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Chapter 48

“Xian sheng,” A quiet voice informed outside of the carriage, “We have found a child who is suitable. Is Xian sheng interested in seeing the child?”

Mo Shu looked at the person in his arms, whose eyes slightly widened due to the report. He replied indifferently, “No need, just arrange them appropriately.”

“Yes.” After a respectful answer was given out, the halted wheels moved again.

Nan Ge Er blinked a little and glanced at Mo Shu, “That is the fourth time we found a child during the journey, isn’t it?”

Mo Shu nodded, “As compared to a war-less era, it is quite a lot indeed.”

“Three from Bei Jun’s borders.” Nan Ge Er whispered, “Even if there aren’t any wars at the moment, Bei Jun probably is still in the worst state out of all.”

“Maybe a war will start not long after.” Mo Shu mused.

“But, it has nothing to do with you or me.” Nan Ge Er smiled, “It belongs to the world outside.” He appeared to be telling it to Mo Shu, while also seemingly emphasizing it to himself.

During the time spent in contact with those Guang Tian citizens living outside, Nan Ge Er noticed that to them, the vast world outside was merely an enormous training center. They were drilled, gained experiences and achieved outstanding abilities there. However, they would still return to their starting point in the end. Each of them did what they were capable of and built up their home, beautifying that place, which had already greatly exceeded the outside world to begin with, more and more.

An absurd thought even came up in Nan Ge Er’s mind. He felt that in the eyes of Guang Tian’s citizens, the world outside was just a thing that was subservient to Guang Tian.

The most intrinsic essence and the core of this world was in Guang Tian.

So long as Guang Tian wasn’t in turmoil, even if the four countries slipped into a war, the root of the world would still be unharmed.

This made him curious even more—what exactly was the existence of Guang Tian to this world?

But at present, there was a more pressing issue.

“Mo Shu.”

Mo Shu looked at Nan Ge Er; his composed eyes revealed a tender expression that was never once displayed in front of others.

“Are many people in Guang Tian orphans from outside too?”

Mo Shu nodded, “Yes. My mother is originally an orphan from the outside.” He had no intentions of hiding anything from Nan Ge Er, so he stated that openly. “She was found and brought back to Guang Tian. In the end, she met my father and married him.”

Sure enough, Mo Shu didn’t know anything at all…

“How did your mother leave the world?” After a brief pondering, Nan Ge Er asked again.

“My mother died from an illness when I was an infant.” Mo Shu stated collectedly—as though an adult who had accepted his mother’s death long ago.

Hearing that, Nan Ge Er shot a glance at Mo Shu involuntarily—his expression was exceedingly peaceful and calm.

The calm and peacefulness was almost kind of cruel.

He would never know what sort of helpless and despairing reality was hidden behind the past he thought he had.

However, at the moment, Nan Ge Er sincerely felt, it was fortunate that Mo Shu didn’t know the things happening on his parents in the past.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault.

Neither was it anyone’s mistake.

If delving into it really is a must, then, the blame can only be pushed irresponsibly onto fate.

But the consequence of knowing the truth is a hard pill to swallow for a typical person—even Mo Shu might be affected too.

I think that Mo Shu is fine as he is now. He has strong faith in the things he firmly believes, guards over the treasure in his heart, is relied on and trusted by so many people, and protects Guang Tian. He is as though a towering mountain in their heart, never even wavering once.

He always has his gaze directed to the front. He is always so competent and clever; always so formidable.

The shadow in his heart, the cruel truth, and the decaying flesh he hid behind him; I hope I can become one of the members that bury those away.

A protector while also being protected; countlessly linked bonds, an inseparable responsibility.

This is probably the relationship Guang Tian has with Mo Shu.

Nan Ge Er’s sudden silence made Mo Shu lift Nan Ge Er’s chin up to take a look at him, “What’s wrong?”

Nan Ge Er came back to his senses, before smiling and shaking his head, “Nothing,” He extended his neck, trying to view the scenery outside, “The weather has turned warmer.” Of course, since his waist was held firmly by Mo Shu, he could only stretch his waist halfheartedly before giving up.

“Mn.” Mo Shu uttered, “We will reach Guang Tian in five more days.”

Nan Ge Er nodded his head, “This trip seems to be rather long.”

Mo Shu only chuckled. He picked up a strand of hair beside Nan Ge Er’s cheeks, toying it with his hand.

Actually, it wasn’t that long. He only felt the trip was lengthy because he had a huge change in mentality.

Not everyone could have the luck of letting the past go or meet a person who was able to renew their feeling of trust, when they were in absolute despair.

Nan Ge Er knew he had tried his best, and lived a difficult life.

Good and bad, joy and anguish, poverty and glory; I’ve tried them all.

That is also precisely why I can let my past go.

In a human’s lifetime, de-si-re, loneliness, and grief are all a misery; even bliss will turn into misery in the end.

So much hardships.

But now, I only wish I can live my life peacefully; that is enough.

“When we get back, let’s buy a few more plum trees to grow.” Nan Ge Er spoke suddenly.

Mo Shu, who was smelling the fragrance of Nan Ge Er’s hair with his head lowered, lifted his head and answered inattentively, “Hm? Alright.”

“I wonder if the preserved food we stored at home have begun turning moldy.”

“Someone will help dry them in the sun.” Mo Shu gave an absent-minded reply, his fingers gently touching Nan Ge Er’s delicate nape.

“Will the animals at home get hungry?”

“Someone will take care of them.”

“There must be a pile of work waiting in the government office.”

“Zhu Xi is destined to be a worrywart.” Mo Shu stated irresponsibly

See? Everything really is taken care of and arranged well.

“What exactly is Guang Tian?”

Mo Shu only curbed his nonchalant attitude when Nan Ge Er spout out those words. He moved his face towards Nan Ge Er’s cheeks and rubbed them a little, “Xiao Nan, you want to know about it?”

Nan Ge Er shot a side glance at Mo Shu, “If you aren’t willing to talk, or feel inconvenienced about it, I can refuse to know about it.”

“That isn’t the case at all.” Mo Shu whispered, “I feel that you really want to know it.”

He didn’t notice he was revealing a rare infatuated look. He just kept winding around Nan Ge Er naturally.

“Alright,” Mo Shu’s ignorance didn’t mean that Nan Ge Er was dense about it as well, hence Nan Ge Er smiled, “I want to know, so please tell me.”

Actually, he didn’t really find it all that important, which was why he asked it together with those insignificant questions.

Since, in any case, no matter what kind of place Guang Tian was, he still had nowhere else to go after all. Or should he say, there would never be a place that could give him a sense of belonging like Guang Tian.

“Do you know of the ‘Mo1’?” Mo Shu smiled.


Nan Ge Er had a shock initially.

In this world, Mo obviously wasn’t a gentle creature that ate nightmares in the legends or the endangered animal that existed in real life.

Instead, it was a type of frightening man-eating beast, similar to a calamity-like curse.

For example, if someone did a heinous act, when others cursed about the person, they would say that the person would be eaten by a Mo sooner or later, and would die a graveless death— such and such.

In other words, it was akin to a heavenly punishment.

Nan Ge Er was a little bewildered by Mo Shu’s sudden question.

“Once a person becomes Guang Tian’s leader, no matter the reason behind the surname the person had previously, it must be changed to ‘Mo’2” Mo Shu continued as such.

“Oh…” Nan Ge Er blinked his eyes blankly.

Don’t tell me it meant what I thought it meant?!

“Actually, the real truth isn’t that.” When Mo Shu noticed Nan Ge Er’s blank expression, he started chuckling, before stroking his head, “Actually, those with the surname ‘Mo’ are the masters of every country in the world.”


This time, Nan Ge Er really was in shock. His butt sprang up from Mo Shu’s embrace at once. He looked at Mo Shu with bright shining eyes, waiting for the next part.

Glancing at Nan Ge Er’s expression, Mo Shu couldn’t control himself from laughing all of a sudden, his laughter gradually getting louder. In the end, he hugged Nan Ge Er tight, guffawing carefreely.

Nan Ge Er was pressed onto Mo Shu’s chest, his head filled with black lines—Why do you look at me and laugh?

And, where’s the next part?

Do you think you can drop the matter by laughing?

“Xiao Nan looks…so gossipy.” Mo Shu commented discontinuously while chortling.

Is this even gossip?!

This is a downright colossal secret, ok?!

You treat gossipy matters so seriously while, instead, make such a major matter out to be a gossip!

Is your brain completely fried?!


1According to wiki: Mo (貘) was the standard Chinese name for the giant panda from the 3rd century BCE to the 19th century CE, but in 1824, the French sinologist Jean-Pierre Abel-Rémusat mistakenly identified the mo as the recently discovered black-and-white Malayan tapir, which never inhabited China in historical times. In Japan mythology, Mo(Baku) are Japanese supernatural beings that are said to devour dreams and nightmares

2Adopting the surname ‘Mo’: Since Mo is a frightening man-eating beast that dishes out heavenly punishments, Nan Ge Er immediately understood the importance of adopting the name of a fearsome creature as a surname.

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