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Artist: Kuju Siam
Language: English
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“We can’t be together anymore.”

During high school, Hachi met Kuma, a strong-built guy, and Hanabi, Kuma’s childhood friend. They become an inseparable trio. However, Kuma confesses to Hachi and Hanabi slowly stopped showing his face when they officially started dating.

Later, when Hachi asked Hanabi why, he replied, “If I’m near Hachi, I’ll stay as a hedgehog forever because of my guilty conscience.”

Discovering this truth, Hachi disappeared from both their lives. Yet, these three met once again… but even though there are three, there is only a place for one lover.

Where shall this unrequited love that’s stirring up once more head to….

Series Order:

Momo (1st)
Hachi (2nd)
Bambi (3rd)

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May 17, 2019 2:59 pm

As someone said before me,there is page missing (47) in chapter 2.

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