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Chapter 35

Recently, Mo Shu’s mood was exceptionally brilliant, his tone of voice extraordinarily amiable, his popularity ever growing in strength. Although nothing much was discernible from his calm face, his involuntary absent-mindedness and revelation of a gentle smile during a conversation could fool no one.

Recently, Nan Ge Er’s mood was exceptionally frustrated, his tone of voice exceptionally low-spirited, his aura increasingly…lovable?

Mo Shu’s rippling emotions were completely understandable; since he treated Nan Ge Er as his personal belongings – such as a waist pendant, a bendable sword on his waist, a sachet filled with plum blossoms; carried along twenty-four hours all day; never once left behind.

As Nan Ge Er usually holed himself up in the government office without going out, it indirectly led to Mo Shu obediently staying home and stopping his request of going out as well. Of course, there was still some negative effects caused by that.

For example, Mo Shu-xiansheng had to have Nan Ge Er within his sight every single moment – looking at what he was doing, observing if he was cold, seeing if he took good care of himself…an array of things to take note of, such and such. Both Nan Ge Er and Zhu Xi were absolutely stressed out by it. Zhu Xi was awfully gloomy. In the past, although Mo Shu liked slacking off, his efficiency still wasn’t quite bad.

However, now, even though he stayed in the office earnestly, he still slacked off. Not only that, his slacking got worse. Working had become a part-time for him; the main job he had at present was to have his eyes on Nan Ge Er… Nan Ge Er was even gloomier than Zhu Xi. Whenever he met someone familiar, he would stop them and complain, “I’m so miserable…”

Who could do anything normally when being observed twenty-four hours all day? Who could tolerate being grabbed away every quarter of an hour to have temperature measured via the touching of hands and forehead? Who could stomach someone sitting beside him during mealtimes going “ah…” when feeding with a spoon, while also being surrounded by a bunch of others, almost unsuccessfully, holding their laughter? He was almost going mad! Why ‘almost’? Because he was in the state of ‘almost’ doing so.

Things had gotten bad for Nan Ge Er recently. Lately, he had found out that he couldn’t do anything with Mo Shu, and noticed a change in Mo Shu’s interests… Sweet snacks were currently in third place of the things Mo Shu liked. The first place went to gazing at Nan Ge Er in a daze, before smiling as gently as water. The second was grabbing Nan Ge Er over occasionally to show concern for him while rubbing and hugging him… It was easy to handle a moron; dealing with a nutjob wasn’t hard either. The problem was, would you be able to slap someone when that person treated you with sincere compassion? At the very least, Nan Ge Er wasn’t able to do that.

It would be easier if Mo Shu were trying to get fresh with him. However, he did so out of affection and with courtesy. The various concerns showed was as common as it got; his behaviour was as disciplined as it got; the bodily contact was as decent as it got… Nan Ge Er realised, he could consider himself to be entirely at his wit’s end currently. Moreover, such a distressing state would probably last for a good amount of time…

…Actually, I’m wrong. I’m really wrong! Why did I assume that fellow was a moron? Nan Ge Er begrudged once again. He isn’t an idiot; he isn’t one at all! Actually, this person is a love-struck fool!

Zhu Xi had a sincere and solemn chat with Nan Ge Er regarding Mo Shu’s severely infatuated state currently—Of course, the love-struck alien, who wouldn’t be in the mood to do work if he didn’t have his eyes on Nan Ge Er at every moment, was listening by the side too.

By the way, so long as Nan Ge Er was in an area, any other being, conversation, or sound made would be entirely by ignored Mo Shu… Without even blinking once, his eyes gazed longingly and tenderly at Nan Ge Er … The specific contents of the conversation Zhu Xi had with Nan Ge Er was concerning the issue of Mo Shu-xiansheng’s work during spring and summer.

At the moment, the infatuated alien couldn’t even leave Nan Ge Er for fifteen minutes. It was fine if Mo Shu just patrolled around the district during spring and summer; he could simply bring Nan Ge Er along. But what if he had to visit a village much further away? What if the roads were bumpy? Judging from Nan Ge Er’s body condition, he definitely couldn’t withstand that. Hence, Mo Shu definitely wouldn’t be able to go as well. As such, the advisor would become the unlucky and busy one in the situation.

After solemnly analysing the severity of it in the future to Nan Ge Er, Zhu Xi addressed seriously, “Xiao Nan, I think stopping Mo Shu from his foolishness should be of your top priority.”

Nan Ge Er made a face, “Even if you said that, I still don’t have any idea what to do.” I’m able to stop a certain someone’s moronic actions, but unable to control his infatuations.

“What can we do if even you don’t have any idea?” Zhu Xi fretted even more, “I can’t even sleep when thinking about the days in the upcoming spring and summer now.” He pointed at the bottom of his eyes, distressed, “See that, know what that is?” Both of my eyes have dark circles beneath them!

Nan Ge Er moved closer. Before he had the chance to take a better look, Mo Shu pulled Zhu Xi backwards with a swoop, preventing the two of them from reaching a meter close…You only come back to your senses during such a moment? Both Zhu Xi and Nan Ge Er shot him a disdainful glance at the same time.

Of course, Mo Shu chose to ignore Zhu Xi’s existence and the scorn in Nan Ge Er’s eyes. He smiled, “Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

“We’ve just eaten snacks two hours ago.” Nan Ge Er made a face as he reminded Mo Shu.

“Oh right, Xian Nan’s memory is awesome.” Mo Shu rubbed Nan Ge Er’s head with a smile, “Are you cold?”

Nan Ge Er was rendered utterly speechless then. To be exact, he didn’t even have the energy to diss. He glanced at Zhu Xi, who was a meter away.

Great, he’s more speechless than me. Thank the gods and earth; you finally understand my powerlessness of changing the present situation, since my life is a complete headache… Both Nan Ge Er and Zhu Xi went silent for a long while.

Having the best mental state, the advisor still ended up being the one who came back to himself first in the helpless atmosphere. He coughed lightly, “Well, Mo Shu, you still remember you have to fetch someone a few days later, right?”

Mo Shu was still in his usual self when getting down to business. He nodded, before glancing at Nan Ge Er again. Zhu Xi looked at Mo Shu’s expression. He frowned slightly but uttered no words. Noticing the two’s subtle reactions, Nan Ge Er looked at them, baffled.

“I’ll take my leave now.” Zhu Xi seemed to mutter a bit, before cupping his hands in obeisance and left.

Nan Ge Er got even more confused. Mo Shu seemingly paused for a bit too. He called, “Xiao Nan,” and patted the area beside him, “Come over and have a seat.”

Nan Ge Er noticed that Mo Shu’s expression seemed to be suggesting he had something to talk about. He pondered a bit before going over and sitting down.

“I probably have to go outside in the first few months of the year.” After deliberating over, Mo Shu ended up deciding to spill it out truthfully. Mo Shu occasional trips outside weren’t something new; Nan Ge Er didn’t know why Mo Shu chose to speak to him about this particular trip. Hence, he looked at Mo Shu in confusion.

“The location is Bei Jun. The time spent there might be longer. The New Year might be spent outside…” Mo Shu surveyed Nan Ge Er’s expression carefully while telling him everything he wanted to say at one go, “Although the journey is bumpy, I hope you can come along.”

Usually, Mo Shu never requested anything from Nan Ge Er, nor did he said anything along the lines of ‘I hope’. He indeed acted just as what he said to Zhu Xi that day; never once forcing him, letting him do everything as he liked. However, he had such a request now.

“Actually, it isn’t really necessary for me to handle this issue personally. But I hope you can come along with me.” Mo Shu continued again. “Which is why I told Zhu Xi I would personally fetch the ones outside back.”

Nan Ge Er was in turmoil inside. Hearing the words being said in such a way by Mo Shu, he could only raise his head instinctively before asking, “Why?”

“Although you look like you’re handling yourself well, I know there’s still something gnawing at your mind,” Mo Shu stroked Nan Ge Er’s head, “That’s why I wish for you to come along.”

Nan Ge Er hadn’t ever revealed his identity, but he reckoned the people in Guang Tian knew about it more or less. Moreover, every country had its unique accent, and he hadn’t hidden anything purposefully since he arrived there. Thus, he wasn’t really surprised or shocked at how naturally Mo Shu said that. He just didn’t quite want to go.

Noticing Nan Ge Er’s hesitation and the unwillingness shown in his face, Mo Shu chuckled, “Actually, I won’t force you if you truly don’t want to go. Just that, is the status quo really good this way?” Nan Ge Er lifted his eyes up and looked at him.

“You have already decided to stay in Guang Tian, and at my side, haven’t you?” Mo Shu smiled, “If that’s so, it is better if you cut any loose ends of your past, right?”

“Melancholy will lead to an earlier death, you know? I don’t want you to die before me. Besides, I will be accompanying you; there’s nothing to be scared of. It’s just a final parting. There would be no change anymore. We will go together, coming back together after that.”

“So?” Nan Ge Er finally raised his head, curling his lips into a smile, “How thick skinned; when have I said I would stay by your side?”

Noting Nan Ge Er had smiled, Mo Shu blossomed out a beautiful smile too. He reached his finger out, pressing it on Nan Ge Er’s chest, before poking gently, “Here. It told me that, through your smile.”


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