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Chapter 503: A Wife Must Be Treated With Tolerance

Translated by (My brain cells are dying ;-;) Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Ling Xiao was woken up by a slight pain. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw his wife’s head had fallen between his legs and was close to a certain part that was about to awaken.

Seeing You XiaoMo was that ‘thirsty’ upon coming out, Ling Xiao expressed a very delighted expression. Although he was in a bit of pain, it was still within a tolerable limit.

You XiaoMo was dizzy from the fall, the only thing he knew was that his head had fallen down onto a soft place. But that place didn’t wait for him to think of what it was before it soon became harder and harder…

“My wife, your eagerness really makes your husband happy.” Coming from the top of his head was Ling Xiao’s voice. It didn’t sound like the usual low and deep voice, he could hear a slight hint of excitement concealed in the tone.

You XiaoMo lifted up his head and realized he was lying between Ling Xiao’s legs. The thing under the fabric, wasn’t this the culprit that always made him unable to get out of bed? It only took a few seconds for that private part of his to stand up straight and made a small tent. The head was poking his cheek…

Hey mate, let’s discuss this a little, how about we pretend this never happened?

Ling Xiao didn’t lift him up, instead, he pushed his head down.

You XiaoMo was about to stand up when he got pushed back down. Under the pants, he could smell a strong, arousing scent of masculinity, an extreme heavy scent. You XiaoMo held his breath until his face went red.

Ling Xiao used his thumb and rubbed You XiaoMo’s lips as he radiated a strong erotic mood, as if he was planning something. He promptly let out a chuckle.

You XiaoMo felt his scalp go numb.

“It’s rare to see my wife this enthusiastic, how about…” Ling Xiao said in a devilish tone.

You XiaoMo didn’t wait for him to finish the sentence, he quickly slapped away his hand and used all four limbs to climb down from Ling Xiao’s body to run for his life.

If Ling Xiao just let him get away like that, it would be punishing himself. He grabbed a leg and pulled You XiaoMo back, saying in a teasing tone, “You don’t have to be in a hurry, the night is still young, we can go slowly…”

You XiaoMo, “…”

One wrong step caused a thousand hatreds.

Lesson learned: never too cocky in the future!

The next day, You XiaoMo woke up sooner than usual, this was the first and only ‘naughty’ time that he could miraculously wake up early the next day.

In the afternoon, Yan Hui dragged the uncle to the 60th floor to find him. One was too hyper while the other was shy and reserved, it was pretty much a troublesome combo. You XiaoMo was planning to calculate the treasures the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insect had plundered, but seeing them drop by, he had no choice but to leave it aside for later.

After moving inside, Yan Hui stared at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo felt uncomfortable being stared at, he couldn’t help but ask, “What are you looking at?”

Yan Hui shrugged, “Nothing, I saw you keep rubbing your chin nonstop and was wondering if your mouth feels sore or something.”

You XiaoMo put down his hand as quickly as if his hand got burned. He laughed dryly and changed the topic, “Nothing. Right, why do you want to see me?”

“I’m planning to go out with Rong-ge, so I came by to ask whether you wanted to tag along with us.” Yan Hui didn’t continue the previous topic. After the challenge match had ended, they had been busy cultivating since. Now that they happened to have some free time, they wanted to go out to change the mood.

“You guys can go alone, I’m currently occupied with some business right now, so I don’t want to go out for the meantime.” You XiaoMo remembered the ZhongTing trade fair would happen two days later, so he quickly refused.

Yan Hui’s face was full of disappointment.

Cheng XiangRong replied with consideration, “Then you go do your stuff, we are fine with us two.”

You XiaoMo gave a nod and watched them leave.

Closing the door, You XiaoMo immediately ran inside the inner room. These two days Ling Xiao hadn’t made a step out of the room and only spent his days lazily lying on the bed. He didn’t know if Ling Xiao was being lazy, or he was planning something.

You XiaoMo climbed onto the bed, this time he was being extremely careful. Fall once, never fall twice. He had remembered his lesson well.

The Metal Swallowing Beast and the Golden Winged Insect had both blindly stuffed four magic bags, each of them having stuffed two bags. You XiaoMo checked, and the inside was a mess. To lessen the effort, those two didn’t even spare the cupboards.

Although it was a bit of a hassle, it didn’t ruin his good mood.

You XiaoMo put all the worthless things, such as cupboards, decorated beads, vases, things like that, into one magic bag, and the remains went to the biggest magic bag.

The space of the city master’s magic bag was much larger than his, the biggest one had over a thousand square meters of space.

To classify the objects, he put the magic herbs inside the jade boxes and temporary placed them on the bed. After a few minutes, the bed was full of boxes and bottles.

You XiaoMo held the last ten jade boxes, inside them were all matured magic herbs, however, their levels weren’t high, all under level ten. Luckily the quality was all high grade.

But he found out he didn’t have a place to put them, everywhere was in disorder, the only spot left…

You XiaoMo took a peek at Ling Xiao who was resting. He took one jade box, carefully stacked it on Ling Xiao’s stomach. Seeing him giving no reaction, he continued with a second one, then the third, fourth,… Not until he had placed the tenth box did he stop.


As soon as he stopped his hand, You XiaoMo couldn’t hold his laughter anymore.

God, please pardon his sin, he absolutely didn’t do it intentionally.

Right at this moment, Ling Xiao suddenly moved, he lifted his hand and bumped into the boxes and bottles beside him. The distincted clanking sound of fallen objects, although it wasn’t that unpleasant to the ear, but to the main culprit, it was like the welcome sound of death.

You XiaoMo whispered, “Oh shit”, he quickly collected all the stuff on the bed into his dimension. As soon as lifted up his head, his eyes met a deep raven eyes, the calm expression in his eyes caused every hair on his arms to stand up.

You XiaoMo blinked a few times and showed a grin, he glanced at those boxes that were still stacked up on Ling Xiao’s stomach, his smile stiffening, “I will help you take them down…”

Before his hand made a move, Ling Xiao suddenly turned over his body, the boxes all fell off the bed, some of the magic herbs inside even fell out of the boxes.

You XiaoMo retreated his hand in silent.

Ling Xiao supported his head with his hand, he showed a smile on the outside, but didn’t smile on the inside, “If I knew you were this bored, I’d continue with our dual cultivation ah, don’t you think?”

You XiaoMo lowered his head, “I wasn’t bored, not like a few boxes can press you to death, there is no need to bicker about it.”

“Then you want me to thank you?” Ling Xiao coldly asked.

“…No need.”

Ling Xiao suddenly pinched his nose and pulled him over.

“My nose will break.” You XiaoMo rushed over on his own.

Ling Xiao hugged him, snorting with laughter, “Did I bully you? Why are you making a little wifey face?”

You XiaoMo changed to a more comfortable position. Now that he felt the danger level had lessen by half, he suddenly came up with how to ‘deal’ with Ling Xiao. He hugged Ling Xiao’s neck with his arms, leaned his head against Ling Xiao’s shoulder, “You clearly were bullying me, I was just borrowing your stomach for a while, don’t be so stingy. A great husband must treat his … *cough*, wife with lots of tolerance, don’t you think?” You XiaoMo looked at him and grinned.

There was the saying, ‘Never hit someone who gives a smile.’
t/n: To forgive those who have admitted their mistake.

Ling Xiao clicked his tongue, he squeezed his plump cheek and answered with only three words, “You have improved.”

You XiaoMo giggled, the strategy worked.

After that, Ling Xiao helped him sorted out and put everything inside the magic bag. Less than an hour later, even though there weren’t any supreme treasures, but the harvest could be seen as plentiful.

Ling Xiao picked up a box, this was the only box among all the boxes that was made of a red wood material. Inside the box was a high-grade skill technique, named Crystally Pure Seal, and it fit You XiaoMo to cultivate.

You XiaoMo saw that Crystally Pure Seal level was lower than his Sumeru Seal, he didn’t quite have any interest in it, but having one was better than having none, so he accepted it. When he turned around, he saw Ling Xiao still continued staring at the box in his hand, he asked, “Is there a problem with this box?”

Ling Xiao didn’t answer his question, his finger scanned through the bottom of the box a few times, then he flipped the box around, putting forth his strength to discard something. Suddenly, a piece of wooden slab fell off, along with a piece of sheepskin.

You XiaoMo was stupefied for a little bit, he suddenly felt this object seemed especially familiar.

Ling Xiao picked it up, his handsome face immediately showed a faint smile, “Aiya, why do I feel like I have seen this one before?”

You XiaoMo stole it back right away, he quickly took out from his dimension two other pieces of sheepskin and placed them on the table to compare. He then yelled in joy, “It really is, we have found the third piece, so only one left.”

It was really an unexpected pleasant surprise!

That old sly fox of Xing Luo city really was hiding this piece of treasure map. If it wasn’t thanks to Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insect, this piece of the map would likely have never resurfaced even after a long time. Now he only needed to find the last fourth piece and he would finally be able to learn the true appearance of this map.

Since the Metal Swallowing Beast and Golden Winged Insect mainly focused on bottles and boxes, You XiaoMo checked, there were more than two hundred stalks of magic herbs, and the amount of magic pills were even higher. Most of them were from middle to high grade.

“Do you want them or not?” You XiaoMo handed over the magic pills to Ling Xiao after he had classified them.

Ling Xiao looked at them with disgust and then looked away.

The corner of You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched, what a hard man to please.

Ra: The very summary of this chap:
2/Who sort stuff and place on the bed that is being occupied by someone else?
4/The little pure naive boy has learned how to persuade his man through seduction. This is not an improvement, this is deterioration.

Addis: Momo has quite literally turned into Boss’ personal whore. At least he’s paid with a rise in cultivation each time.

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