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Chapter 476: ShiXiong and ShiDi
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wei Bai had no interest in that mysterious Sacred leveled practitioner, nor did he care about the stuff with the Vermillion Blood Clan. All he wanted to know was why Ling Xiao knew the name of his Master.

Two hundred years ago, he was hunted down by Qiu Ran and was accidentally struck down into the bottom of a valley. That mountain valley was extraordinarily dangerous, filled with dimensional power. Coincidentally, at the time of his fall, he was faced with a dimensional crack, powerless, he was devoured by it.

For a while Wei Bai thought he was good as dead.

But at that time, his luck seemed to have turned for the better as he was thrown into a higher plane, the Tiong Tian Continent.

That wasn’t even the luckiest occurence, what was incredible was that when he was spit out by the crack, he fell right onto Fu CangQiong.

You heard it right, right on top of him.

If it wasn’t for Fu CangQiong’s strength and level as a practitioner, the reputation of the head of the Cang Alliance would have been smashed down into the gutter by him.

What was different from the gossip was that initially Fu CangQiong simply pitied him. Although he was lucky enough to survive, all of his meridians had been destroyed and his soul was faced with a serious injury as well. If Fu CangQiong didn’t save him back then, he was a hundred percent dead.

When Fu CangQiong brought him back, he handed him over to his First disciple, Zuo Yan. Like his Master, Zuo Yan was very attentive even though he didn’t look like it. If it wasn’t for Zuo Yan helping him hang onto his last breath, he would have already been brought to see Satan.

But because he was too heavily wounded, he had no hint of getting better no matter what medicine Zuo Yan used. So when he ran out of options, he could only throw the problem back to his Master.

That was when Fu CangQiong remembered that he had saved a little kid before.

Two hundred years ago Wei Bai was just twenty-four, to Fu CangQiong he was a super little kid.

Even Fu CangQiong had a headache dealing with Wei Bai’s wounds. Actually, back then, he couldn’t understand why even though Wei Bai’s wounds were serious enough to be life-threatening, he had survived. But no matter the reason, if he saved him then he wouldn’t give up halfway.

However, Wei Bai’s meridians were all shattered, not crippled, if it was just crippled, it wasn’t impossible to fix, as long as the meridians still existed. But, with Wei Bai’s case, they were shattered, clean and simple. It was as if his body as just an empty vessel, not to mention the fact that his soul was injured too.

These kinds of wounds were really to hard cure.

For as long as Fu CangQiong had been alive, he had not seen anyone who was cured from shattered meridians and a wounded soul.

Even if one assumed that it could be fixed, and his life is saved, there was no way he could ever become a practitioner or mage every again. Thus, it was inevitable that he would live his later life as a useless person.

Before Wei Bai was twenty-four, he had always been a genius when under the influence of Duan QiTian, since he was small he had big ambitions and aspirations. Thus, when he realized that he was going to be a completely useless person, he knew his sky had fallen.

Since then, Wei Bai had no more will to live.

Much to his surprise, Fu CangQiong was the opposite and took his life to heart.

As if all those precious magic pills and medicines were free, they were fed into Wei Bai’s stomach. Wei Bai stopped wanting to speak so he just let him do whatever.

After messing around for a while, his internal injuries weren’t cured but his externals ones were almost fully healed and that included his destroyed-by-dimensional-crack face.

Wei Bai wasn’t bad looking, in fact he was very tasteful, refreshingly handsome, pure bright eyes, a quick look would give one the impression of a graceful young master. Even if his once cheerful and bright eyes turned dark and grey, it didn’t damage his appearance at all.

Wei Bai could still remember when his face first fully recovered, Fu CangQiong even used an obscene middle-aged man tone, while tilting up his chin, and said “Yo, didn’t know my young disciple was this pretty looking before!”

Wei Bai’s expression turned black instantly, what’s the point of a pretty face. For two hundred years, Fu CangQiong searched far and wide, finding numerous rare treasures and while Wei Bai did get a little better, the core of the issue could not be solved.

Ah! the worries of Fu Alliance head.

Seeing that nothing worked, the once wavering look disappeared again from his young disciple. No matter how he coaxed him, he wouldn’t believe that he could cure him.

By now, his young disciple had cared less and less, he was so worried that a hair fell out.

Until this birthday banquet.

Hearing him opening up and standing up for his Master made Fu CangQiong almost lose his self-control, that he was very proud of, to laugh while hugging him.

But what even he couldn’t have predicted was that there was something more astonishing waiting for him.

His young disciple’s heart, which had been deadly still for the last two hundred years would become excited by a single sentence. Although he couldn’t know what the other had said but he could guess that it had to do with his young disciple’s past.

After the banquet, Fu CangQiong brought Wei Bai back to BaiMiao residence.

BaiMiao residence was where Wei Bai lived, with the Fu alliance head personally looking over it, making it almost the safest spot of the Amaranthine Mountain.

Ling Xiao and the others were later brought along too.

You XiaoMo looked at the Fu alliance head who dismissed his subordinates, but clearly had no intention of leaving himself. However, You XiaoMo wasn’t planning to speak of the Long Xiang Continent in front of this alliance head, because if he searched, they probably wouldn’t be able to hide the dimension for much longer.

It was then when Wei Bai spoke, “You should leave, I want to speak with them.”

Fu CangQiong hesitated and attempted to talk it over, “Little disciple, can’t your master stay too?”

With a stern face, Wei Bai said, “You can’t, this is my privacy.”

With that, Fu CangQiong couldn’t say anything back and could only leave in disappointment. Clearly, his little disciple didn’t fully trust him yet, although it was a forced disciple-master relationship. It looked like he could only ask about it afterwards.

Both Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan were outside as well, since they had nothing to do with this.

At last there was only three people left in the room, Ling Xiao, You XiaoMo, and Wei Bai.

Wei Bai looked at Ling Xiao with a face of anticipation.

Seeing that, You XiaoMo let out a cough, second-shixiong, you’re looking at the wrong person, the real one is over here.

Expectantly, Wei Bai turned to look at him.

Seizing the chance, You XiaoMo spoke with deep feelings and affection, “Second-shixiong…”

Wei Bai frowned, “If I remember correctly, the second-disciple of master wasn’t you.”

You XiaoMo figured that he would misunderstand and continued, “I’m Duan QiTian’s disciple. I was taken in by master a few years ago, Master often spoke of you.” Actually, he only mentioned him a few times, towards this ‘dead-or-alive’ disciple, the old man didn’t like to say much.

Abruptly, Wei Bai opened his eyes, “Is what you’re saying true?”

You XiaoMo nodded.

But Wei Bai lowered his head and from where they couldn’t see, his eyes became red. Two hundred years, he finally heard about his Master again. When he realized that he became a useless person, he lived as if he had dead. He tried his hardest to forget all of his memories but what he couldn’t forget was his life mentor, the one who taught him, but he no longer had the courage to go back.

The once high-spirited young teen was gone. He didn’t want his mentor to see him in such a sorry state.

“Master…how is he?” Wei Bai didn’t want anyone to see his ugly side so after his sorrow he quickly regained his composure.

“Master’s doing very well, when I came to the higher plane, a lot of important stuff happened in the Long Xiang Continent. As for what the first-shixiong did to you, master found out and expelled him. When he escaped, he was also heavily wounded.” You XiaoMo quickly summarized what happened to Qiu Ran.

“He’s not dead?” Wei Bai asked.


“Good.” Wei Bai’s eyes sparked with murderous intent, “If I’m given the chance, I’ll most definitely kill him with my own hands.”

You XiaoMo went silent, you really couldn’t tell but this second-shixiong had a fiery personality. When he had only heard of Xiong Xiao’s description, he had imagined a tragic person with a flawed personality. But not to spoil the fun or anything, but with his current situation, to personally murder Qiu Ran was near impossible, unless…

Wei Bai went silent after he finished and then laughed in a self-deprecating way, “I know I’m talking big, right now I’m just a useless person who can’t even look after themselves. It’s impossible to personally kill Qiu Ran.”

“It’s not impossible.” You XiaoMo let out without thinking.

Instantly Wei Bai looked up at him with hopeful eyes, “Do you have a way?”

Looking at this expression, You XiaoMo felt a little guilty, “Um, I was just going to say that you can have Fu alliance head capture Qiu Ran for you and then you can stab him a few times, that way you would have personally killed him.”

Wei Bai, “…”

Ling Xiao smiled through tight lips, he knew his ‘plan’ was going to be something ridiculous.

Disappointed Wei Bai lowered his head, there was no sense of accomplishment doing it that way.

You XiaoMo knew he said the wrong things and to make up for it, he kept talking about the old man. He knew that his second-shixiong missed the old man a lot, or else he wouldn’t have put off being Fu alliance head’s disciple after so long.

Wei Bai was in fact listening intently but after half a hour or so, he started to show signs of fatigue.

Fu CangQiong walked in and said, “If you need to say anything, save it for next time. If the two of you don’t find it troublesome, then stay here for now. Xiao Bai’s tired, he needs to rest.”

Wei Bai stared at him unhappily, how many times have he said to stop calling him Xiao Bai.

Neither You XiaoMo nor Ling Xiao was in a hurry to leave so the two stayed behind.

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