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Chapter 474: Objective Achieved
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Zhan YuXuan’s words were totally nonsense. Wei Bai was in poor health, so it was impossible for him to come over here. Furthermore, their people here were only able to attend the banquet by taking advantage of others prestige. Who would notice the situation here since they were all nobodies without any fame?

Zhan YuXuan merely spoke without thinking. Unfortunately that Vermilion Blood Clan disciple believed it and even brought the person over. Instead of saying that he was simple-minded, he might as well have said that he had no brains.

Zhan YuXuan guessed that it was probably because You ZhenTian and the rest were too relaxed, so they dared to dispatch just a single disciple to watch over Feng ChiYun. Furthermore, there was no need to worry that Feng ChiYun would escape with his current circumstances.

Yin Ge pretended that he had something to do and took his leave just as the banquet was about to end.

Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan had scarcely exchanged any words and as the two were also not sitting together, no one knew that they were acquainted with each other.

Yin Ge’s departure did not arouse anyone’s attention.

There were people from the Cang Alliance all around the plaza. But the guards did not stop him since the direction he was heading in was not a restricted area.

Afraid that he would be discovered, the youth who brought Feng ChiYun out intentionally chose a place with less people and it just so happened that this was convenient for Yin Ge. When he was following along the traces left by his summoned snake and searching around, the youth walked out from the stone forest with Feng ChiYun. The youth reckoned that the banquet was about to end, so he was preparing to bring Feng ChiYun back.

Yin Ge put a hat on and walked over with a poker-face.

The youth did not recognize that he was the person who had sat beside Feng ChiYun previously so he was not concerned when he saw Yin Ge.

Just as the two parties brushed past each other, a snake suddenly appeared in the underbrush by the side. It bit into the youth’s leg with sharp teeth that was coated in venom. The youth cried out in fright as the snake slithered back into the underbrush and disappeared.

The youth saw that there were signs of poisoning at the wound and the venom was extremely toxic. It only took a few seconds to lose all feeling in his whole leg and for it to be completely paralyzed. The youth immediately became anxious and temporarily used his cultivation to repress the snake venom. However, he knew that he would be unable to walk to the banquet and yet he could not leave Feng ChiYun unguarded.

At this moment, inspiration struck the youth as he recalled that he had brushed past Yin Ge. He hastily called out to Yin Ge, who was about to walk into the Stone Forest, “This friend here, may I request you to wait a moment?”

Yin Ge’s footsteps stopped. He turned around and looked at the youth and asked in a low and hoarse voice, “What is the matter?”

The youth entreated, “I am a disciple from the Vermilion Blood Clan. I was bitten by a snake just now. I would be very grateful if I could trouble you to go to the banquet and inform my companions of this.”

“Do you think I’m blind?” Yin Ge asked in displeasure.

The youth stared blankly, “Why do you say this?”

Yin Ge nonchalantly stated, “You obviously have a comrade beside you who wasn’t bitten by the venomous snake. Instead of letting him go, you’re asking me to help. If this wasn’t you thinking that I’m blind, what can it be?!”

The youth knew that he had been misunderstood, yet he had no way of explaining himself. After all, he could not say that Feng ChiYun was being manipulated and it was impossible for him to reach the banquet without the youth’s personal guidance. Not to mention how it was even more impossible for Feng ChiYun to recognize people from the Vermilion Blood Clan.

“There’s a little problem with my comrade. You can tell that he’s stupid with one look at his face so I can’t leave him here by himself. This friend here, the snake venom would spread through my whole body if we drag this on any longer. Just help me to convey a single sentence. I will pass word of your deed on to my elder at a later time. He would definitely thank you for your assistance.”

The youth did not expect that the snake venom would be so strong. He was only able to suppress it for a short moment with his cultivation level. At this moment, he suddenly regretted coming to such a such a desolate place, otherwise, he would not have been bitten by a snake.

“Okay, I will convey your message since you’re a disciple of the Vermilion Blood Clan, but…” Yin Ge pretended to be moved by his sincerity.

The youth could not help but feel delighted upon hearing his agreement, “But what?”

Yin Ge continued, “I’m just a small nobody. They may be under the impression that I’m lying if I rashly speak to a member of the Vermilion Blood Clan. I don’t wish to be tagged with an unfair label. How about this, let this fellow beside you come with me. They would definitely believe me once they see your comrade. What do you think?”

The youth hesitated, “I’m afraid that this…”

The elder had said not to let Feng ChiYun leave his line of sight. If he let him go off with this strange man, he would not be able to bear the consequences if Feng ChiYun disappeared.

“We can forget it if you’re not willing. I don’t wish to attract a whole lot of trouble for no reason.” Yin Ge turned and was about to walk away.

“Hold on!” The youth hurriedly called out to him. If he really let this man leave, he would probably die from the poison by the time the people from the Vermilion Blood Clan discovered his disappearance and came looking. Feng ChiYun may not disappear even with no one watching over him, he might as well take a gamble.

The youth took out a palm-sized jade box from his magic bag and passed it to Yin Ge, “Then I will have to trouble you. Please help to pass this jade box to Elder She and the rest too. Bear in mind that you must personally hand this over to the people from the Vermilion Blood Clan.”

“Got it.”

Yin Ge slipped the jade box into his clothes. He turned around and left after instructing a wooden Feng ChiYun to follow. The originally motionless Feng ChiYun now followed after him like a marionette.

The youth sighed in relief and immediately concentrated on dealing with the snake venom in his body. As his head was lowered, he did not discover that Yin Ge was not heading in the direction of the banquet when he turned. Rather, he was walking down the mountain. Feng ChiYun naturally followed after Yin Ge closely until there was no one else around them.

Yin Ge abruptly took out two thin and delicate human skin masks from his magic bag. Fortunately, he had prepared a few pieces for the purpose of moving around more conveniently outside. He pasted one of the human skin masks on Feng ChiYun’s face and pasted the other on his own face. This would prevent any inconvenience for You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

Yin Ge openly brought Feng ChiYun down the mountain in this manner.

There were still guards from the Cang Alliance watching over the entrance of the Amaranthine Mountain, but there were no checks when going down as the identities of those who could descend the mountain had already been verified.

The figures of the two easily mixed into the crowd.

At the banquet on the peak of the Amaranthine Mountain .

Zhan YuXuan knew that their objective had been achieved upon seeing that Yin Ge did not return.

That youth who had been poisoned had probably died from the spread of poison throughout his body. He would probably not be discovered by the people from the Vermilion Blood Clan in such a short time.

Even if they wanted to find out who had brought Feng ChiYun away when the banquet was over, it was impossible. There were many who had left the banquet midway and a few people who had to hurry on their journey also left the Amaranthine Mountain in the middle of the banquet. It was not easy for the Vermilion Blood Clan to investigate all of them. Furthermore, they could not disclose Feng ChiYun’s circumstances.

However, not everything was absolute. Therefore, what Yin Ge had to do now was to take advantage of this period of time to bring Feng ChiYun as far away as possible.

Elder She, who had previously provoked Ling Xiao, suddenly thought of Feng ChiYun and that disciple when the banquet had ended. He wanted to check if the two were safe and sound but could not find any sign of the two. His heart froze. This was not good.

Elder She immediately walked to You ZhenTian and muttered a few sentences to him.

A trace of fury flashed through You ZhenTian’s eyes, “Dispatch someone to find them immediately. It’s impossible for two people to disappear without any reason. You must find them.”

Elder She acquiesced and hurriedly left with a few disciples.

Their actions were not particularly eye-catching before the banquet ended.

At another table, Ling Xiao lifted a wine cup as his gaze appeared to sweep over the direction where Elder She and his group departed to. The corner of his mouth lifted in a faint smile. It seemed that they had achieved their objective.

You XiaoMo lazily leaned on Ling Xiao’s shoulder. He patted his stomach that was plump from all the food he ate and let out an extremely inelegant belch.

Ling Xiao glanced at him, this glutton had probably forgotten about all their plans.

“I did not expect that Your Excellency would be a glutton. Could it be that you’ve been starving for hundreds of years? Tsk tsk, you have such a remarkable likeness to a reincarnated hungry ghost.” The leader of the group, Lin HaoWu, bitterly mocked, especially when he saw the look of satisfaction on You XiaoMo’s face.

You XiaoMo lazily lifted an eyelid, “How did you know that I’ve been starving for hundreds of years?”

Lin HaoWu choked and he speedily rebutted, “I can tell just by looking at you when you were eating. I had never seen someone who eats as disgustingly as you.”

“Go treat your brain if you’re sick. Don’t you know that those who cultivate don’t need to eat? Moreover, I’m not even one hundred year old, how can I be hundreds of years old?” You XiaoMo boldly and confidently retorted.

“Who did you say is sick?!” Lin HaoWu stood up.

“I’m speaking of the one with the most violent reaction.”

“You – ” Lin HaoWu pointed at him in fury, yet his eyes were staring at Ling Xiao. “Don’t think that you can run rampant in front of this young master just because your friend is from the Qilin Clan. If you offend me, I still have ways to make his life difficult even if he returns back to the Qilin Clan.”

You XiaoMo nearly burst out in laughter.

“What are you laughing for?” Lin HaoWu’s rage was burning brighter and brighter from being laughed at.

You XiaoMo promptly dived into Ling Xiao’s embrace, “I’m not, I’m just expressing my fear.”

This nearly made Lin HaoWu die from anger, your mouth is spread open from side to side and you call this fear? Do you think that he’s blind?

At this moment, Xuan Huan, who was famous for his phlegmatic temperament suddenly opened his mouth and unhurriedly said, “Lin HaoWu, let me advise you. Don’t bicker with him unless you are as thick-skinned as him since you’ve already lost in eloquence.”

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Finally feng is back . So happy. Now yin can relaxe and enjoy his life with his lover

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I feel a bit sorry for the nobody youth that had been tasked with watching Feng ChiYun, did he have to die? Although the Vermilion Blood Clan would’ve probably killed him for losing their hostage.
Was YXM behaving so badly on purpose, just to infuriate all the snobs? I don’t recall him having such bad manners before! 😏
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