the laugh wasn’t at all courteous, his laughter mocking.

You XiaoMo felt that this voice seemed familiar. He had heard it somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember where and turned his head in the direction of the laugh like everyone else.

A kind of familiar man, with a group of people clustered around him like stars around a moon, came over.

Those in his way moved to the side without prompting.

This man was none other than Cheng DongQing who had been in the bar yesterday. You XiaoMo had been drunk then, so he didn’t have a very deep impression of the other.

Cheng DongQing walked up to Xiong Xiao and Qiao WuShuang, smiling lightly. “Seems like the Cang Alliance is the same as always, unable to escape their love for wealth. I can’t believe you have the face to sell information that someone else gleaned. In any case, you actually dare to sell just a little Jade Drive for a hundred thousand spirit gems. You lot really have gone crazy for spirit gems. Now you can’t even sell it, how embarrassing.”

Xiong Xiao glanced at him coldly. “Mind your own fucking business!”

Cheng DongQing’s smile fell instantly.


Someone in the crowd couldn’t help but laugh.

In the silence, the chuckle was exceptionally loud.

Cheng DongQing’s face, having had only just been cursed at, immediately darkened. He couldn’t vent his anger out on Xiong Xiao, so he decided to take it out on the person who had laughed. His cold gaze immediately shot in the direction of the laugh, but, blocked by the crowd, he didn’t know who it was that had laughed. At that thought, he was even more pissed off.

The people behind Cheng DongQing knew that he was getting angry. One of the men immediately pulled out his weapon, pointing it at the crowd and yelling, “Who laughed just now? Get out here at once.”

The crowd was afraid of getting caught in the crossfire and hurriedly backed away, revealing You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. With the empty space around them, it was like they had been ostracized.

The man saw them and decided that they were the people who had laughed. He was about to yell again when he suddenly noticed a familiar handsome face. The other was watching him with something like a smile. The scene from the bar yesterday surfaced in his mind and the man couldn’t help but shudder.

The state Hu YinNing had ended up in after fighting this guy was still etched into his mind. The man knew he was no match for Ling Xiao and his words seem to be lodged in his throat, preventing him from speaking. He turned to glance at Cheng DongQing in uncertainty.

“It’s you!” Cheng DongQing saw them and immediately knew what had happened.

Only these two would dare laugh at them, others wouldn’t dare laugh, knowing of his identity.

“Who are they?”

Seeing how Cheng DongQing knew the two, confusion flashed through Xiong Xiao’s eyes. The two sides seemed to have bad blood between them, too, if the tone he had used and the way he grit his teeth was any indication.

That was when a green-clothed person came up to him and whispered into his ear, explaining what had happened and the fight in the bar. With the information network the Cang Alliance had, they had known of this incident the day it happened.

Qiao WuShuang was close to them and also heard, immediately shooting a surprised look at the two. They hadn’t even gotten here two days and were already making enemies with the Mage’s Guild and Yu Xian City. These two were quite talented, weren’t they?

Seeing how they were discovered, You XiaoMo waved at them, smiling. “Hello, we meet again.”

Cheng DongQing’s expression turned even uglier, looking like he wanted to tear that smile apart. However, he looked at the man next to You XiaoMo with trepidation. He would destroy them some day.

As he thought that, the two walked towards Xiong Xiao.

“Hey dage, I would like to purchase a Jade Drive.” You XiaoMo said with a smile, stopping in front of Xiong Xiao.

In reality, he hadn’t wanted to get this sort of attention, but no one else had responded and the whole thing had been suddenly interrupted by Cheng DongQing. They still had something to do, so he decided to act first.

Xiong Xiao hadn’t thought that the first person to come and buy the Jade Drive would be such a young man. Plus, Cheng DongQing had only just been mocking them about their lack of customers. Now that he had stood out from the group, Cheng DongQing was very likely to take his anger out on this person. He didn’t think the two hadn’t considered this. If so, then to still do such a thing was a brave act indeed.

Xiong Xiao couldn’t help but warm up to them a little and unhesitantly took out a Jade Drive, tossing it over. “Here you go.”

You XiaoMo caught the Jade Drive and then paid him a hundred thousand spirit gems. He glanced at Cheng DongQing, whose complexion had gone pale green, and suddenly said with a laugh, “A hundred thousand spirit gems for this small Jade Drive? Aiya, that’s not expensive at all.”

Hearing this, everyone sweatdropped.

For the rich, a hundred thousand spirit gems wasn’t very expensive, but instead rather reasonable.

Wasn’t it worth being able to gain information that no one else knew by spending a hundred thousand spirit gems?

However, for them, who had never saved more than a few ten thousand, a hundred thousand wasn’t just expensive. Even if they sold everything they had, they probably wouldn’t be able to afford it, so they were just here to watch the drama.

Cheng DongQing almost spat blood.

He had just said that Xiong Xiao’s Jade Drive lacked customers because it was too expensive, but now this person was slapping his face by saying that in front of everyone. He had done it several times; did he really think that Chang DongQing didn’t dare act?

“Watch yourself, brat!”

After leaving behind that chilling warning, he whirled around and left with his followers.

It wasn’t a small thing to have bad blood with one of the people of the Mage’s Guild. The Mage’s Guild was one of the greatest powers of the TongTian Continent and their presence was scattered all across the continent. Plus, in order to ask the high ranking mages of the Mage’s Guild for help, many practitioners would try to curry their favor. So, making enemies with them meant to make enemies with the majority.

The crowd couldn’t help but glance at You XiaoMo in sympathy. He really had guts.

However, the handsome man beside him didn’t even act to stop him at all. Where were all these recklessly brave people coming from?

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