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Chapter 43

Though his mind was a little dizzy, he was still completely clear as to what he was doing. Nan Ge Er pressed lightly on Mo Shu’s chest, before lifting his head up and taking in a kiss that was a little too intense for him.

Mo Shu’s lips traced up and landed between Nan Ge Er’s eyes, then dropped gently onto his neck, trailing down to his clavicle.

He could feel Mo Shu’s passionate breath lingering on his skin yearningly, together with a panting harsher than usual.

Yet again, Nan Ge Er lowered his head in infatuation, gazing at Mo Shu’s slightly worried expression and fervent actions.

As compared to Mo Shu’s captivation, he was obviously much more clear-headed. His puzzlement was only due to him not knowing why he landed in the current situation.

Yet he still felt, Mo Shu looks truly beautiful.

The faint frown on his forehead, his rosy lips, his slightly flushed cheeks, his kiss that is a bit out of control, and his enthralled expression…

He doesn’t look as elegant as his usual self, and all of this is because of me.

Him revealing such a mesmerized expression; such a stunning expression is because of me.

It just feels wonderful.

As Mo Shu got slightly out of control, he couldn’t contain his strength. While kissing, he would unconsciously make some sucking and even biting actions.

This caused Nan Ge Er to feel a little painful.

He was evidently able to tolerate so much pain in the past. However, at this moment, just that tiny bit was enough to make him exceedingly sen-si-tive towards the pain on his bruises.

He knitted his brows involuntarily, but still curled his lips up. He clung to Mo Shu’s shoulders and looked at his face.

His lapel was pulled wide apart; even his internal clothes were opened, revealing a huge patch of na-ked sk-in.

Nonetheless, he didn’t feel any bit of chill, as every bit of boiling hot air breathed out had fallen on his chest.

To say that he felt nothing at all was a blatant lie. However, Nan Ge Er’s condition wasn’t really good after all, hence as compared to a healthy person, his senses were slightly slower, and he wasn’t as easily stirred up as others.

Which was why the major emotions he felt were still a little confusion and helplessness.

Nevertheless, he still couldn’t conceal the joy and pride in his heart.

He never would have imagined himself facing such a scenario. Even if it was during his former days, when he had to relieve himself or for various social engagements, he was always the active party. Plus, the majority of his partners were females.

But at this moment, he could only helplessly witness himself being firmly locked and intimately touched by a male in such an utterly possessive position.

Yet, he didn’t dislike it.

Or should he say, he was actually a little delighted.

Look, I’ve sent such a heavenly person into such a crazed state. This is all because of me.

Look at how much he loves me; his love is so deep, it causes him to be so enthralled by me, revealing such an infatuated sight.

Practically unlike himself.

Although facing such a wounded, frail body, he still looks as if bewitched.

These insights delighted Nan Ge Er.

Thus, he, of course, raised the corner of his lips and let Mo Shu do whatever he wanted.

In the midst of his disordered state, Mo Shu lifted his head up and glanced at Nan Ge Er.

He noticed Nan Ge Er smiling at him; his gaze was bright and a little dazed. That smile truly was inexpressibly alluring and indescribably gorgeous… it simply caused one to be madly in love with him.

How could he be so adorable, so endearing?

He wished he could just strip him cleanly without any care, and follow his heart’s desires by acting out everything he wanted to do to him.


He took a deep breath, straightening himself and trying hard to shift his gaze away while his last bit of reason was still present. One of his hands grabbed onto Nan Ge Er’s shoulder, while the other redressed the slightly bruised chest, covering it up tightly—he was afraid that if he continued, he really would prosecute the child on the spot.

“Sorry.” Mo Shu hugged Nan Ge Er tightly, whispering to his ears breathlessly, “Did I hurt you?”

Nan Ge Er embraced Mo Shu’s waist in compliance, “Not so bad.” He rested his head on Mo Shu’s neck.

“Did I scare you?”

“No.” Nan Ge Er shook his head lightly. The rubbing of soft hair on Mo Shu’s neck made both his skin and heart itch.

Mo Shu tried his best to calm his feelings, attempting to suppress his lust. He just hugged Nan Ge Er with his might, not a word uttered.

Actually, the hug was too tight and a little painful. However, Nan Ge Er only knitted his brows a bit without any words.

Mo Shu finally stabilized himself after thinking about a bunch of random, unrelated matters—he realized, ever since he confessed his true feeling to Nan Ge Er, his self-control got worse and worse.

Nan Ge Er only started struggling lightly after noticing Mo Shu’s body wasn’t as stiff as before, “Ow.”

Mo Shu came back to his senses, loosening his arm immediately, “Sorry.” He helped Nan Ge Er to rub his arm and shoulders, “I used too much strength.”

Nan Ge Er drooped his eyes down and gazed at the nervous look on Mo Shu. After a long while, he finally whispered, “Why don’t you continue?” You’re clearly in such a frenzy just then, is this really enough?

Stunned, Mo Shu raised his head up and looked at Nan Ge Er.

A little red flush was still lingering on his face, causing him to appear to have slightly more colored complexion.

That adorable and embarrassed look almost made Mo Shu lose control again.

He shut his eyes in a hurry. He was only able to keep his emotions in check forcefully after thinking silently in his heart of the absolutely charming scrunched face and sharp glare of the doctor, who was currently far away in Guang Tian.

Taking yet another deep breath, he looked at Nan Ge Er’s face and smiled, “Can you?”

At first, Nan Ge Er couldn’t react to it for a moment when he heard those words. After a brief daze, he replied with a blush, “I don’t know either…” He had never done it with a man before, and all the more so being dominated by a guy.

He did have some self-awareness—he didn’t believe he could dominate Mo Shu.

Although Mo Shu was an idiot, even though Mo Shu might not mind him being the one getting pinned down…

He intuitively felt that…

It is still much more fitting to -what is it-wait and get pinned down.

Since it is Mo Shu anyway, and isn’t anyone else, so it isn’t really a problem.

The blushing look on Nan Ge Er when he answered finally turned Mo Shu’s heart-filled de-si-re into full-on affection.

He reached out his hand and caressed Nan Ge Er’s cheeks, “Your condition isn’t good now. Plus, it’s too cold here; I’m afraid you will catch a cold.”

So that’s the reason.

Nan Ge Er nodded his head, stammering after a short ponder, “I can…” His speech became indistinct afterward.

“Hm?” Mo Shu raised his brows.

“Hand.” Nan Ge Er reached his hand out to tug onto Mo Shu’s clothes.

Mo Shu understood his words after freezing for a short while.

The edges of his mouth crawled up into a smile, “Why do you become so proactive all of a sudden?

“Because you seem to be in pain.” Nan Ge Er muttered. I’m a man too, how will I not know how depressing it is to hold back and endure when facing temptation directly?

“How uneasy I will be if I let you service me.” Mo Shu looked at Nan Ge Er teasingly, before taking Nan Ge Er into his arms, kissing his lips, “Do you really want to do this?” Although his voice was as cool as it normally should be, the slight unsteadiness in his breathing showed Nan Ge Er that he was inclined towards the suggestion.

Of course, he also realized Nan Ge Er didn’t have any im-pul-ses or de-si-re.

Nan Ge Er thought for a bit, before nodding with a laugh, “I’m unable to compensate the great kindness you, my benefactor, bestow to me; I could only devote myself to you.”

Mo Shu was tickled pink by Nan Ge Er’s words. He touched Nan Ge Er’s cheeks with his hand, before lying on the bed-stove straightforwardly, “Alright then, let’s start.”

Unexpectedly, Mo Shu just lied down, straight as a pen, without any shyness. After being in shock momentarily, Nan Ge Er carefully approached him, kneeled down half-way, and gulped down saliva, “Erm…”

You want me to remove your clothes too?

“Hm?” Mo Shu gave him a side glance.

“Nothing.” Nan Ge Er replied dryly. He braced himself to open Mo Shu clothes up.

I get it, I get it. I’m even willing to giving you a hand***, removing clothes is just a matter of course, god damn it!

He noticed his hands trembling wildly. He was only able to undo the outer garment after a good long while.

Then, he went onto the next step clumsily…

In the end, with his eyes shut, his heart ready, his teeth clenched, he stripped Mo Shu cleanly.

Just a slight glance at that part of Mo Shu took away his courage to continue looking down—Bastard! How thirsty are you? I’m only removing your pants; why are you already standing up?!

“Why are you in a daze?” Mo Shu laughed.

…Da Ge1, do you have any shame? Here, I am -how should I say- too embarrassed to look, how in the world can you still remain so calm?!

“Nothing.” Nan Ge Er gritted his teeth. After shutting his eyes, he just reached his hand over, holding onto it, “My skills with my hands aren’t great, sorry about that.” He had never done it to anyone except himself, so he didn’t have any bit of confidence in his skills.

…So huge, so hot…

He was shocked at first, before fretting a bit—he began worrying for that not-so-distant future of his.

“Nn…Why aren’t you moving?” Mo Shu let out a tiny moan the instant he came in contact with Nan Ge Er’s hand, before asking him a little huskily with a hint of a smile.

…Let’s deal with what’s in front before anything else!

With his eyes closed, Nan Ge Er rubbed up-and-down rigidly.

Mo Shu had not a single plan on hiding his delight; the occasional quiet sounds he let out reminded Nan Ge Er that the skills he had with his hand weren’t as bad as he imagined.

“Go slightly up…Nn, right…good…touch me…yes…good…”

Nan Ge Er had his eyes tightly shut, his face almost boiling enough to fry an egg, smoke almost coming out from his head.

“Sh-shut up!” He berated Mo Shu in stammers. He only realized his voice was shaking after his words were out…

“But…Ngh…You said it yourself that you aren’t skilled…” Mo Shu’s voice was brimming with lust, yet a hint of banter could be heard from it

“J-just shut up!” The more Nan Ge Er heard it, the more he stuttered. His heart was almost popping out.

Why do you moan so arousingly… I’m embarrassed to deeeeath!

Mo Shu gave a suppressed chuckle, without a care about Nan Ge Er’s bashfulness. He continued instructing Nan Ge Er what to do to let himself achieve the greatest plea-su-re.

After doing this for quite some time, Nan Ge Er only felt his hand aching. This time, the trembling wasn’t due to nervousness, but entirely because he had no energy left.

“…My hand is… sore…” He pleaded a little pitifully.

Mo Shu chuckled before replying, “You…come over… Kiss me.”

“Huh?” Nan Ge Er finally opened his eyes, staring at Mo Shu blankly.

“Hand…cannot stop…” Mo Shu requested again, smiling at him after that, “Come here…”

Though his face was shrouded by lust, adoration to Nan Ge Er was written all over it. Nan Ge Er, as if possessed, stooped down and had his lips fall onto Mo Shu’s watery lips gently.

“How obedient.” Mo Shu mumbled with a light laugh. He held onto Nan Ge Er’s hand and moved up and down himself, finally coming.

As Nan Ge Er’s hand was led by Mo Shu’s to caress that, every part of him was stunned. He didn’t even realize a few drops had splashed onto the side of his ear.

Mo Shu panted slightly for a short while. He reached his hand out to scrape away the drops of white liquid on Nan Ge Er’s earlobe, before pushing Nan Ge Er’s neck down and touching his lips softly. He pressed against Nan Ge Er’s forehead, smiling to him as he whispered, “Xiao Nan, you’re really cute.”

Nan Ge Er’s face flushed red in an instant, enraged, “Shut up!”

Mo Shu came in contact with Nan Ge Er’s lips again, “So wonderful, I don’t even know what to do with you,” and yet another touch, he smiled, “Well-behaved, obedient, so smart and adorable.”

I’m not as great as you described, hmph. Nan Ge Er murmured in his heart.

Nevertheless, his mouth didn’t carry on any resistance. He only moved his face over, giving Mo Shu a light kiss, “Glad that you know.”

Mo Shu started chuckling.

Looking at the smile Mo Shu revealed, Nan Ge Er unconsciously showed a grin towards the familiar, handsome face within his reach that he trusted and felt at ease with.


1 Da ge: (Reiterate from chp 19) a term used to address one’s elder brother, or an older male. Something like ‘big bro’.


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