LMW Chapter 439

Chapter 439: A Shitty Nightmare

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Under the mentor’s urging, You XiaoMo entered the door of the golden tower, stifling his desire to speak. He had wanted to ask the mentor what he should do after entering, but the other clearly didn’t want to say anything, so You XiaoMo gave up.

Entering the golden tower, You XiaoMo was met with a blinding golden light. It was the golden light radiating from the tower itself. The interior was exactly the same as the outside, made up of some sort of golden mineral. Was this the Time Wall?

It took You XiaoMo a while to get used to it.

The first floor was empty and seemed to have nothing to it. However, looking closely, there were many detailed carvings across the walls.

You XiaoMo looked over the carvings as he walked further inside. The more he looked, the more surprised he was.

These wall paintings were of the same person in different positions. It seemed like they were cultivating.

You XiaoMo’s cultivational level was rather high. After observing for a while, he realized that the person on the wall was demonstrating different techniques and skills, but the level didn’t seem very high. Did this mean that if he ascended, the level of these techniques and skills would also get higher?

With doubt in his mind, You XiaoMo began searching for the stairs, It didn’t take him long to find the stairs to the second floor, because the stairs were wooden and the brown really stood out.

The second floor was no longer golden and there weren’t any carvings on the walls. Instead, there were several tens of statues. These statues were all stood against the wall. Some were delighted, some angry, some cheerful, some greedy, some annoyed, some sad, some malicious… It seemed that every statue had a different expression, each lifelike and bearing an intense presence.

Who were these people?

You XiaoMo felt puzzled, and quickly found the stairs to the third floor.

As he ascended, he saw all sorts of things, but not the fabled Time Wall. It was when he stood in front of the stairs leading up to the top floor that he couldn’t help but sigh.

Tian Xin had said that the Time Wall was a possibility, but within this possibility, your luck would be further tested. Your fate depended on how lucky you were. He had walked up to the sixth floor from the first floor yet hadn’t met anything. The only explanation was that he lacked the chance.

At this, he sighed. His luck was usually pretty good.

You XiaoMo gazed at the entrance to the seventh floor, thinking that if he still couldn’t find it, then he could only accept it.

The stairs might’ve been too old, creaking as he stepped on them and sounding like they might collapse at any moment. It made You XiaoMo’s heart leap. How long had it been since these were last fixed?

However, when the seventh floor came into sight, he only had one thought. It really did seem like this wasn’t a chance that would be given to him.

The seventh floor was even more barren than the first. The first at least had a load of wall carvings, but there was only one statue here. His eyesight was perfect; he wouldn’t miss anything. There was only one statue that stood at around three to four meters. The statue was of a flawless, handsome man. Even as a statue, gazing forwards blankly, it was still clear that this person was a powerful, king-like figure.

You XiaoMo looked up and saw two bold words: TongTian Emperor.

You XiaoMo was suddenly blessed by a stroke of wisdom. Could this be the lord of the TongTian Palace?

Just as he was contemplating this, an intense light emitted from the surface of the statue. He hadn’t had the time to react before the light swallowed him up. By the time the light dispersed, You XiaoMo had vanished.


You XiaoMo had a dream. He dreamed that he died and then went to a place called Long Xiang Continent. There, he was still called You XiaoMo, and became a disciple to the largest sect in the South. Then, he met a person called Lin Xiao, the eldest disciple of the sect head. Many said that he would become the future head of the sect.

Lin Xiao was very good to him. Though they were a part of different departments, the other often came to see him. Since he had been all alone and feeling lost in this new world, Lin Xiao’s sudden appearance was like fresh rain, hydrating his empty heart. He soon fell deeply, irrevocably in love with Lin Xiao.

However, in every romance, there would always be some evil side characters.

He then met Lin Xiao’s younger martial sister, Tang YunQi. Tang YunQi liked Lin Xiao and, upon knowing of his and Lin Xiao’s relationship, did her best to hinder them, continuously trying to sabotage and trick, never running out of schemes to put into the motion and eventually even thinking of killing him.

However, she hadn’t succeeded. Lin Xiao saved him and killed Tang YunQi. Afraid that others would find out, they had dealt with Tang YunQi’s body and returned to the Tian Xin Sect as if nothing had happened.

Then, they began to rise rapidly through the ranks. Lin Xiao successfully became the sect head of Tian Xin Sect, and he had become a high level mage. Then he had dealt with Kong Wen and became the head of the Capital Peak.

He had thought they would be happy after that, but in a dark and stormy night, his lover, Lin Xiao, turned into a demon and dug out his still-beating heart, his blood flowing into a river.

Then he woke in a shock. The only thought in his head was: what a shitty dream!


Blinding sunlight shone through the open curtains and You XiaoMo subconsciously covered his eyes, only to find tears. Did he cry? Or was it sweat?

“Idiot, you didn’t have another nightmare, did you?”

The only showed area of the room was the doorway. A tall figure stood there. Though the other was in the shadows, You XiaoMo could clearly see the handsome face, the high bridge of his nose and slender eyebrows. A powerful and domineering aura swirled around him.

You XiaoMo blinked. Was he dreaming? Wasn’t this You Bo?

That wasn’t right. Wasn’t You Bo’s presence in his room very normal. Why would he feel that this was strange? In that moment, his head was flooded with doubts.

You XiaoMo couldn’t help but rub his temples. He felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t know how.

Not getting a response, You Bo walked out of the shadows and asked in an impatient tone, “You idiot, are you ok?”

You XiaoMo shook his head a little and frowned at his overgrown younger brother. The other was a year younger, but so tall. The other’s 183cm height made him feel a sort of jealousy every time he noticed it. That wasn’t even considering the other’s handsome face. Most people thought that You XiaoMo was the younger brother when first seeing them.

There were five people in the You family, his dad, his mom, You Lu, You Bo and him.

This seemingly normal family was actually rather weird and this weird was all him.

His dad was called You Rong, an outstanding individual. He was very handsome, who knew how many people had fallen for him? In the end, his heart was caught by mom, Ming Jing. His mom was a gentle beauty, with a graceful and aristocratic air to her. His dad had been ensnared by his mom and it was love at first sight for him, irrevocable love at first sight.

You Lu was his older brother, also very handsome. At school, the other was at the cream of the crop and was also the president of the student council. He was a natural planner, beginning to take on some responsibilities from his father’s company before he even graduated. When making decisions, he was bold and resolute, always hitting the target, his methods merciless. It only took a short year for him to be known by the moniker “King of Hell” in the business world.

In this radiant family, You XiaoMo had become the blemish. The most obvious difference was that only his name contained three characters.

In reality, he wasn’t bad looking either. It was just that he wasn’t nearly up to the standard of his family members. In addition, his grades were average, not like You Lu or You Bo who were prodigies. They were first even without studying.

He had been pushed down by these two brothers, never to turn the tables, and in many families, it was the middle child who got the least love. His family was the same.

His mom was the only one in his dad’s eyes and his mom only cared about You Bo. As for You Bo and You Lu… they had him in their sight, but he would rather that not be the case because the two only ever bullied him.

For example, You Bo forced him way into You XiaoMo’s room despite the fact that there were plenty of other rooms in the house saying something like, he was afraid You XiaoMo might grow up to be a bad kid, so he had to keep an eye on him. What bullshit!

You XiaoMo had objected several times, but then You Bo would act all docile and pitiful in front of mom, and his mom would scold him for bullying his younger brother, not listening to any of his objections.

You XiaoMo felt very stressed in this sort of family.

He often thought he might’ve been adopted or something, but the truth was that he really was a child of the You family.

Since he looked like his long deceased grandmother and his personality was like her, too, the one that adored him the most in the You family was his grandfather, who was in another country for health reasons. It was unfortunate that they were so far away. It was good enough if they could meet even once a year.

“You idiot, do you want to be late on your first day of university? If you keep acting so stupid, then don’t blame me when you’re late.” You Bo finally ran out of patience and turned to leave the room after he finished speaking. “Oh, and one more thing. Your uniform is in my room. Don’t forget to take it.”

Then the door slammed shut.

You XiaoMo was stunned. He finally realized what was wrong.


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