STSC Chapter 27

STSC Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Like this, Shu the third day in My night after staying for 3 days in the mountain really dragged the red animals that I burn. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The book of Nan Ge at the time was almost complete.

If he dragged the carpeted horse, when his hands were ignored, as he slowly walked, he said to the Mo Shu elegance and emphasized the letters of the heter, to confirm how he lifted your eyes.

Nan Ge Although I saw a little redness like the jaw’s flame and I felt a bit of knowledge. But, showing what happened in his mind, he could not find the right word for that.

“What’s happening?” Mu Sung asked the accident to the mouth of the cave when Nan Je-el realized what he had deeply thought about. After that, I cut the front of the zoo. They took the meat, washed, covered materials and roasted. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Nan Ge Er, of course, will not answer the question that Mo Shu is zero. He simply realized that she was working hard, sat down next to Mo Shu and returned to the cave. The keen roasted meat quickly cut all his soul.

Mo Shu’s agility, of course, was not weak. He insisted that he was relatively qualified, but in fact his skill was abnormal. Nan Ge Er thought that Bei Jun Citizens Chefs had no candle with colleague’s capabilities.

Nan Ge Although you refuse to give it a better one – Mo Mo Shu better – when he completes the huge mass of meat, everything, Nan Ge Er can not eat as much as possible in one direction, in a bad position I’ve done.

Two days ago, he had given a great deal to Nan Ge Eri. After all, he could not digest it, in the middle of stomach ulcers he illuminated sleep.

Yesterday he only gave the size that was empty all day long.

As you can see, Mo Shu missed content when you ate with Nan Ge Era.

He waited for a long time, I thought that I was not able to capture Mo Shu’s work this time. That is why he turned to the animal that was sent accidentally when the cave was opened.

What’s this right? It’s just a very familiar feeling.

Nan Ge Er saluted me and forgot my heart.

“Where are you going?” He asked Mo Shu after him.

“This is just a very well-known feeling.” Nan Ge While exploring wild beasts in a loud and tight way.

The wild beast was not as big as a horse. There was a yellow hole on the head like a tiger. Two bright teeth appeared. This is still a violent and intense tooth, even when killed by Mo Shu.

“Oh,” he remembered.

“Oh?” Mo Shu stopped eating watching Nan Ge Er, who was confused so far.

“Mo Shu …” Nan Ge er shook his voice.

“What?” When seeing Nan Ge Although not in danger, Mo Shu continued vulgar.

“Wait, stop eating …” Nang whispered, covered a displeasure on his face.

“Why?” Mo Shu’s anger was evident.

“This is a foggy beast!” Nan Ge, finally, was horrified.

“Cloud beast?” I love the clouds over Mo Shu reaction.

“The only holy beast through the continent, a protective animal that protects all nations!” Nan Ge tried to eat meat from Mo Shu’s hand.

Mo Shu avoided his hand: “I can do it today I can not let you be deliberate, but if you eat, you have a stomach pain.”

What is the world that has children who love your tone?

Nigra Nan Ge Since: “Want to eat your meat?

“So you want to eat me?” She made a heroic attitude and laughed suddenly that Mo Shu before releasing her hand was very terrible, “I should not stay, come on.”

For a long time like turning the red line, Ge Er de Nan knew he was mocking Mo Shu, a weak colleague. However, he did not worry about the attack, only grasped Mo Shu’s hand, “It’s the animal cloud!”

So, if it was cloud, I finally gave a clear answer to the amazing question of Nan Ge Er.

The continents of this world have been named Yun Ru continent. First, it was a rumor that it was a country that later entered the four countries slowly. The cloud animal was a very rare and unique animal on the continent. It is said to be intense and abnormal. It is a symbol of reality from ancient times. Even if the person who made the jury of the cloud was ordinary, that person is still recognized by the country because the highest prize is a noble title of the prince.

Because it was difficult to repeat the clouded beast, the kings of different countries always had friends with other animals. As a result, the mixed child will be weak. Incredible colors were not as important as dying before they reached the majority. Even in Bei Juan’s country, he has never seen clouds of such lively red and intense animals.

The reason that it was the only reason, in fact, it’s clouded in Nan Ge Er’s mind at this time, never, but his idea of ​​supper …

After his first twenty-first century satisfying the barbecue, his current shocking level was equivalent, suddenly he said that if it was to eat happily, it was actually a panda meat.

Well, Mo Shu plans to make his own clothes out of the cloud’s iron zvērņa if he himself remembers himself … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

When he saw Mo’s Shu’s indifferent face, Nan Ge’s eye became an increase in Stan: “It’s foggy!” Smoky beast! “He has been ridiculous now.

“Mn” Mo Shu nodded his head: “The quality of the meat is a little soft. The most important thing is that it is pretty good to keep the skin warm, and that is not too difficult.” He continued: Thinking that it is easier to hunt “, you can see it as the purpose of proper hunting.

“No, that’s not!” Cried Er Er, exclaimed without hesitation, “He …” Almost staggering when he showed the cloud, his fingers trembled.

Oh, my God, I just ate a clouded beast! And Mo Shu – killed the most protective animals throughout the continent!

“Moaning” Mo Shu is rare that Nan Ge Er found that the expressions of the panic were quite interesting but expressed with fear: “I do not know why you were worried about wild animals, because I killed what you can do? ”

Anyway, it was killed, but I killed it, but I killed it …

These little words occupy the whole heart of Nan Ge Er.

Mo Shu will lift his head to show Nan Ge quietly and then full of meat with his hands: “If you really like it or do you like it, I’ll stay on the back of the house You can pick up most, but this animal is probably It is difficult to attack and die. “To die,” he stopped the moment, he said again: “But the latest animals are soft and clean, their meat is much higher, even if it dies so well, it can be eaten. ”

Nange’s erotic eyes spread. He could not believe what he had heard now.

How does anyone want to show their desire to eat a stupid crazy animal Yunusu Lu? Even though you’re thinking of eating a baby after your own food!

Do I have to catch it tomorrow? Mo Shu still thought, but “The kidnapped kidnapping is not right at all.”

Nan Ge could not hear any more. He again saw him with real eyes and grasped Mo Shu’s hand: “Do not really cover it, you do not need it, let it live well. You already have nodes. This has caused an important inhuman son …”

“Fidelity enough” Mo Shu nodded his head acceded deeply: “Hunting baby animals are really illegal”

This is not an ordinary wild beast!

Nan Ge wanted to resume these words to him, but I noticed that Mo’s Shu’s meeting returned his pain in his ball as he could.

… Forget it, I think it’s a sacred animal, people Hiroshi does not matter too.

They distinguish between animals and the body only.

However, the old animals, seen in Yun Lu’s continent for the last time, appeared in a small area like Hiroshi, why?

And, judging by the sound of Mo Shu, they seem to have a considerable number, right?

Nan’s geo thought slowly after saying that Mo said: “Well, this is really a woman, that’s a mother, what I’ve been suffering because she must be a mother, it’s my mother.”

Nan Ge Although you pick up the bone lying on the floor and throw it at Mo Shu’s head and it’s slightly expressed. He said calmly: “Sorry, my hands slipped, Despite the fact that he gave bones to Mo Shu, he still did not worry, he had only one mind I felt just to replace it with one word.

When I think, can you stop me completely completely inappropriate, which has expired long?

Mo Shu touched the swelling formed on his head as a bitter smile: “Shao Nang, you really want to beat.”

Nan Ge even returned to the bone.

“I’m sorry, I did not say anything,” Mo Shu whispered at the same time.

Little, Nan’s Er Er dropped it on Mo Shu’s forehead and took more bones.

“Why?” Mo Shu asked that sin was grieved.

“I just do what I want.” It did not choose a black line that I still felt that Mo Ernstein Ge Er had all his face, but his heart was full of darkness.

“A little baby begins to become wrong” Mo Shu strangely jumped.

Nan Ge Er crashed.

“I’m wrong.” Mo’s excuse was evident. He was that he spilled all the bones at the time of Nan Ge and his sleeve became.

“Who told you to say such a foolish word?” What is this stupid name? “To eliminate most of the Nan Ge Er, and finally always picked him up on the floor We were crazy, spilled pebbles, Mo shu body.

“Who told you that you should kill the holy animals? They are valuable animals, do you all know? You do not know the behavior that you’ve been damaging! What is hurt and raised!

“Shao Nang, Sjian Nans, warm, dress up! Please make sure you do not glide! I stand here, not angry, do not travel, you’ll fall” Well, here are bones.

The quiet forest tonight was a burning bubble. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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