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Chapter 517: Request
Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Psychic Black Turtle was one of the Four Divine Emperor Beasts, and it naturally had an incredibly respectable position among the demon beasts, but Emperor Beasts such as the Four Divine Emperor Beasts couldn’t really form contracts with humans.

However, even if they were a powerful race, they still had no way to completely contain the greed that humans had at the bottom of their hearts towards the Four Divine Emperor Beasts. Perhaps humans had no way to force a contract with an adult Emperor Beast, but they could make one with an Emperor Beast that was young or was just born.

Although the Psychic Black Turtle had many side families, the Black Turtle Clan was just as rare as the Qilin, Demon Phoenix, and Dragon Clans. In total, the clan had around several dozen members, and so they greatly valued their descendants. Baby Turtle was a part of the Black Turtle Clan and was only half a year old. It hadn’t even fully gained its Intelligence yet, so it would be easy to form a contract with it. Due to these reasons, Mo Jing was worried that the two people in front of him had a similar idea towards the Baby Turtle.

You XiaoMo had also guessed what he was thinking and shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

In reality, he didn’t have that kind of idea in mind about the Psychic Black Turtle. At the most, he could only sigh – he hadn’t expected to meet another Psychic Black Turtle here, and it was one that hadn’t been born very long ago.

“Ah, could it be that what that guy called Xing Qi wanted you to hand over was actually this Baby Turtle?” You XiaoMo suddenly responded.

Mo Jing didn’t see any greed in his eyes and nodded his head slowly. “Xing Qi’s objective is indeed the Young Master, but I do not know how he knew that I would be passing through here with the Young Master. At first I thought it was just a coincidence.”

“Why?” You XiaoMo asked curiously.

Mo Jing rubbed Baby Turtle’s shell. He had already slightly lowered his guard around them, since most people would have immediately rushed over to snatch the Young Master after hearing that the it was a Psychic Black Turtle. They wouldn’t ask questions like You XiaoMo did with an extremely curious expression. He was basically at a dead end now anyway, and he had no choice but to trust them and hope that he hadn’t made a wrong call.

“When the Young Master was born, Master put a seal on him. That seal could isolate the inherently powerful energy that came from the Young Master’s body. As long as the other party isn’t a level twelve expert, there’s absolutely no way to discover the Young Master’s existence. But Xing Qi will definitely talk about how the Young Master is with me, so he must have known beforehand and then ambushed this place.”

You XiaoMo rubbed his chin. “So you’re saying that it’s very likely that someone betrayed you.”

Mo Jing nodded. “Yes. Actually, I don’t want to suspect that a clan member would betray the Black Turtle Clan either, but facts speak louder than words, because no more than five people know that I am sending the Young Master back to the Black Turtle Clan.”

“Then I wish you the best of luck! We still have important things to take care of, so this time we really have to go. You should hurry and leave this place too, or else that guy called Xing Qi and his pals will most likely come back again.” You XiaoMo stood up. His curiosity had already been fulfilled.

“Wait a moment!” Mo Jing stopped them again. After confirming that they had no interest towards the Baby Turtle, there was no way he could just let them go like that.

“Is there something else?” You XiaoMo looked back and asked with a smile on his face.

Mo Jing suddenly felt as if the other party had been waiting for this sentence of his all along, and he immediately laughed bitterly. “You two benefactors already know my situation right now. If I do not treat my wounds soon, I won’t be able to find the Black Turtle Clan. But my Young Master’s situation is unique, so I would like to ask you two gentlemen to do me a favor.”

“What kind of favor?” You XiaoMo asked.

Mo Jing held up his Young Master. “I would like to ask you two gentlemen to help me send the Young Master back to the Black Turtle Clan.”

You XiaoMo suddenly curled the corners of his lips upward and teased, “Oh, is it really okay to hand over your Young Master to two strangers? Aren’t you afraid that we’ll pretend to agree, take your Young Master and not return?”

Mo Jing’s face revealed a bit of unease. “I, I trust you two benefactors.”

You XiaoMo pulled out the salesman smile that Ling Xiao often used and looked at him.

Mo Jing scratched his head. His original body was that of a Mystic turtle, so he didn’t actually really know how to talk very well, and especially the more anxious he became, the less he was able to explain things clearly.

“You two benefactors, I know that this is a little rude of me, but right now I can only ask for help from you two. If there is really someone from the clan who exposed my whereabouts, the opposing side will definitely send more people over. It’s already impossible for me to protect the Young Master in my current state…”

As he was speaking, Mo Jing pulled out a card from his robe. It looked as if it was an ID card or something similar, and he handed it to You XiaoMo.

“Mister, this is something from the Black Turtle Clan. As long as you send the Young Master back to the Black Turtle Clan and show them this card, the Black Turtle Clan will definitely reward you two in my stead. Please, you two gentlemen must help me. Mo Jing will absolutely remember this.”

In reality, in order for Mo Jing to give the descendant of the Psychic Black Turtle to a stranger he had only just met for the first time, he must have already made a huge decision.

The Young Master was too important. This time, he had only reached the border of Xi Jing before being ambushed by someone, so there must be even more enemies waiting for him on the road to the Black Turtle Clan.

Mo Jing had also seen how Ling Xiao had ripped off Xing Qi’s arm with one move.

This man named Ling Mo was undoubtedly an expert who could do whatever he wanted in Xi Jing. If he protected the Young Master and sent him to the Black Turtle Clan, he could definitely be 1.2 million percent at ease.

You XiaoMo took the card. Actually, he was pretty interested in the Baby Turtle.

Mo Jing was extremely happy. If he agreed to take the card, that meant he had agreed to the request.

However, Mo Jing sneakily shot Ling Xiao a glance. His real goal was to get this man to agree, since the one who was actually powerful was him.

You XiaoMo didn’t notice his gaze, and he said with all smiles, “Seeing how sincere you are, I have no choice but to say yes. However, there’s something I have to say first.”

“What?” Mo Jing asked.

“If something happens along the road that we have to do, it will take priority, so you shouldn’t expect too much that we’ll send your Young Master back home without stopping.”

“This… that’s fine.” Mo Jing compromised, “But you two benefactors must leave some information for Mo Jing, or else how will I know where to look for you two after my wounds have healed.”

You XiaoMo rubbed his chin, pondering. There was no way he could tell him that they were going to find Ling Xiao’s trusted aide uncle, who knows if he was from some secret organization!

“How about this, if we haven’t sent the Baby Turtle back to the Black Turtle Clan within two months, then you can come to Zhong Tian’s XiaoYao Institution to find us. As long as you say our names they’ll know who we are.”

No matter how ignorant Mo Jing was, he had still heard of XiaoYao Institution before. He thought back to what the youth had said when he introduced the man. It seemed that this man called Ling Mo should be very famous, and at last his mind was set a bit at ease.

“Next, let’s discuss the compensation.” You XiaoMo squatted down in front of him.

“Ah?” Mo Jing was startled. He thought that they had finished discussing. When compensation was brought up, well, he didn’t have anything on him right now. “Mister, I can’t do anything right now…”

“I know.” You XiaoMo held up his hand to cut him off.

“Then what do you mean?”

“Dense forests cover all of Xi Jing. Several magic herbs must grow here, right?” You XiaoMo’s eyes finally gave off a bright light.

XI Jing was somewhere that was highly suited for the growth of magic herbs. It was covered with many types of primeval vegetation, including several types of magic herbs that hadn’t been discovered or picked for tens of thousands of years. But because demon beasts couldn’t refine pills, and Xi Jing was a dangerous place where demon beasts roamed everywhere, the magic herbs on Xi Jing were extremely plentiful.

For many mages, Xi Jing was like a treasure trove of magic herbs.

When many mages couldn’t find the high-level magic herbs they were seeking, they would often think of Xi Jing. So some mages would choose to do business with some of the demon beasts in the Xi Jing, or they would bring experts along and go to the Xi Jing to search for magic herbs themselves.

When You XiaoMo was in Central City, he had occasionally heard people mention this.

This time, his target also included the Xi Jing’s magic herbs.

Although he had requested for Wu Cheng to help him gather magic herbs, level eleven or twelve magic herbs were extremely rare, even in Central City. The amount of people competing for them was also high, so it wasn’t certain that the magic herbs would be his in the end.

Furthermore, level eleven or twelve magic herbs grew extremely slowly, and even with spiritual water it took quite a bit of time, so he decided to prepare a few mature magic herbs ahead of time.

You XiaoMo had a premonition that it wasn’t far before he could break into the rainbow level.

Before leaving, You XiaoMo threw Mo Jing a magic pill that treated wounds. Although there was no way it could completely cure his wounds, it could at least protect his life.

Afterwards, the two of them left.

Mo Jing gripped the magic pill in his hand tightly and gazed in the direction the two of them had left in for a long time without looking away. “I hope I haven’t misread them.”

As for the magic herbs that the gentleman wanted, that wasn’t a problem at all.

Although the demon beasts in Xi Jing didn’t know how to refine pills, they knew of the importance of magic herbs to the humans. Therefore, the majority of demon beasts would collect a few magic herbs and exchange it with human mages for their magic pills.

After that, Mo Jing propped himself up and departed as well.

He didn’t know whether Xing Qi would return or not, but he needed to leave and find a safe place to treat his wounds.

One hour after Mo Jing left, a stranger wearing all black appeared in the place that he was standing before. It wasn’t Xing Qi, nor was it his companion.

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