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Chapter 480: A Huge Mistake

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

If there was something that could break You XiaoMo’s heart, then this was time!

He thought that half a month wasn’t enough to get back to Zhong Tian, thus he applied to remove his name off the list. However, there were still a few days before the half a month was over, meaning that it was very possible he could make it. Really, such a waste of his point.

Still, they did not immediately return to Zhong Tian as they had used up all three dimensional talismans.

If they didn’t use a talisman, then it would take a month to return, thus You XiaoMo ordered Ling Xiao to learn how to make them.

If they learned how to make these talismans, just one could earn them up to ten million or more spirit gems.

Ling Xiao looked into his eyes and delivered these four words, “I love spirit gems”, it might as well have been imprinted on his face. After staring at it silently for two seconds, he shifted his gaze away.

A dimensional talisman was a very thin jade that was cut one cm thick and was just about one-third of You XiaoMo’s hand. Although it took very little materials, to carve the dimensional power into such a thin and small jade talisman like a formation array was very difficult.

You XiaoMo used his soul power to cut the black jade into thinly sliced jade pieces.

The whole jade was just about the size of a basketball, so as to not waste materials, he cut it according to proportions. Thus, he cut about five hundred pieces.

“There’s a lot of jade pieces, you can take it slow.” You XiaoMo took a piece and shoved it into Ling Xiao’s hand, as he said with a smile.

But just half an hour after saying that, he couldn’t have regretted it more.

The result of ‘taking it slow’ was that a pile of blade jade scraps had accumulated beneath Ling Xiao’s feet. It had grown to about one-two cm thick, wasting a good twenty-three pieces of jade.

Calmly Ling Xiao blew off the jade scraps on his hand and picked up a new one.

You XiaoMo stopped his hand and with a piercing gleam looked at him, “Tell me truthfully, how many more do you have to waste before making one dimensional talisman successfully?”

Rubbing his chin, Ling Xiao thought about it and said, “If I use all five hundred I might get one.”

With a fiendish expression You XiaoMo said, “I’m going to pummel you, spendthrift.”

Ten million spirit gems for one dimensional talisman, he might as well have bought it from Xiong Xiao, at least he could have gotten a discount.

“Don’t get angry so quickly, hear me out.” Ling Xiao pulled him over, embracing him as he said smiling, “Think about it, if I need to waste one or two hundred pieces before making on talisman, aren’t you going to feel the same heartache? If I told you five hundred, you would feel more pain no?”

“So your purpose is to make me feel more pain?” You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched a little.

“No.” Ling Xiao rejected, “If we flip it around and I use two hundred to make one talisman then you feel glad it was two hundred and not five hundred correct? So, I’m just preparing you for the worst possible outcome.”


You XiaoMo wanted to pummel him even more.

Ling Xiao continued with his annoying speech, “Actually, I have an even better way of making you feel more balanced.”

Hurriedly, You XiaoMo covered up his mouth, “Okay, okay, don’t say anymore, I get it now.” Even using his ‘little guy’ he could figure out what he was going to say.

But, creating the dimensional talisman was indeed, a complicated task.

It took them awhile to find a spot where the dimension was weak, only then could they extract dimensional power from it.

The reason that Ling Xiao failed so many times was because dimensional powers were very violent and since jade talismans were very fragile things, it was normal to fail.

If You XiaoMo inquired more, he would know that when Fu CangQiong first made dimensional talismans, he also wasted many jade pieces and the amount was tens more than twenty. Of course, he might be more heartbroken.

Indeed, there was a direct correlation between what one gave versus what one got.

Currently they were at a canyon that was filled with rampant storms. Due to the fact that the weather was unstable, the dimension was weak. With a wave of his hand Ling Xiao ripped open a dimensional crack that was five cm long.

Rampant dimensional powers came out of the crack, although it was only a little, it increased the danger level of the canyon by three to four more folds.

Ling Xiao guided the dimensional force to sketch out the outline of the formation array on the jade piece. During this time, due to inexperience or the repellency of the dimensional force, the result was that a few more jade pieces were destroyed.

Every time a piece broke, You XiaoMo’s heart bled more, once again twenty thousand spirit gems went down the drain.

Ling Xiao remained firm and with an unchanging expression, he took another piece to continue trying. What he didn’t tell You XiaoMo was that the one that just broke, the formation array was close to completion.

At this point You XiaoMo no longer held much hope.

Looking back, he had always thought that even if Ling Xiao failed while trying, it would be too bad. For example, within ten pieces, nine would succeed, etc.

Oh, how foolish he was to think that.

Now, if there was one out of ten that succeeded, he would thank the heavens, god, lord and whatever else in between.

Just as You XiaoMo wandered off thinking, a black thing suddenly flew straight towards him. Subconsciously he caught it and after taking a look, he realized that it was a jade piece, staring at him he said, “What?”

Seeing that he wasn’t paying attention, Ling Xiao glanced at him and replied, “Focus.”

Focus what?!

You XiaoMo puffed up his cheeks, how dare he throw a jade piece towards him. He raised his hand, thinking about throwing it back, but then stopped.


Forget it, seeing that you are putting your all into making dimensional talismans, a man such as myself will not stoop so low as to be petty, I’ll let you off this time.

You XiaoMo squeezed the talisman with both hands as he stared at it intensely, this thing, was it really that fragile?

Seeing the talismans Ling Xiao made continuously exploding, as if tofu crumbs. As he thought, he couldn’t help but put more pressure to bend it, as a result, with a ‘crack’, the jade piece split in half…

Ling Xiao abruptly looked up, only to see a certain idiot’s big mouth open wide in surprise as he was swallowed by dimensional forces. With an expression that could almost swallow two eggs and the eggache of what it represented, he let out too much force into the jade piece. With a ‘boom’ it exploded into sprinkles.

That dumbass!!!

A dimensional talisman was a random transportation, all that one could be certain of was, was the direction one faced would be the direction they were transported to.

You XiaoMo was facing the east, and the east was…the headquarters of the Vermilion Blood clan.

Even if one was seeking death this wasn’t how one should go about it!

Taking in a deep breath, Ling Xiao grabbed a new jade piece and in lightning speed made another talisman. This time, because he was in such a rush for success, he actually got it in one try. After that, he quickly gathered up all the other pieces and started his ‘wife-chasing-adventure’.

At the same time, the ‘knew-he-did-something-stupid’ You XiaoMo was lying within a flourishing tree, crying tears of sadness…

I realized my mistake so come and save me Ling Xiao!

You XiaoMo had no idea where he was, because he seemed to be in a huge and dense forest. His surroundings were so quiet and that in itself was alarming, spending chills down his spine. Who knew what direction he had to look to find people.

Also, if he didn’t use a dimensional talisman, it would probably take him months to get to Zhong Tian. By then, maybe the third round of the challenge match would have started.

Thinking about the results, You XiaoMo once again found himself in deep repentance, he shouldn’t have broken that talisman. Since the appearance didn’t change at all, he thought it was just a normal black jade.

You XiaoMo let out a huge sigh, this did not change the fact that Ling Xiao couldn’t come find him immediately.

At first, he thought of staying put, since Ling Xiao may use the talisman to transport to the same spot as him. However, thinking it through again he realized that the chances were as good as winning the grand lottery, or even worse. Since it was impossible, he gave up.

After all, the mistakes one made could only be solved by oneself!

You XiaoMo sat up from the tree branch and his beasts, the Metal Swallowing Beast plus the Golden Winged Insects, who had stayed hidden in his shirt, as per his request, came running out.

The Metal Swallowing Beast barked at him non-stop, making a “GaGaGa” sound.

Raising his hand, You XiaoMo slammed it down on its head.


Don’t think I can’t figure out that you’re laughing at me, you deserved it, laughing at my expense!

The ‘GaGaGa’ of the Metal Swallowing Beast came to an abrupt halt.

The two insects instantly laughed at it.

Displeased the beast sneered back.

You XiaoMo ignored them, right now he needed to figure out where he was, otherwise it would take forever before he found Ling Xiao, not to mention going back to Zhong Tian.

At this moment, a series of hurried footsteps could be heard. Since it was already quiet, before they were even close, You XiaoMo could hear the noise clearly. As he didn’t know what kind of people they were, he didn’t dare get down and just stayed in the tree, watching.

There was three people in total, two males and one female.

The female walked in front, as if she was opening the way. With only a look, You XiaoMo could tell that the female was the strongest of the three and the other two were following her closely while carrying a sandbag.

The three walked past the tree You XiaoMo was hiding in, not sensing his presence.

After a moment of hesitation, You XiaoMo followed.

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