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Chapter 498: Hua Gu

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the forest of death where You XiaoMo had been sent after he had broken the Dimensional talisman at that time, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao were checking their spoils out beneath the tree where many private items had been buried.

For You XiaoMo, the most precious thing was not the dragon blood but the level eleven and twelve magic herbs that had been dug up in Hu Village. Although there were not many, they were still an extremely valuable asset.

After digging out all the magic herbs on that day, You XiaoMo quickly transplanted them into the magic herb fields in his dimension. Even though most of them had taken root and sprouted, immediate preparations had to be made as they would take too long to mature.

“Are there any magic herbs that the Samsara Pill needs in the pile of magic herbs that we found?”

You XiaoMo excitedly asked. The eight magic herbs that Fu CangQiong had given them were all mature herbs and he had no knowledge of their stages of growth. As most of the magic herbs that he had found were immature, he was unsure whether they had gotten the ones they needed.

Ling Xiao touched his chin, “There should be none.”

You XiaoMo stared at him, emotionally broken, “How are you so sure?”

Ling Xiao replied in all seriousness, “Just take it as if there were none. Then, it would be a pleasant surprise if there were.”

He was using that pessimistic outlook again to fool him. Black lines covered You XiaoMo’s face. Although he had to admit that it was quite efficacious, it was also a shitty scam, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. How should the dragon blood be handled?”

They had to use the dragon blood as soon as possible if it was truly the lifeblood of You ZhenTian’s wife. Those from the Dragon Clans were very sensitive to their own life blood and they would be discovered once they approached the dragon’s sensing range. Jiang Liu had wanted to use the life blood to refine magic pills, however he had not discovered which magic pill required the use of dragon blood.

Ling Xiao silently stared at the bottle of dragon blood while frowning.

Just as You XiaoMo wanted to ask him what the matter was, a burst of hurried footsteps suddenly echoed from a certain direction. This situation was becoming a little familiar.

Just as he pricked up his ears, Ling Xiao lifted him up and jumped up a tree.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. When the group of people appeared in his field of vision, You XiaoMo’s mouth gaped. It was actually the first group of people he had met when he was sent to the forest of death. The three people had not changed at all. The two men were still carrying a sack on their shoulders while the woman took the lead in front.

The three soon reached the tree where they were hiding.

This time he had a frontal view. You XiaoMo distinctly saw that there were a pile of miserable and white bones in the hole they dug and the body they had buried half a month earlier had already rotted.

The stench was overwhelming. You XiaoMo who was hiding above nearly vomited in disgust.

The two men picked the sack up and prepared to throw it in after digging the hole. At this moment, the sack abruptly moved. It immediately began to struggle frantically as the sound of sobbing came from it. Evidently, the person inside was still not dead.

One of the men rapidly took out the dagger he was carrying and prepared to stab the person inside the sack a few times when the woman suddenly stopped him, “Open the sack.”

The man cut the rope tying the sack closed, revealing a young and beautiful head.

The person in the sack was a beautiful young lady. Her mouth had been stuffed with a piece of cloth and her head was bleeding, but the blood had already clotted.

They had assumed that she was dead and did not expect her to be alive.

The woman took out cloth stuffed in her mouth.

The young lady opened her frightened eyes and agitatedly shook her head, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. I’m really the most favored Ninth Young Lady from the Vermilion Blood Clan. You can check it if you don’t believe me.”

The woman’s plain-looking face revealed a mocking smile, “You’re saying that you are the Ninth Young Lady from the Vermilion Blood Clan, You Yong? Then I’ll say that I’m the most favored disciple of the Head of the Cang Alliance.”

“I didn’t lie to you, I’m speaking the truth!” You Yong was so afraid that her teeth were chattering.

She had only sneaked out for a while and visited a gambling house behind the red-light district in a moment of curiosity. Attracted by the gambling games inside, she was beside herself with joy for a moment and lost all the valuable things she had in bets. Now, she even owed a large debt.

She felt that it was impossible for her to be so unlucky as to lose on every bet. Thus, she suspected that the people from the gambling house were cheating. The gambling hall did not admit to it and it even threatened to sell her to the red-light district if she did not fork out the money to settle her debt.

You Yong was used to being a superior and bossy young woman and was unable to tolerate other people disobeying her. Therefore, the two sides starting fighting. However, she could not beat them and had no choice but to reveal her identity. In the end, they did not regard it as a matter of importance and she was already here when she woke up.

“Hua Gu, I think what she said is likely to be true.” One of the men suddenly injected.

You Yong eagerly nodded.

The woman glanced at him, “So what if it’s true? With this woman’s temperament of ‘getting revenge for every small grievance’, she will turn around and retaliate against us if we let her go back. So she must die.”

You Yong eyes widened in terror.

Up in the tree, You XiaoMo stared at the woman called Hua Gu in surprise.

Although he was shocked that You Yong would appear here, this Hua Gu made him see in a new light. Not only was she not swayed by You Yong’s identity, her words so direct and efficient that it was astonishing.

It had to be mentioned that she had a pair of sinister eyes. She was actually able to see through You Yong’s temperament even though they had not interacted long.

“Kill her!” Hua Gu urged.

“However, what should we do if the Vermilion Blood Clan investigates this? She stirred up a big disturbance at that time and there were many people who saw it.” The man was somewhat hesitant.

Hua Gu replied, “Then we’ll just leave Xing Luo City. The TongTian Continent is so vast. I don’t believe that there is no place for us to live and has even more doubts the Vermilion Blood Clan is an absolute monarch.”

This sentence convinced the two people. They had followed Hua Gu for many years and had also worked together as hired thugs in the gambling house. Moreover, they did not have any deep attachment to the place.

You Yong did not expect that this woman was so ruthless. She was a dignified and wealthy lady, no matter what happened, she was not resigned to die in such a manner. A cunning and vicious glint flashed through her eyes. Her hand that was hidden in the sack quietly touched the ring on her finger.

Hua Gu and the two men had thought that she was already dead so they did not tie her hands up.

The ring was a pocket dimension. Unlike a magic bag, it was unable to be removed once it recognized an owner. This was also why the three did not remove the ring. Furthermore, they had rarely seen a pocket dimension, so it was normal for them not to recognize it.

It was impossible for You Yong not to have a few life-saving items on hand with her status.

You Yong swiftly took out a Dimensional talisman while they were talking. It was impossible for her to kill these three at the same time, so she could only leave before hatching another plan.

“Shit!” Hua Gu was actually paying half a mind to You Yong’s each and every move. Upon seeing something strange in her expression, she guessed that You Yong had a way of escape.

You Yong swiftly broke the Dimensional talisman and erupted with unbridled laughter at the unmistakable changes in Hua Gu and the two’s expressions. She malevolently cackled, “I will never let you guys go. After I get out of trouble, I’ll be sure to ask my grandfather to flay your skin and tear your tendons to vent the hatred in my heart.”

Hua Gu gradually calmed down as she looked at You Yong, who had a face full of malice and rancor.

You Yong’s laughter abruptly stopped as she blankly stared at the three people in front of her. Raising her hands, she exclaimed in shock, “What’s going on? Why haven’t I been teleported away?!”

Hua Gu snatched the man’s dagger and did not even hesitate before plunging it into You Yong’s heart. Her actions were as decisive as the killing intent in her eyes.

You Yong bowed her head. Looking at her chest where blood was constantly seeping out, she died with everlasting regret.

You XiaoMo watched on in endless admiration from up the tree. This Hua Gu possessed traits that many people did not have. Her mind was more merciless than a man’s, and she handled matters in an extremely decisive manner. This sort of person would definitely become a fierce and powerful overlord if they were in turbulent times.

Hua Gu pulled out the dagger. Yet, she did not loosen her grip as she frowned but vigilantly watched her surroundings instead. Under the stunned gazes of her companions, she soon started rushing all around while cupping her hands in obeisance and respectfully addressed, “Though I do not know which senior has lent their assistance, would it be possible to show yourself to us?”

You XiaoMo added another trait to her – smart!

You XiaoMo looked at Ling Xiao and asked in exhilaration, “Should we show yourselves?”

Ling Xiao shot him a glance, “Next time, when you ask this sort of question, remember not to use your mouth to say it. Otherwise, I will suspect that your actions are deliberate.”

You XiaoMo immediately shut his mouth and lowered his head, accidentally meeting the gazes of the three below. All right, actually he just subconsciously felt that the three were no match for them, so he did not have any apprehension about revealing himself.

After the two came down from the tree, Hua Gu kneeled down on one knee, “Hua Gu thanks Sir Benefactors for their assistance.”

You XiaoMo walked up to her, “We did not make any moves. How do you know that we saved you?”

Hua Gu confidently replied, “Hua Gu had determined this from You Yong’s words. If she was really the Ninth Young Lady of the Vermilion Blood Clan, she should be carrying a Dimensional talisman. It is impossible for the Dimensional talisman refined by Sacred Realm expert to fail unless there are external factors. Thus, Hua Gu made a bold guess that there were other people too.”

It turned out that she was simply sounding them out.

You XiaoMo was full of disappointment. He had once again proved that his IQ was in single negative digits or even double negative digits.

Hua Gu emotionally looked at Ling Xiao. If she did not make the wrong guess, the one who made the move should be this man. His cultivation base was definitely above the Divine Realm in order for him to cause the teleportation talisman to fail.

“If it weren’t for the assistance of Sir Benefactor, I’m afraid that the three of us would have to flee across the entire continent. If Sir Benefactor does not object to the three of us, we are willing to follow Sir Benefactor.”

“Contrary to expectations, you are quite smart.” Ling Xiao said.

You XiaoMo could not help but glance at her a few times. Was this the tempo of Ling Xiao preparing to accept a little brother – oh, no, it should be – accept a little sister?

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