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Chapter 446: Shrewdness

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
You XiaoMo did not know what had happened outside. Maybe he was thinking too much, but he felt that the ‘him’ and ‘that person’ in the twos’ dialogue were referring to him and Ling Xiao.
His first reaction upon hearing Tian Xin say that she liked him was not joy but surprise instead. He and Tian Xin had not been interacting for long and there had not been any improper things happening. He really did not understand what in the world this young madam liked about him.
If she really had to like someone, shouldn’t she have fallen for Ling Xiao instead?
It was hard to imagine that there would be girls who would be fond of this type of white poached chicken like him, with an extremely delicate and fragile outward appearance.
t/n: white poached chicken = twink
In his previous life, he had his family background going for him. No matter how one put it, he could be considered as a rich second generation, though he did not really live like one. But there had really not been a single girl who had confessed to him from childhood till adulthood before.
He instead remembered that a female friend of his had told him that the majority of women would choose a boyfriend who gave them a sense of security and he unfortunately happened to lack this sense of security.
In this lifetime, he looked even more soft and delicate than before. He felt that any woman’s eyes must be blind if there was really a woman who fancied him.
Moreover, he would also not get together with this young madam Tian Xin even without Ling Xiao.
This was due to an ‘afraid of young madams’ disease that he had brought over from his past lifetime. Actually, it came about because his two brothers were too outstanding. They were handsome and good at studying, and even their family background was good, so on and so forth. They had not even graduated from senior high and there were already many well-bred young ladies from prestigious families that took a fancy to them. Thus, each and every one thought of tricks and flourishes to curry favor with them.
This also did not concern him originally. However, a rumor saying that You Bo did not like him came about. He was still the second young master of the You Family regardless of whether he was favored. But probably because brainlessness was contagious, they actually bullied him right in the presence of You Bo at his birthday banquet.
Thus, the several young madams who took the lead were swept out of the door by You Bo right in front of the other guests.
Naturally they could not beat all these young madams to death with one pole. Many were still cultured girls from a wealthy family. However, You XiaoMo was indeed scared of them as, once they got nasty, they were really vicious and greedy.
Tian Xin was probably not such an unreasonable person, but he still thought it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble. Otherwise he would certainly be beaten to death when Ling Xiao came back and became aware of this matter.
You XiaoMo decided not to think about this anymore after wiping off his cold sweat. Recently, he had constantly been thinking about things from his past life. He had thought that he had already forgotten most of it. In the end, it was as if he touched a certain power switch every time he recalled it, and his memories flowed out with a crash. He would miss his family more and more if this continued.
You XiaoMo took out the Heavenly Caldron and put it on the ground.
The tiny Heavenly Caldron began to grow like the Golden cudgel of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven and only stopped when it grew to the height of You XiaoMo’s waist.
The Heavenly Caldron was black in color and there were only two handles on the side. It was completely different from the ordinary caldron that he bought. It did not have any recesses, and looked even more ordinary than an ordinary caldron. However, this was also its impressive characteristic as only high level mages were able to control it.
You XiaoMo took out a well-washed level nine magic herb from his dimension. Although he had broken through to the ninth level, he had been quite busy recently so he did not have many opportunities to practice refining. He intended to consolidate his foundation before beginning.
First of all, the magic pill he wanted to refine was the Noble Pill. The pill was from that pill recipe that TianXin Sect had been concealed like a treasure at that time. In actual fact, its level was at peak level eight and it was able to help Spiritual Realm practitioners break through to the Imperial Realm. If he sold this, he would definitely be able to make those cultivations below the Imperial Realm scrabble madly for his pill.
You XiaoMo threw the magic herbs that he took out into his caldron stalk by stalk.
The main magic herbs of the Noble Pill were the Blood Emperor Herb, the Itchyosaur Herb and the Fragrant Silk Herb. The rest were all auxiliary level eight magic herbs and after taking them out, he lumped them together and threw them into the caldron. All in all, there were about forty to fifty types of magic herbs inside.
You XiaoMo clicked his tongue. To other people, distilling forty to fifty magic herbs in one sitting was a big challenge. This was without even mentioning that there were still many refining procedures to be performed.
However, it was actually a piece of cake to him because the Noble Pill could only be considered as the lowest of the low-grade amongst the level nine magic pills and was of ordinary difficulty.
Nonetheless, the number of magic herbs required by as high level magic pills were too numerous, he was not able to multi-task and could only depend on his proficiency and technique as much as possible to shorten the time when refining pills.
You XiaoMo closed his eyes and adjusted his state of mind for a moment before starting.
Time always passed exceptionally fast when he was refining pills. Before he knew it, half a day had already passed. You XiaoMo’s mind had no option but to intensely concentrate on his refining At the final few steps of forming the pill.
Fifteen minutes later, as if it had been struck by something, a ‘clang’ sounded from the Heavenly Caldron. Following that, the Noble Pill which had already formed in the caldron seemed to have been bestowed with intelligence. Its figure flashed and it prepared to escape. In the next second, the caldron let out a humming sound and a burst of white light shot out from the mouth of the caldron, taking the form of a wall to block the Noble Pill off.
You XiaoMo let out a sigh in relief. Level nine pills were high level pills and would fly away after forming into a pill. If not for the Heavenly Caldron, he may not necessarily be able to stop this Noble Pill based on his abilities.
However, he had finally experienced the benefits of the Heavenly Caldron. Not only could it prevent magic pills from escaping, it could even prevent the aura of the magic pill from leaking. If this happened, then others would not know that he was in the middle of refining pills.
The spiritual natures of high level magic pills were only present for a few seconds when forming into a pill. Therefore, the Noble Pill which had not able to escape out in the first moments suddenly fell to the bottom of the caldron, appearing like it had lost its spiritual nature.
You XiaoMo took out a jade bottle that he had prepared beforehand and put the Noble Pill inside.
He had spent close to six hours to properly refine a single magic pill. You XiaoMo lamented over this efficiency for a moment, it was really too low, but it was true that it would be slower in the beginning.
There were many steps to the procedure for refining the Noble Pill. He had to first test the steps where refining could be simultaneously executed without mutual rejection. A lot of time had been spent on it. Following that, he still had to test it a couple of times.
After resting for a while, You XiaoMo resumed his refining.
Two days later, he had finally found the fastest method. He had shortened the time for refine the pill to two hours. After testing it several times, he discovered that this was already the fastest speed and it was impossible to make it shorter.
You XiaoMo used a jade drive to record his steps for refining the Noble Pill after determining this. This was not because he was afraid that in the future, he would forget his steps for refining the Noble Pill after not refining it for a long while, but simply that compiling the pill recipes that belonged to him in this manner felt pretty good.
Next, he began to experiment with level ten magic pills. He had more than a dozen level ten pill recipes on hand, but did not even have a single recipe for a colored pill. Therefore, he may have to worry over pill recipes in the future.
In this manner, time trickled by quietly and a month had passed.
Though Yan Hui had already told them that You XiaoMo was going into secluded cultivation for more than a month, Tian Xin still could not refrain from running to his room and going around in circles outside every day, extravagantly hoping that he would come out early. Otherwise, Ling Xiao would have come back by the time he came out and she would not have any chance.
Qiao WuXing did not bother about her. In any case, he had already confirmed You XiaoMo’s intentions so no matter how Tian Xin tossed from side to side, it was not possible for her to come between them. She would probably give up when she felt bored after several days
However, he made a miscalculation this time. A whole month passed. Other than the time spent cultivating, Tian Xin actually persisted on and if she didn’t go to take a look outside You XiaoMo’s room daily, she would be listless for the entire day.
Yan Hui could not refrain from criticizing her on a day, “Who would have thought that Lady Tian Xin was actually such a shrewd person too. You really can’t judge a book by its cover ah!”
“What do you mean by this?” Cheng XiangRong had not even replied when Wan Ya who was passing by heard this and curiously inquired.
“You guys think about it. If You XiaoHa knew that Tian Xin went to look for him daily from the very first day that he went into secluded cultivation, wouldn’t his heart feel a little unusual?” Yan Hui clapped his thighs, “Regardless of what kind of unusual feeling was created, she would have definitely succeeded in leaving a deep impression in You XiaoMo’s heart for the time being.”
Wan Ya pondered, “That’s indeed so. But this cannot all be described as shrewdness ba.”
Yan Hui smiled. “The next one is the main point. You guys think about it. Her room is next to You XiaoHa and it only takes a few steps to reach his room. What would she have against this? In any case, she would have to pass by when she comes out every day. What’s so difficult about putting on an appearance?”
Wan Ya made a ‘pu-chi’ sound as she laughed, the analysis was quite reasonable.
Cheng XiangRong also had a drop of cold sweat.
“Yan Hui, you are looking for death! Who are you saying is putting on an appearance?! Say it again if you have the guts!” Tian Xin, who had coincidentally passed by, aggressively dashed over and maliciously glared at Yan Hui.
Yan Hui shrunk his neck down, “No, no, no, Young Mistress, you’ve misheard. I’m not talking about you.”
Tian Xin’s eyes instantly spat fire, “Good for you, Yan Hui, so it turns out that you’re really talking ill of me. This young mistress has seen that you’re tired of living!”
Yan Hui nearly fell down. This young mistress was actually fishing for information from his words. Sure enough, she was not as harmless as she looked and was really a shrewd person.
Wan Ya smiled, “Tian Xin, I think you should stop wasting your efforts. These matters of the heart are unable to be forced. He has rejected you so clearly. You won’t be able to move his heart no matter how much you try.”
Tian Xin did not want to listen to her preaching and left without a word.
Wan Ya was not angered and took her leave after a short exchange with Yan Hui and Cheng XiangRong.

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