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Chapter 23

During autumn and winter, neither did Nan Ge Er open his tea stall, nor did Mo Shu patrol the streets. Hence, the times where they interacted multiplied countless times as compared to the previous two seasons. To Nan Ge Er, who tiptoed on the edges of getting outraged daily, this was unquestioningly a major challenge for his mental state. After all, not everyone could tolerate such an absolute moronic fellow like Mo Shu. Even though his days passed miserably, the second year of his arrival still passed by.

Before the New Year, Nan Ge Er ended up falling seriously ill, as in the previous year. It was caused by him moving back to his room due to his complete inability to tolerate Mo Shu. In the end, he collapsed from a cold on the next day. He had a fever and was dizzy for a week, even almost failing to finish preparing for the New Year.

Nan Ge Er himself was shocked by how severe the cold was and kept confirming how bad his body’s condition was over and over again. Mo Shu seemed to be rather horrified by his cold too, which led him to strictly disallow him to sleeping in his own room without permission.

While Nan Ge Er was gloomy about it, he still could not help but compromise, since Mo Shu did that for his own good. Plus, his feeble body was a total letdown, so he had no choice but to listen to Mo Shu’s warning. Although the two were tormented quite a bit before the year ended, the year passed by peacefully.

Nan Ge Er sat beside the fire stove as he counted the cash flow of the year while Mo Shu looked at him on the side, occasionally glancing at the book he had in his hand. On the floor, beside him, was a plate of nicely cut sweet bean paste.

Obviously, the overall accounts and expenses of the government office were still controlled by Zhu Xi. The numbers Nan Ge Er counted were just the two’s daily income and expenses.

According to the calculations, this year was better than the one before. Mo Shu would periodically take a trip to the river bank to catch numerous fish, and even to climb the mountain to hunt wild animals. Moreover, he already had the seeds sown in the first year and reared livestock. The tea stall business wasn’t all that bad too, plus, he had opened the stall for two seasons. Although Mo Shu still spent his money without any planning, since Nan Ge Er managed his salary at present, there was still a cash surplus on hand after the year had ended.

Noting Nan Ge Er’s frown, Mo Shu asked, “What’s wrong? Is this year’s income not enough?”

Nan Ge Er concentrated on balancing the accounts, ignoring him.

Taking notice of Nan Ge Er’s silence, Mo Shu continued, “In that case, do you need me to hunt wild animals to sell?”

Nan Ge Er only lifted his head up at that moment before looking at Mo Shu’s dimly-lit face, which was illuminated by the flames. He swore he could detect joyfulness on the fellow’s calm face.

Jerking the corner of his lips, he replied, “No need.” Although Mo Shu snuck out some days during the autumn and winter season, on the surface, he is still confined after all. After being restricted for two whole seasons, is this fellow unable to resist his urge to go outside? “There are ten or so days left. Just endure it, Daren.”

Mo Shu drooped down his head again, continuing to read the book in his hand absent-mindedly while complaining faintly, “Xiao Nan, do you know my pain?”

“I don’t want to know.” Nan Ge Er’s answer was merciless. He had no plans on lending a listening ear to Mo Shu’s complaints.

“….” It was seldom for Mo Shu to be choked up with no words to continue on.

After a while, Mo Shu spoke restlessly again, “Xiao Nan, do you feel your body getting better?”

He did detect the change. Even though he still had a severe cold before the year ended, if he took proper care, his body wouldn’t feel all that uncomfortable. At least, as compared to a year before, his health was much better. Nevertheless, Nan Ge Er obviously wouldn’t be honest in admitting it. He only snorted, “Is that so?”

“…Xiao Nan, I realise you are cold towards me.” This time, Mo Shu tone wasn’t secretly begrudging but was openly resenting instead.

“Oh, is that so?” Nan Ge Er was half-hearted in his reply, without a single bit of guilt.

“Xiao Nan.” With a clatter, Mo Shu pounced over abruptly. One of his hands pressed onto the account book, causing Nan Ge Er to have no choice but to cast his attention to his face. Gloom, boredom, resentment, indignation…pitifulness…

“What?” Nan Ge Er was expressionless.

“…Don’t you feel guilty looking at my expression?” Mo Shu widened his eyes. An incredulous expression was plastered on his face.

“Why should I feel guilty?” Nan Ge Er cast a sidelong glance at him.

“…What an unfeeling and heartless man you are.” Mo Shu made a broken-hearted pose.

The corner of Nan Ge Er’s lips twitched, not wanting to bullshit with the fellow. He felt that, as the time of interaction lengthened, his intelligence seemed to keep nearing zero speedily.

Furthermore, the thing that he begrudged the most was that, no matter how unfitting Mo Shu’s words and actions were towards his appearance, that o great magistrate could still turn his ridiculous harassing into a drawn-out, deep grieving tone. He was clearly just eating a pie, but he made it as though he was savouring some kind of rare delicacy; striking a pose as if he was drinking fine liquor when he was just drinking honeyed water… In short, Mo Shu’s actions, words and the entirety of his innermost being was totally opposite and incompatible to his outer appearance.

Nan Ge Er just couldn’t understand; why could such an unscrupulous, shameless and moronic fellow look so heavenly. No matter how he lived like an idiot every day, he still looked so elegant!

Since his disturbance was fruitless, Mo Shu settled down for a few minutes, eating a few slices of bean paste while looking over half of his book. Speaking of which, Mo Shu’ reading speed was swift, almost reading ten lines at a glance. In the beginning, Nan Ge Er even thought that the fellow was just flipping the pages offhandedly, brushing one page after another. To his surprise, he really was reading, and, annoyingly, even had the words imprinted into memory…

“Hey, Xiao Nan.” Mo Shu spoke again. Nan Ge Er feigned ignorance. “It’s New Year soon, do you want to go out together with me to work, patrol and what not?” Mo Shu whispered. Nan Ge Er’s calculation of accounts slowed down quite a bit.

Despite him being a former resident of the twenty-first century, and knowing advanced bookkeeping methods, he still learned the current world’s primitive and a little complicated bookkeeping method just to fit in with the crowd. Never was he someone with a dashing spirit, much less having an ambition. Moreover, he grew, in Bei Jun, from a child to a prince. Under such an environment, he knew deep in his heart, being ordinary and plain was the only way to survive. Thus, he appeared extremely normal and natural, as if he was born to be living there.

He used his all to learn the skills and methods to live there. Regardless of how inadequate and regressive the skills were, he still knew that the majority used them that way. He never once thought of changing anything by using his twenty-first century knowledge, which was also the reason why he could survive up till now. In the end, after so much planning and calculation, I still landed in such a situation, don’t I? Recollecting his past, Nan Ge Er couldn’t help being in a daze.

“It’s a good idea to you as well, right? Then let’s go out together when the year starts!” Mo Shu conscientiously decided it on Nan Ge Er’s behalf.

Nan Ge Er came back to his senses before looking at Mo Shu, black lines were plastered on his face—he realised, Mo Shu was an expert in being self-involved!

“I didn’t even let out a squeak, alright!” Nan Ge Er made a face as he glanced at the guy in front of him.

“Squeak.” Mo Shu uttered a sound out understandingly again.

Nan Ge Er was speechless.

Nope, not because he was convinced by Mo Shu, but instead…

Are you serious? Do you think making a squeak yourself will prove that I’ve squeaked? Plus, it totally isn’t about me squeaking or not; it doesn’t mean I consented to it even if I squeaked. Squeaking has nothing to do with it in the first place, not to mention that it was you who squealed on behalf of me, you squeaking doesn’t mean that I’ve squeaked! Nan Ge Er’s mind was filled with squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak…

Getting completely dizzy from his own confusing thoughts, Nan Ge Er was stunned for a while, only asking blankly after that, “Why do you want me to go all of a sudden?”

Being in Guang Tian for such a long time, he did know Guang Tian definitely wasn’t simply just a county. However, he knew his place considerably well too; he absolutely wouldn’t be curious about stuff that he shouldn’t know of. Although he did interact with the residents normally, those interactions were just superficial.

Ultimately, he had never explored the heart of Guang Tian himself. This was also why he didn’t ask Mo Shu about the topic he had with Supernatural General that day. He felt that he still couldn’t be considered someone from Guang Tian, and had no qualifications to understand all of that. However, Mo Shu’s sudden suggestion today seemed to be indicating something. In spite of the faint awareness in his heart, he still spluttered out that involuntary question.

Mo Shu raised his eyebrows, chuckling, “What do you think?” Nan Ge Er went silent. “Do you like the life here?” Mo Shu asked the old question from the previous year again.

Nan Ge Er was stunned for a bit before shaking his head, “I still don’t know now.” A slight resignation was in his smile.

Looking at Nan Ge Er’s expression, Mo Shu couldn’t help reach his hand out to pat the child’s head, “No worries. There’s still time.” The dialogue was still about the same as before, seemingly having no changes in it. Nonetheless, both of them knew, there were actually some slight differences.

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