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Chapter 516: A Baby Turtle
Translated by Crystal of the Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xing Qi’s laughter stopped abruptly and he looked to the source of the sound apprehensively. If there was a fourth person here, he couldn’t have not noticed.

Mo Jing, however, was pleased. He didn’t think someone would actually be there. In actuality, when he shouted that, he was hoping to divert the attention of Xing Qi and his friends, so that he would have a better chance of escaping. In terms of getting a response, he wasn’t hopeful, but to think there was actually someone there.

“Fellow friends, I’m from the side clan of the Psychic Black Turtles. If you could lend a hand, the Black Turtle Clan would be grateful too.” Mo Jing didn’t know if they were friend or foe, but at the present, he could only rely on them.

As he finished talking, from mid-air appeared a silhouette, a little slim and a little small. Then the true face of the person was revealed.

The three were simultaneously dumbfounded.

What appeared before them was a delicate and pretty young man who had an air of kind energy. His wore a smiling expression too.

All three of them were experts with incredible Spiritual Senses, they could tell the young man’s level with one look.

The young man was clearly a human and a level ten mage at that, not so high but not so low. Everyone here could have killed him with one hand, since they were all level eleven practitioners.

After Xing Qi got over his initial shock, he suddenly burst into laughter, “Mo Jing, it looks like your ‘hope’ was but a small mage and a human at that. And here I thought they were some powerful demon beast. Since you were so excited that he would save you, then I’ll have to kill him right in front of you.”

With that, he walked towards the young man in the sky.

The young man was the perfect example of ‘getting-hit-while-standing-around’, in reality he knew nothing of what was going on. Just as he was transported here, he heard a creepy weird laugh saying something like, other than them, there was no one else here. Was he not a person too?

Thus, he couldn’t help but offer a rebuttal. How was he supposed to know that this person would want to kill him out of the blue like that?

No wonder so many people had said that Xi Jing of TongTian Continent was the most unruly. If one didn’t have power, coming here was asking for death, now he had a taste of it too. Rumors didn’t lie.

“This dage over there, let’s talk this through, shall we?” The young man smiled modestly, with his hands together.

Xing Qi loved seeing the final struggles of someone before their death and a small mage wouldn’t be able to escape from his clutches anyways. It was easy enough for him to kill, thus with a good mood he said, “This great me will let you speak your last words.”

The young man smiled, showing his white teeth, “Actually, I have a comrade too and he is right here. If you want to kill me, you’ll have to speak with him first.”

Xing Qi looked around cautiously and couldn’t find anyone.

However, when Mo Jing was asking for help, he also didn’t realize their presence, thus his words may not be unbelievable.

Nonetheless, Xing Qi wouldn’t just believe a stranger’s words, maybe he was trying to distract him, thus with suspicion he asked, “If you say your comrade is here, then where is he?”

The young man replied with a smile, “You didn’t notice? Isn’t he standing right behind you?”

Xing Qi was startled, at first he thought he was lying but soon a shudder of horror creeped up his spine and an alarm in his head went off. However, he soon found himself unable to move, and his heart skipped a beat.

Without a trace and sound, this person was able to restrict him. He must be stronger, much stronger than him.

In alarm, Xing Qi opened his mouth only to find out that no sounds came out.

Gao Yan, who was standing at the bottom, also a friend of Xing Qi’s, heard You XiaoMo’s words too. Subconsciously, he turned to look behind Xing Qi, but couldn’t find anyone. Just as he was about to urge Xing Qi to make a move, in case something happened, he realized that something was off with him.

“Xing Qi, why aren’t you doing anything?” Gao Yan asked.

Xing Qi opened his mouth and along his forehead cold sweat started to drip down from the side of his face. The sweat, hit by the bright sunlight, reflected with a bright shimmer.

Gao Yan finally realized that something was wrong.

It was at this moment, that behind Xing Qi appeared a shadowy figure. He seemed to be dressed in a black robe, with a cool demeanor as his hand held onto Xing Qi’s shoulder. It was that hand that forbid any movement from him.

As the man appeared, Xing Qi immediately felt the pressure of a level twelve practitioner. It wasn’t apparent but because they were very close to each other, he felt it instantly.

How did a level twelve practitioner appear at the border of Xi Jing?

Xing Qi swallowed hard. Although there existed level twelve demon beasts in Xi Jing, how was he lucky enough to meet one at random? But, that pressure was undeniable.

“My friend, that was wrong of me earlier, I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t think that this little mage was your friend. If I offended you in any way earlier, please excuse me, it wasn’t intentional.” Xing Qi hesitated for a brief second before resigning his fate.

“Heh, heh.” The man gave a light chuckle.

Xing Qi’s heart skipped a beat, by his reaction, it didn’t seem good.

That was when, Gao Yan, who had stood below quietly before, suddenly, at lightning speed, ran at the opposite direction, leaving behind a blue shadow. He decided to abandon his comrade and escape himself.

The crowd watched.

If there was one similarity between demon beasts and humans, that would be that unless there was some special connection, like blood relatives or soulmates, no one was willing to sacrifice their life for the other. Especially the high leveled demon beasts, they are especially afraid of death, so without hesitation, Gao Yan left Xing Qi and ran.

Xing Qi was stunned for a moment before cursing in his heart.

However, if the situation was swapped, he would have done the same.

He had hoped that the man would give chase, but clearly he had no interest in those he didn’t know and simply glanced over lazily, without making a move.

“My friend, if you let me go, I assure you that I won’t find trouble for you and I’d never tell a soul about what happened here.” Xing Qi continued to lower his position, he also treasured his life.

“I could let you off, but…” The man suddenly opened his mouth to say.

Hearing some hope, Xing Qi hurriedly asked, “But what?”

The man let out a joyful laugh as his other hand got hold of Xing Qi’s right arm. With a gentle tone, as if a death god out for one’s soul, he said, “But, I don’t like others causally making a move on my wife and asking him to die. So, if you don’t leave something behind, I just don’t feel right.”

Instantly, Xing Qi’s expression changed.

However, before he could react, his shoulder suddenly went ‘crack’ and a heart stabbing pain appeared. From his mouth came a chilling shriek of pain that reached the skies.

Along with a splatter of fresh red blood flying into the air, the man held a severed arm, and as for Xing Qi, he had already been thrown away.

Xing Qi was suspended in mid-air as his unharmed hand covered his wounds. His right arm was not simply ‘ripped-off’, the wound also had the scars of being burned, but he couldn’t bother with it. Once he was thrown out by the man, he, without turning back, ran for it and his desperate figure quickly disappeared.

On the ground, Mo Jing finally let out a sign of relief and the body that had been held together by willpower alone fell to the ground. The purple shirt he was wearing was already stained with blood.

His wounds were severe and by the looks of it, he couldn’t continue his journey. Not only that, if he didn’t get treatment soon, he probably didn’t have that much longer to live either.

You XiaoMo descended from above right in front of Mo Jing and behind him was pair of black wings.

The wings were transfigured from the Giant Roc. It itself was at level eleven and the emperor of the skies, so even if the user was You XiaoMo, he couldn still fly at an incredible speed.

“Hey, are you okay?” You XiaoMo asked in curiosity, but not with much sympathy since that was the law of the jungle.

Mo Jing shook his head but his gaze landed on Ling Xiao, who also came down and was currently standing behind You XiaoMo. They had used a Dimensional talisman, which was why they had suddenly appeared in the outskirts of Xi Jing. If they wanted to go deeper into Xi Jing, they would have to use another Dimensional talisman.

“I’m Mo Jing and I’m eternally grateful for your help. I will never forget that you have saved my life.” Mo Jing attempted at making obeisance as he made a heartfelt thank you. Even if the man’s intention was not to save him, it was a fact that he was saved because of them

You XiaoMo waved his hand, “It’s just something small, don’t mention it. On the topic at hand, are you really of the Mystic Tortoise Clan and what does that have to do with the Psychic Black Turtles?”

Mo Jing stopped for a moment before asking in delight, “Could it be that you know of the Psychic Black Turtles clan?”

You XiaoMo nodded as he replied, “Yes, but it was just a chance encounter with someone called Xuan Ming. Although it was just one meeting, he looked like a nice guy.”
Reminder: Xuan Ming appeared in chapter 474 in the Cang Alliance’s birthday banquet incident.

After Mo Jing heard the name Xuan Ming, he more or less believed him and after some hesitation said, “Truth to be told, my clan, the Mystic Tortoise Clan is also part of the Psychic Black Turtles. I was on my way to the Black Turtle Clan when I was unexpectedly ambushed by Xing Qi and that was when I was saved by the two of you. Once I arrive at the Black Turtle Clan, I will explain the situation and then return the favor. Speaking of which, I still haven’t learned my savior’s names.”

“I’m You XiaoHa.” You XiaoMo replied with a cheeky smile and then pointed at Ling Xiao to say, “He’s called Ling Mo, you might have heard of him.”

Mo Jing paused for a moment, Ling Mo?

He tried hard at remembering but still had no impression of this name and couldn’t help but feel troubled. His savior seemed to think that he should have heard of it.

“Eh? Could it be that you haven’t heard of it?” You XiaoMo said in surprise as he noticed his confusion.

Mo Jing gave an apologetic smile, “I’m truly sorry, its my ignorance.”

You XiaoMo noticed that his expression didn’t seem fake and stopped paying any mind to it. If he didn’t know then all the better, that way, no one would recognize their identity so they wouldn’t be exposed either.

“It’s fine if you never heard of it, I was just asking out of curiosity. Then, farewell.” As You XiaoMo finished, he was prepared to leave.

“Wait…cough, cough, cough…” Mo Jing hurried rose to called them back, but because he was in such a rush, his body fell back down halfway through the movement and he coughed up blood again. The intense coughing felt as if he was trying to cough up his intestines too.

You XiaoMo turned around, about to speak but was quickly distracted by the movement from within Mo Jing’s arms.

A turtle that was the size of You XiaoMo’s palm slowly crawled out from Mo Jing’s collar, probably because it couldn’t tolerate the onslaught of blood and felt suffocated.

Mo Jing hurriedly shoved the baby turtle back into his clothes. But, relentlessly the baby turtle crawled back up, as if intentionally against him.

“Young master, please be good and stay put.” Mo Jing said in a whisper to the baby turtle and his hand, tracelessly covered the baby turtle.

You XiaoMo asked in interest, “Is that your son?”

“Idiot!” Before Mo Jing even said anything, Ling Xiao, who had been standing as a backdrop finally spoke and it was his catch phrase too.

You XiaoMo laughed awkwardly.

“Didn’t I tell you before to review the breeds of demon beasts in Xi Jing and their characteristics but you just wouldn’t listen. How could this baby turtle be his son, it was clearly the descendent of the Black Turtle Clan.”

“Eh?” You XiaoMo’s eyes went wide, it was the first time he had seen a baby turtle and of the Black Turtle Clan at that. He had heard that the Psychic Black Turtles were even bigger than Green Turtles.

Reminder: In chapter 394, Xiong Xiao and another member of the Cang Alliance were carried by a green turtle.

Hearing that the man seemed to be very knowledgeable, Mo Jing became more vigilant.

Ling Xiao, as if he saw nothing, continued to explain to You XiaoMo, “The shells of the Mystic Tortoise Clan are a purple turquoise color with no patterns on them, but this baby turtle, although he hasn’t matured yet, clearly has patterns on his shell. Not only that, his shell was of a light turquoise, that is the defining characteristic of the Psychic Black Turtles.”

“Oh.” You XiaoMo raised his head to find Mo Jing staring at them with a face of alarm.

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