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Chapter 502: It’s a Long Story

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Actually, this is a long story…”

“Then cut the long story short.”

“Things happened like this…as a matter of fact, I also don’t know.”

You XiaoMo immediately narrowed his eyes and pushed him back. He lifted a leg and straddled him as he fiercely scowled, “Are you going to spit it out or not? Don’t you know that curiosity can kill people?”

Ling Xiao adjusted his posture as he hemmed and hawed, “I really don’t know… But I can guess a small portion of the truth…” He added the last sentence just as a certain person was about to flip out.

“So the truth is?”

“The Golden Dragon bloodline that I have should have been inherited from my father’s side. It’s only because the blood been diluted through the generations, so it’s very thin in my generation. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on dragon blood to stimulate the bloodline unlike the bloodline of the Qilin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan.”

His father’s trusted aide had also not told him about this matter, perhaps he did not know of this too.

“Why couldn’t it be from your mother?”

You XiaoMo touched his nose. To put it nicely, he would be a mixed blood. To put it offensively, he would be a crossbreed/hybrid.

Ling Xiao clicked his tongue, “The Qilin Clan is different from the Demon Phoenix Clan. Excluding the most noble Ancient Demon Phoenix, the Demon Phoenix Clan is more similar to the the Dragon Clan. Furthermore, there are also some demon beasts which also have the Phoenix bloodline, taking Qiu Ran’s lifebound contract beast the Five-Colored Bird as an example. Therefore, the Demon Phoenix Clan emphasizes the purity of their bloodline.”

“Every member of the Demon Phoenix Clan will have undergo several procedures at birth to check the purity level of their bloodline and the level of their aptitude. From birth, my mother was the holy maiden of the Demon Phoenix Clan and the inspection of those procedures were more stringent than the other clan members. It is inconceivable for them to have missed it if she really had the bloodline of the Dragon Clan in her veins.”

“So could this be considered as an accidental discovery?” You XiaoMo’s eyes roved around as he said in secret delight, “Then, you should be thanking me. If you didn’t come to the City Master’s mansion to steal the dragon blood with me, it would be impossible for you to get the dragon blood and successfully stimulate the Golden Dragon bloodline.”

“So?” Ling Xiao’s eyes flowed with dragon blood narrowed slightly.

You XiaoMo dryly coughed, “So, shouldn’t we ought to…what is it, atone for a crime by doing good deeds ah.”

“Oh.” Ling Xiao let out a sound as if he had suddenly seen the light, “It’s not impossible, but which mistake do you want to atone for?”

What did he mean by ‘which mistake you want to atone for’, don’t tell him that he had made many mistakes?

You XiaoMo mumbled, “All…”

Ling Xiao stretched out a hand, grabbed a lock of hair and smiled in ridicule, “You really like to imagine the wildest things. I had originally intended to let this matter go at this point. Who would have thought that you would voluntarily bring it up. Furthermore, it seems that you have committed many mistakes whilst I was unaware. En/Yeah, we can slowly discuss about this problem…”

You XiaoMo was petrified into stone.

This was what they called ‘digging one’s own grave’!

After that, You XiaoMo had his wishes fulfilled and slept till the night of the second day, because Ling Xiao had added on another complementary afternoon for him.

Not long after he got up, Qiao WuXing and the rest made an arrangement to visit him together. He had missed them when they came in the day, since he was sleeping like a dead pig at that time.

Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye had risen to the ninety-fifth level during the period of time when he was away. Likewise, the two’s cultivation had also risen a lot, as they had consumed a magic pill to raise their cultivation like he had too.

Speaking of the challenge floor from 70th and above, the battle progress was much more brilliant and exciting than the lower floors. This was because, the higher it got, the fewer the people on the floor. The total number of people on tenth floor were lesser than the total number of people on the thirtieth floor.

Taking into consideration that there were too few people, the challenge venue only had five arenas. Furthermore, when the one competing was an expert from the ninetieth floor and above, the five arenas would merge and form a large-scale arena, showcasing a dazzling and diverse ‘one-verses-one’ match.

When Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye battled till the ninety-fifth floor, which was the time where they were fighting on the arena, the venue for their battles were completely filled.

Other than Wan Ya who was at the ninety-first floor, the rest were all below the ninetieth floor. Excluding An Qiao, the worst was Tian Xin since her strength was originally not that high too.

Tian Xin had completely forgotten about her infatuation with You XiaoMo. She had returned to her careless and casual personality just without seeing him for half a month. When speaking of exciting things, she would subconsciously clap the shoulder of others, and this ‘other’ was You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo did not pay much attention to it in the beginning, but he was clapped so much that he nearly flew out as a result. Finally, she was dragged away by Qiao WuXing, otherwise he would have the impulse to chase her away.

Yan Hui pulled him along and asked about the things that happened in the Southern Continent. For instance, what kind of interesting news happened, how did the Head of the Cang Alliance look like, and such gossipy things like who was the Sacred Realm powerhouse who had appeared in Bei Yang City.

Naturally, You XiaoMo could not tell him the truth, so he evaded serious matters and spoke of trifles.

Yan Hui obviously wished to continue hearing more gossip and he asked You XiaoMo again. You XiaoMo denied further knowledge of all gossip. Seeing that his patience was running thin, the uncle took the initiative to take his leave and drag Yan Hui away at the same time.

The room which had been raucous for nearly an hour finally became peaceful.

You XiaoMo scratched his throbbing temples. Returning to the bedroom, he saw Ling Xiao lying on his side and dozing with a hand supporting his head. He walked by to discard his shoes and climb onto the bed. It would be time for the ZhongTing trade fair in another three days. He had to prepare the magic herbs or pills that he wanted to trade before the event arrived. He immediately thought of the things that the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insect had stolen.

You XiaoMo promptly headed into his dimension.

He had directly thrown the Roc into his dimension after it had contracted with him, judging that it would not dare to casually touch his stuff. Besides, there were still the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insects inside.

You XiaoMo walked towards the spiritual water lake. He came upon a delightful and reassuring sight of the four demon beasts on the edge of the lake, arranged according to their size, from large to small. His line of sight could not help but move to the spiritual water lake and he crouched down to use his hand to test the water level.

At the same time, a drop of cold sweat suspiciously dripped from the Roc’s forehead…

Time trickled by and five minutes passed in this manner.

You XiaoMo shook the water droplets off his hand and stood up. He tranquilly gazed at the four at the lakeside. Pausing for a moment, he then walked over and stood in front of them and questioned in a mild tone, “Is there anyone who can tell me why the water level of the spiritual water lake has dropped by zero-point-two centimeters?” There was three seconds of silence…

The two Golden Winged Insects suddenly moved. Their small bodies slowly flew over to an uninhabited area on the left, distancing themselves from the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Roc. It was as if they were saying ‘this does not involve us’.

You XiaoMo revealed a satisfied expression as his gaze shot to the Roc and the Metal Swallowing Beast.

Under the glare of the Roc, the Metal Swallowing Beast courageously became the third traitor. It’s chubby body moved over to where the Golden Winged Insects were, solemnly abandoning the Roc and letting it bear their stupid Master’s rage alone.

“Well done.” You XiaoMo praised the three small demon beasts, expressing his pleasure at their actions of renouncing the dark and seeking the light. They really proved themselves to be the demon beasts that he favored the most. It looked like he didn’t dote on them for nothing.

The Roc openly glared at the Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insects – traitors!

The three small demon beasts simultaneously turned their heads away. We’ve told you earlier, our stupid Master only has two landmines, which are the spiritual water lake and the magic herb field. Step on either one and our stupid Master will offer Boss Ling Xiao as a sacrifice to frighten you.

As a demon beast which had just contracted with and offended their stupid Master, the Roc arrogantly expressed an attitude of ‘this grandpa will not submit to force’.

This time, You XiaoMo overcame the boundaries of racial groups and received the Roc’s brain waves. He too expressed his gratification; it had been quite some time since he had last met a demon beast that was courting death right in front of him.

You XiaoMo pinched his neck and lifted him up. The Roc promptly flapped its wings in a struggle. You XiaoMo serenely commented, “I remember that Ling Xiao really likes to eat roasted chicken.”

“…” The Roc’s wings that had been flapping frantically were suddenly motionless.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and the two Golden Winged Insects instantly sharpened their eyes, with an expression on their faces which indicated that they were preparing to watch a good show.

You XiaoMo continued to add highly colorful details to his threat, “Say, which sauce or dressing do you think would be better to use after roasting? Oh…Hoisin sauce? Chili paste? Tomato sauce? Black pepper? Honey? Are there any more good suggestions?”

The Roc, “…”

“If you don’t speak, I’ll take your silence as agreement. In that case, I’ll call Ling Xiao to come in and ask him to use his Qilin Sacredfire to roast you. You’d definitely be extremely delicious.” With that, he pretended to leave his dimension.

The Roc immediately used his two wings to hug his arm as it pitifully pleaded, “Master, I was wrong. I will not dare to do this anymore.”

“Where did you go wrong?”

“I should not have used the spiritual water in the lake without your permission.”


“I should not have despised and held you in contempt.”

“…So you have been despising and holding me in contempt ah. Your sin has risen by a grade.”


You XiaoMo finally experienced the feeling of others ceding territory and paying indemnities to him. It was no wonder that Ling Xiao loved these sort of things so much, turns out that it felt really invigorating. With that concluded, he now had a period of time where he would not need to personally take care of the magic herbs in his dimension. You XiaoMo believed that the Roc would surely do an extremely good job.

You XiaoMo held the magic bag and beamed with happiness as he left the dimension.

The sorrowful expression of the Roc could be seen in the background. After living for several thousand years, it unexpectedly fell into the hands of a little mage. It was such a galling shame and humiliation ah!

You XiaoMo dropped onto Ling Xiao in a moment of carelessness after leaving the dimension.

Although he was not heavy, that weight was enough to disturb Ling Xiao from his sleep. Despite the fact that he was not an ordinary mortal man, a mage’s genitalia was still the same as an ordinary mortal man’s no matter how much they cultivated.

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