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Chapter 519: A Fight

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The White Bone Town’s inn was rather simple and crude. When they arrived and made their way around the town, this was the only inn they found that was clean enough. The rooms weren’t classified by quality, one night cost five spirit gems regardless whether it was good or bad, luckily the bed was big enough and the service could be said to be considerate.

The reason You XiaoMo complained because it was as expensive as a first class room in the hotel of the Central City. He really wanted to bargain with the inn owner, but Ling Xiao didn’t want him to embarrass himself.

Back to the room, You XiaoMo took off his shoes and climbed on to the bed.

The bed in the inn was an older style wooden platform bed (pic), there was no decoration, not even canopy curtains. To someone that was accustomed to sleeping on a soft bed, he was a bit unable to adapt at first.

After that, You XiaoMo took out the demon beast’s Life Crystal that he got from the exchange back in ZhongTing trade fair.

He had a total of four Life Crystals, but he only had one that was a level eleven demon beast’s Life Crystal. Except this one, he planned to give all the remains to PiQiu and the rest.

Ling Xiao cast a Restriction barrier around the room to prevent the aura of the Life Crystal from getting out, since it could lure in the thirsty demon beasts. Since it was the Life Crystal of a level eleven demon beast, it was a great temptation to the same level demon beasts.

The Life Crystal had a crimson color and was half the size of You XiaoMo’s fist.

When he took out the Life Crystal from the bottle, a strong aura of a demon beast quickly pervaded the room, as if there was truly a demon beast stalking their prey.

Fortunately there was a Restriction Barrier, or else this powerful aura of a demon beast would sweep across the whole White Bone Town.

You XiaoMo sat down cross-legged and held the Life Crystal with one hand before placing it on his knee. After he informed Ling Xiao, he started to absorb the energy of the Life Crystal. The energy contained inside a level eleven demon beast’s Life Crystal was extremely powerful, just like the dead Six-winged Divine Tiger of the Paradise Realm at that time, her cultivation was only level nine, yet her son only needed her Life Crystal for its cultivation to rapidly advance.

But the circumstance was still different.

The little Six-winged Divine Tiger’s level was very low, which was why he could jump up several levels at one time, but You XiaoMo was not the same, his cultivation was now at middle-grade level ten, each grade he advanced needed a massive amount of energy.

The crimson Life Crystal’s energy was being absorbed uninterruptedly, and its color faded with time. Inside his mind was a vortex that looked like a galaxy, the luminous fragments surrounded in the middle and started to change into a deep purple. This was the sign of advancing to high grade level ten.

As the energy continued to replenish, the rotation speed of the luminous fragments started to accelerate faster. Layer after layer, the color gradually changed from purple to a deeper color, and when the luminous fragments completely changed into a deep violet color, the crystal in the center of the vortex began to tremble.

You XiaoMo’s body was also trembling fiercely.

Ling Xiao stood up all of sudden. At the same time, the ground was also shaking as if there was an earthquake, followed by an intense scream spreading throughout the small White Bone town.

At this moment, a knock came from the door.

Ling Xiao opened the door, standing outside was the inn’s owner, the owner didn’t wait for him to speak up, as he quickly talked, “My guest, I forgot to tell you, the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges often has a fights at night, so you mustn’t go out at night to avoid being involved.”

“What fight?”

“I’m not really sure myself, but I heard it’s a fight between two level eleven powerhouses. Although it doesn’t happen every night, there are at least seven to eight fights within a month, and the length of each fight varies.”

“How long does it usually take?”

“It will probably end before dawn.”

Ling Xiao closed the door, before dawn was it? So troublesome!

Although the two mysterious powerhouses didn’t fight each other within little White Bone town, the town was still being affected as, occasionally, a violent shake in the ground would occur. The people of White Bone town had grown accustomed to it, but the newly arrivals weren’t, thus swearing could be heard from time to time.

This situation lasted for around three hours, as the sun started to rise.

Everyone had the same thought, had it finally stopped?

But it only calmed down for fifteen minutes when all of sudden, a loud explosion occurred to the south of White Bone town, followed by a more violent shake than before that could knock down houses.

The inn’s guests started running out one after another to the main street.

Ling Xiao opened the window and looked outside, he immediately saw a blazing sky to the south, ten meters away from White Bone town. The two powerful auras were gathered in that direction; this was the cause of the earthquake.

Except the two of them, every other guest had run out to the street, even the inn owner, as he was also in a panic.

“My god, why did they come so close to White Bone town to fight? If they come any closer, this whole White Bone town will be heavily affected.”

“It was quite unusual this time, I remember before they clearly would never set foot near White Bone town, was there any unforeseen events this time?”

“Everyone should try to find a place to hide first.”

According to the usual routine, the two powerhouses would only fight inside the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges, however this time, they unexpectedly ran out of the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges to fight. Everyone couldn’t guarantee those two wouldn’t move the fight to White Bone town. Since everybody all treasured their lives, they quickly evacuated and ran to the opposite direction of the fight.

At this moment, the inn owner suddenly stopped, he looked up to Ling Xiao’s windows direction, “My guest, you should also quickly evacuate, or else trouble will come when their fight reaches here.”

Ling Xiao didn’t respond back.

The inn owner saw him not respond. He shook his head and then ran away at all costs. He was just being kind and warned him, if the man didn’t listen to him, it wasn’t his problem.

To everyone’s expectation, the two powerhouses brought their fight from the south to the emptied White Bone town. Each lift of their hands and each move of their legs was like heaven falling and earth rending. The two figures, one black and the other one white, moved as fast as lightning, just like the Black and White impermanence doing their job at reaping life.

t/n: The Heibai Wuchang, literally “Black and White Impermanence”, are two deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the Underworld. As their names suggest, they are dressed in black and white respectively.

The two rows of old houses standing quietly on street also got caught up in their fight; they collapsed one after another into piles of ruins. If You XiaoMo was conscious right now, he would definitely give a compliment to the prediction of the White Bone town’s people.

After that, the two figures suddenly separated.

Coincidentally, standing in the middle of them was the inn Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo stayed in, if those two both made a move, this inn would very likely also collapse.

“You lunatic, why are you so excited today?” The man in white indifferently glanced at the White Bone town that had turned into ruins in one night, his eyes showed no sign of sentimentally. He looked at the man in black standing the opposite of him; his voice was cold but felt a bit familiar.

The man in black held up the dagger in his hand to lick the blood on the knife tip. His pale face showed a ominous look. The blood was from the man in white, but the man in black himself was also injured, his left arm had a 10cm cut and blood was dripping profusely.

“What, you can’t stand anymore?” The man in black laughed with a hoarse voice.

The man in white opened his fan, this fan wasn’t just for decoration, this was his weapon. Earlier he used the hilt of the fan to cause the wound on the arm of the man in black. “Ah, you should care about yourself first.”

“This little wound is nothing. If you are still able to act so calmly like that, then take one more hit from me.” The man in black ignored his bleeding arm, the dagger in his hand glinted in the light as he laughed wickedly.

The man in white’s face became serious. He held the silvery white fan in front of his chest and suddenly, a bright light burst out from the fan, it looked similar to ring of light from a solar eclipse. A moment later, he waved the fan and a violent storm came toward the man in black before it swept him away.

The spiritual energy inside the body of the man in black quickly surged up. The dagger inside his hand seemed to have spiritual intelligence, as it also immediately burst out a bright light that didn’t lose to the fan. However, it was a dark light, but it could still almost be seen in the darkness of the night. A fierce slash of sword energy in the shape of a half moon slammed into the storm.

Once the two forces met, the whole White Bone town would definitely be reduced into nothing.

As the two forces were about to collide, a golden light like a halo suddenly came from the intacted inn below and blocked the two forces.

When the storm and the sword energy slash striked the halo, the halo suddenly burst into intense golden sparkles. The violent rotation of the storm was stopped abruptly and disappeared within the next second. The sword energy slash also lost its spiritual intelligence and *Bang*, exploded into tiny fragments.

After stopping the danger, that golden light returned back to the inn.

The two of them were shocked, “Who is it?”

“Three seconds, scram or die!” Coming out from the inn was a cold voice, the tone was mellow and indifferent, yet it echoed throughout the whole White Bone town.

Both of them were mad and scared. They had ruled over the Ghost Tomb Mountain Ranges for over thousand of years and this was the first time they met someone who dared to order them to scram. To say they weren’t mad was not possible, but they definitely felt a bit terrified.

To block their attack with just one move wasn’t something an ordinary person could do.

“May I ask who are you, sir?” The man in white wasn’t as stubborn as the man in black, he quickly lowered his attitude. Regardless of the strength of the other party, to be able to stop their attacks that easily, that person’s strength must definitely be above them. Since the person’s identity was unclear, taking a step back was a smarter move.

The voice inside the inn didn’t reply.

The man in white was irritated, he said no more and just turned around to leave. Although the man in black wasn’t happy, he still left with him.

I cannot comprehend what I translated anm >_>

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