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Chapter 479: Let’s go to Your Dimension

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Feng ChiYun’s frozen face slowly regained life. When he opened his eyes, it was like his soul had returned, his empty eyes shining. The first thing reflected in them was the handsome face of a young silver-haired man.

The silver haired young man had a stoic face, but Feng ChiYun could see the emotions swimming in the other’s eyes and couldn’t stop his mouth from curling into a slight smile.

“You’re here.”

“I’m here.” The silver-haired young man hesitantly nodded, his voice raspy. When their gazes met, their once confused and hazy feelings seemed to disperse into the wind.

Feng ChiYun moved the body he had just gotten back. His memory ended at when You ZhenTian took him from the estate. Prior to that, he had been living relatively freely on the estate.

Yin Ge walked to him and sat beside him. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

Feng ChiYun tilted his head, “What is it?”

“About the female gu within your body…” Yin Ge explained what Ling Xiao had told him to Feng ChiYun in brief. Afraid that Feng ChiYun might be unwilling, he purposefully twisted a few words.

The more Feng ChiYun heard, the more tense he became. Though he liked Yin Ge, he wasn’t at that point yet.

Seeing his lack of reaction, Yin Ge knew he wasn’t very willing. “If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I’ll have Ling Xiao remove the female gu from your body and then destroy both.” He stood as he spoke.

Feng ChiYun subconsciously grabbed the other’s robe, his handsome face tinted red. “But you… said that the Heart Linking Gu was a powerful supplement, and it could help with our cultivation. It’s it a waste if we destroy it just like that?”

For a moment, Yin Ge’s stoic face broke out into a gentle, but barely there smile, like a melting iceberg. Unfortunately, Feng ChiYun, his head bowed, didn’t notice and missed the moment.

Yin Ge gripped his hand. His own hand was naturally cold, but Feng ChiYun’s hand was like a blazing sun in the summer, transmitting a simmering warmth, not only warming his hand but his heart as well.

Returning to his position on the bed, Yin Ge’s hands caressed Feng ChiYun’s face as he leaned over to give the other a chaste kiss. The clumsy kiss moved two hearts…

Outside of the hut, You XiaoMo, peeping on the two, saw Yin Ge take off Feng ChiYun’s robes. Hey, he had a pretty good figure. Probably because of embarrassment, Feng ChiYun was red from his chest to his ears.

As for Yin Ge, this guy usually wore a cold expression, and barely ever spoke more than ten sentences a day. You XiaoMo thought he would be very cool about it, but instead, the other’s ears were burning red.

He never would’ve expected it, but it seemed that they were both virgins.

There was some sort of indescribable excitement to watching others from this perspective, but he definitely wasn’t a voyeur.

“Have you had enough yet?” Ling Xiao’s voice rose behind him.

You XiaoMo immediately turned to look at him. “I’m good.” If only he could watch everything.

Ling Xiao glanced at the inside of the hut.

You XiaoMo hurriedly dragged him away. If they kept watching, he couldn’t be certain if Ling Xiao would be affected or not, and if he was, then You XiaoMo would definitely become his victim. For the sake of his health, goodbye, real life AV!
T/n: AV = Adult video = porn

“Let’s go to your dimension,” Ling Xiao suddenly suggested.

You XiaoMo’s footsteps faltered for a moment and then he let go, running for his life as he yelled, “No way!”

Don’t think he doesn’t know what Ling Xiao was thinking. That asshole was definitely thinking of what was happening in that hut. But since circumstances prevented it, what with their current surroundings, their dimensions were left empty and therefore, free game. He knew what Ling Xiao wanted them to do in their dimension. There was no way he’d let him!

Ling Xiao didn’t expect for him to react so fast, falling silent for two seconds before giving chase.

As the two ran after one another and into the bamboo forest, Zhan YuXuan sighed, looking skyward. Even these two had to display so much PDA in front of him. Loners like him really got the worst end of every stick!


What You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao didn’t know was that, at that very moment, the Qilin Clan was looking for them.

Lin HaoWu might not like Ling Xiao, but he was a member of the Qilin Clan so they couldn’t just let him go like that.

Thus, regardless of Lin HaoWu’s personal feelings, the others all wanted to find and talk to Ling Xiao to persuade him to go back to the Qilin Clan.

However, the two hadn’t expected that they would be asked to stay behind by Fu CangQiong, so they could only wait outside of Jialan Mountains. They hadn’t expected that Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo would be so careful leaving Jialan Mountains. It wasn’t long before they managed to lose them.

Lin HaoWu was getting progressively more irritated. “Uncle Hang, that Ling Mo is very suspicious, there’s definitely something fishy about him. I think he might’ve played some sort of trick; he can’t be a member of the Qilin Clan.”

“Then how do you explain that purple fire?” Lin Hang asked.

Lin HaoWu didn’t back down, saying, “There’s nothing to explain. Not all purple fire has to be Qilin Sacred Fire. I think he simply did something to try and trick everyone. Plus, Uncle Hang, think about it. If he really is a member of the Qilin Clan, then hasn’t he come home to where he belongs. If this isn’t suspicious, then what is?”

Lin Hang’s eyes flashed. “Your reasons aren’t inconceivable, but I promised the elders. If we don’t personally confirm this, then what will we say to the elders?”

Lin HaoWu said, “But we don’t even know where he is, where will we even go to find him?”

“Never mind, let’s go back for now.” Lin Hang frowned a little, but it soon was released as a soft sigh. They couldn’t stay outside for too long, so they’d have to leave things at that for now.

Lin HaoWu was delighted.

The Qilin Clan had Sacred level experts too, so they didn’t lack Dimensional talismans. A mid grade Dimensional talisman was enough to take them back to the sacred grounds of the Qilin Clan.

After Lin Hang sent Lin HaoWu off, the first one he went to meet wasn’t the elders in the clan. Instead, he went through a small path, the surroundings getting progressively quieter, and the sound of birdsong and water getting clearer. At the very end, there was a tower build on the surface of a lake with overhanging eaves, like a moving painting.

Entering the tower, Lin Hang hadn’t even announced himself when a voice echoed out from inside.

Lin Hang pushed the door open and entered, met with a thin, obscuring curtain, a blurred figure reclined behind it, cup held in their right hand. Hearing his entrance, the other didn’t even look up. Beside him were two beautiful handmaidens, their heads bowed.

“So?” A lazy and bewitching voice rang out slowly. Lin Hang respectfully replied, “Lin Hang has disappointed the young master and was unable to meet with that person.”

The man behind the curtain tossed the cup onto the floor, wine splashing across expensive carpets. The two handmaidens bowed their heads further.

Lin Hang thought he was angry and quickly bent down on one knee. “Please punish me as you see fit, young master!”

“What are you afraid of, I’m not angry.” The man chuckled, muttering, seemingly to himself, “Lin Xiao, oh, Lin Xiao, don’t think that just because you changed your name, I don’t know who you are…”
T/n: Lin in Lin Xiao here is Lin in QiLin, not to be mistake the old Lin Xiao of Tian Xin Sect

A flash of doubt flashed through Lin Hang’s eyes. Who was this Lin Xiao? If he was a member of the clan, then why wasn’t he actually in the clan? If he wasn’t, then why would the young master always say his name like he was a thorn in the side?

“Young master, should I continue to pursue him?” Lin Hang shook away his thoughts and asked, hands placed together.

“No need, I’ve already made arrangements.” The man waved a hand. “You’re dismissed.”

Lin Hang left the tower and then went to report to the elders.

Yin Ge and Feng ChiYun’s joining transduced the Heart Linking Gu, and, like Ling Xiao had said, it was a great supplement for the two. Their cultivation levels skyrocketed.

Feng ChiYun was originally a level eight low grade mage. While being imprisonment, You ZhenTian didn’t do anything further to confine him. During that time, he had calmed himself and cultivated, allowing himself to improve quite a bit. Then, with the Heart Linking Gu, he had thought he would at most advance a grade or two, never expecting that it would end up a level or two. He was now a level nine high grade mage.

You XiaoMo was extremely jealous. He had cultivated for a year or two. Yet Feng ChiYun managed to achieve this so quickly. This was karma, he guessed. The Vermillion Blood imprisoned him, but ended up giving him an advantage.

As for Yin Ge, his cultivational level was already very high, so compared to Feng ChiYun, he hadn’t advanced such. He had originally been a Emperor level three star, but now he was seven star.

However, the most envious was Zhan YuXuan.

They had all gotten stronger, but he was still stuck here at Imperial level.

In the TongTian Continent, power was everything, so after this, he parted with Yin Ge and Feng ChiYun. On one hand, he didn’t want to third wheel, on another, he had his own place to be.

Yin Ge always knew that Zhan YuXuan wouldn’t stay by his side long.

“Where are you two going? Back to XiJing?” Before they parted, You XiaoMo asked casually. After saving Feng ChiYun, another burden had been lifted off his shoulders and he felt much lighter.

“No.” Yin Ge held Feng ChiYun’s hand. “My current strength isn’t enough to face my father, so I’ve decided to travel with Feng ChiYun to train and improve until I can defeat my father.”

You XiaoMo discretely wiped away some sweat. That sure was savage!

After they parted, the two began their journey back to ZhongTian, and then You XiaoMo remembered something heartbreaking.

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