STSC Chapter 26

STSC Chapter 26

Chapter 26

When Nan Ge Er completed packing, he soon went to the mountain with Mo Shu. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Of course, these packages were purchased free of charge by Mo Shu-xiansheng. Nange raised the inclination in response to torture, so he was abusive.

They were rumored that they live in the mountains as their current hunting target, so they do not have to stay on the mountain for long. If they were fortunate, they probably took only three days to rob a hunting house. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

When Mo Shu placed in the Nan Ge Er cave, he came to find the path left by the above-mentioned robbery. Before leaving, he killed two rabbits and a lapse to “accompany” Nage el. After the Nan Ge Er plane stopped from the cave several times, he came from the cave after peeling between Nan Ge Er.

Mo Shu returned at night, observing that the team “to play” was a night dinner, a slippery oil when he went with this Nan Ge Eru …

Nan Ge Er, “when you murmured Mo Shu,” fill your first stomach, please do not import my loved one now, “the wild rabbit frying up to the extreme hardness I pulled my leg and used my power. It contained a half-transmitted book.

Awesome, this kid is not alone.

Mo Shu sent in his hand, and for the second time I went to work with a very rigorous meal.

Before the flight, he pulled salt from his chest and squeezed the various plant juices and separated the holes. He knocked and stared over and over again. The meat plate only knew that he had not been forkiŝi feet for a long time when he cut the piece only after taking a wonderful smell on Nan Ge Er, Exit “Eat”

To create an amazing record, Mo Shu was always created, so Nan Ge Er paused a bit before taking a goal from Mo Shu.

Despite the fact that he believed that he did not die, he still caught it and thoroughly blocked it. After that, her slow chewing continued fast. Giving Mo Shu an incredible look, he chewed again.

Mo Shu does not have to ask Nan Ge Eru about his idea. His reaction was the greatest reaction. In addition, he believed in his cooking skills. It was at least some levels better than Nan Ge Er.

In a pepper, he put his rabbit leg on the Nan Ge Er floor and worked on it.

Commenting on Mo Shu’s experimental movement, Nan Ge Er asked in his middle: “Is this correct?

Mo Shu said: “I have not told you before, I am very capable of cooking and things” when he played a shocking expression and saw Nana Ge Eru looking at his head I picked up

Nan Jae-el closed her mouth and announced her as soon as “you did not do it!”

When I learned that Mo Shu can be cooked, I do not say every day! It’s a waste of time like this! If he just made himself, it would be perfect!

Despite all the things, suddenly, when asked, Mo Shu proudly remembered that dinner was many times delicious when his thoughts continued.

Then he humiliated justly, swimming for forced anger, he compares the roast meat and meat that Mo Shu provides, “I have fun with me?”

When he killed his head, Mo Shu yelled as he saw Nan Ge Eru’s angry expression “Mn”.

“You, Nan Ge Era’s blood was angry in his anger – seriously, he immediately doubts about the purple ax.

“But the mockery of your sinful powers was not the reason why I was not a cook.” Mo Shu smiled, explaining: “I do not think about it to others, but I feel that your meal is quite good.

“Nonsense!” Nangge was very angry. Because he broke the meat that he had in Mo Shu’s body.

He did not take it seriously, so he did not pay attention to the usual disaster of Mo Shu. However, he decided to cook food. Because he wanted to do something Mo Shu. Now it is subject to ridicule why he is not angry about it?

“The ability is only secondary”. Take food from Nan Ge’s ER, Mo Shu soak it up and heat it before baking. “I just made it, it’s fun to eat only I feel rarely eaten, so I rarely get ready.” He smiled at the angry Nan Ge Er and smiled, but I personally heard that I enjoy the food that others appreciated. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Why do you suddenly bake meat?” And please just smell me!

“I just decided to make it from here.” Mo Shu flashed.

“Tired with my meal at the end?” Nangen Earl climbed quietly. He knew that the cooking skill was not so good, but such a great reputation was still unpleasant.

“No” Mo Shu smiled.

The night was covered a bit, only a few flames remained. The thin, orange layer covered Mo Shu’s face and added a little charm to the entire face. His typical, clear expression seems to be a little soft and soft.

“Just because I decided to make you a delicious meal.”

“Are you doing?” Nan Ge was surprised and then mixed up: “… ah” He did not understand what Mo Shu means, but only this single syllable I had the opportunity to leave as a response.

“You’re too thin.” So Mo Shu followed.

“… oh …” Does my sadness prevent you from being emulated? Do you say you eat me during the New Year after that?

“I can not cope with your heart’s pain, I’ll just wait for your food at least every day.” Moses whispered before confronting Nage el. “People who have no hope tomorrow will die easily.”

Usually Mo Shu’s eyes seemed clean and sharp, and I saw a sharp light shining with wine. Mo Shu’s eyes were step and black, as if they had empty and infinite experience today.

Nan Ge did not directly see Mo Shu’s current look, so his eyes were thrown away.

He thought he could not hide himself from the current Mo Shu.

“Nemirst” Mo Shu mutters, reaching out his hand to kick Nan Ge Er’s head.

Nan Ge Er approached, so I was very scared. But he did not hesitate.

“Everybody likes me too.” Moshi said: “Well, I do not like you to die.

“Now” is added after Mo Shu’s name, which Nan Ge Er would like to believe a little. He also did not consider that Mo Shu was dealing with him from the beginning. I also did not consider that Guang Tian people first discovered the secret.

He simply learned that Guang Tians has always lived there for about three years.

Do you think that, unlike vegetation, people develop emotions?

Besides, he never had a stone.

His previous atrocities went from the fact that he should be brutal. Currently, since he does not need to maintain and strengthen himself Guang Tian, ​​the inevitable connection to the site obviously occurs in it.

Nan Ge finally nodded. “… Mn, I – I do not think it here”

Over the past two years, he was able to answer Mo Shu’s question only to “I do not know.”

Now he was finally able to answer “I’m sorry”.

I did not know if he would like it or not. Because in the long darkness he forgot his treasured desires. However, he wanted to stay at least.

This is the only proof, I probably do not believe it here.

An eccentric place where the ruined people are depressed and a judge who often irritates others …

But I do not like it.

Nangels e not expecting to tell him that Mo Shu was scared for a while before she slept.

“And again.” Nan Ge Er’s voice was cold and cold, but a storm was heard quietly.

“W -?” Mo Shu smiled a little, wiped Nan Ge Er again.

“Keep my dirty, greasy hands away from me!” Noise grew and wakened all over the room. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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  1. I feel like this is a sort of metaphor for depression…not having expectations for tomorrow…

    Mo Shu, at least your steadily giving Nan Ge Er a reason to keep going.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. “he recalled the numerous times when he asked Mo Shu proudly if the dinner then was tasty”
    – So cute! He wanted approval and compliments from Mo Shu!

    D’aww Mo Shu wants to feed NGE now

    “I can’t treat the wound in your heart. I only wish that by making your favorite food, you will at least look forward to every day.” … “People that have no expectations for tomorrow die easily.”
    – These are great quotes for this story. Mo Shu cares about NGE a lot.

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