Momo Cover
Artist: Kuju Siam
Language: English
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There is a certain French Restaurant, Etoile Filante.
Here, we have an owner with an extremely high level of clumisiness; Ryuusei and an extremely beautiful French wine adviser, Momo, and they are a lovey dovey couple.

However, Momo has a secret? The truth is, Momo is a type of human who is called “Beastkin” as he transform into a lion when he is excited!! Now, will he remain as a lion and XXX with Ryuusei?!!??

Their lovey dovey-ness is warm and fluffy? However, it is a wee bit of a heartrending love story.

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One Volume

Series Order:

Momo (1st)
Hachi (2nd)
Bambi (3rd)

Sensei no Dokusenai
Kirei ni Shiteyo

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