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Chapter 515: Xi Jing
Translated by (I think I should call myself B(Ra)inless) of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Inheritance Jewel couldn’t be activated was a fact that the Vermillion Blood Clan had acknowledged!

Since it was impossible to trace back to the origin, they couldn’t figure out how to activate it, thus the matter was dropped. To the Vermillion Blood Clan, from the Family Head to the clan members, each of them had all seen the Inheritance Jewel as the symbol of Family Head.

You ZhenTian actually only knew the secret behind the Inheritance Jewel, but regarding how to activate it, the ancient book didn’t mention anything.

At first he only wanted to bring back the Inheritance Jewel to slowly research it. After he learned about You XiaoMo’s story, he wanted to capture him at all costs. Even if he couldn’t obtain the Inheritance Jewel genuinely, as long as he could control You XiaoMo, then it would be the same as having a god-defying treasure.

You ZhenTian’s calculation was rolling smoothly, however, there was one thing he missed, and that was the unexpected appearance of a powerhouse as You XiaoMo’s escort.

They went all the way to the TongTian Continent and then came to the territory of Vermillion Blood Clan, only, they changed their appearance. Within less than two years they flipped the Vermillion Blood Clan upside down. To a controlling person like You ZhenTian, he could never swallow such a loss!

“Husband, I still don’t understand the frightening secret behind the Inheritance Jewel. Ten years have already passed, you still don’t want to give me an explanation?” Madam Yin’s voice sounded casual, but for her to take the initiative in asking indicated that she was very concerned about this matter.

You ZhenTian knew his wife would ask about it sooner or later, he sighed heavily, “My wife, I didn’t want to conceal it from you, but this matter is too crucial, if it accidentally leaks out, the Vermillion Blood Clan might face a terrible calamity.”

Madam Yin shivered. A terrible calamity?

With the position of the Vermillion Blood Clan in TongTian Continent, who would dare to directly go against them, but a terrible calamity…

Madam Yin and him had been married for twenty thousand years, she knew her husband wasn’t a person who would say something baselessly.

“I understand, I won’t ask further. Still, how do you want to take care of You XiaoMo, I heard that this person seems to have a close relationship with Fu CangQiong.”

You ZhenTian furrowed his brows, actually this was also the matter he had been scruppling about. According to the information he gathered at that time, You XiaoMo and his companion had a hidden secret with Fu CangQiong’s disciple. And since Fu CangQiong extremely doted on his disciple, it was difficult to guarantee he wouldn’t take those two’s side for his disciple’s face.

“Fu CangQiong is indeed a trouble, and I can’t directly ask him. Moreover, my wife, you haven’t seen the situation from that time, so I’m afraid you didn’t know the truth. It seems that those two and the son of the Nine Headed Serpent King also have quite a relationship.”

“I have heard this rumor about it as well.” Going beyond his expectation, Madam Yin did know about it.

You ZhenTian also didn’t seem surprised, his voice sounded heavier, “Although the Nine Headed Serpent King is only a Three-Star Sacred level practitioner, he is a madman, if you mess with him, he will make sure to pay you back by all means.”

The Vermillion Blood Clan was a big clan with massive businesses, they couldn’t afford the revenge of a Sacred level expert, even if You ZhenTian was more powerful, he didn’t have the ability to protect his clan members at every moment.

The Nine Headed Serpent King had lived for over one hundred thousand years, his wife, Madam Yin, was only half of his age, when she was young she had already heard about the Nine Headed Serpent King.

The Nine Headed Serpent King was a hotheaded unreasonably stubborn and capricious man. If he thought you were wrong, even if you had ten thousand mouths, he wouldn’t change his mind. In addition, the Nine Headed Serpent King Clan had very few members, to say it reluctantly, there were only two people, him and his son.

If the Nine Headed Serpent King knew the Vermillion Blood Clan was targeting his son, who knows what maniacal thing that old fox would do.

If You ZhenTian wanted to make a move on Yin Ge, he must take the consequences of offending the Nine Headed Serpent King into consideration.

Besides, he also had to consider the man beside You XiaoMo, although he didn’t receive any information regarding that man during the last two years, his identity alone was enough for him to avoid.

As he thought about it, You ZhenTian was angry, he wanted to make a move on You XiaoMo but ended up having too many considerations to take. He was the Family head of the Vermillion Blood Clan, yet his hands were tied in front of him.

Madam Yin knew he was honing a bull’s horn, she stood up and walked to his side, her white hand gently caressed and stroked his back, as she spoke softly, “My husband, if you want to take action on You XiaoMo, you only need to watch out for Fu CangQiong.”
t//n: hone a bull’s horn= to waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem


“As long as you do nothing to the Nine Headed Serpent King’s son, he wouldn’t see the Vermillion Blood Clan as an enemy. And the man you are worried about, you must have already known, the QiLin Clan and the Demon Phoenix Clan both highly value the purity of their bloodlines, if that man really possess two types of blood, then he will never be accepted by both clans.”

“Is it true?” You ZhenTian asked in pleasant surprise.

“Of course. Furthermore, if this man isn’t accepted by both clans, you can start from this clue to investigate his identity.” Madam Yin was the daughter of the clan head of the Silver Dragon Clan, she knew these things very clearly.

“Ok, I will send people to investigate right now.”

“Husband, remember, this matter should be kept low profile.”

“My wife, rest assured, I understand.” You ZhenTian left hurriedly after saying it.

Xi Jing was a region with a thick density of demon beasts on the Tong Tian continent. This was also the only region with endless mountain ranges, hills and plateaus. Here in this region, the plains only accounted for less than one percent, thus this region was only suitable for demon beasts to live.

Thus, not many would come here as an individual, basically they would form a group. The amount of people weren’t many, but they were definitely powerhouses, because, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to survive in Xi Jing. This also meant one thing, Xi Jing was the heaviest kill rated region on the whole Tong Tian Continent.

The demon beasts in Xi Jing always obeyed the law of jungle, like how humans ‘ only respected the strong’. Except, demon beasts were always relatively more straightforward, they weren’t like humans; full of cunning plots. Most of the time they would use their fist to talk directly, the image was often seen as extremely cruel and bloody.

Like right now, on the mountain ranges, two powerful demon beasts were killing each other, blood splattered like raindrops, underneath them had been dyed a bloody red color.

The two big demon beasts seemed to be evenly matched. Although they were heavily injured, both of them couldn’t finish the other. As they saw this would end up with both side suffering, one of them, whose body was like an ox, his eyes were under his armpits, suddenly raised his head and made a hoarse roar. His roar reached to a thousand of miles away.

Opposite to the ox shaped demon beast, the other big demon beast’s complexion changed, as he immediately turned around and ran.

The ox shaped demon beast, who was just summoned by his companion, saw his opponent run away, so he immediately chased after. One after another, they entered a chase that lasted for a thousand miles. Eventually, the runaway demon beast was stopped by the opponent’s companion, his circumstances became more and more unfavorable.

“Xing Qi, how dare you to ambush and kill me, don’t you feel afraid that my clan members will find out and go after you?” The big demon beast in the shape of a tortoise said in anger.

“Kekeke.” The ox shaped demon beast sinisterly laughed, “If I were afraid, I wouldn’t want to kill you, because if you were dead then no one would know it was my doing anyway, what is there to be afraid of? I suggest you obediently hand me the one inside your clothes and I will consider leaving your corpse intact.”

“Keep dreaming!” Despite all the that, the tortoise shaped demon beast held his body tighter, his eyes flashed a hint of wrath, as if he want to eat him alive.

“You are seeking for your own death!” The ox shaped demon beast cursed, he used his eyes to signal his companion, and the two of them suddenly made a move.

The tortoise shaped demon beast was angry and frightened. Right now he was gravely injured and was nothing more than a spent arrow from a powerful crossbow. With one more enemy after him, if miracle didn’t happen soon, he would no doubt die today. He was fine with his own death, but he must never let anything happened to the master hidden inside his clothes.
t/n: a spent arrow from a powerful crossbow = spent force

Under the joint attack, the tortoise shaped demon beast couldn’t withstand it anymore, his body staggered as he fell down to the bottom of the mountain and caused a loud noise, even with naked eyes one could see dust flying up.

A moment later, the tortoise shaped demon beast suddenly transformed into human form and turned into a man with a purple shirt. Blood was spilling out from his mouth and his body was staggering. After a while, he suddenly opened his clothes and looked inside, when he had made sure everything was fine, he sighed in relief.

The ox shaped demon beast and his companion also transformed into human form. They were both burly and muscular, their looks were very sinister and dangerous. They didn’t look like good people.

They walked toward the man in the purple shirt, Xing Qi laughed rashly, “Running? I will see where can you run to.”

“Xing Qi, did someone incite you to ambush me?”

The man in the purple shirt couldn’t figure out why these two seemed like they had come prepared as well as carried a clear goal on killing him. But he didn’t believe Xing Qi and his partner would be brave enough to go against him,unless there was someone behind the curtains pulling the strings.

“What a pity, even if you die, I won’t tell you.” Xing Qi seethed, his tone was extremely vicious.

The man in the purple shirt’s eyes were bloodshot. At this moment, a light bulb popped up inside his mind, he raised his head and looked toward the void while quickly shouting, “Hey there, I am Mo Jing of the Mystic Tortoise Clan, if you are willing to help me, the clan will definitely repay you.”

Xing Qi was shocked for a little, he then laughed, “keke”.

“It’s all useless, there is no one beside us here, are you trying to shift our attention away so that you can flee? Just give up on that idea! Hahaha!”

A question suddenly came from above the sky, “Ah, is it true?”

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