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Chapter 514: Identity Discovered
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo received the plaque for the ninetieth level the next day.

Every floor of the Giganticus had a different plaque which represented different floors. You could only enter the ninetieth floor with this plaque, otherwise, the teacher guarding the ninetieth floor would directly refuse entry no matter if you were a familiar person or not.

Soon afterwards, he left a few words for Qiao WuXing and the rest with someone before leaving Zhong Tian with Ling Xiao.

Qiao WuXing had no words to say after knowing of this. It seemed that after he became a student of the XiaoYao Institute, he had not properly stayed in the Giganticus for a period of time. Now, he had even ran off till he disappeared without a trace after successfully challenging the special rule.

What You XiaoMo had requested of Wu Cheng was to find the few remaining magic herbs for the Samsara Pill and find magic herbs for refining rainbow pills. No matter whether they were seeds, immature and even mature magic herbs, all were fine.

Excluding the magic herbs for the Samsara Pill, he was unable to request assistance from the Cang Alliance for the latter items because Fu CangQiong would definitely not believe his excuses with his astuteness. Furthermore, the information network of the Cang Alliance was too superb.

It was very possible that his identity would be revealed if they already knew that the Vermillion Blood Clan was looking for Inheritance Jewel. He would definitely not take this sort of precarious risk.

At the ShuangYu Hotel, Wu Cheng muttered to himself irresolutely as he looked at the slip of paper on the table.

You XiaoMo had written a few magic herbs he needed for the Samsara Pill on the slip of paper. He did not note down any restrictions for seeds and so on, only telling Wu Cheng that anything was fine as long as it was a level eleven or twelve magic herb.

It was impossible for Wu Cheng not to suspect such suspicious actions, but…

Wu Cheng recalled the answer that You XiaoMo gave him that day. He-he really did not know how to describe that sort of shitty scammed feeling. He even clearly remembered the words he said at that time.

“Of course these are preparations for the future ah. Think about it, if I plant the level eleven and twelve magic herbs into my magic herb fields now, wouldn’t I be able to reap my gains after tens of thousands of years? It’s better to prepare early, rather than regretting it after growing old!”

What he said did indeed sound reasonable, but Wu Cheng felt that it was awfully strange when he thought about that solemn expression on You XiaoMo’s face when he said it.

However, there was one point he was certain of. You XiaoMo really did believe that he would be able to become an extremely strong mage in the future.

Regardless of whether he would be able to make it in the future, Wu Cheng did not have any reason not to help him based off this point. It was just helping You XiaoMo to collect magic herbs. Moreover, it was not as if he wanted matured magic herbs.

Zhong Tian did not lack mages and mature level eleven and twelve magic herbs would always be immediately snatched up after just being put on sale. Wu Cheng also did not have much funds, so it would be much easier if they were only seeds or immature herbs, which many mages were seldom interested in.

“Cheng-er.” Wu Cheng’s father pushed the door open and walked in.

Wu Cheng promptly stood up, “Father, is anything the matter?”

Based off his appearance, Wu Zheng seemed to be a upright and plainspoken middle-aged man with a square face and a thick and short beard around his mouth. The shimmering brilliance in his eyes made him look frank and forthright, however, how could a virtuous type of person become the steward of the ShuangYu Hotel?

“Father has heard that you were continuously asking people to inquire about transcendent level magic herbs yesterday. Furthermore, what you were looking for were magic herbs of different growth stages. Is this rumor true?”

Level eleven and twelve magic herbs were collectively known as transcendent level magic herbs.

“Yes, Father!” Wu Cheng did not mince his words. He had no intention of concealing this matter and even wanted to ask his father to help. After all, his resources was limited and some people would not give him any face even if he was the son of the steward.

Wu Zheng picked up the slip of paper from the table, “Someone asked you to look for these magic herbs?”

Wu Cheng narrated the events that happened systematically and in full detail.

Wu Zheng was more experienced than Wu Cheng. He did not perform an in-depth investigation upon knowing that You XiaoMo had requested their help. Till now, there had not been any hatred between them and Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo. The gains would not make up for the losses if they offended a powerhouse on the Ten Gods Ranking simply because they were snooping after a piece of information.

“Then this matter will be handled by your Father. It’ll draw attention if there’s too much activity.”

“Yes, Father!”

In the Southern Continent, at the main house of the Vermillion Blood Clan.

You ZhenTian put together all the incidents that had happened recently and with the addition of Jiang Liu’s testimony, he was finally convinced that You XiaoHa was You XiaoMo and Ling Mo was Ling Xiao!


You ZhenTian suddenly swept off the chinaware on the table onto the floor. The wrath bubbling up after he had been fooled was impossible to rid from his mind. Especially when he thought of how they had actually let them openly slip away during the birthday banquet organized by the Cang Alliance. Truth to be told, he should have thought of it before. Someone whose strength was outstanding and was a duo comprised of a practitioner and a mage.

“Since it is already known that the Vermillion Blood Clan’s Inheritance Jewel is with that You XiaoHa person, we have to recover it as soon as possible!”

“Quell your anger, my husband.”

Seeing as he was so furious that he was nearly about to dispatch people to Zhong Tian to capture them, Madam Yin promptly spoke up.

“My Lady, you also know how important the Inheritance Jewel is to the Vermillion Blood Clan. That is a treasure which has been passed down from ancient times until now. How could we let it fall into the hands of a wretch?!” Once You ZhenTian thought of that Inheritance Dimension, an obsession to get the jewel burst forth from his eyes.

Madam Yin placed her right hand over her left and calmly said, “Husband, that wretch is the son of your younger brother. He would be the Family Head if not for those events occurring. Besides, aren’t you curious why he was able to inherit the Inheritance Jewel of the Vermillion Blood Clan?”

The origin of the Vermillion Blood Clan’s Inheritance Jewel could be traced back to ancient times and it served as a symbol of every Family Head that would inherit that clan. That was to say, whoever had the Inheritance Jewel was the Family Head, but not just anyone could use the Inheritance Jewel.

It was unknown when this tradition was suddenly broken. Afterwards, the Inheritance Jewel changed from a treasure that defied the natural order to a symbol of the Family Head and never was there anyone who knew of its capabilities.

Since it was passed down from ancient times, it would definitely not be something as simple as a symbol.

The Vermillion Blood technical team had tried for many years, but the symbol was still a symbol and there was still no one who knew how to activate the Inheritance Jewel.

After that, it was passed on till You ZhenTian’s generation.

As per what Madam Yin had mentioned, the original successor of the position for the Vermillion Blood Clan Head should have been You XiaoMo’s father. The previous Family Head had passed the Inheritance Jewel to You XiaoMo’s father quite some time ago before the name of the successor was announced.

However, You XiaoMo’s father was someone who had quite an indolent personality. To put it plainly, he had no aspirations and wanted to live a smooth and secure life instead of taking on such a heavy responsibility like the Family Head.

However, his wishes were not taken in consideration by the previous Family Head. Regardless of whether you were willing or not, if I let you be the successor, then you have to be the successor!

The result was as one could well imagine. You XiaoMo’s father was framed by You ZhenTian a month before he would inherit the position of the Family Head. Since then, he began a life of a fugitive and conveniently brought along the Inheritance Jewel while on the run, causing You ZhenTian’s position as Family Head to remain unverified.

It should not be assumed that the Vermillion Blood Clan was very peaceful now. Behind the scenes, there were some old monsters who always refused to accept You ZhenTian. There would have been a rebellion in the Vermillion Blood Clan if not for You ZhenTian using his cultivation to suppress them.

Eventually, You ZhenTian unexpectedly discovered the secret of the Inheritance Jewel from an ancient record within the clan. Thus, he began to dispatch people to look for traces of You XiaoMo’s father with the intention of taking back the Inheritance Jewel. Yet, things were not that simple any more.

You XiaoMo’s father had already disappeared for many years and since You ZhenTian had succeeded the position of Family Head for a number of years, he later felt that it was not necessary to use a symbol as proof and called back the people he had dispatched.

There was a vast sea of people to comb through when he wanted to find You XiaoMo’s father again. In addition, the other party may have long left the TongTian Continent. From where should be even begin to look?

Just as he was at his wits’ end, You XiaoMo’s father suddenly appeared in the TongTian Continent again.

You ZhenTian sent people to capture him and it was easier than he had expected. However, he had always been unable to get information on the whereabouts of the Inheritance Jewel. This was because those old monsters within the clan were pressuring him from above, preventing him from torturing it out from You XiaoMo’s father.

You ZhenTian finally could not restrain himself twenty years ago.

Thus, he pretended that he was going to choose a successor for the position of Family Head and revealed the matter of the Inheritance Jewel to his four sons. He knew that his four sons had nurtured many connections both aboveground and underground.

Sure enough, his four sons moved as he had predicted and sent people everywhere to look for it. In the end, they really found it, which was what happened more than a year ago. However, their attempt resulted in failure. Not only did they not bring that person back, they also lost track of You XiaoMo.

The astonishment in You ZhenTian’s mind was simply indescribable after knowing that it was extremely possible that the Inheritance Jewel had been activated.

Why on earth would the Inheritance Jewel activate?

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Oh Boss, your wife is the real successor the Vermillion Blood Clan..!!
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Poor him, hope he won’t know his real son was already gone long ago.

August 22, 2018 9:31 pm

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That you zhen tian is such a greedy person. Power and wealth is what that drove people to becoming a villain.
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