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Chapter 404: An Ancient Well

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Twenty meters, fifteen meters, eight meters, four meters…

The obscene man’s expression shifted from ferocious to extreme happiness as he got closer. Almost, he almost had the Metal Swallowing Beast. When that happened, he would tower above the rest. What Vermillion Blood Clan? What Mage Association? What Cang Alliance? All of them would bow before for him.


A sudden immense force struck him and broke his sweet delusion, just as he only had two meters to go, the dream, as if a mirror, shattered instantly. The broken pieces fell down to the floor.

The obscene man made an agonizing scream as he coughed up blood and, with a large impact, fell to the floor, on his last breath.

In wide eyed disbelief, the man barely turned his head around and finally saw who attacked.

In the dark this handsome man’s eyes seemed to have a flash of purple weave through them. That handsome man looked down at him from above, as if eyeing an ant who didn’t know their own limits. It was a look of superiority.

He had once dreamed of standing at the very top and using these eyes to look at others. Originally, he had a chance, it was so close, yet it was shattered so easily by this man.

Until his death, the obscene man didn’t understand why. He was sure he had only seen two people in the tunnel.  

Why was there a third person, even if they were stronger than him, in such a narrow cave? They shouldn’t have had any place to hide.

Then, where were they hidden?!

“He’s dead?” You XiaoMo walked over with the meek Metal Swallowing Beast in his arms. He touched the man’s head with the tip of his toes, his eyes were wide with grievances.

The one who made a move, Ling Xiao, removed the foot he used to step on the obscene man with and said, in a casual tone, “Dead, so weak, it was just one kick.” However, that one kick contained a piercing wind force. When it made contact with the man, it instantly shattered his organs and almost broke him in half.

You XiaoMo was quietly speechless. Yes, it was a kick, but Ling Xiao was ruthless. If that person had not died, they would have probably been disabled, however…

You XiaoMo looked down and pet the blue fur of the Metal Swallowing Beast. He would have never imagined the little beast that pounced into his embrace was that Metal Swallowing Beast. Could this be the legendary ‘protagonist’s luck’? Even if he hadn’t searched for it, it came right to his doorstep. He couldn’t help but gloat over it.

“Guys, tell me, why do you think my luck is so good?” You XiaoMo burst into laughter as he held the Metal Swallowing Beast, his gloating face making one want to hit him.

However, because his hands were such a dirty black, the Metal Swallowing Beast’s fur was also tainted with black stains, creating patches and patches, making it really ugly.

Seeing that he was so shameless, Ling Xiao turned to Pi Qiu, “Pi Qiu, what do you think?”

As the saying goes, a wise man submits to circumstances, so Pi Qiu quickly nodded in reply, “Master is second to none.”

Immediately, You XiaoMo was pleased.

Leaving behind the body of the obscene man’s corpse, the three walked out of the tunnel. You XiaoMo temporarily handed the Metal Swallowing Beast over to Ling Xiao as he dragged Pi Qiu to his dimension to take a shower. When he got out, the two were completely refreshed and this time You XiaoMo had changed into black clothing. This was because it resisted stains!

Momo Black .png

(Credit goes to Soundlesswind on Tumblr for the picture.)

It wasn’t long ago when they had arrived at the mine, back then You XiaoMo wasn’t thinking of collecting more rocks, however, seeing that the metal elements contained were stronger than any they had seen so far, it caught his attention.

When the obscene man had came in chasing after the Metal Swallowing Beast, he had dug only for a little bit.

Since it was so dirty inside, it didn’t take long before he was dusty all over and of course Pi Qiu was the same for helping him.

The result was what the obscene man saw.

Speaking of the Metal Swallowing Beast, initially it was very calm. No matter if it was Ling Xiao or You XiaoMo it was very tame, however, the moment Ling Xiao was about to put it on the ground, it rebelled.

The Metal Swallowing Beast did not look ferocious at all, in fact, it was the cutesy type. He didn’t know if its original form was the same as now because it currently looked just like an ocelot. Both its fur and eyes were blue, it was just double the size of Pi Qiu when it was born.

New Canvas (3).jpg

“What should we do now?” You XiaoMo asked staring at the Metal Swallowing Beast.

“Let’s get out of here first.” Ling Xiao said, he didn’t not pass the beast over to him. Before he understood its danger, he wasn’t going to risk anything.

You XiaoMo didn’t ask for it back either and instead quickly followed him out of the mine.

Just half an hour after they left, You Ming and You QingShan finally found their way there. It didn’t take long before they found the obscene man’s corpse, clearly, he had died with one hit, the ones who killed him must have been a lot stronger.

Due to there being too many suspects, they couldn’t be sure who it was. Also, due to the abundance of metal elements, it covered up all of You XiaoMo and the others scents. You Ming and the others couldn’t figure out the number of people that had been present.

“Elder Ming, it’s very possible that the Metal Swallowing Beast has been captured by someone else.” You QingShan said with deeply furrowed brows. There was nowhere for the beast  to hide in such a narrow tunnel.

You Ming realized that this was very likely and made his decision, “If that’s the case, we shouldn’t dwell on the beast. Although it will be difficult without it’s guidance, we must get the Eye of Golden Earth and Eye of the Sun.”

They could only hope that the ones who caught the beast did not know of its true potential.

After that, they swiftly left the mine.

At the same time, unbeknownst to a lot of people, a portion had already started to search for the Eye of Golden Earth and Eye of the Sun.

As for Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo, since they had the Metal Swallowing Beast, they no longer needed to look around blindly.

If it was someone who was ill-informed, they very well may have left after taming the Metal Swallowing Beast. However, coincidently, Ling Xiao knew that the beast was attuned to both the Eye of Golden Earth and Eye of the Sun. With it, they had a guide, making the search much faster.

The beast couldn’t talk but it knew that Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo were also aiming for the two Eyes.

Without them having to say anything, it brought them over, as if making an offering to please.

It took two hours or so for the three men plus one beast to arrive at their destination. It was a barren land with ruins that appeared like trash. This wasn’t somewhere one would suspect the Eye of the Sun to be. The metal element was the weakest there than anywhere else You XiaoMo had been to.

In a place like this, could there really be the Eye of the Sun?

With suspicion, You XiaoMo looked at the Metal Swallowing Beast who was guiding them. Could it be lying, purposefully bring them to a trap and was going to use it to get rid of them?

However, that didn’t seem plausible, no matter how strong the trap was, it was a dead end. Not only that, they had Ling Xiao, a Divine leveled practitioner, how could a mere trap be effective.

The Metal Swallowing Beast was ignorant to You XiaoMo’s thoughts. It turned to motion them over and ran forward.

You XiaoMo immediately turned towards Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao translated, “It’s telling us to follow it.”

The two followed it over to an ancient well, the diameter was two meters wide and it was also built of tough metal element minerals. It was half a meter tall and looked as if had been through years of corrosion, giving off an air of vicissitude.

“This well should be the Eye of the Sun.” Ling Xiao walked closer, his eyes shone with slight joy, he had finally found it.

You XiaoMo was puzzled, he walked closer and looked in. The well was too dark to see the bottom, it didn’t seem like there was water either, there wasn’t even a slight breeze.

Just as he was about to retract his gaze, his soul suddenly felt a tremor.

Not a second later an airstream shot out from the bottom of the well straight to the sky. Its ferocious force made him jump, if it wasn’t for Ling Xiao who had caught him in time, he would have fallen straight in.

With dismay You XiaoMo said, “This wind…”

To be correct, it wasn’t wind, but metal elements that were highly condensed.  

Ling Xiao explained, “This airstream was probably the result of an Elemental Emeute that occurs once a few days for the Eye of the Sun. You’re pretty lucky to have encountered this right off the bat.”

You XiaoMo felt his mouth twitch, this wasn’t the kind of luck he wanted. Changing the subject, he said, “Since we found the Eye of the Sun, are we going down now?”
At the bottom of the well was likely what Ling Xiao was looking for.

Ling Xiao nodded, however he was worried about leaving You XiaoMo on the surface and he couldn’t let the Metal Swallowing Beast get away, so he carried them both with him.

It wasn’t until they were nearing bottom of the well that You XiaoMo realized how deep it was.

Half an hour later they were still dropping, clearly this was abnormally deep for a well. As he was about to comment on it, they arrived at the bottom with a ‘thud’.

You XiaoMo finally realized why there weren’t any metal elements above, they had all sunk to the bottom. With the naked eye they could actually see the flow of the metal elements, especially below their feet was a thick, liquid-like substance, as if created when the metal element was condensed to the utmost.

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