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Chapter 518: The Weeping Ghost Shore’s Tiangou

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The little tortoise still did not have a name. Mo Jing had said that the descendants of the Black Tortoise Clan were all bestowed names by the elders in the clan after they were born. However, this little tortoise was born outside the clan, so he had no name even until now.

You XiaoMo really liked to give names to people. An idea struck him after he knew that the little tortoise did not have a name.

“Little tortoise, how about I give you a name since you don’t have one? If you don’t speak up, I’ll take it as you agreeing. What name should I give you ne?”

You XiaoMo muttered to himself, completely ignoring the tortoise rights of the little tortoise.

The little tortoise was less than half a year old and its spiritual intelligence had not opened completely. Thus, it was unable to understand human language.

Mo Jing passed it to You XiaoMo. The little tortoise didn’t feel uncomfortable for a little bit. It would occasionally be swung around like a startled rabbit and occasionally be left as still as a boulder while being cupped in You XiaoMo’s hands. Life as a tortoise was really not easy.

“Ling Xiao, what do you think it should be called?” You XiaoMo thought for a long time, yet he could not come up with a suitable name for the little tortoise.

Ling Xiao indifferently replied, “Just call it Little Tortoise.”

You XiaoMo, “…” Pretend that he didn’t ask!

Finally, You XiaoMo still did not give a name to the little tortoise, mainly because he did not have any good names. Therefore, he kept calling it little tortoise, little tortoise, just like the chick. He had almost forgotten the name given to the chick. It seemed that Ling Xiao was the one to help name it and it seemed to be called something along the lines of doucheball?

“Next, should we first head to where your father’s trusted aide is, or should we deliver the little tortoise back to the Black Tortoise Clan?” You XiaoMo placed the little tortoise onto his shoulder.

Ling Xiao did not even blink, “The Black Tortoise Clan is too far from here and the journey there may not necessarily go too smoothly.”

This meant that they were not going to the Black Tortoise Clan first.

Actually, You XiaoMo also had the same intention. They only had two and a half months. If they were delayed because of the little tortoise’s situation, he would miss the next challenge matches again and it would be too late to regret it then.

Thus, the two prioritized Mo Jing’s entrustment as second without any hesitation and happily proceeded to their destination.

The Four Divine Emperor Beasts were the cornerstone of the forces in Xi Jing.

The Demon Phoenix Clan was located at the Hundred Birds Valley. With the Hundred Birds Valley as the center, the entire area within a radius of a thousand of miles was the territory of the Demon Phoenix Clan. They generally did not allow outsiders to enter their territory, unless it was for the purpose of joining with other forces.

The Dragon Clan was situated at the Dragon Island. The range of its forces were not as large as the Demon Phoenix Clan, therefore the Dragon Island belonged to the type where entry and exiting was restricted. The majority of the members of the Dragon Clan were living on the Dragon Island.

The Physics Black Tortoise lived in the Living Waters River Boundary. This was the largest and longest river in Xi Jing. The water in the river was known as the Living Waters. The Living Waters here did not refer to water that saved the living, rather, it was water that could take the lives of humans and demon beasts. However, the Living Waters would only affect those with weaker cultivation. The Living Waters did not have any effect on those Emperor Beasts like the Physic Black Tortoise who had originated from the Living Waters River Boundary.

Finally, the Qilin Clan. The Qilin Clan was the most mysterious existence within the Four Divine Emperor Beasts.

There were none who knew their specific location even up till now. It was said that it was generally impossible for people to find them in one lifetime if it was not for the members of the Qilin Clan.

Other than the Four Divine Emperor Beasts, there were also many other strong clans within Xi Jing. Of course, there were also clans with just a single powerful member, yet their strength was amongst the topmost powerhouses in the Xi Jing. An example was Yin Ge’s father the Nine-Headed Serpent King.

The Nine-Headed Serpent King was naturally a level twelve powerhouse. Anyone who had grown eyes would not dare to touch the brows of the Nine-Headed Serpent King unless it was the Four Divine Emperor Beasts.

Though the forces were all tangled and complicated, the area in Xi Jing was extremely vast. Thus, there would normally be no major events like a war between the clans as long as one did not step on any of their the tails.


A sensational and major event happened in Xi Jing ten thousand years ago. A mysterious and up-and-coming influence appeared out of thin air and swept over more than half of the Xi Jing in an instant. After nearly drawing out the Demon Phoenix Clan, that mysterious fraction rapidly vanished without a trace once again.

It was rumored that the mysterious fraction was located at the Weeping Ghost Shore. The Weeping Ghost Shore was an extremely dangerous place in Xi Jing and was known as the Purgatory.

It was said that the Purgatory was a battlefield in ancient times and many skeletal remains of great demon beasts had been buried there. Just like an netherworld which went on limitlessly, the resentment and evil left behind after the death of many great demon beasts pervaded everywhere.

Not many demon beasts dared to tread into Purgatory because it was too terrifying. In addition the Weeping Ghost Shore was located at the depths of Purgatory. Thus, even if people knew that the mysterious fraction was at the Weeping Ghost Shore, few dared to venture inside to inquire about the truth.

The mysterious force had a code name and it was called Tiangou. This was the force that was established by Ling Xiao’s father’s trusted aide thousands of years ago.

t/n: Tiangou (literally: “Heavenly Dog”) is a legendary creature from China, resembling a black dog or meteor, which is thought to eat the sun or moon during an eclipse.

However, Ling Xiao had never been to the Weeping Ghost Shore. He informed that person in advance the first time he came, and then met with him in another location. Therefore, Ling Xiao did not know where the Weeping Ghost Shore was and how many members were in Tiangou.

Ling Xiao had also notified the other party in advance the second time he came.

However, this time the other party let them personally travel to the Weeping Ghost Shore, as if he was deliberately testing them.

Since the Purgatory was viewed as an ancient battlefield, it must definitely be a vast and eye-catching place. However, in the interest of time You XiaoMo caught a few demon beasts and gave them a good beating. Afterwards, they cried and willingly told him where the Purgatory was. The Purgatory was located in the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range. The Ghost Tomb Mountain Range was famous in Xi Jing because it is the only place in Xi Jing that had no vegetation covering the area. The entire landscape was filled a with dark fog and bare and sinister mountains.

This was because the area used to be a battlefield. It was hard to quell the resentment from the countless great demon beasts that died there, leading to the Ghost Tomb Mountain Range being barren even until now.

The distance from the fringes of Xi Jing to the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges was very far.

XiaoMo simply decided to use a teleportation talisman. They should be able to be transported to the vicinity of the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges as long as he let Ling Xiao control the distance a little. Surrounding the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges was a small town called the White Bone Town.

The White Bone Town was small, yet there were a lot of people entering and leaving town everyday. Most of these people were transformed demon beasts.

“Is this the two honored guests’ first time here?” The owner of the inn immediately guessed upon seeing their unfamiliar faces.

You XiaoMo nodded, “I’ve heard that the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges is a place that many people avoid out of fear. Why are there still so many people here?”

“Honored guests must have heard that the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges was an ancient battlefield. Many great demon beasts died on this battlefield. Each and every one of these great demon beasts were all famous experts in the ancient times. Most of them would put the treasures they collected into mustard seed dimensions. If you think about it, wouldn’t the mustard space dimension that they carry with them collapse once they die?”

You XiaoMo immediately saw the light as he clapped his hands, “I know! Once the pocket dimension collapses, the treasures would drop onto the battlefield right? So most of all these people who came to White Bone Town are here for a treasure hunt.”

“That’s correct.” The owner of the inn grinned and nodded.

Leaving aside how precious the treasures collected by the great demon beasts were, just the fact that these treasures were passed down from ancient times was enough to make the demon beasts of Xi Jing scrabble madly for these unobtainable treasures. “Then does Owner know where the Weeping Ghost Shore is at?” You XiaoMo asked in passing.

The owner’s expression suddenly changed and he became nervous, “Honored guests, you couldn’t be intending of going to the Weeping Ghost Shore right? May this one offer a bit of advice? It’s best if you do not go. The ones living on the Weeping Ghost Shore are all extremely cruel people. There is an example of this. There was a powerful demon beast fraction in Xi Jing a thousand years ago. Because their companion was killed by the Tiangous of Weeping Ghost Shore, their leader knocked on their door with more than twenty men. In the end, a horrifying matter happened the next day.”

The owner of the inn suddenly lowered his voice.

You XiaoMo swallowed, “What happened?”

The owner of the inn continued, “All of them turned up dead. The cruelest thing was that their original forms had all been revealed and their clothes and flesh were gone, leaving behind their skeletons. The twenty people, including that leader who was at level eleven, were all neatly arranged outside the gates of White Bone Town. Few people have dared to go to the Weeping Ghost Shore since then.”

Leaving only a skeleton behind. So wouldn’t it mean that their flesh had not been cut off, but had been eaten by the Tiangous of the Weeping Ghost Shore instead?

You XiaoMo didn’t take it seriously at first, but now he had to face it squarely. It seemed that the Tiangou fraction established by Ling Xiao’s ‘Trusted Aide Uncle’ was awfully powerful.

After the owner walked away, You XiaoMo impatiently looked at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao frowned after taking a sip of tea, he was obviously not too happy with the tea here. He put down the cup and saw You XiaoMo’s expression of seeking comfort, “What are you doing?”

“You’ve really never seen any members of the Tiangou?” You XiaoMo hastily asked.

“I haven’t. But I have heard Uncle Gu mention it before.” Ling Xiao casually mentioned, “Uncle Gu’s full name is Lin Gu, but he is not from the Qilin Clan. He is also not a demon beast, but a genuine human being who was rescued by my father when he was young and had been following my father from then on. Even until now, he has never given up the idea of saving my father from the Qilin Clan since my father got into trouble.”

“I couldn’t tell that this Uncle Gu is so sentimental, to have refused to give up even after ten thousand years.” You XiaoMo supported his chin as he sighed. Upon hearing this sentence, a strange expression suddenly flashed across Ling Xiao’s face.

You XiaoMo tilted his head and looked at Ling Xiao, “You haven’t mentioned, what did that Uncle Gu tell you about the members of Tiangou?”

Ling Xiao took a moment to recall, “Uncle Gu said that each and every member of Tiangou were all very unconventional. More or less, everyone had undergone some unpleasant experiences. He also spent a lot of time trying to get them to join the Tiangou in the beginning.”

“For example?” You XiaoMo had begun to fantasize about their unpleasant experiences, such as lack of love or something.

“For example, I remember that there was one with an extremely ugly appearance, so he was bullied by the surrounding demon beasts from young…”

“So he always felt very inferior since he was a child?”

Ling Xiao suddenly stopped and suspiciously eyed his face, “What are you so excited about?”

You XiaoMo rubbed his cheek, “You’re mistaken. Continue, continue.”

Ling Xiao snorted, “‘He did not feel inferior. Instead, he continued to quietly cultivate, striving to raise his strength until his strength surpassed all the demon beasts around him. He then spent one night to massacre all those demon beasts that ridiculed him, not sparing a single one. It was said that a few demon beasts had been attracted over by the smell of blood and the corpses of demon beasts were piled up like a mountain. Moreover, not a single corpse was left intact. If they weren’t missing an arm, they were missing a leg. Some were also missing their heads or had been cut off at the waist.” You XiaoMo could feel his blood run cold just by thinking of that scene.

No wonder the owner of the inn would tell them that it was best not to go to the Weeping Ghost Shore. It was really quite frightening if the Tiangou comprised of these type of members.

“How about, we go to the Black Tortoise Clan first?” You XiaoMo could not help but propose.

Ling Xiao shot him a glance.

You XiaoMo gave a hollow laugh as he hugged the little tortoise. He was just saying it only.

“However, you can also be considered at the young master of the Tiangous. If all the members of Tiangou are such abnormal/perverted guys, then will they obey your orders?” Inspiration struck You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao confidently stated, “They won’t. Although they are Uncle Gu’s subordinates, each and every one has their own independent mind and definitely would not obey me due to my relationship with Uncle Gu or with Uncle Gu’s command.”

“Then wouldn’t it be difficult to subdue them?” You XiaoMo sighed.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow, “Why should I subdue them?”

You XiaoMo replied, “For them to be helpers ah. Our enemy is the Vermillion Blood Clan. As they say, it is difficult to resist four hands with two fists. One more helper is an additional assistance, it’s a good thing for us.”

Ling Xiao gave a smile that was yet not a smile, “You couldn’t have forgotten that we made this trip not to find helpers, but to look for Uncle Gu to ask about the Dragon Clan bloodline from my father?”

You XiaoMo was embarrassed, “Since it was convenient.”

“All right, let’s speak of the matter at another time. I’ll reluctantly subdue them if they deserve to be subdued by me. If they’re not worthy, you should curb your evil instincts. Not just any person can become my companion.” Ling Xiao stood up, “Let’s return to our room. We’re setting off early tomorrow morning.”

You XiaoMo hurriedly stuffed the little tortoise in his clothes and grabbed the two remaining steamed buns on the plate before chasing after Ling Xiao.

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