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Chapter 486: ‘Qiu Ran’

Translated by (I hate u, Addis n Ceti) (But we love you, ♡♡♡) Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Hu Village wasn’t a place fit to live anymore. With Wang Ge and the people’s disappearance, the QingFeng Sect would realize something was wrong and would definitely send people over to find out. Moreover, there was no more reason to stay at this place.

You XiaoMo turned his head around to Weng Gong. He had totally lost his speech because of this old man who still couldn’t give people a peace of mind even at the age of hundred.

“I’m not leaving.” Weng Gong ignored You XiaoMo’s hand, but didn’t cast it away.

You XiaoMo reluctantly said, “Weng Gong, don’t be so stubborn, Hu village is not safe anymore.”

Weng Gong sat on the ground, “I won’t leave Hu village until I get my revenge.”

You XiaoMo gritted his teeth. All I saw was you trying to win my heart over.

But he really couldn’t stand seeing this old man withering away in Hu village. After those few days living together with this old man, You XiaoMo could see how stubborn Weng Gong was. Every morning Weng Gong would always visit his son, his wife and grandson’s graves. There was no happiness or sadness in his expression, his tears had already dried out.

“Fine, you win. Let’s go!” You XiaoMo couldn’t do anything but help Weng Gong get up.

Weng Gong flinched, his narrowed eyes widened a bit, “You will help me get my revenge?”

You XiaoMo replied, “I promise to help you, but I won’t guarantee I can pull this off. I can only try my best. If I am to face danger, I’d put my safety as top priority.”

“Good enough!”

Weng Gong was not a ‘win an inch, want a foot’ type of person. The other party had agreed to help him, if he still couldn’t acknowledge his own influence, then it would be trying to take advantage of his own seniority. Therefore, even if this was his only hope, he would still try to grab it by any means.

Thus, one old and one young man finally left Hu village.

More than an hour after they had left, the emptied Hu villaged was visited by a bunch of unwelcome visitors with rough manners, they didn’t look like they were just passing by.

“Odd, why does this village not have even one person? I still clearly remember there were hundreds the last time I visited.” The baldy touched his shiny head, face full of surprise.

A man who was dressed neatly beside him, with a slightly vicious look on his face, took a few steps forward, before coldly saying, “Ignore the villagers, where is that place you found last time?”

The baldy immediately pointed toward the hillside on the back of Hu village, “Over there.”
And then he led them to the specified place.

“Slow down!” When they walked past a house, the man suddenly stopped and looked at the tightly shut door, “I smell a strong stench of blood coming from inside.”

The baldy took out the iron mace that was behind his back and walked silently to the door. He raised the mace and smashed the frail part of the door. With a big *bang*, the two door panels were smashed into pieces and the situation inside the house was revealed to everyone.

It was Wang Ge’s party who had been killed over two hours ago by Weng Gong from being bludgeoned on their heads.

The baldy looked at the man, “Young master, I know them, they are QingFeng Sect’s men.”

“How did the QingFeng Sect’s men die at this place?” The man asked, expressionless.

“I’m not really sure, but I heard that the QingFeng Sect likes to make some small profits. They often send their disciples to find regions that are suitable for growing magic herbs. This Hu village is one of those places. This must mean some unforeseen event has occurred here.” The baldy explained.

The man’s complexion suddenly changed, “Quick, lead me to that area you have discovered.”

The baldy didn’t know why the young master suddenly changed his tones, but when they entered the cave that he had found before, he suddenly understood.

The small field of thriving young magic herbs had now disappeared.

“How could this be?” The baldy was shocked.

The man went pale.

Who would have thought that by being just by being one day late, all the magic herbs had vanished without trace. The man didn’t doubt the baldy’s word since he knew the baldy didn’t have that guts to lie to him, which meant there was someone who was one step quicker than them and dug out all the magic herbs. To be able to dig high level magic herbs, the other person must be a mage, a high level one as well.

The baldy nervously looked at the young master. Seeing the young master have no intention to scold him, he sighed in relief, “Young master, in my opinion, the one who took all the magic herbs is also very likely the one that killed the QingFeng Sect’s men, and the sudden disappearance of he villagers is also very odd.”

“Quickly send someone out to investigate, you must find out who’s responsible for taking all the magic herbs.” The man showed a gloomy glare.

“Roger, young master. Right, do you want me to tell the QingFeng Sect about their dead men?” The baldy felt that if he could borrow a hand from the QingFeng Sect to investigate. This was based on the fact that they were more familiar with the villagers of Hu village, and therefore the investigation process would be much faster.

“Do it, but you must not let them know about the magic herbs that were inside this cave.”

“Yes sir.”

Although You XiaoMo had agreed to help Weng Gong get his vengeance for his family, Weng Gong was, after all, an old man and bringing him along would be quite the inconvenience. After giving it some careful thought, he decided to find a place for Weng Gong to wait first.

Weng Gong had distinctive features, if the QingFeng Sect really chased after them, he couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t be found. Hence, You XiaoMo intentionally found a village faraway from Hu village, helped him settle down temporarily and then left.

Before he left, Weng Gong held his hand, unwilling to release him. Only when You XiaoMo had reassured him over and over again that he would help him get his revenge did the old man let his hand go.

Weng Gong stood still for a long period of time, staring at his departing figure. By the time You XiaoMo turned his head around, he could still see the hunched silhouette.

If it was him, he would also doubt if whether such complete stranger would grant his wish. There was neither obligation nor responsibility between him and the old man.

Walking alone on the road…

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects were acting like they had ADHD, jumping and flying around back and forth in front of him, scurrying here and there.

You XiaoMo suddenly felt too sad to even walk.

Speaking of this, he had waited at Hu village for six to seven days and Ling Xiao should have found him by now. But then who would have thought he would stay in such a small village that anyone would ignore.

Thinking, You XiaoMo decided to take out the transmitter stone and tried, but there was no reaction from it. It looked like he wasn’t at Xing Luo City and their distance still exceeded the transmitting range.

You XiaoMo sighed and put back the transmitter stone. All of sudden, the clattering sound of horse hooves came to his ear. When he turned around, he saw that a very imposing cavalry squad was coming his way, leaving behind a trail of dust.

“Xiao Jin, Xiao Ping, Xiao Pong, someone is approaching, quickly come back here.” You XiaoMo immediately called those jolly beasts back to his side. The two Golden Winged Insects were called Ping Pong, the male was Xiao Ping, the female was Xiao Pong. He was afraid that someone would recognize them so when there were people around, he wouldn’t let them outside.
T/n: Metal Swallowing is TunJin, so Momo called the Metal Swallowing Beast Little Metal (Xiao Jin)

The Metal Swallowing Beast quickly shrunk himself to the mini version and then climbed into You XiaoMo’s clothes.

The Golden Winged Insects were small originally and so they also snuck in his clothes one after another.

At least in crucial moments, those jolly beasts still listened to him.

The cavalry squad quickly arrived in front of him, and You XiaoMo covered his mouth and nose while withdrawing to the side. He thought they would just pass by him, who would have thought, that the leader of the squad would suddenly pull the bridle and stop in front of him, looking down at him while sitting on top of the horse.

“Lift your head up.” The man on the horse ordered.

A hint of surprise flashed through YouXiao’s eyes, but he didn’t want to make any trouble, so he listened and raised his head up.

The man frowned, “What’s your name?”

You XiaoMo replied, “I’m Ling XiaoXiao.”
Ra: I can’t ahahahah. Ling(凌) in Ling Xiao, the middle Xiao(小) in You XiaoMo and the third Xiao(霄) in Ling Xiao. This husbando couple and their name switch ahahah.

The man suddenly reached his hand out to his subordinate behind him, the subordinate immediately gave him a scroll, then he opened it up in front of You XiaoMo. On the scroll was a portrait, “Do you know this person?”

You XiaoMo tried to hold back his mouth from twitching with all his might and answered with a stern face, “I don’t know this person. Can I ask what happened?”

The man raised his brows, “Seven days ago, this person caused a chaos in Yu Xian City. The name is Lin XiaoMo. That person’s name and yours are quite similar, are you sure you don’t know this person?”
T/n: Lin(林) in Lin Xiao, that unfortunate guy of Tian Xin Sect. XiaoMo in You XiaoMo. Lin and Ling are both pronounced quite similar.

You XiaoMo, “I’m sure my mom and dad only have me as their only son.”

The man suddenly opened his mouth, “I haven’t mentioned Lin XiaoMo is a guy, how do you know this one is a man?”

Were they trying to nitpicking every details?

You XiaoMo silently cursed inside his mind, then replied, “You have misunderstood my words. I am the ONLY son, as I have no brother or sister. Moreover, this name sounds quite masculine, many people would subconsciously assume it’s a man.”

The real XiaoMo is here okay, open your eyes, I’m a man!

The man stared at him without blinking for a few seconds before taking back his gaze. After that, he put his strength into his leg to press the horse’s belly and urged the horse on. He then left abruptly, the cavalry squad behind also quickly followed him.

You XiaoMo was stifled from all the dust left by the horses, he couldn’t hold himself back from cursing. If you want to leave, then say something! Not until the cavalry squad became a little dot silhouette did he tumble down into the underbrush.

Seven days ago, Lin XiaoMo, and the familiar portrait.

You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched, if this man wasn’t Ling Xiao, he’d kill himself immediately. So Ling Xiao was teleported to Yu Xian city, and in order to inform him he had come, he caused such a big ruckus. Lin XiaoMo, more like Ling XiaoMo, wasn’t it?

But he didn’t expect Ling Xiao would come up with the same trick as him.

Switching to some names they both were familiar with, even the faces were switched to someone they both knew. And Ling Xiao just had to choose such peculiar, deceitful face. Qiu Ran’s face. If it wasn’t thanks to this Lin XiaoMo name, he would definitely suspect that Qiu Ran had come to the Tong Tian Continent.

What You XiaoMo didn’t know, was that this action of Ling Xiao’s had dug a hole for Qiu Ran sometime in the future.

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July 25, 2018 10:03 pm
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