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Sorry for the late release, I just got home from the 28 hour airport hop so I could get home. I’m running on fumes and luckily remembered to release it. Enjoy. – Addis

Chapter 419: The Second Stage


Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Of course, no one owned up to being the perpetrator. Only an idiot would try to stand out. XiaoYao Institute wasn’t a place you could stir up trouble at and this young man evidently wasn’t someone with a good-natured personality.
If anyone owned up to it, then the whole mess would just get worse.

You XiaoMo thought to himself nonchalantly. He just wanted to hurry up and leave after taking the test. Ling Xiao was still awaiting him outside with news about Yin Ge and Zhan Yu. After so long, Xiong Xiao should have some info for them.

“Was it you?” That was when the young man’s loud voice cut through his thoughts.

You XiaoMo returned to the present and saw the young man glaring at him as if saying ‘I know it was you who did it’. That was when he realized that the people around him had disappeared, all retreating far behind him. There was a lot of empty space around him. He had been too distracted by his thoughts.

“What was me?” You XiaoMo did his best to look clueless.

An Qiao raised his chin. “Were you the one who said that just now?”

“Said what?”

“The word ‘shameless’.”

“Oh, nope!”

“If not you, then who?”

You XiaoMo’s lips twitched. He was talking as if it was definitely You XiaoMo who had spoken. There was really quite the mental age gap between them in this conversation. He suddenly realized that he was old. “Even if you ask me, I wouldn’t know.”

An Qiao stared at him in suspicion. “The person who spoke was somewhere around you, how could you not know? Are you trying to cover for that person? Are they your friend?”

You XiaoMo replied with all seriousness, “Sorry, but I came alone. As for friends and whatnot, I think you might be letting your paranoia get to you. Even if I did, he’s outside and can’t come in.”

“Pfft…” As if she had heard something hilarious, the small girl that had been arguing with An Qiao suddenly laughed.

An Qiao flushed, glaring at You XiaoMo in anger and embarrassment.

You XiaoMo wanted to make things clear that, this time, he was definitely just an innocent bystander. He hadn’t provoked anyone, but it seemed that he would be remembered.

That was when the mentor in charge of the second stage of testing finally arrived.

Everyone quietened and An Qiao didn’t dare act out either, glaring at You XiaoMo again before returning to his group of friends.

The second test tested the soul. For mages, the better your soul, the more potential you had and the better further you’d be able to get in the future. However, for the people in the Beast Transfiguration Guild, your soul wasn’t the only thing that made you good at Beast Transfiguration.

For example, some low leveled mages weren’t very good at refining pills, but if they had a natural talent for getting close to demon beasts, then they would have the potential to become a powerful Beast Transfigurer even if they couldn’t contract any particularly powerful beasts.

However, to become a Beast Transfigurer, you had to have great control over your Soul Force.

You XiaoMo only knew that the third stage had something to do with control over soul force, but not what exactly was involved.

The mentors had them line up before going one by one into the room behind him.

You XiaoMo lined up at the shortest line. There were at most twenty in front of him, so it didn’t take long to get to him.

In boredom, he looked around and realized that the young man from before was in the line beside him and the girl was in the line beside the young man. They hadn’t even gone in before their gazes seemed to spark. The two entered the room at practically the same time. Two minutes later, the two didn’t come out, but the people behind them had gone in already.

What was strange was that the people behind them came out and then the line continued, but the two hadn’t come out.

Because of his absentmindedness, You XiaoMo didn’t realize it was his turn until a mentor walked out of the room and, seeing him still standing there, nearly exploded.

“What are you doing, standing there dumbly? Do you still want to be tested?”

You XiaoMo sweated a little, hurriedly going inside.

The room was very crude and simple, like the badge application room for the Mage’s Guild. In the middle, there was a crystal, but the crystal was milky white. There was also a door leading who knows where.

You XiaoMo suddenly realized that the two had probably gone through that other door.

The male mentor seemed after pissed off at him for his stalling earlier and nonchalantly said, “Place your hand on the crystal and push your Soul Force in.”

You XiaoMo followed his directions silently.

The crystal was rather cold. With his hand on the surface, he could feel a chill coming through. This feeling was the same as when he had first gotten it tested.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but remember what Ling Xiao had said to him. Rainbow souls had levels as well. The stone from before might’ve been able to reveal that his soul was rainbow colored, but the stone wasn’t good enough to give anything more accurate.

Who knew if they would be able to get it tested this time. Ling Xiao had said that only TongTian Continent’s Soul Gauging stones would be able to give him a more accurate result.

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo couldn’t help but feel some giddy anticipation. Then, he unleashed a slither of his Soul Force, pushing it into the stone via his fingertips.

After a moment, an intense light emitted from the stone.

It was the color of dreams, just like before.

You XiaoMo was immediately disappointed by this sight. Didn’t Ling Xiao say that TongTian Continent’s gauging stones could reveal his soul’s level? How come it still didn’t work?

You XiaoMo looked towards the mentor beside him and saw that the other was staring at the stone in shock. He hadn’t even noticed that the jade drive he had been holding had fallen to the ground.

A moment later, the male mentor stood up suddenly with a whoosh and came in front of You XiaoMo in a few large steps. He looked You XiaoMo up and down with wide eyes, making the other jump.

“Me-mentor, is there a problem?” You XiaoMo asked awkwardly.

The male mentor suddenly grinned, smiling in a very amiable way. He asked quietly, “What’s your name?”

You XiaoMo laugh dryly, “You Xiao… Ha!”

The male mentor immediately nodded. “Very good, you’ve passed the second stage, but since your situation is a little special, you’ll have to get tested a second time.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t understand. “Mentor, didn’t you say I’ve passed already? Why do I have to get tested again?”

The male mentor patiently explained, “Don’t worry, the second test doesn’t affect the results of this test, it’s just to gauge your true level.”

You XiaoMo immediately understood what he was going on about.

The male mentor directed him to look at the small door. “You see that small door? After going in, keep walking according to the signs and then you’ll see some others who were being tested. You should wait with them to be tested again.

You XiaoMo bid the mentor goodbye.

After the door closed, the male mentor suddenly sighed, “I wonder what level he’ll be. That legendary level hasn’t appeared in so long.”

You XiaoMo saw a long corridor with glowing pearls hanging from the walls and turning the corridor white with their light upon going through the small doors. After making about four or five turns, he arrived at the end where there was a stone archway with a red cloth covering it.

When he pushed the cloth aside and went inside, everyone heard him coming and turned to look.

“It’s you!” An Qiao’s eyes widened when he saw the other.

If this person could get here, did that mean his soul was of that special level?

You XiaoMo looked around. There were a total seven people.

Did that mean that everyone here had rainbow colored souls?

It looked that way, but three of them were different: An Qiao, Zhang LanYu and the girl who was looking at him in shock. They weren’t able to come because their soul was rainbow colored, but because they had a special status.

Nonetheless, no matter seven or four, it was still shocking.

Since he was the only one in the LongXiang Continent, but four appeared all at once in the TongTian Continent, this was truly a higher plane, what a prosperous place.

“It seems like you are the same as us. May we know how to address you?”

You XiaoMo was in his own world when a gentle feminine voice drifted over. He turned his head to see a gentle looking lady behind him, smiling.

This person was Wan Ya.

You XiaoMo was surprised that she would talk to him, but still replied politely. “My name is You XiaoHa, nice to meet you.”

Light flashed through Wan Ya’s eyes suddenly.

It wasn’t just her. Jiu Ye who had been silently leaning against the wall suddenly opened his eyes to look at You XiaoHa.

An Qiao walked over, looking him up and down. “So you’re that You XiaoHa!”

His tone sounded sour, confusing You XiaoMo greatly. Did this guy know him? But he had never seen them, otherwise he wouldn’t have no impression of them. Their appearance stood out quite a bit.

“The one who broke the record set by the Mage’s Guild was you, right?” An Qiao huffed.

“Record?” You XiaoMo was shocked. The examiner hadn’t told him that.

Seeing that he was still confused, Wan Ya smiled and explained, “The marks on that testing stone plate were all left there by people who had gone to take their first ever test. It has a long history. Yesterday, you broke the record on there.”

You XiaoMo didn’t know what to say. So he had broken someone else’s record without realizing it.

No wonder these people remembered him. Could it be because he could break the record but they couldn’t?

He felt like he really did guess right!


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