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SH Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Continuous Consent (Part 2)

Translated by Tracy

What’s worse than doing bad friends? The result

If they were consistent with their eyes, Feisha’s thoughts disappeared into thin air, probably left only after the first election to block his neck, found his mind. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

But Jin turned before solving this idea. “Have you not done it many times, if you qualify?

The plan of Faith was immediately destroyed according to its words.

Issey tossed her wings calmly and gave Jin an unprecedented look. “I think you’re very free.

A glittering smile exclaimed for a few seconds and finally fell into memory. “No, no, it’s a rest of work.” He turned the wine bottle – where did it happen? – On the one hand.

“Hughes was not lately.

Time suspension of swing. Jin spoke carefully.

“And perhaps you can work in the time you spent your vacations,” and before Jin thought: “Or I must let Hughes resume my work.

“… Jina’s smile disappeared completely. The angle of his lip hit.” No, that’s the problem. “He was upset.

I cried, and Issefl grasped the brilliant blemishes of a golden and silver brother and pulled it. At the same time, he looked at Feisha and Jin’s face.

“What was good, my last was destroyed!”

Jin was pleased, “I started to sacrifice you high things.

They caressed each other, then, Isefel gave that good impression of the eyes of the puppy, waiting for the next move.

Pu an angel and a little terrible scene under Gina, a brilliant top Feishasašutināto put his hair off and walked. It was never safe, but in spite of indignation, it remained. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Jin’s eyes turned and started on both sides. “Is your page last night?” “He fell. And he hurriedly exclaimed and asked if he was there.

Fasher ran to Jin’s direction. “Ha,” he strictly agreed, “He is the only child of non-Jewish women, please refer to goodness in your heart to forgive him.”


Feisha raised his head, felt the pin and dragged it with light. “Thank you!” Poor, getting a gift is essentially a volunteer.

“The cost you stop will be taken away from your salary.”

Feisha waved his hand. “Anything, take it all.” He could not take it with him. Why does he intend to take care of his salary?

“Your food and housing costs to depend on your salary.”

He lived out of the air, at least $ 700 in need, so he had to pay a wage, if he slept on the direct desk, and lived out of the air – “…” Remind Isefela suddenly Feisha An important thought appeared. “How long have you been?” He is worried.

“Annually vacations”

“… Why is it happening after my year’s departure?” The amendment began. Technically, he traveled to the fairy, but the place he just knew was that it was … a difference of a clear hot source, just an animal before relaxation. Local products, misunderstood forest, and luxurious fruit purple, dinner with wine and hot women.

“What else do you like?” An unforgettable question at Isfels.

“For example,” Feisha carefully discussed this issue, my personality, talent, or … March. He could not convey the word “ability” to himself.

Issefel looked at it as innocent for a few seconds. “It would be better to spend time using jokes to work.”

“…” He did not mind. Some of his genes were really attractive, but most of them were intellectual and uniform.

He covered his face with his hand and seized his second cloth and saw that Isfeli had a bad face.

When Isfelis went, Feisha rubbed her face and grabbed her breath in her palm to her home. “Coming” He shakes his legs and “Does not breathe in the morning.” He entered his room with a brave voice and began to close the door.

Jin’s hand was crushed between the door and its frame.

Feisha left the door with a sweet smile. “With the other, I have something to tell you.”

Jin saw him enter the room and saw him moderately. The man appeared a few seconds after putting the chair on his head. “I have to contact you … a little bit about you!” He exclaimed, when a Gina chair hovered.

Jin’s student fell a little in the chair and frozen in the air.

While Gina looks stupid and smiles Feisha, the door locks the bathroom in front of her closet to call some clothes, making sure he’s stopped.

While the refrigerator does not work, Jin realized he had finally ignored.

After a long rain, a fascia came out of the bathroom. Fortunately, Jin had much patience and spent most of his time sitting in a chair.

Feisha felt a well-known sense of security for himself as a bark turtle

He dressed Feisha’s clothes, as a turtle, he felt a sense of security. “If you are here to request an apology, I can be knowledge and talent in many ways. You have suggested something as good as a gift, but everything comes after a gift.”

“Do you agree with anything if you give me a gift?”

Feisha smiled slightly. “Do you think I’m stupid?

“So, as some donations, are some of the dangers beyond that?”

Smile fell from his face. “I … …” he said slowly “… consider it” and back. He could swim around by shaking the door and shouting “Please help!”.

Jin shone behind her. “Please, please, because no one will come to save you.”

Feisha got mad. “Well, you’ll win,” he agreed to convert. “You can tell me what you have come here, so I can not change.”

Jing: Are you always mad? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

What is the height of leading someone to crazy? Leaving only the destruction of the world and one person, I promised to find the cause of solitary destruction and destroy it.

“What do you want to do with bloody sky?

Jane’s point of view increased a moment for reflection. “Why do you know that Isfel fell from heaven?

“Men,” Feisha replied with some confidence that someone did not know what they were right.

“That’s because you’re waiting for what happened?

“You tell me,” Feisha laughed.

“Have Berets told you?” Soon he refused. “No, it’s impossible, or it can …” he saw the moment when he was shocked until it became suspicious. “Have you heard me sleeping to talk?”

Feisha stood with the one who was not protected. “How much do not you have time to listen to, do you sleep?”

“Well, listening to sleep is often very interesting – but that is not a problem, as you know, none of the seven dead sins, which was their sin, was recorded in the recording. It was not accepted and has no history of Isphelas. ”

Defended before the lost person, Feisha resigned to tell the truth. “Metatron told me.

Everything seems as if he had Greece “…” Gina emerged one of perfect uncertainty.

Feisha decided to go well. When a man kidnapped me I got out of the room. “If he knew he was at the Jean level at the beginning, if he did not allow him to leave, he would sleep in the spring.

“Room?” Fishy eye covered by Jin reviewed: “Oh, yes room Why Isfeli Metatron will present you …?”

I did not know Feisha. “I do not know, maybe he wanted to be able to talk something he was lonely?”

“… The only one?” Before Feisha Catch Jin could do this time to what, “Well, he was lonely … Does he say why she was sinful?”

“He … really not.” Feisha made jeans fun.

The vampire breathed a calm breath. He finally managed to manage this conversation again. “It was because I saw Isferuz’s death in my eyes.”

“… Does he close his eyes?

Jin turned at the table. “Do not you see that point?”

“What’s more important in this phrase”: It’s a long, difficult thought, after humiliating acceptance for a while Feisha

“Issey could save her”

“If you can not mention all the details, please please me.”


“… please continue.

His pale eyes shook. “He stood in the cold and saw it as one of his own deaths before without help, you knew what he said, God asked him why?”

Feisha tried to put himself on Isfel’s shoes. Why was there no money for another angel?


“Please tell me”

“He said,” I do not know. “”

Feisha saw the box of the box and instantly defended Isfeli. “Well, I say, all make mistakes. All the time outside people’s classroom!”

Obviously, Jin chose to ignore Feish from his lesson. And God said “Your heart is cold like ice”. Your cold makes you inferior to heaven. “”

Does not it like to be released? Feisha felt he was always emphasizing Isfelon. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Jin continued: “So Isfels prayed for God …”

“What did he ask for?

“He was not as cold as he saw, as God exhorts and is the Lord Kain suffered a dead world to drink blood to see himself, looking at killing his brother? Jin slowed his pace to fight the angel and the exchange of God and Feishu to fight the Ischei’s unconscious signal.

“And?” Feisha ordered Gin to stop talking.

“And Isefels came to Noah’s ark, but seven still died with their sins and a member of Heath”.

While he was astonished, Feisha felt Isfelam’s feeling that he could not express words.

“Are the happiness always flying?” Asked Jin

Feisha nodded. If you are a national club here, Isefer will surely be the president.

“This is God’s will.”

“… I did not know that God liked six packages.

Jin dreamed of his teeth. “Having said that God dropped himself in water, he said he could warm and love.

“Did it work?”

Jin looked at the eyebrows. “Do you think it worked?”

Feisha said, “I think it would be better to add some essential oils in the water,” says Feisha.


Feisha put his hand on the door. “Well, thanks for speech, I think it’s up to you to go.

“I have not yet reached the end.

“Can we continue with it the next time?” Heavy story was a heavy load.


Feisha Light.

Jin released his neck. Sometimes I tell you that “you’re talking now.”


“Did you know that Espell never impressed people before you?

Feisha’s heart was blessed with unexpected happiness, but he carefully cares his appearance in an incredible shock. “Really?

“Do not even bother to hold your smile.

“There’s nothing to laugh” Feisha rubbed his face.

“I’ve never seen him take him from you.”

Feisha again rubbed his face. And again.

“So, when I say, he certainly feels something special.

It was incredible about that. “Well, did anyone have a significant conversation deep before me?”

Jin shook his head.

“It’s me because it’s not special Isfels.”

Jin smiled a bit smiling. “Perhaps, maybe you just can do miracles.”

“People, given their life to the high news, they have invested declared their unusual duration of time. And, their abnormal death, the best side of the glory of his glory It is used to show.”

Jin smiled brightly. “Do not worry, I will not allow you to die.

Feisha sent him to see: Mother, you can not steal me like a wolf.

Jin, went back to watch full of enthusiasm: I did not throw the wolf to you: I’m a gift to you with wealth beyond their imagination!

Feishai had to eliminate the brightness of Jin’s eyes. “Well, well, what do I want to do?

Jin said excitedly that “I want you”. “Please check Isphili and show him what a true love!


“What’s happening?”

He trembled in Jin and raised the accused’s fingerprint, he penetrated the body of Fish. “I like you can handle my brain, you are already driving me crazy. Get it back? I know how you said you’re crazy, and from it. You’re throwing me a shock at my presence in the pit.”

Was not it an exclusive technology for fallen angel? “I will not listen,” he asked.

Feisha went to his feet. “How did you come with hell like a delay?” Why do not you put your talent in other places or screen dramas? “He stopped temporarily:” But I did not talk about the hero! ”

Translator’s note

In many ways I can know and talk about, but after receiving a gift everything is considered.

We do not know 书 达 knowledge, yet 也要 purpose 搭 到 Rei wǒSUI is, Zhi Shu DA are, Dan and Yao Xian DA DAOlǐ (lighting, maybe I have grown, you have to take one of the gifts I’ve run l た

At this point (in boldness), it’s like sounds like Lǐ of the second half (culture and the lighting knowledge) Lǐ of language knowledge 书 达 Rikokorozashi oxálico DA 搭 礼 DA (lighting does not take any).

You shocked me in the crack of my existence.

The word thunderbolt (lightning strike) is the concept of “slowdown” that the content is “shocking”. I can not think of something else.

Why do not you use your talent to use soap opera registered on other sites and screens?

Feisha is, in fact, it is a direct Gīnam series “Jiang Hu favors Kyu 录 Jiang Hu extended Lu,” it is, shows that he does not play the hero He’s small Tsuyoshi Lǐxiǎo band. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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I thought it will be a really serious reason for him to be fired , but I laughed so hard when he let the angel die cuz it was broke.

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