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3 kai Mawatte Suki to Ie Cover
Turn 3 Times and Tell Me You Love Me
Artist: Hakoishi Tammy
Language: English
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Akino absolutely despises his co-worker Kataoka, whose arrogant face makes Akino mad anytime they cross paths. One night, after drinking, Akino comes across Kataoka kissing another man! Ecstatic he finally found one of Kataoka’s weaknesses, Akino believes he can use this for blackmail against the younger man. But, things do not go as he had planned and after the situation does a 180 degree turn, Akino declares “I will definitely make you say you like me!!” What will happen to these two co-workers, the playboy who claims to love no one and the fool of a man who will do anything to show his rival he is better?

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