STSC Chapter 43

STSC Chapter 43

Chapter 43


His heart was a little ruined, but he was still quite clear as he did. Nan Ge Although he easily tossed Mo Shu’s box, lifted his head and kissed him very intensely. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

My Lung was taken in the eyes of Nan Ge’s era, easily lying on his neck and sliding around his neck.

He was more harmful than usual, and at the same time I felt a breathing breath from Mo Shu, who lasted his skin.

Again, however, Nan Ge Er excited and lowered his head, carefully focussed on the expressions of Mo Sha and wild behaviors, which shook slightly.

Compared to Mo Shu prisoners, he was clearly much more clear. His discontent did not know why he was in the current situation. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

But he still felt that Mo Shu was really beautiful.

Previously, pink lips, cheeks, kisses can not be checked, and his wonderful expression …

He does not look stylish as normal screening. It’s all mine.

He finds such a wonderful expression. Such an impressive expression is for me.

I just feel it’s wonderful.

Mo Shu lost some control so he could not keep it. In spite of kissing, he will capture something inexperienced without knowing it.

By this, Nan Ge Er felt a bit painful.

Certainly he could tolerate so much pain in the past. But at this point, just a bit he was enough to feel very painful in the game.

He accidentally knit eyebrows, but his lips were exhausted. He caught Mo Shu’s shoulder and saw his face.

His flaps were widely supported. His inner dress was also open, revealing naked naked naked naked.

But he was not worried about something cool. Because the vague hot air moved on the box.

Even if he said he had not considered anything, it was a ferocious lie. However, as Nan Ge Er’s position was really bad, his feeling was slightly slower than a healthy person, he was not confused as someone else.

Therefore, the main emotion that he felt was still a little confused and helpless.

But he still could not conceal joy and pride in his heart.

I never imagined he had faced such scenes. Despite the fact that he had to relocate and despite various social responsibilities, he was always an active part. In addition most of their partners were women.

But at that time he only argued that the man was severely detained and completely linked to a special situation.

But he did not like it.

Or he says he was really happy.

Look, I have sent a man of God, which is such a terrible position. It’s all mine.

See how he loves me. His love is very deep. It encourages me to reveal such an attractive vision.

It really differs from you.

But even before a facial weak body, he still looks awful.

I liked this understanding with Nan Ge Er.

So he, of course, raised the angle of his lip and allowed Shu to do everything he wanted.

Mo Shu raised his head and saw Nan Ge Er in a messy position.

He noticed that Nan Ge Er smiled at him. His look was bright and somewhat interlaced. This smile was really incredibly attractive and incredibly beautiful … simply simply took away the fact that he loved him uselessly.

Why can he respect so much?

He simply abandoned it without anxiety, followed his desires and wanted to do everything he wanted with him.

Really …

He tried to deepen his breath, directly and keep his eye out while the last small reason still exists. He extended his hand to the shoulder of Nan Ge Er, but the other fixed firmly on the box slightly. I was worried that he would really punish children on the place, if he continued.

“I’m sorry,” Mo Shu whispered strongly and marvelously in the ear with Nan Ge. “Did I hurt you?

Nan Ge said Mo Shu’s mantle “Not too badly, he lay on Mo Shu’s head.

“Am I afraid?”

“No” Nan Ge It’s easy to shake his head. Moshishu’s soft hair, rubbing his neck, made his skin and his heart.

Mo Shu tried to calm his feelings to repress his desire. He applauded Nangale with me, not only pronouncing words.

In fact, maquillaje is too difficult and it hurts a bit. However, Nan Ge Er slightly shortened the eyebrows.

After thinking about disorder and not related relationships, he finally stabilized, he recognized Nan Eram’s real feeling, his autonomy worsened and worsened.

Nan Ge Er began to fight very easily. I noticed that Mo Shu’s body was not as difficult as before.

Moshi joyfully returned.

Nan Ge Er began to fight very easily. I noticed that Mo Shu’s body was not as difficult as before.

Mo Shu soon released his hand, returned to his feeling: “I’m sorry, he helped Nan Ge Er rubbing his hands and shoulders:” I have too much power I’ll use it.

Nan Ge er caressed her eyes and saw a nervous expression of Mo Shu. For a long time he whispered “Why are you going?” Initially. You are obviously very irritated, is it really really?

Stunned, Mo Shu raised his head and saw Nan Ge Er.

A small red lightning still remained on his face, he made it look slightly colorful.

This beautiful and embarrassing appearance, Mo Shu almost made it again lose control.

He is quick with his own eyes. With a gifted smile and quiet thinking in Guang Tian’s and a rustic radian of a distant physician, you can judge your emotions.

After taking another deep breath, he looked at Nan Ge Er’s face and smiled: “You?

Initially, Nan Ge could not answer her when he heard these words. After a while he answered with sadness. “I do not know …” He never used that as a previous man.

He had some confidence. He did not think he could control the moss.

Mo Shu was stupid, but Mo Shu did not remember him to be pushed …

He believed it intuitively …

It is a lot better to wait and press.

This is Mo Shu in any case, so there’s no other one, so it’s not really a problem.

Nan Ge’s bad view ended Mo Shu’s full desire was finally made when he reacted.

He went out to the cheeks of the time of Nan Ge and crashed. “Your state is not good now, it’s cold here, it’s cold.

This is the reason. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Nangel saw the short thought: “I … … his speech was unknown.

“Mo?” Mo Shu raised his eyebrows.

“Rock”. Nan Ge Er pulled Mo Shu’s clothes.

Mo Shu shook the words for a short time.

His mouth was losing a smile: “Why are you suddenly getting active?

“You seem to hurt.” Nan Ge Er in the mouth. I am also a human being, because I do not know how hard to hold it and keep it when I face temptation.

“What if I tell you?” Shu asked Nan Ge to go before capturing Nan Ge Eru and kiss her lips. “Do you really want to do this?” His voice was cool as usual, but less breath was suggested to Nan Ge Eru.

Of course, he also realized that Nan Ge Eram had no moment or desire.

Nan Ge Er thought quietly with laughter for a while. “I can not compensate for you the great love that my charity gives me.

According to Nan Ge Er, Mo Shu was a pink curse. He laughed on the bed after touching Nangella’s hand. “Begin.”

Without a doubt, Mo Shu just laughed as a shame as a shame. After a short time, Nan Ge Er walked in charge of him, and sat down with a saliva sunk. “Erm …”

Do you want to take away my clothes?

“What?” Mo Shu saw him.

“Nothing.” Nan Ge Er responded carefully. He tried to open himself to Mo Shu’s clothes.

I have it, it’s for me. I’m ready to give you a manual and to eliminate clothes is just of course, God!

He noticed his hands shaking. For a long time he could only remember home clothes.

After that, he went to the next unplanned step …

After all, closing his eyes, his heart was ready, his teeth were crushed, destroyed Mo Shu nete.

A little look at this part of Mo Shu realized that he would look down – Bastard! How thirsty I just take off my pants. Why are you standing

“Why were you beaten up?” Mo Shu laughed.

… Give Ge1, are you ashamed? Here’s me – how do I say – how in a world calmly in the world?

“Nothing.” Nan Ge Er smiled at her teeth. After closing his eyes, he just came and came to his hand: “My ability with my hand is not great, he is sorry for that, he is to everyone except me. He had little confidence in his abilities because he never did that.

… huge and very hot …

He was shocked first at first a little disappointed – he began to worry about being so far away.

“Well … why does not it move?” Mo Sou was very tired when she came to Nan Ge Er.

… treat something to go ahead!

Nan Ge Er quickly wiped my eyes closed.

Mo Shu did not plan to hide his pleasure. Nan Ge Er reminded me that the distant silent sound was not as bad as he imagined.

“Well, well … Well … Well … touching me … yes … well …”

Nangue her eyes were very closed, but the face was boiled and the eggs were boiling.

Shutdown! He broke Mo Shu with a stam. He only knew that his voice was shaking, because his words came out …

“But … KR … you said that you are not ready …” Mo Shu’s voice got worse but I heard about it

“Hour with J-chan! As Nan Ji-el heard, there was more hits, almost his heart appeared.

Why are you so excited … I’m excited to the left!

Mo Shu does not have to worry about Nan Ge Er’s excitement, but to put an upsetting head. He taught Nan Ge and himself taught what to do to achieve his greatest pleasure.

After some time, Nan Ge Er only felt in his hands. This time trembling is not related to nervousness, because there is no energy left.

“… my hands … painful …” he cried a little bit cruelly.

Mo Shu turned away from the answer and “You … come … please kiss me.”

“Nan Ge finally opened her eyes and looked at Mo Shu blank.

“Hands … can not stop …” Moses then smiled at him again: “come here …”

His face was covered with desire, but there was written a marriage offense Nan Ge Er everywhere. Nan Ge Er leaned as if she were, and her lips fell on Mo Shu’s milk lips.

“As obedient Mo Shu confused enthusiastically, he grabbed Nan Ge Er’s hand, moved up and down, and eventually came.

Mo Xu was hiding in the hands of Nan Ge Er, so all his parts were amazed. He did not notice that he had a drop at his ear.

Mo Shu a little bit. Before pushing Nans Er Era, he took Nan’s Ge Er’s frontal white liquid drop and came in to avoid touching his lips. He bowed Nan Ge Era’s head and smiled at him as he whispered, “Xiao Nan, you’re really beautiful”

The face of Nan Ge Er once shone red, angry: “Stop!

Mo Shu again “I do not know what to do with you, so be surprised.” Contact Nan Ge Er’s lips, with another touch he smiled: “Well, obedient, Wise and adorable behavior.”

I’m not as big as you explained hmph. Nan Ge Er mouth in my mind.

But his mouth no longer pushes. He simply moved to his face, calmly kissed Mo Shu: “My older sister knows”

I cried Mo Shu.

Looking at the smile, Mo Shu clearly showed a smile on the beautiful face, known for his achievements, that Nana Ge Er unknowingly felt trust and security.

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Words that are used to address a single brother or parent (remember Chapter 19). It’s something like a “great companion”. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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