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Chapter 28: ZhouDu felt he had burst into the most dazzling fireworks on the horizon

After the two of them had come out of the restaurant, the sky was already covered by a pitch-black curtain, dotted only with a few tiny stars which were so faint you couldn’t see them unless you were looking hard for them.
t/n: I assume that they went to their dinner reservation in between chapters

ZhouDu stood on the front steps of the restaurant, and glancing tentatively at XiaYao, he said, “I hear there’s a park nearby. Shall we go for a stroll?”

XiaYao stood next to ZhouDu, holding the plush teddy bear ZhouDu had given him. He was familiar with the park ZhouDu was talking about, and it wasn’t far from where they were. They just needed to cross the large and busy road in front of them, then walk forward another dozen meters or so, and they would arrive.

It was a lake park, not too big and not too small. There were several people taking a walk, but even more couples out on dates.

Since there was a big shopping mall nearby, some couples would go for a walk in the park after they had finished shopping and eating. While no one knew whether the park’s planners had anticipated the situation, the street lamps were specially designed to be very dim. As a result, it became even more of a sanctuary for couples to go on dates.

“Okay,” XiaYao answered, staring at his toes.

ZhouDu joyfully pulled on XiaYao’s arm and they set out.

Meanwhile, not far from them, WangHao was currently sitting in the family car. Through the car window, he happened to see XiaYao and ZhouDu on the roadside.

“This bastard said he had no time this weekend; turns out he came out with XiaYao to have fun,” WangHao muttered to himself, and reached out a hand to lower the window. He had planned to loudly call out ZhouDu’s name, but to his surprise, he saw ZhouDu pulling XiaYao along as they ran across the road and then disappeared.

“Close the car window,” WangHao’s mother said from the front passenger seat, turning her head to her son. WangHao turned his head and answered, “Mom, I thought I just saw ZhouDu.”

“There’s nothing unusual about seeing ZhouDu, now behave and sit down properly.”

WangHao, seeing that his father had spoken, had no other choice but to close the window.


There were small gazebos built all along the shore of the park’s lake at predetermined intervals. They were built on the water, and each one had a couple sitting in it.

XiaYao walked side by side with ZhouDu on the dimly lit small path around the lake. From time to time, pedestrians coming from the opposite direction would cut between the two of them.

ZhouDu racked his brains thinking about how to break the awkward atmosphere. However, XiaYao spoke first. He asked ZhouDu, “My diary… is it really with you?”

Alarm bells started to ring in ZhouDu’s head. He guardedly looked at XiaYao and said, “So what if it is? You put it in my desk yourself; don’t try to ask for it back.”

XiaYao blushed and said, “Then when I asked you at that time, why did you say that you didn’t see it?”

ZhouDu tried to beat around the bush, so he changed the subject, and said, “A while ago when you were standing at the entrance of the movie theater with that girl, what were you two talking about so happily?”

XiaYao sighed inwardly. He knew that this meant ZhouDu didn’t plan on answering his question, so he explained, “We didn’t say anything. All we did was stand together while waiting for you two to come out. Oh, that’s right.” He dug out the phone number that Fang Yaoyao had slipped to him, and handing it to ZhouDu, he said, “This is for you.”

ZhouDu saw that he had given him a small scrap of paper, and thought that he had written some little secret on it. With red-tipped ears, he said, “Really, what words can’t you say to my face that you would even write me a note? How childish.”

XiaYao looked at ZhouDu awkwardly and explained, “This is something Fang Yaoyao asked me to give to you. It’s her phone number.”

ZhouDu, who was about to stuff the note in his pocket, paused, and his face sank immediately. With a hint of anger in his tone, he asked, “She asked you to give it to me so you just gave it to me?”

XiaYao also felt very wronged, so he said nothing.

ZhouDu hatefully threw the note into the nearby lake, then he quickened his pace, and continued walking alone in silence.

“ZhouDu.” XiaYao quickly ran a few steps, and after catching up to him, he said, “What’s the matter with you?”

When ZhouDu heard XiaYao ask that, he became even more choked up with anger. He suddenly turned around, wanting to interrogate XiaYao, but at this time there just happened to be pedestrians coming toward them from the opposite direction.

XiaYao was forced to move to the side so that they could pass between him and ZhouDu. However, XiaYao didn’t know that his actions just added more fuel to the fire. ZhouDu thought that XiaoYao moved away from him as soon as he saw other people, and he felt angry and wronged. He choked back the words he was about to say, and continued to walk forward silently.

He hadn’t taken more than a few steps when the corner of his shirt was gingerly grabbed.

“ZhouDu, don’t be angry.” XiaYao whispered an apology, saying, “I’m sorry.”

When ZhouDu heard XiaYao softly whisper his apology, his heart instantly melted, and the inexplicable anger from just a moment ago was thoroughly extinguished.

He thought, how could a man such as myself always be mad at my boyfriend? He turned and looked at XiaYao’s face without moving. He watched him for a long time before he finally said, “I’m jealous.”

“Eh?” XiaYao didn’t understand.

“I was jealous when you accepted the rabbit plush from that guy.” ZhouDu continued on methodically, “I was jealous when you talked to him in the movie theater. I know that hitting people is wrong, but I won’t apologize.”

XiaYao said in confusion, “Hitting people? Whom did you hit?”

ZhouDu didn’t answer XiaYao’s question, and went on to say to him, “That girl who asked you to give me her phone number, are you telling me you weren’t jealous? XiaYao, are you still my boyfriend or not?”

XiaYao, hearing him say this, was very embarrassed. At that time, when Fang Yaoyao asked him to help give ZhouDu her phone number, he was actually very uncomfortable. Still, he had agreed to it himself, and since he was also not the type to go back on his own promises, he had no other choice but to honestly hand over the note to ZhouDu.

“I…” XiaYao opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, ZhouDu spoke again and said, “Next time, if you do this kind of thing again, I’ll…”

He wanted to say ‘I’ll give you a beating,’ but just thinking about it hurt his heart, so he reconsidered his words and threatened him, saying, “I’ll give you a kiss.”

XiaYao let out a burst of laughter. Looking left and right, he stuffed the teddy bear he had been holding into ZhouDu’s arms. Then, he grabbed ZhouDu’s collar and pulled him aside into the nearby woods.

If you kept walking upwards in this park, you would see that a row of large trees had been planted there. This place was commonly known as the adult-only area. Just by looking at the name, you could figure out what this place was used for.

“What are you trying to do?” ZhouDu stumbled as he was being dragged forward. XiaYao turned back, and smiling at him, he said, “Didn’t you just say that you wanted to kiss me?”

He pulled ZhouDu to the side of a big tree and then leaned back against it, his eyes staring expectantly at ZhouDu in front of him.

ZhouDu immediately blushed; there was currently no one around. It was a good time to secretly do something.

His heart beat like a drum when he looked at XiaYao’s blushing face, and he slowly lowered his head.

“Ah~” Suddenly a moan came from the nearby grass.

ZhouDu’s whole body immediately stiffened. He held his breath along with XiaYao, and the two of them turned their heads at the same time to look towards the source of the sound.

“Ah~” An even louder moan reached their ears once again. XiaYao, as an adult man who had lived two lifetimes, naturally knew what was being done in the grass nearby.

ZhouDu frowned. He whispered to XiaYao, “There seem to be people over there.”

“Uh huh.” XiaYao’s eyes flickered, and he didn’t dare look ZhouDu in the eye. ZhouDu straightened himself up and prepared to shout, “Who’s over there?”
t/n: nooooooooooooooooooo omfg don’t do that

Luckily, XiaYao firmly held his hands over his mouth just as he was about to speak.

“Mmph, mmph, mmph.” ZhouDu stared in wide-eyed confusion at XiaYao.

XiaYao said while blushing, “Don’t shout, those people are… are busy doing things.”

“Doing things?” ZhouDu asked questioningly.

XiaYao blushed without saying anything. At this, ZhouDu finally realized what was happening.

“Fuck.” He cursed in a whisper, and then pulling on XiaYao’s hand, he said, “Let’s go.”

“Wait a minute.” XiaYao tightly held onto ZhouDu, not letting him leave. He whispered, “Why should we go?” As he said that, he leaned his head up and softly kissed ZhouDu on the lips.

ZhouDu was still young and hot-blooded; how could he possibly withstand XiaYao’s teasing? Immediately, he recklessly pressed the other against the trunk of the tree and kissed him fiercely.

He was also slowly starting to understand now that kissing was more than just one mouth touching the other – you also had to pay attention to technique.

For example, right now, he knew to open his mouth slowly, and suck on XiaYao’s upper lip.

The woman’s moans reached his ears again, and ZhouDu panted more heavily. XiaYao had a wicked idea; he purposely stuck out his tongue and licked ZhouDu’s lips.

ZhouDu’s whole body stiffened, and he abruptly stood up and pushed XiaYao away.

“Let’s, let’s go,” he said embarrassedly to XiaYao, bending down halfway.
t/n: In an attempt to hide his erection

They were both men; XiaYao knew that it was normal for the body to have a reaction in this situation. He reached out his hand and clutched the waistband of ZhouDu’s pants, his voice becoming a bit husky from the excitement.

“Do you want to leave like this?” He glanced down with his eyes.

“Xia, XiaYao, I, I.” ZhouDu was so nervous he almost couldn’t speak because XiaYao had discovered his erection.

XiaYao pulled ZhouDu’s body down over his own and tightly pressed himself against ZhouDu. Leaning in close to his ear he said very slowly, “ZhouDu, let’s do something only adults do.” While he said that, his fingers were already reaching down into ZhouDu’s pants.
t/n: I think XiaYao only gave him a handjob

ZhouDu felt he had already burst into the most dazzling fireworks on the horizon.

Until they were on their way back, ZhouDu’s whole body was still in the clouds. He frequently turned to look at XiaYao by his side, and he couldn’t help but smirk.

The two of them leisurely walked forward along the road, and from time to time, ZhouDu would take a finger and touch XiaYao’s palm with it. Meanwhile, in his other hand, he was currently holding the plush teddy bear he had gifted to XiaYao.

“I was very skilled, wasn’t I?” ZhouDu moved his head slightly closer to XiaYao and whispered the question into his ear. XiaYao blushed; he mumbled and refused to answer.
t/n: It seems like they both jacked each other off

ZhouDu put on a smug expression and couldn’t help but hum a short, tuneless song.

XiaYao’s palm seemed to still have remnants of ZhouDu’s temperature, and he couldn’t help but clench his hands.

“Hey! I knew it was you two!” Suddenly, someone forcefully clapped a hand on each of their shoulders.

WangHao was currently standing behind them with a smirk on his face.

“What are you two doing? Out on a date?” WangHao said teasingly, squeezing between the two of them and putting one arm around ZhouDu, the other around XiaYao.

Hearing this, ZhouDu frowned. He suddenly smacked WangHao’s hand from XiaYao’s shoulder, then with one hand he drew XiaYao into his arms. Raising an eyebrow in defiance, he said to WangHao, “This is a date. What of it?”

Wrapped in ZhouDu’s embrace, XiaYao’s face paled instantly.


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