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Chapter 440: Match Time

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo remembered that he had died due to an explosion in his apartment, which was a month before the college entrance exams. Since he had never experienced the exam, how could be attending college?

However, what made him realize that it was a dream, was due to another fact.

His biggest grudge since he was small was that he had shared a room with You Bo. As anyone could see, everyone had their own little secrets and You XiaoMo was no exception, but by sharing a room with something, there was no secrets to be had. Not only that, You Bo would occasionally flip through his stuff.

Later, when he finally got his freedom, even though he moved out, sometimes You Bo and You Lu would come, one after another, to his apartment. So, in the end, he still couldn’t escape from their grasps and when they stayed overnight, he still had to share a room with them.

But what did he hear just now?

You Bo saying that his college uniform was in his room and told him to pick it up himself.

Okay, the important part was the beginning.

You Bo actually slept in a different room. One would have to understand that, since the beginning, literally from the time he was born, they had slept in the same room, regardless of the situation.

Before You Bo knew any better, if he was separated from You XiaoMo in the night, he wouldn’t stop crying. It was so loud that everyone in the house, from the owners to the servants, no one would be allowed to sleep. Supposedly, it had woken up some of the neighbors too.

Although You Lu would bother him sometimes too, it was never like You Bo, where a lot of the time he had to step in to calm him.

Since it left such a strong impression on him, You XiaoMo had never forgotten it.

So, when You Bo said those words, these images immediately popped into his head.

He was dreaming, a dream within a dream. What Lin Xiao bullshit, what ‘love that kills’,it was just a nightmare. The one he liked was called Ling Xiao not Lin Xiao and scooping out his heart? Piss off.

As they say, what you think about during the day will translate into your dreams, however, he had forgotten about this ‘Lin Xiao’ person a few hundred years ago, why would he think about him now? Not only that, but to have a love hate relationship?

As for the dream of seeing You Bo, he had died to the point that there wasn’t even dust left behind, how could he have returned and to go to college? Really, couldn’t they have put more effort into these dreams?

As the thought crossed his mind, the fictitious world in front of him finally disappeared.

The familiar modern look, if it wasn’t for this dream, he had thought was something very far away. Even though he was still called You XiaoMo, his body was not the same, he was from a different world. Maybe one day he would return, but not now.

The white walls were stripped away to reveal the gold color beneath it. As it shone a bright gold hue, it seemed that he was trapped in a black box with four walls.

You XiaoMo stood up and walked over with his hands slightly touching the walls. Then a strong force absorbed him into the wall before he could make a sound.

At the same time, Yan Hui and Cheng XiangRong finally started to become nervous after waiting outside for three, then four hours. If You XiaoMo still didn’t come out, it was very likely he would miss the match, then it would be their fault for bringing him here.

“Advisor, when will You XiaoMo come out?” Finally, Cheng XiangRong brought up the courage and walked up to ask the advisor.

The advisor gave them a cold glance and said, “Everyone will have their opportunity in the Time Wall, as for the time, that depends on their luck. If they are lucky then it might take three days, if they aren’t, they might come out immediately.”

Now Cheng XiangRong and Yan Hui were even more worried because You XiaoMo seemed to have good luck.

Yan Hui felt guilty, if it wasn’t for him insisting on bringing You XiaoMo here, all of this wouldn’t have happened. Even though he had initially thought they were just taking a look, he didn’t think the advisor would just let him in.

As they were agitated like ants on a hot pan, Ling Xiao arrived.

Ling Xiao couldn’t find You XiaoMo in their room and didn’t see him leave behind any note, so seeing that the sun was about to set, he thought he was coming back soon. Therefore, he didn’t go look, however, after half an hour and still no sight of him, he finally became suspicious.

He asked around till the sixtieth floor when he finally found Cheng XiangRong and Yan Hui, who looked as if they were going to burn from anxiety.

When the two saw him, they instantly showed a face of surprise, as if seeing their savior, but in the next second, they withered and felt a guilty conscience.

“Where is he?” Ling Xiao walked over and asked calmly.

Yan Hui didn’t dare speak.

Cheng XiangRong muttered something incoherent before speaking with difficulty, “He is in the Time Wall, we don’t know when he will come out.”

Ling Xiao promptly guessed correctly their reason for being nervous, from what he knew of You XiaoMo, he didn’t come here on his own accord. That morning, he had said that he wanted to organize his magic herbs and he was lucky enough to be picked yesterday, if he didn’t leave the Time Wall by the next day for the match, he would regret it deeply.  

“You better pray he can come out in time.”

The two stayed silent, they had prayed hundreds and thousands of times already.

Those waiting went from two to three.

It wasn’t long before the sun set. Though practitioners could go without sleep for a few months at a time, everyone still kept the old sleeping habits as before. Thus, the corridors quickly became empty with only three silhouettes as the light stretched out their shadows in a bleak and chilly way.

If it was any other person, they may have told Cheng XiangRong and Yan Hui to go back, however Ling Xiao wasn’t so nice. As he saw it, paying the price for one’s mistakes was normal.

The gold ray of sunlight came through the window, casting the floor with a golden shimmer.

As the sun rose, the beginning of a new day appeared, but the silently still golden tower made no movement. As the match time was approaching, You XiaoMo still hadn’t come out.

The sixth arena was not far from the sixtieth floor thus Qiao WuXing and Tian Xin went up to check.

“Is he still not out yet?” Tian Xin asked curiously looking at the tower not faraway. She had came here before, however, only to the outskirts, so even she didn’t know what was in it.

With hesitation, Yan Hui nodded.

Tian Xin asked confusedly, “What’s wrong? The match is going to start in half an hour from now, aren’t you guys going to prepare? It looks as if your mental states are not very good.”

Qiao WuXing pulled Tian Xin, to indicate to her to stop talking and then said, “As I see it, you two should stop waiting, if the time comes, he would naturally come out. Don’t worry too much, it’s possible that You XiaoHa’s match isn’t in the morning, don’t forget your own match for this.”

Eventually the two left early, since it wasn’t as if staying had any benefit.

Both Qiao WuXing and Tian Xin had matches too so the only one who was left was Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao glanced at their retreating backs before silently turning his gaze back to the small, tightly shut door beneath the gold tower. His eyes flashed with an obscured glint.

As the time got closer, the matches finally started.

The hot blooded sixth arena was bustling with noise and excitement as everyone impatiently waited for the heart-racing match. Nowadays as long as it was an arena where Qiao WuXing and the others were at, it would most likely be a full house.

The sixth arena primarily consisted of level six mages, however, there were a few level seven or high ranked mages too. They were much tougher, but most of them dropped down after being defeated from a higher arena.

As the time arrived, the jade plate started to show both the challenger and the participants name.

Both Yan Hui and Cheng XiangRong stared intensely at the screen, as if afraid to miss a name and when the final name appeared, they let out a sign of relief.

But, then they realized that they sighed too soon.

When the jade plate refreshed to show a new list of names, You XiaoMo’s name was impressively on it. As reality shows, his luck had always been amazing, for the three matches he had, if he wasn’t in the first round, then he was in the second.

That was when Yan Hui and Cheng XiangRong had an expression of ‘the sky has fallen down upon them’.

“Why isn’t You XiaoHa here? Could it be that he was too scared to show up?” An Qiao had already noticed that You XiaoHa wasn’t there and took every opportunity to mock him.

As he finished, he received countless cold eyes, to lie through your teeth so blatantly was a talent too.

The opponent for You XiaoMo was a well-known senior who had been to the seventy-first floor before. Although he was beaten almost immediately afterwards. Still, he had a lot of competitive experience.

After seeing his name, the man looked at the group across from him and didn’t see You XiaoMo anywhere. Instantly he let out a cold laugh and swaggered out.

At the same time, Ling Xiao, who had waited for a night, was finally greeted with some sort of movement from the golden tower.

When the small door opened, a shadow appeared, as if chased by something, ran out like his butt was on fire. He didn’t even notice Ling Xiao who was standing by the door and crashed into him head first.

Just as he was about to struggle out, he smelled a familiar scent and You XiaoMo hugged him. With surprise he lifted his head to ask, “Why are you here?”

“To pick you up, of course.” Ling Xiao had one arm wrapped around his waist.

Just as You XiaoMo was about to ask, how did he know he was here, he saw the burning sunlight. With a sudden change of expression, he asked, “What time is it currently?”

Ling Xiao, “Match time.”

You XiaoMo, “…”

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