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Chapter 36

Since Nan Ge Er had decided to visit Bei Jun, he started his preparation at once. That night, while washing his face, he hesitated a little as he suddenly looked at the love-struck Mo Shu, who was beneath the lights, “Erm, my face.”

“Hm?” After that slight moment of decent-mindedness, Mo Shu continued his infatuation; he asked Nan Ge Er with a smile when noticing he was addressing him.

Alright, alright. I know you are a cultured person; you can see my soul through this terrifying outer appearance of mine… Ugh, but I don’t think my soul can really be considered pretty, ok?! Wait, my train of thoughts have gone haywire…

Nan Ge Er pulled his diverging thoughts back immediately, “Erm, well Mo Shu, to the outside world, my face is probably quite…frightening, right?” He didn’t look at mirrors often, but he did talk to others frequently after all. Even if it was just a reflection from others’ eyes, he still could discern that the appearance of the ugly fellow reflected was majorly unpleasant. Moreover, he could even feel exceptionally deep crevices when washing his face. It would be weirder if he had no idea how horrifying his appearance was.

Mo Shu took a look at Nan Ge Er’s face, completely unconcerned, “Hm, it isn’t scary at all.”

I know it can’t scare you, the problem is, someone normal will probably be afraid of it. Besides… Nan Ge Er shot a glance at the face with a jade-like beautiful complexion below the lights. My good sir, if I go out together with you, how do you expect a passer-by to suppress the disparity of their feelings when seeing that face of yours matched with mine?

“Is there any way for me to change the appearance of my face?” Nan Ge Er asked straightaway, unwilling to discuss issues like inner qualities or outer appearances with Mo Shu.

“There is.” Sure enough, when the question was asked directly, Mo Shu would give a straightforward answer instead of being long-winded. “What kind of face do you wish to change into?”

Huh? The type of face can be changed as well? Nan Ge Er widened his eyes. “Erm, there is still freedom to choose?”

Mo Shu glanced at Nan Ge Er, as though Nan Ge Er just answered something strange, “Of course. Do you want Zhu Xi’s type of appearance or Xiao Xia’s? Mine is fine too.” After some pondering, he continued again, “Chun Jiao’s type is doable too, just that some time is needed, and it might not be in time for the trip. Besides, although it doesn’t matter for Ah Fang or me, if both of you look too similar, it might pose some problems for others.”

“Who wants Chun Jiao’s looks?!” Black lines finally returned onto Nan Ge Er’s forehead again after a long time. He interrupted Mo Shu’s scattered train of thoughts, “I just want something normal.” He finally figured out who was the influence that made his thoughts grow increasingly haywire.

“Normal?” Mo Shu took a look at Nan Ge Er’s face, “You look normal now though.”

“How is it normal?!” Nan Ge Er made a face, “I totally look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, alright?!” Exactly how distorted your taste in aesthetics is?

“Hunchback of Notre Dame?” Mo Shu was puzzled by the term, “Someone from the night patrol?”

Nan Ge Er shook his head weakly, “Erm, don’t tell me you are the one who’s helping to change my appearance?” If you’re the one operating, it will be better for me to just give up instead. Who knows what appearance you will make me turn into. “I just want to polish the old wounds on my face. Making my scars slightly indistinguishable will be good enough.”

“So that’s what you meant.” Mo Shu finally understood, “This is simple, it will probably just take a week. I’ll call the doctor over tomorrow, alright?”

…Simple…Just take a week… This disfigured face has been with me for five years, you know?! …This place of yours is even more ridiculous than the plastic surgery centers in some certain country! The one and only doctor in Guang Tian handles all injuries, whether inner or outer ones, and even deals with cosmetic surgery at the side?! He truly can be referred to as a leading figure in the medical field, and a highly advanced genius!

The doctor in Guang Tian can even save someone, who had been submerged in a water prison for three years, determined dead by imperial physicians, and flowed along the sea for an unknowingly long period. Moreover, that someone is currently lively and growing healthier by the day… Plastic surgery is nothing at all! Removal of scars is nothing at all!

Nan Ge Er was already numbed at the various unfathomableness of Guang Tian. After dissing harshly in his heart, he replied weakly, “Alright…”

The proud doctor came over the next day, asking Nan Ge Er, “What appearance do you want to change into?”

Uncle, if you ended up transmigrating to the twenty-first century, you will definitely be a target of pursuit by countless females, if nothing else. Nan Ge Er dissed silently in his heart, before replying dryly, “Normal… a normal look is fine.”

The love-struck alien provided additional comments by the side, “What Xiao Nan meant is polishing the scars will be good enough.” While doing so, he murmured, “Actually, I think his current looks are great already. If he ends up looking good after that, what would happen when he goes out…” A slight concerning tone started arising, “Will he be targeted by malicious people…”

Frustrated and dispirited, Nan Ge Er shot Mo Shu a glance. My good sir, you should worry about yourself instead, ok? My looks are just ordinary. Yours, on the other hand, have a high rate of passersby giving you another glance when you get out.

Nan Ge Er noticed the black lines forming on the doctor’s forehead when he turned his head back—I got it. Except for Zhu Xi and me, you are the only person in Guang Tian who is clear-headed about him.

After exchanging a resigned glance with the doctor, Nan Ge Er spoke, “Is it possible to have a slight change as well? It will be fine if I’m unrecognisable from the face I had before being scarred.”

The doctor nodded his head, “It isn’t difficult. When specific regions of people’s faces are slightly altered, their original appearance will be unrecognisable. Just that…” The doctor paused and looked at Mo Shu. He took a brush and paper before writing: [If Mo Shu-xiansheng has any overly heated feelings during the journey, I beseech Nan Ge Er to apply constraints to him.]

“Huh?” Nan Ge Er looked at the doctor, a little confused. He didn’t understand what the doctor meant.

[Mo Shu-xiansheng, well…] The doctor seemed quite unsettled. After a long pause, he lifted the brush: [He’s slightly… bloodthirsty.]

“Hah?” Nan Ge Er turned his head involuntarily, glancing at Mo Shu, who was frowning and mumbling something.

Mo Shu = bloodthirsty? He seriously had no way of linking the two together. Before, he felt that… Mo Shu = moron. Presently, he felt that…Mo Shu = love-struck fool.

However, no matter what he did, he still didn’t know how ‘bloodthirsty’ and ‘Mo Shu’ could be linked. As there weren’t any indications at all. Every bloodthirsty person either looked somewhat crazy or mentally disturbed. However, Mo Shu had an impeccably clean aura surrounding him. He didn’t look like one at all, or should it be said that him being one was unimaginable.

Noticing the flabbergasted expression on Nan Ge Er, the doctor let out a bitter laugh as he wrote: [Although everyone wishes both of you have a fruitful end together, in truth, they aren’t quite willing to have you go along with him.]

“Why?” No wonder Zhu Xi had such a strange reaction then.

[Because you will end up seeing the other side of Mo Shu-xiansheng.] The doctor continued writing, [And so, you might fear and avoid him due to that.]

“But…” Nan Ge Er became a little nervous by it too. After a glance at Mo Shu, he whispered, “He seems to be totally unaware.”

[Because he doesn’t find anything wrong with being bloodthirsty.]

Nan Ge Er looked at Mo Shu, remaining silent without anything uttered out.

[Don’t worry, if you can’t take it, I have a medicine that can erase any memories you had of him. Just that you can’t leave Guang Tian from then on.] Assuming that Nan Ge Er was hesitating, the doctor wrote again: [Such is the case of Mo Shu-xiansheng’s biological mother. In fact, she married another and had a child after that; living a peaceful life.]

Nan Ge Er widened his eyes, almost yelling out, before taking the brush and write that down for the doctor, [Mo Shu’s mother is still alive?!]

[Yes. She chose to take the medicine simply because she couldn’t accept it.] The doctor replied.

Realising the distance between Nan Ge Er and the doctor got closer by the minute, Mo Shu got displeased again, “Xiao Nan, still not ready yet?” Even if the person is an old man, I still can’t accept anyone from getting so close to my Nan Ge Er.

The doctor grabbed the paper in one swoop. The paper turned into powder in a blink of an eye, scattering onto the table.

“Let’s get started.” Nan Ge Er struck a fearless pose. “Let’s deal with this quickly so that we can go back early.”

While preparing the needlework, the doctor stared at Nan Ge Er with hesitation. The words in his eyes read: So what’s your reply, Nan Ge Er-you can’t just forget about it after worming facts out of me-you are so unscrupulous –what exactly is in your mind?!

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July 29, 2018 3:49 am

lmfao as much as Nan Ge Er plays the straight man in the Mo Shu/Nan Ge Er duo…it’s hilarious when its someone else’s turn. Also altho he might not like his looks, and is scared of how others perceive him, its sweet how everyone treats him with love and respect regardless 🙂

August 2, 2018 1:28 am


Well, considering how dirty his hands were in palace matters it might be shocking but not a deal breaker.

November 18, 2018 5:46 am

Doctor, lil pumpkin is the bloodiest person in the town. He killed his own brothers and sisters, sentenced people to death here and there, no need to care!

March 11, 2019 2:37 pm

This chapter was hilarious, yet the final revelation was too shocking. Hmmm. Our Mo Shu is a bloodthirsty Demon, but Pumpkin used to be a ruthless person, so I’m sure he won’t mind it.

Thanks for the chapter!

Angel Mizuhara
Angel Mizuhara(@quizon1997)
February 19, 2020 3:01 pm

Hahahahahaha uncle no need to worry. This pumpkin killed his families and some innocent people just because 😂 he’s gonna be fine. His heart is not ignorant when it comes to ruthlessness.

January 12, 2021 4:18 pm

I think that is another common point between Mo Shu and Xiao Nan? Xiao Nan is ruthless too where his hands are bloodied with blood of criminal and innocent; all for the sake of protecting himself and his blood brother. While Mo Shu bloodthirst is to protect Guang Tian and those that he had to pick up. So I guess, Xiao Nan can accept and handle it? I hope.

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