STSC Chapter 23

STSC Chapter 23

Chapter 23

From autumn to winter, Nan Ge Er could not open his own tea, and Mo Shu never came. Therefore, the time they interact has doubled in the past two seasons. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Nan Jae-el, who was suffering from angry anger, was definitely a big challenge to his mental state.

You should know that not everyone accepts such an absolute moral partner as Mo Shu.

Despite his past past, his second year of arrival is still gone.

Before the New Year, Nan Ge became very sick. This was due to his complete inability to tolerate Mo Shu, which forced him to return to his room. After all, he’s cold the next day. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He had a fever and spoiled the week. Even without showing the New Year.

He was shocked at the seriousness of the cold, to make sure his body was back in time and again. Mo Shu was rather terrible about Ge N Er’s coldness in Nana, strictly speaking of his frustrations, Nana Ge Er slept in his room without permission.

Nana Ge Ers was sad about this, he still could not help, but committed himself to do – since Mo Shu did it for his own good. Moreover, his weak body was completely soft, he no longer had the opportunity, but listening to Mo Shu’s warning.

By the end of the year, they were properly tortured, but spent a year in peace.

Nan Ge Er sits next to the burning kiln when Mo Shu looked at them, sometimes he said the book he had in his hand saw the annual cash flow. On the floor, next to him, it was a sweet plag with a beautiful cut.

Clearly, Zhu Xi was still managing general accounts and spending on the administration office. The number of Nan Ge Er was just a daily income of two people who could live in an official’s house.

According to the calculations this year it was better than the last time. Mo Shu travels regularly to the riverbank to capture a lot of fish and climb a hill to hunt wild animals. At the same time, he sowed seed in the first year and carried out cows. The commercial land was not too bad, but he also stopped in two seasons. Nan Ge Er spends his money unplanned, as Mo Shu has wrongly paid the salary at the moment, but after the end of the year, there was still some extra money.

Monsieu focused on Naguela’s sum and asked, “What is wrong? Is this year’s income insufficient?

Nan Ge Er tried to ignore him and balance the accounts.

Marking the silence of Nan Ge Er, continued Mo Shu. “Do you have to hunt wild animals and then sell them?”

Before seeing Mo Nu Shu’s dark face, the only guna Nana flame, he lifted his head at that moment-he could reveal the pleasure of the gentle face of a neighbor I swear

In his corner of his lips, he replied: “It is not necessary.

Mo Shu spends several days from autumn to winter, but in the end it is still limited on the surface. After he is limited to two full-time periods, can he resist his departure? “It’s 10 days, but I can endure Darren”

Mo Shu resumes her head again, unknowingly reading the book by hand, completely complains: “Shaunan, do you know my pain?”

“I do not want to know.” Nan Ge Er’s reaction was awkward. He did not intend to pay attention to hearing Mo Shu’s complaints.

“…” Pretty Shu was an outrage without words.

After a while Mo Shu accidentally said again: “Shao Nang, do you feel good with your body?

He felt this way, but by the end of the year he was still a bad cold. However, if he is duly cautious, there will be no painful situation. At least, his health has been better than last year.

But Nan Ge Er, of course, is not fair to accept it. He just laughed, “is it similar?”

“… Shao Nang, I understand that you are cold.” This time Mo Shu’s sound not only fought secretly, but was also outraged.

“Oh, is it?” Nan Jae-el was deprived of his reaction without any complaints.

“Shao Nang” cruelly, Mo Shu suddenly pardoned. One of his hands was pushed into a story book, and Nan Ge Er more than drew attention to his face.

Gromms, boredom, troubles, indignation … bad … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“What?” Nan Ge was disastrous.

“… Do you feel guilty when you look at my expression?” Mo Shu stretched out his eyes. His incredible expression was included in his face.

“Why am I guilty?” Nangge saw him.

“… what kind of a lost and innocent man?” Mo Shi Broken Body.

Nan Ge Er lips and he does not fit this group. He believed that he was prolonged during the interaction, and his discovery seemed to be unlimited to zero.

It was also kindness that Mo was not the correct name and act, no matter how his appearance, Diena could still turn his ridiculous persecution into a deep pain. He just ate a pie, but he did it as if he wanted some kindness. He knocks as if he drinks a nice drink when he drank only mild water …

In short, Mo Shu’s behavior, words, and all of his future future are completely resonant in his speech and incompatible.

Nags simply could not understand why such a strong, inhuman and stupid person looks like a sky. He does not care about everyday life, but he still looked stylish!

As the excitement was barren, Mo Shu read almost 10 lines, watching the beans, pastoral and more than half of his books talk about it, Mo Shu’s interpretation speed rushed. I decided to take a few minutes to eat some cuts at. Initially, Nan Ge Er thought that peers simply sent pages slowly and through the spring leaves one page.

After his surprise, he really read, and, unfortunately, he remembered the words …

“Hey, Shao Nang” Mo Shu spoke again.

I ignore Nan Ge Eru.

“Soon it’s New Year, do you want to work with me, do you patroll or not?” Whisper Mosci whispered.

Nan Ge Er Billing Account Slowly Slowed.

Despite the fact that he was a former residence of the 21st century, and knowing exquisite books still seems to fit the crowd in a way that is quite complicated in the early days of this world I found out

He has never been ambitious, a man with a brave spirit. In addition, he grew up with Bei Jun from children to the prince. In those circumstances, he knew deeply in his mind. The only way to survive is to be normal and clear.

So he seemed very normal and natural, as if he were born and born.

He got the skills and ways to live there using everything. Despite the latest undeniable skills, he still knew that most people used it.

He never thought of changing someone who has knowledge of the 20th century. That was also the reason why he survived.

After all, even after so much planning and calculation, I still had such a situation.

Thinking about his past, Nan Ge Er could not help the conflict.

Mo Shu decided this with the name of the well-known Nan Ge Er: “Do you also have a good idea? After this moment, we will not go to sleep when we start this year.”

Nan Ge Er black line pla ĉitay to the face, returned his feelings before seeing Mo Shu – he saw Mo Mo Shu experienced self-defense!

“I’m not gone, that’s fine!” Nangge encountered a man in front of him and encountered it.

Scou Mo Shu cries again wisely.

Nags even had a representative.

No, he was not convinced about Mo Shu, but instead …

Are you serious? Do you think that you will find crotchs, or I’m persuading you to be a shaker? Also, the important issue is not simply innocence, it does not mean that I agree with it, even if it is being spent.

Not to mention that you are the one who robbed you as you forgive, it has nothing to do with it at first.

Nan If Schein’s heart was full of whipping cries …

Thinking about the disappointment about the anger, Nana Ge Era thought about the sky after the sky, a little afraid: “Why do you want me to suddenly come?”

Since I’ve been to Guang Tian for a long time, he knew that Guang Tian is definitely not just a division. However, he knew his place well. He did not care what he did not know.

He usually contacted the public, but this interaction was not superficial.

Finally, he never searched my own heart for Guang Tian.

It also did not ask Moe Sung for the supernatural generals and their opinion that they had this day.

He believed that he had no Hiroshi yet and he was not able to understand everything. But Mo Shu’s sudden proposal seems to have shown something today.

Despite his poor consciousness, he still exploded with random questions.

Mo Shu lifted his eyebrow and shouted, “What do you think?”

Nan Ge Er is silent.

“Do you like life here?” Mo Shu asked the old question about the previous year.

Nan Ge, a little surprised, shaking his head: “I still do not know”

The light was on his smile.

Looking at Nangere’s appearance, Moshuu can not help reaching the child’s head: “Do not worry, it’s still there.

The dialog is still different from the previous one.

But in both cases, I knew that there were some differences in practice. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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