STSC Chapter 22

STSC Chapter 22

Chapter 22

First of all, Nan Ge Er did not ask Mo Shu about it. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

There was no other meaning for his disagreement, he simply felt that Mo Shu would not know him. If you feel that Mo Shu has to know Nan Ge Er, if he does not interest it, he is still writing strictly.

Also, though he knew Hiroshi’s secret, I thought there were still many changes to his current life. Therefore, he simply ignored the advice of General Super Naru.

Of course, we do not discuss the addition after Xiao Jin to the base of his fans.

His life then returned to the normal – a doubt that he had many friends ended in many of my old friends who had stayed in former Bei in circles around “Magistrate Furen” again after the Supernatural General Era.

No, we will not talk about it either.

Every time, the time has just come to know the way. With the eyes, the summer ended in the spring just arrived.

Applying a noble life, Nan’s Ge is afraid that he does not want to continue his tea as he rests. Therefore, although the tea-foot is still open, Mo Shu does not get it.

Perhaps, Mo Shu knew that day that he could enjoy the last time in the office of office, finally until the day is short. Before he slept, Nan Ge Er just noticed him, he felt Mo Shu Fu woke up outside. As he woke up, most of his food went out. On the other hand, a considerable part of the sweet bakery disappeared, almost false.

Unfortunately, as the unhappy Mo Shu failed to return, as he had to remain obedient to the place, the season will still come, separated for the summer season.

I stayed in the office to write comments on tasks similar to text messages without permission for the upcoming fall and winter Mo Shu to wander.

For outdoor use, Mo Shu felt pain and loss towards it. He developed a firm position on it, but as the Nan Ge Er felt, Zhu Xi felt that Mo Shu suffered abuse enjoyed suffering …


The office could push all the Universal Shimmune Mo Shu-Da Len, all that Nan Ge Er was not good despite the fact that consuming Mo Shu sweet bouquet would increase. This will greatly reduce your workload.

But the biggest negative side of it was everyday …

By the way, it left control. He makes the Mo Shu beans’ sweet beans, causing the salt beans, pepper, and add to the tickolaolī of the oxálico Mo, “accidentally” iesmidzināja dirty water bucket, he was in the hands of the oxalic body of Mo, and “accidentally” by stroking Mo Shu on cotton slot …

In other words, thanks to the innumerable Nan Ge Era, he could lose his sensation.

However, until the sun rose, Ge Er de Nan could not squeeze more intuitive nerves throughout the day.

He believed that Mo Shu was still constant, he emptied the lower limit of what he was in your heart.

He expressed his respect for Mo Shu and his ignorance of a timid spirit. At the same time, a sensual brutal feeling in my mind became more frequent than the last day.

In fact, the possibility of having to participate in Mo Shu, was unsuitable. This was one of the reasons he moved more intensely.

This year two people have still celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival.

Nan Ge Er ate only half of the lunar cake. All the rest excluded Mo Shu and excited.

As a human being, you are not ashamed of his love for sweets – Do you really want to ask Mo Shu?

However, he again revealed Mo Shu’s excitement at the end when he left deep.

Salt and pepper used the house when he intended to borrow more to “show a fit of esteem” to Mo Shu, who was empty every day.

When I went to the office of the government office, he saw three men sitting silently on the door.

When he stopped with his song, he saw what’s on the right. “… Shaanian.”

When his head was completely buried in his knees, he raised his head with a miserable, stylish face “… Nan Ge Er ~”

“What’s it today?” Nan Ge, desperately looking at her.

“My father took money from the north street and caught me.” Because he replied “I passed through three streets and disappeared …”, which is called Xiao Nian slightly depressed It was. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Black Nan Ge Er.

Before his current colleague, I was often found in a Hiroshi thief, and was one of the things that are usually “dropped” by government offices. The worst part was that his father was in Yemen, and his brothers were all the guards …

The most tragic part was that the feelings of my progress had changed. As soon as he entered the street of his work, he would not know where he was.

At the departure, Nan Ge Er went to the left. “Ah Ju …”

The man on the left still depressed: “Nan Ge Er, I’m very sorry …”

“What happened to you?”

“Not only her purse that I was stealing, not only to come back, led me to happen …”: That guy approached only one step to the opening tears “Xiao Chung is too much …”

Xiao Chun was the wife of the beloved one up. His mother and daughter all suffered an important destruction. Not only will he have to return to Nozagoja money every time he commands him to put himself in his old and new.

Man Nan Ge Er sat on the branch of a tree that stood before, he raised his head to see “the Er you and again in June?”

“My mother said she had forgotten to buy the rice.” With the aunt of the food in her house, it told me the same kind of food, I came, “Because it is the same age that was Er de Nan Ge. “I heard the noise of a new man, with a little lady, embroidered, loudly.

Nan Ge Er was a perfect poverty.

Nan of Ge Er, the head-headed head “Ieliesies, if I have everyone who produced some of the sweet cake that can grab them before the Shu de Mo -. Before his writing was completed, the three weak storm blowers took him “They even eat.” They were already watching.

Nan Ge Er questioned why his life caused convulsions.

No one could see it, but he breathed a long time.

Not only did he cry out his contemptuous miserable life and groaned, but he also groaned like three unhappy dolls.

Why do they go out illegal life, doing another job, not incredible? Three of them are not compatible with thieves who need technical skills. Anyone who has luxurious artistic military skills is not allowed to receive it.

That’s right. Three people were really a common criminal who visited the government office.

… Perhaps they should change jobs and become food …

This will probably be more appropriate …

Because everyone just eats it.

The food market is undoubtedly closed now. Do other families have excesses? The worst thing is the worst, but I’ll only bake a soft cheese and a few eggs on them …

When he was preparing to have dinner again, Nan Ge Er thought – Mo Shw did not make Elan from Nan Ge because he helped the government office. While he himself ate, I noticed that urban women were worried.

Before getting it, Mo Sue ordered to catch pregnant rabbits. She escaped 4 rabbits, 2 men and 2 women and gave birth in the first half of the month.

Before entering the kitchen, he only came to see four birds and went behind to discover the four foam groups. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Mo Shu-xiansheng, do rabbits eat this?”

“Of course, if you can not see the rabbit eats them, Mo Shu – did Xiansheng ever make a mistake?”

“My Shu-xiansheng is really wonderful!”

“Yes … be … be beans!”

He quickly had a heart of Nan Ge Er.

“Oh, your four!” He exploded: “Mo Shu, stop!

Mo Shu could only see coats with salt salts. These four fungi birds violently pass through the hands of Bypass and Mo Shu, collecting the smell of the beans …

Wild rabbits are hard to catch. Four of them survive only with the efforts of Nan Ge Er to keep coats and eat milk every day. Who would think he was silent and suffered?

He immediately stretched his mouth to MoSu.

“Adviser!” He heard his neck, anger, “Mo Shu – Xiansheng arrived in the yard!”

“Mo Shu, you’re a Barbarian!” Therefore, Zhu Xi’s mouth came out of the laboratory.

“De Erm, Shu de Mo – Did Xiansheng Mi Ge Er Nan promised to help collect the vegetables,” look at the bad event, began the preparation of the other three people going to flight.

“EU too.”

“Bean – I too! He had to press the hunger before I set me down.

Three of them soon flew away.

Shu Mo of Me has seen some time murmuring, edgy expression Nan Ge Er: “Shao Nang is so cruel”

Nan Jae-el captured what he had in his hand and tried to stop it, but it was not a result. He threw something to a hand on Shu Mo’s forehead: “Shaonan your puzzle bunny to whiten, if you have broken N How to compensate it!”

His hand was straw. In throwing Er by Ge Nan, straw, and later separated the amount of each of Mo Shu.

“Mo Shu, you’re an irresponsible guy!” Zhu Xi is, as if it were repressed, and the attitude and anger, imposing sliding, we left the attack and Mo Shu from the side.

After all, Zhu Xi forced to abandon Mo Shu.

When Naga went to see how many rabbits ate strange things, he tried to detect Bunny’s mouth.

“Nan Ge Er.” Mo Shu suddenly shouted.

My emotions, Nan Ge Er went to the head.

It seems like a sleeve-book with straw on his forehead, Mo Shu smiled at him.

But his smile was hot. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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