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Chapter 413: Taking Advantage Of Others’ Misfortunes


Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just when they thought that things were going to end like that, something unexpected suddenly happened. When everyone finally saw who stopped Ling Xiao, they couldn’t help but feel surprised. It was actually QiHang from the Mage Guild!

QiHang was a level eleven Mage and his rank wasn’t low in the Mage Guild. His attack power wasn’t as weak as the ordinary Mage and with his power, he could totally be on par with a Divine level powerhouse. Furthermore, he also had a lifebound contract demon beast. While it wasn’t an emperor beast, once master and beast joined hands, an average person would have to stand aside to avoid them.

No one expected it to be him.

Previously when You Ming ordered him to take action, QiHang would be reluctant and find ways to decline. Yet, now when You Ming was dead and even You AnTai wasn’t Ling Xiao’s match, he actually stood up.

This move utterly puzzled many people.

“More like he’s profiting from somebody’s misfortune.” With one look at him, Qiao WuShuang saw through his plan.

“This old fella’s really cheap.” Xiong Xiao somewhat looked down on QiHang. In his eyes, a real man should be frank and forthright in whatever he did, whereas QiHang was just a villain.

“The damage caused by the explosion in the area was unusually large. Even You AnRan was so spooked he fled. I reckon Ling Xiao’s injuries aren’t light. Looking at the situation, he most likely won’t be QiHang’s match. Should we help him?” Qiao WuShuang said solemnly.

“Just wait. I feel there’s something strange about the situation. It doesn’t seem that simple.” HuangFu Li looked towards the two people in the sky as he stroked his beard.

QiHang was very proud of himself. Yes, he was preparing to take advantage of someone’s misfortunes.

If Ling Xiao wasn’t injured, naturally he wouldn’t have such thoughts. But if he was, then it would be a waste if he didn’t attack.

Two Elemental Essences and one Metal Swallowing Beast were worth taking the risk.
Ling Xiao’s brows furrowed. This person must have thought he was in a hurry to leave because he was injured. In truth, he was only trying to find a place to let You XiaoMo out because he realised that something was happening in his dimension.

“I know you must be heavily injured. If you give me the Elemental Essences and the Metal Swallowing beast, I can guarantee that you’ll leave here safe and unharmed.” Seeing as he remained silent and not looking too good, QiHang thought he had guessed right.

“Old fella, get lost if you are done yapping. I have no time to play with you!” Ling Xiao said impatiently.

Upon hearing his words, a trace of anger flashed across Qi Hang’s face. Just as he was about to yell at him angrily, the man before him raised his hand and pushed his palm out. It was simply a gust of wind, but how could a fist from a peak seven star powerhouse be ordinary.

QiHang’s expression finally changed. How could a man with this sort of power be fatally injured!

Due to the shock, QiHang barely managed to dodge that attack. When he retreated about a dozen steps, steadied himself and looked towards Ling Xiao’s direction, he saw a figure appear in the air right above him. That person screamed as he fell straight down and Ling Xiao extended his hands to catch him.

That person seemed to be frightened. His nerves had yet to settle as he clutched onto the man’s clothes tightly. That person was none other than You XiaoMo. His hair was as messy as a straw nest and patches of black and blue appeared on his clean face as if someone had scratched him.

Seeing how pathetic he looked, Ling Xiao’s serious expression morphed into one where he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I only didn’t pay attention to you for a moment and you end up like this?”

“You think I want to? That Metal… Uh, for some reason it suddenly appeared and attacked us. If not for the Metal Swallowing… uh, that fellow, you wouldn’t see me anymore!” You XiaoMo aired his grievances.

No wonder Ling Xiao didn’t let him put the Metal Elemental Essence into his dimension. That thing was really that powerful. Although he could fight, that thing wasn’t human but made from Elemental Essence. Normal attacks would be useless against it.

PiQiu wasn’t very strong either. The Metal Elemental Essence’s intellect was similar to the Wood Elemental Essence and it tended to be mature. It was a crafty fellow and if not for the Metal Swallowing Beast stopping it in time, he would definitely be worse off.

“Huh? So what’s the situation now?” After You XiaoMo was done grumbling, he finally realised the odd situation around him. When he looked down, he found a large group of people looking towards him with pairs of stunned eyes…

Still in his puzzled state, he finally realised that he was being carried by Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo forced a smile before he said to Ling Xiao, “Looks like your battle isn’t over yet. How about you let me down first and go settle it later?”

“It’s over.” Ling Xiao spared him a glance.

“Nonsense! Isn’t there still the old guy? Is he not a person?” You XiaoMo immediately pointed to QiHang who was opposite them.

“If you wish to say it like that, that’s fine.” Ling Xiao replied plainly.

You XiaoMo had nothing to say. After a moment, he tried to change the topic.

“That said, who is that old guy?”


QiHang was silent throughout.

Hearing his question, Ling Xiao stared at QiHang meaningfully.

“Him? Someone’s who is about to die.”

QiHang’s expression changed. Till now, how could he not tell that Ling Xiao didn’t even see him as a threat at all. All of it was just his wishful thinking. He didn’t dare to stay any longer as he immediately fled with the people from the Mage Guild.

Ling Xiao, too, didn’t really intend to kill him. Before he successfully had a breakthrough from Divine level to Sacred level, it would not be beneficial for him to become sworn enemies with the Mage Guild.

After people from the Mage Guild left, NanZhan also led his men away from the June Mountains. Xiong Xiao and Qiao WuShuang exchanged looks with each other and thought for a while before walking towards Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo together with HuangFu Li.

When they discovered their arrival, Ling Xiao’s face remained unchanged whereas You XiaoMo went on alert instantly. He knew nothing about what happened previously but he knew they were after the two Elemental essences and the Metal Swallowing Beast.

Qiao WuShuang stepped forward and smiled, “Fellow XiaoHa, do you have to be so guarded against us? If we wanted to take action, we wouldn’t wait till now.”

You XiaoMo was embarrassed for a moment. Oh how he wanted to tell him to stop calling him fellow XiaoHa.

“Fellow XiaoHa, you don’t have to worry. I won’t make enemies of people from the QiLin clan. My original goal was the Metal Swallowing Beast. The Elemental Essence is just something along the way.” Xiong Xiao also walked over with a smile on his face.

“From what you said, it seems like you still want the Metal Swallowing Beast.” You XiaoMo replied.

To that, Xiong Xiao just shrugged.

“The reason why I want the Metal Swallowing Beast is different from the others. It’s like this, soon it will be one of my juniors’ birthday. I want to give him a Metal Swallowing Beast as a gift to make him happy. Since the two of you have taken it, then there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s not like it must be the Metal Swallowing Beast.”

You XiaoMo was utterly speechless. Using a Metal Swallowing Beast to make your shidi happy? What kind of shidi was so precious?!

“Xiong-laoge, the shidi you’re talking about, is it the one that your master made an exception for and accepted two hundred plus years ago?” Qiao WuShuang voiced You XiaoMo’s thoughts.

XiongXiao nodded.

“It’s been so many years and he hasn’t gotten over his complex. That’s why my master got me to take the opportunity to cheer him up on his birthday. But I feel that if he doesn’t get over his issues, then this way of doing things won’t address the root cause of the problem.”

“What kind of complex does your shidi have?” You XiaoMo asked curiously.

Xiong Xiao shook his head and unexpectedly replied, “Actually, to be exact, he’s still not my master’s disciple yet. Even though my master has said before that he was, he never agreed. Furthermore his vocal chords have been damaged before. He can’t speak for a period of time and even after my master cured him, he wasn’t willing to speak.”

From what he said, that shidi did seem rather pitiful, but You XiaoMo wasn’t about to give up the Metal Swallowing Beast just because he was pitiful.

“Let’s stop talking about this. What are your plans from now?” Xiong Xiao said.

You XiaoMo looked towards Ling Xiao and pondered for a while before speaking, “Xiong-laoge, will the Cang Alliance find out about everything?”

Xiong Xiao didn’t expect him to talk about this.

“Naturally they will. The Cang Alliance’s intelligence network is spread across the whole Tong Tian Continent. They can find out about everything but it depends on how difficult the information you are trying to find is,” he replied.

You XiaoMo’s eyes scanned around. “Can we speak in private?”

Xiong Xiao nodded.

Before they excused themselves, You XiaoMo said to the other two, “Qiao-dage, and this elder too, could you wait for us for a bit? I also have something to speak with you about.”

Qiao WuShuang was slightly surprised and he nodded his head, “Of course.”

He and HuangFu Li then returned to where the Beast Transfiguration Guild was at and left the space for them.

After making sure no one could hear their conversation, You XiaoMo began.

“Xiong-dage, I need a favor from the Cang Alliance. I need the alliance to help me find out about a person but this matter is very important and concerns many things. It will be better if fewer people know of it.”

“You can be rest assured about this point. Even if you don’t say it, we won’t tell others about your situation. This is the most basic professional ethic,” Xiong Xiao laughed heartily.

You XiaoMo was glad. Then, he looked towards Ling Xiao.

Understanding his intention, Ling Xiao spoke, “We’ve come to the Southern Continent this time to find a person. He was kidnapped by the people from the main family of the Vermillion Blood Clan and his name is Feng ChiYun. The person who kidnapped him was NanShen from the Vermillion Blood Clan. We want to know where he is held.”

Xiong Xiao was dazed for a moment. He finally knew the reason why they kept provoking the Vermillion Blood Clan.

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