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Chapter 501: Returning to Zhong Tian

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Legend said that the Giant Roc ate dragons as food. They would look from the sky for dragons who were alone or dying, and they were extremely sensitive to the scent of dragons and were unable to resist it. As soon as they discovered it they would persevere until the dragons became food in their bellies.

After hearing this, the only thought You XiaoMo had was that it was a little unreasonable. According to Huaxia mythology, Giant Roc were the children of phoenixes, but dragons and phoenixes were indeed the most powerful creatures of their time period. No matter what, they still couldn’t become something that filled someone else’s stomach.
t/n: Huaxia: old name for China
However, when he saw the greedy look that the Giant Roc gave Ling Xiao, he thought that maybe half of the legend was true, while the other half was just a little too much.

There were a great variety of dragons in the Dragon Clan, so there was no way that all of the dragon warriors descended from the same ancestor, just like the most prestigious Golden Dragon and the Silver Dragon, which was second only to the Golden Dragon.

The Golden Dragon was a five-clawed golden dragon and its standing was extremely high in the Dragon Clan. Even the Silver Dragon still had to bow its head in front of it, and below it were all sorts of Dragon Clans with lower bloodlines whose strength was naturally less and less. So for something like the Giant Roc with a high level of cultivation, eating a lower-level dragon with an impure bloodline was truly as easy as turning over a hand.
T/n: Five-clawed Golden Dragon is the symbol of highest royalty, only emperor can use. Meanwhile, the other member of the royal family can only use Four-clawed or less dragon symbol.

But eating dragons didn’t mean that the Giant Roc ranked higher than the Dragon Clan among the demon beasts. Upon meeting prestigious, true dragons such as the Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon, they could only be defeated and flee.

The scent of the Dragon Clan diffused from Ling Xiao’s body, but because his bloodline was still in the awakening stage, his scent wasn’t very strong. His bloodline was impure, which led to the Giant Roc accidentally believing that he was only a low-level dragon.

The towering beam of light shook violently before retreating back into Ling Xiao’s body again in an instant. The enormous pressure that had been leaking out vanished at once, as if it had never once appeared at all. The Golden Dragon on Ling Xiao’s head sent out another roar before also disappearing.

Ling Xiao raised his hand, which was clenched in a fist, and a flash of red light flickered across his dark red eyes.

The awakening of a bloodline was accompanied with a rise in strength, and it was actually so delicious that it indeed exceeded his own expectations.

However, the Silver Dragon’s blood wasn’t as prestigious as the Golden Dragon’s, so the time it took to awaken was a bit longer, or else during the time it took for that drop of blood to seep into his body, his Golden Dragon bloodline could’ve awakened in an instant.

“What’s wrong with this hand?”

You XiaoMo saw how Ling Xiao seemed to be in a daze, and he couldn’t help but be afraid. He couldn’t have become stupid, could he?

Ling Xiao raised his eyes and shot him a look. “There is a little bit of a problem.”


“I’ll tell you after I take care of this bird.”

You XiaoMo felt his scalp tingle. Why did he feel as if there was another meaning to that, and that it wasn’t quite a good meaning.

Ling Xiao bent his legs and stood up. He looked at the Giant Roc who was preparing to flee with dark red eyes, and a trace of playfulness flashed through his eyes. There was no reason not to accept something that had already been sent to his door.

The Giant Roc was like a little bird that had received a great fright. By the time Ling Xiao stood up, it had already turned around and hurriedly ran away. Its speed was already originally very fast, so after a short amount of time it had ran many meters, and it seemed it was about to escape.

Ling Xiao, who was standing at the edge of the cliff, suddenly transformed into a huge, golden dragon. His body was over a hundred meters long, and as he coiled in the air, he entirely blocked out the sunlight at the top of the mountain. It appeared as if he was much smaller than the Giant Roc, but his prestige was much stronger than the Giant Roc’s. His roars reverberated through the heavens.

You XiaoMo’s mouth was wide open.

Although he had already had a premonition, seeing it with his own eyes was still quite a shock.

Ling Xiao turned into a golden dragon. Wasn’t he clearly the son of a Qilin and an Ancient Demon Phoenix? So how did he suddenly gain the Dragon Clan’s bloodline?

You XiaoMo thought of that drop of dragon blood. Just one drop of dragon blood wouldn’t abruptly allow Ling Xiao to have the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, unless Ling Xiao originally possessed it, and that drop of blood just stimulated the Dragon Clan bloodline in his body.

The huge dragon was much faster than the Giant Roc and he caught up to it in an instant.

You XiaoMo stood on the mountain peak and saw the Giant Roc free-falling. Its enormous body slammed onto the mountain range below, and the rumbling noise was extremely loud and clear. Even he could tell that the ground near him was shaking slightly.

When Ling Xiao came back, he was holding a Giant Roc who seemed to have shrunk in size. Its head hung downwards, and it had a listless expression.

You XiaoMo had some trouble believing that this thing was that incomparably arrogant and enormous Giant Roc.

Indeed, every demon beast that met Ling Xiao all met the same fate without exception.

Ling Xiao threw the Giant Roc at his feet and said casually, “Didn’t you need a flying support vessel? Using it will be perfect.”

You XiaoMo tugged the corners of his mouth. This was indeed correct. There was no point in wasting a ‘flying support vessel’ that sent itself to his front door, so he accepted it without complaint.

Hearing this, the Giant Roc immediately opened its eyes wide. That man wanted him to become this little mage’s contract beast? He was a Giant Roc that possessed the bloodline of the Ancient Demon Phoenix Clan, how could a mere little mage match its status?

Ling Xiao slanted a look at it. “Is there a problem?”

The Giant Roc looked fearful.

You XiaoMo waved his hand happily. “No problem, no problem.”

The Giant Roc: “…”

In the end, the Giant Roc still became You XiaoMo’s contract beast. Including him, You XiaoMo had eleven contract beasts, scraping together just enough to form a soccer team.

However, You XiaoMo discovered that he had quite a natural affinity for bird-type demon beasts. The Bird of Pride, the little chick, and the newly added Giant Roc all had feathers and wings. If it weren’t for the fact that the little chick and the Bird of Pride weren’t by his side, he also wouldn’t find it worthwhile to form a contract with another bird-type demon beast.
(Ra: LX also has Bird-type species in his blood ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

You XiaoMo placed the Giant Roc and the Metal Swallowing Beast into his dimension. On the contrary, too much rejoicement made his head hurt, because with the addition of a new companion, the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects both had no response. Just then it was an enemy that was bullying them, but now it changed into their companion, so they wanted to bully it back in return.

The Golden Winged Insects liked to stay on someone’s body, especially their head. The Metal Swallowing Beast saw that the Giant Roc became the same size as itself, so it kept using its meaty claws to push it. The dGiant Roc was just mourning for the freedom that it lost, so it had no energy to pay attention to them.

Ling Xiao took You XiaoMo and left the deep mountain.

The activity just then was too great, and it already attracted quite a few high-level demon beasts and practitioners. The head of the Dragon Clan nested in Xi Jing, so it was very strange to have a dragon appear in the deep mountain of Southern Continent.

Next, they really headed back to Zhong Tian.

During the half a month he was separated from You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao had already refined many dimensional talismans, but since he was subjected to restrictions in his cultivation level, he could only refine low-level dimensional talismans. Of course, all the dimensional talismans, as expected, all landed in You XiaoMo’s pocket, and by now when Ling Xiao was refining dimensional talismans there were essentially no more accidents.

By the time they returned to Zhong Tian, over a month had passed from the day they left.

The familiar scents of the streets blew against their faces immediately. This was the Heaven District’s trading area that they had visited before they left Zhong Tian, and it was considered the Mage Guild’s territory.

The transportation this time actually did help them save quite a bit of the traveling fee.

You XiaoMo decided that since they were already here, they might as well go shop a little. Simultaneously they could go find out what magic herbs the Samsara Pill required, and so he dragged Ling Xiao to the Samsara Tower.

The Samsara Tower had three floors in total. Back then they only went to the first and second floor, but they hadn’t gone to the third floor because they lacked the funds and were also short on time. He heard that the things being sold on the third floor all cost over ten million Spirit Gems.

“Do you have any Spirit Gems?” Ling Xiao asked from the side.

You XiaoMo’s footsteps paused. “I do, but not a lot.”

When they had gone to Samsara Tower last time, he had still had ten million Spirit Gems on him, but he had given out quite a bit at Hu Village. Now he didn’t have enough to go to the third floor of Samsara Tower, unless he wanted to continue selling magic pills.

Along with his growth in cultivation, the level at which he could refine magic pills also rose higher and higher. He didn’t even have enough for himself to use, so it would be best if he didn’t have to sell them.

At Samsara Tower, since You XiaoMo had already been there before he directly dragged Ling Xiao up to the third floor, but he was stopped by someone from Samsara Tower at the entrance to the staircase.

“I’m sorry, only Emperor Realm experts may enter the third floor,” the middle-aged man guarding the staircase entrance said apologetically.

You XiaoMo looked at him. “You don’t think that we are of the Emperor Realm cultivation level?”

The middle-aged man looked them up and down, but in the end, since they had only come here once before and hadn’t gone up to the third floor that time, he didn’t recognize You XiaoMo’s face.

“Could Your Excellency be the same person who bought a low-level dimensional talisman on the second floor last time?” A surprised voice suddenly inserted itself in.

You XiaoMo looked back to discover that it was the old man who had helped him identify the magic pill last time. Most likely the incident at that time had left a fairly deep impression on him, so he still remembered You XiaoMo even after a whole month had passed.

The middle-aged man respectfully cupped his hands towards the old man and retreated.

The old man looked at You XiaoMo. “Are the two of you preparing to go up to the third floor?”

You XiaoMo nodded and said, “We came to look for some magic herbs, so we wanted to go up and see if there were any.”

“What kind of herbs are the two of you looking for? You can tell this old man, the items on the third floor this old man knows a little about, if they are there I will absolutely tell you.”

You XiaoMo didn’t hold back and directly told him the name of the seven magic herbs that they still hadn’t found for the Samsara Pill. He had found one of the herbs among the magic herbs he had earned, so he still had seven left.

The old man frowned and finally shook his head. “The magic herbs you two are looking for are in places that are quite remote. They are most likely all unusual magic herbs.”

You XiaoMo was a little disappointed.

“Although Samsara Tower has none, there is a place that should have them.” The old man directly said.

You XiaoMo’s eyes lit up. “What place?”

The old man rubbed his beard. “I don’t know if you two have heard of a place called the ZhongTing Trade Fair?”

You XiaoMo shook his head. “I’ve only heard of the last two words: ‘Trade Fair’.”

The old man was astonished for a second, as if he was surprised by his unconventional way of speaking. After a moment, he said, “The ZhongTing Trade Fair is a trade fair organized jointly by the Heaven District and Earth District. If any high-priced items appear in the two trading areas, they’re all sent to the ZhongTing Trade Fair, and then they’re traded on the first of every month.”

You XiaoMo roughly calculated for a moment. Today was the twenty-sixth, so there were only four days between now and the first, not too long and not too short.

“Because the price of the items in the ZhongTing Trade Fair are quite high, there’s no way for Spirit Gems to measure their true worth, so it’s often conducted through bartering. As long as you two prepare in advance, you should be able to exchange for the things that you want.” The old man paused for a second. “Also, if the two of you would like to participate in the ZhongTing Trade Fair, you need someone to recommend you.”

It was this troublesome?

You XiaoMo said, “Could I ask how to find someone to recommend us?”

The old man’s eyes seemed to sweep towards Ling Xiao, who was standing on the side silently. Hearing You XiaoMo’s words, he said, “No need to worry, you two are still considered Samsara Tower’s customers. Leave this to this old man, except when the time comes I’ll still need the two of you to come here one more time.”

“Many thanks!” You XiaoMo also didn’t hold back.

After confirming the time with the old man, the two of them left Samsara Tower together. They didn’t need to go to the third floor anymore either, since originally they had come to search for the Samsara Pill’s magic herbs. In addition, the trade fair was actually conducted through bartering, so he had to make the best of his time and go back to refine pills. The two of them directly went back to the XiaoYao Institution.

After being separated for so long, You XiaoMo actually did miss Giganticus a little. However, upon remembering that he had just missed the tri-monthly challenges by ten days, and that he had to wait for two more months now, he couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh. For someone with power, it wasn’t easy to bear the taste of waiting.

Ling Xiao saw how he clearly had a cocky expression and didn’t bother paying attention to him anymore.

However, You XiaoMo was only smug for a few minutes. When he learned that Qiao WuXing and the rest had all risen to the 80th through 95th floors, it instantly turned into sadness.

Everyone had left, leaving only him, not counting Ling Xiao.

He had been running around outside these few days and hadn’t really had a chance to rest well. As soon as he returned to his room, You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao onto the bed to sleep, using him as a pillow. He decided to sleep until the next day and wake up at noon.

However, he had just rested his head against his chest when You XiaoMo suddenly sat up and dragged up Ling Xiao, who had his eyes closed and was just about to go to sleep. “No, you still haven’t told me why you changed into a golden dragon.”

Ling Xiao rolled his eyes. “Your reaction time is so slow.”

“Doesn’t it suit you just well?” You XiaoMo refuted without hesitation. “Hurry and answer me.”

Ling Xiao flipped over and had no choice but to sit up.

(Ra: The fact Momo is being fucked by a Qilin-Bird-(assumably)Dragon hybrid beast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Beasti*cough*ality as its finest. Hey, I said nothing.)

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