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Chapter 487: An Impossible Presence

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The second time You XiaoMo went to XingLuo City, the security was much stricter than the first time. The reason for it was precisely because of the chaos Ling Xiao caused in YuXian City.

You XiaoMo was interrogated for a long time before he was finally let inside.

XingYun Avenue was one of two most prosperous streets in XingLuo City. All sorts of hotels, restaurants, general stores, patisseries, etc. were open on the sides of the avenue. Though the sellers were all normal people, XingLuo City was much busier than expected.

Squeezed in the bustling crowd, You XiaoMo felt dizzy just looking at all the shops. In the end, he went for a rather eye-catching hotel.

With his personality, he was good with anywhere, so long as it was habitable. However, Ling Xiao was different. That guy had high standards and anything that didn’t meet them would be met with enough disdain to shut them down.

You XiaoMo, walking into the hotel, had forgotten that if Ling Xiao had enough spirit gems or not was a very serious problem.

After getting a room from the owner, You XiaoMo shut himself inside. He could only wait for Ling Xiao to come to XingLuo City for now. Otherwise, by the time he got to YuXian City, Ling Xiao might’ve already left. Plus, it was easy to deal with the Golden Winged Insects’ food supply since they only ate Hidden Dipper Herbs. However, the Metal Swallowing Beast was a little tricker to deal with since it was picky.

The Metal Swallowing Beast loved the golden liquid they had found in the ancient well the most. However, since there was a limited amount, You XiaoMo set some rules for it. Every month the Metal Swallowing Beast was only allowed one meal of the golden liquid. All other times the Metal Swallowing Beast could only have the minerals he had dug up from the Underground Palace. If the Metal Swallowing Beast objected, then it wouldn’t be fed.

After giving them their food, You XiaoMo walked to the bed and sat down. He took out a transmitter stone and tested it, but it still did not work, so he put it back.

“I’m going to be cultivating now. You two had better behave yourselves. Don’t you dare go out and cause trouble, otherwise, when we regroup with Ling Xiao, I’m throwing you guys to him,” You XiaoMo informed the three small demon beasts that were currently eating. Now, Ling Xiao had become his go-to method of threatening them into behaving. He was effective, after all!

Watching them nod with satisfaction, You XiaoMo felt some measure of relief.

While he was digging up magic herbs in the cave a few days ago, he had suddenly gained a sliver of enlightenment. Recently, he hadn’t been cultivating much, so his cultivation level was stuck at level ten low grade. Though he was already much faster than usual mages, he found the pace too slow for his liking.

He wanted to refine rainbow pills for Ling Xiao and he had agreed with Fu CangQiong to refine a grade six rainbow pill for his second shixiong. He had quite a lot to do.

You XiaoMo took out a jade vial with a red magic pill inside.

The magic pill was the level ten Burning Sun pill. It was a kind of pill made for Emperor level practitioners. Ingesting it would increase their cultivational level by one to two stars, and it had the same sort of effect on mages.

However, You XiaoMo very rarely used pills to increase his strength. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but that Ling Xiao has said before that growing too much too fast wasn’t a good thing.

After You XiaoMo ingested the Burning Sun pill, a warmth immediately rose within his abdomen. He folded his legs as he sat down, forming hand seals to begin to absorb the power of the Burning Sun pill.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects burped after they finished eating. Turning their heads, they found that their master had already begun to cultivate. Since they had just been threatened, they didn’t dare go outside, simply playing around inside the room.

Two days passed like that.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects had stopped playing by then, lay on the bed around their master.

They had gotten bored of playing in the same room, three pairs of round eyes stared deeply and meaningfully at their master.

So hungry, when are you gonna wake up, master?

When You XiaoMo opened his eyes, he immediately understood what they were trying to convey. His first thought was that he had really spoiled them rotten. They were totally fine forgoing food and drink for decades, centuries, or even millennia, but now it had only been two days and they were already begging for more food.

You XiaoMo felt that he would have to set down some rules for them.

He ignored them, checking his cultivation level.

You XiaoMo found that he was already at mid grade, and bore the hints of breaking through to high grade. It was probably because he very rarely used magic pills, and that he was mage himself, allowing him a better control over the power of the Burning Sun pill.

Some cultivators, wanting to increase their cultivation level, would always be in rush to ingest magic pills. The result of their impatience was that they couldn’t effectively use the power of the pill. That was why some would be able to increase their cultivation level by one star while others would be able to increase it by two stars.

This was a difference caused by personality!

You XiaoMo jumped off the bed, delighted. He didn’t plan on using magic pills to increase his cultivation level in the future. Though it felt great to have his cultivation level swell like that. However, the more that this was, the more he had to control himself, otherwise the foundations he had built up would be for nothing.

Grabbing the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects, You XiaoMo settled them snugly in his robes before going downstairs.

It hadn’t gotten to mealtime yet, so only a few people were in the lobby, chatting casually.

You XiaoMo found a corner from which he could keep an eye on the door.

He had only just sat down when the sound of footsteps came from the entrance. Soon enough, a group of people walked inside. The few people at the front wore fresh, bright, clothing. They didn’t seem like your average peon. The owner, having been falling asleep where he stood, was immediately startled awake.

You XiaoMo glanced over casually. but then his face froze. He subconsciously wanted to hide, but then he remembered that his face had changed. This person wouldn’t know anyone from DaoXin Academy.

But what had he just seen?

He had seen someone whose presence in the TongTian Continent was impossible.

If he was a member of DaoXin Academy, it would make sense, but he wasn’t. You XiaoMo always felt rather conflicted about him. How did this person walk down the wrong path like that. At first he seemed pretty good.

It wasn’t anyone else, but the long-since missing Jiang Liu.

You XiaoMo remembered that Zhao DaZhou had said before, Jiang Liu had disappeared not long after the people from YinYang Valley had come. No one knew where he went. If this person really was Jiang Liu, then he had probably left with the people from YinYang Valley, otherwise there was no chance he would’ve been able to come to this plane.

“Aren’t those people from the YinYang Valley?”

Someone sitting to the right of You XiaoMo suddenly spoke up after Jiang Liu and company entered.

His companion replied, “They are from YinYang Valley. Though YuXian City and YinYang valley might seem like they get along as well as cats and dogs, they are both branches of the Vermillion Blood Clan, in the end. Since YuXian City was met with quite some trouble, YinYang Valley wouldn’t just leave things be.”

“What’s the use of sending some kid?”

“What do you know? He isn’t just some kid.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know how the Vermillion Blood Clan had that disaster a while ago? Because of that, the Vermillion Blood Clan lost a lot of powerhouses, so they decided to push forward their qualifying contest. It’s being held right here in LuoXing City.”

“I know that, but what does that have to do with him?”

“Of course it has something to do with him. That guy is called Jiang Liu, he’s the most talented disciple of YinYang Valley. I hear that a few months ago he had been given a place by the Vermillion Blood Clan. Think about that. How many people would be given a place by the Vermillion Blood Clan beforehand? There isn’t even one for YuXian City.”

“If that’s true, then that really is amazing.” That person looked at Jiang Liu, surrounded by Yinyang valley’s people, in surprise. He couldn’t figure out the other’s strength, so it was clear that the other was stronger than him. Young people truly had quite the futures ahead of them.

Hearing their words, You XiaoMo was a hundred percent certain that he was Jiang Liu. At first he had just thought they looked alike. Now, they even had the same name, then it was definitely the Jiang Liu he was thinking about.

It was just that, if he recalled correctly, Jiang Liu’s soul was blue, not even purple. Even if he really did breakthrough, he would only be able to get to level ten at most. How would he receive such attention from the Vermillion Blood Clan with that?

You XiaoMo was suspicious.

Vermillion Blood Clan was a huge force. They would only give such attention to someone who was at least purple soul.

Jiang liu’s strength was currently level nine high grade. That speed almost rivaled his own. For someone who only had a blue soul, it was practically impossible.

However, level nine high grade was already above the limits of a blue soul, so Jiang Liu’s soul had very likely evolved into a purple one. That was the only explanation.

Reminder note: pssh, remember the guy who keep backstabbing Momo the entire time he was in Tian Xin Sect? Yup, that’s Jiang Liu.

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