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Chapter 50

When they returned to Guang Tian, Zhu Xi was the one welcoming them at the gates.

He even brought along a huge group of people, who circled Nan Ge Er and the others that came back.

Noticing Nan Ge Er, although a bit listless, was obviously much more intimate with Mo Shu than before his departure from Guang Tian, Zhu Xi raised his brows.

Nan Ge Er guessed he probably had something to say to him, but at the moment, he wanted to speak with the doctor even more than him.

Once Mo Shu stepped into Guang Tian, he was dragged towards the government office straightaway by Zhu Xi—allegedly, the whole office was crammed with documents that needed to be handled…

Perhaps because they had returned to Guang Tian, the rest of the group, except for the deliverers, scattered like a pile of sand in an instant. Each of them chit-chatted noisily, as they cheerfully made arrangements with one another to have some tea and drinks, or hunt in the mountain.

When Nan Ge Er found the doctor busying himself with inspecting everyone’s health among the crowd, he moved towards him and pulled on his sleeve.

Since the doctor was busy, he didn’t even lift his head up, “If you have no business with me, go somewhere else.”

“Doctor…” Nan Ge Er twitched his lips as he called out to him softly.

The doctor only raised his head when he heard Nan Ge Er’s voice, before glancing at him reluctantly, “What is it?”

“…I want to meet his mother.” Afraid that others might eavesdrop, Nan Ge Er lowered his voice and made his words vague.

The muscular guy, who was having his pulse currently taken by the doctor, perked his ears up, his face plastered with gossip.

“Go look for the advisor.” The doctor clutched the fellow’s wrist tightly, dragging him away at once, “Kiddo, you still want some gossip even when you are already injured?!”

“Heeeeelp! I don’t want bitter medicineeeee!” The macho guy wailed while being dragged away by the skinny doctor.

I just feel that, Guang Tian is filled with air that can be described with ‘囧1

Nan Ge Er thought silently in his heart as he looked at that scrawny yet fearless back of the doctor a little speechlessly.

Although he slandered the poor atmosphere of Guang Tian, he still tactfully went over to the government office in search of Advisor Zhu Xi.

Ignoring Mo Shu’s eager and expectant gaze, Nan Ge Er walked out of the study room with Zhu Xi and started their conversation in front of the fake mountain outside.

After the tiny gradual changes in the passing years, that dilapidated government office in the past had become presentable too.

Of course, now, Nan Ge Er knew the government office wasn’t poor at all. The decrepit appearance the office had then was just because Mo Shu was too much of a wastrel and didn’t have much sense in managing finance.

Strictly speaking, Guang Tian actually was an affluent place. The minor taxes paid every year was enough to cover Guang Tian’s annual development and the government office’s expenses.

Just that…

Anyway, all of that was credited to Mo Shu’s talent in being a spendthrift.

“I went over to the doctor today…wanting to meet…” Nan Ge Er turned his head slightly, looking towards the direction of the study room Mo Shu worked in, “his honorable mother. The doctor directed me to you.”

Zhu Xi stood beside him, gazing at koi fishes cruising around the crystal clear pond below the fake mountain.

“Although I don’t know why he said that to me, I guess you probably can give me an answer, right?” Nan Ge Er looked at Zhu Xi as he asked.

Zhu Xi was completely different from Mo Shu.

He was handsome, robust and imposing, looking more suited to a heroic knight role instead of an administrative job like an advisor.

Zhu Xi kept his silence for a long while, without uttering a word.

Nan Ge Er was patient too. He gazed at the colorful fishes swimming in the pond as well.

“I wonder if you are free, Xiao Nan.” Zhu Xi spoke suddenly, “My mother said she hadn’t seen you for a long time and wanted to invite you over for lunch.”

Nan Ge Er turned his sight to Zhu Xi.

However, Zhu Xi didn’t look at him. He only stared at the pond while speaking calmly.

“Sure.” Nan Ge Er let out a light chuckle all of a sudden, “It has been a while since I saw Auntie Zhu; I miss her too.”

“Let’s go then.” Zhu Xi nodded, “Let me notify Mo Shu.”

Nan Ge Er nodded.

After promising to Mo Shu that he would return soon, the two of them realized that it was almost time, hence they walked towards Zhu Xi’s house.

Auntie Zhu was the most famous matchmaker in Guang Tian. Being candid and warm-hearted, she had a fantastic relationship with the people in Guang Tian.

Of course, she was especially capable too.

Noticing the sudden arrival of Nan Ge Er, Auntie Zhu was slightly astonished. Nonetheless, she swiftly cooked up a sumptuous lunch, inviting Nan Ge Er, the rare visitor, to eat.

The weather today was great. Zhu Xi’s father didn’t go out for work either, so the four of them sat around the table in the courtyard, having a pleasant lunch together under the gentle sunlight.

After lunch, Zhu Xi took Nan Ge Er back to the government office.

When passing through a quiet alley, Zhu Xi, who was walking in front, turned over abruptly to Nan Ge Er, “I heard that you saw Mo Shu killing people during the trip.”

Nan Ge Er froze before nodding, “Yes.” After smiling lightly, he continued, “I really was shocked then. I finally realized the reason for the worries you all had when I initially left Guang Tian.”

“Even though you got shocked, you still ended up standing here calmly.” Zhu Xi turned to the front again and started walking.

Nan Ge Er pondered for a bit, “Mn, right.” Actually, it was a little strange, but when he thought about the experiences he had, he felt his calmness about it wasn’t really bizarre at all.

If not for the extreme torment he suffered, the care he got from Mo Shu, and the interest he had in living…

He definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

If the one experiencing all of it was him who had just arrived this world, that innocent, pure student might really choose to take that amnesia medicine.

Not everyone can sleep peacefully beside a ferocious tiger. I can only do that because I had teetered on the brink of death numerous times, so my senses had already become blunt.

“I heard that you even dispelled Mo Shu’s plans of destroying Bei Jun.”

Nan Ge Er laughed faintly once he heard that, “I just think there isn’t a need for that much trouble, you know? Do you think it is as simple as a child’s play, you can destroy it just by saying so?” Although Mo Shu might truly have the ability to do it, it is still too much of a trouble, isn’t it?

“It isn’t child’s play.” Zhu Xi turned towards him abruptly, answering with his eyes fixed on Nan Ge Er, “In the past, a person with the surname ‘Mo’ did destroy a country once.”

Nan Ge Er was at a loss for words.

“You probably know this rumor ‘when the tapir emerges, the heaven collapses’.”

The meaning of the phrase was, when that legendary tapir emerged, everything would fall into ruins. The world would get caught in a catastrophe, while countless people would be buried together with the continent.

The smile on Nan Ge Er’s face was frozen solid.

“Congratulations, you’ve saved the entire outside world.” All of a sudden, Zhu Xi changed his solemnly cold expression, revealing a ghost of a smile.

“Savior of the world?”

What the heck. I have nothing to do with that Ha-something Po-something, ok?

Although Nan Ge Er knew the mindset he had was completely different from Zhu Xi, he still dissed in his heart involuntarily.

“Anyway, you’re sort of doing a good deed.” Zhu Xi laughed for a short while, “Guang Tian’s leader has the surname ‘Mo’; in turn, the advisor must adopt the surname ‘Zhu’.”

“Oh…” Since this information was something Mo Shu didn’t talk about, Nan Ge Er widened his eyes

“As the criteria for the selection of leaders is particularly harsh, basically almost every single leader elected has some kind of emotional deficiency. Thus, an advisor is needed to balance these flaws, to make up for the negative consequences caused by the leaders’ emotional deficiency.” Zhu Xi explained, “So, the advisors need to be someone from a healthy, peaceful family, while also possessing good morals and deep understanding of positive and negative human emotions and relationship.” After saying that, Zhu Xi continued, “Mother and Father are close to each other. When I was five, they brought me together to move to Jun Yao and invited locally famous teachers to educate me. I’ve had quite a lot of friends since young; except knowing that I’m from Guang Tian, I’m rather similar to any other child from the outside world.”

No wonder I feel that you are normal, something that is exceedingly rare in Guang Tian!

“Mo Shu is Mother’s eldest son.” All of a sudden, Zhu Xi added that weirdly.

Nan Ge Er was still processing the explanations Zhu Xi told him just then, so he couldn’t react to it at the moment.

Mother’s eldest son…what does this mean?


Nan Ge Er’s eyes broadened at once, staring straight at Zhu Xi.

“That’s right, as a matter of fact, he is my elder brother.” Zhu Xi stated flatly.

If an expression must be used to describe Nan Ge Er’s current emotion, he thought using six black dots were the best for it.

However, as he glanced at Zhu Xi, he felt that he probably should say something.

“Ahem, you appear to be more mature and steady than Mo Shu.” After a long daze, such a dry, ridiculous sentence squeezed out of Nan Ge Er’s mouth.

Zhu Xi widened his eyes slightly, before guffawing a little uncontrollably, “As expected of Nan Ge Er…haha…giving an unexpected reaction like this. I thought you’d be flabbergasted…haha…”

Oi, of course I’m flabbergasted! Which of your eyes see me being unfazed?!

I’m so stunned, my mind even went blank from it, ok?!

Even if I have a habitual lack of expression in my face, you can’t just ignore the daze in my eyes!

Nan Ge Er twitched his lips, unable to utter any words.


1囧(jiong): a kind of emoticon(as it looks like a face), commonly used to express ideas or feelings such as annoyance, shock, embarrassment, awkwardness, etc.

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September 5, 2018 4:48 pm

Woowww, I got a shock, zhu xi!
I love this novel so much, it’s flowing prettily

September 6, 2018 10:19 am

Σ(゚д゚;) T-this!
The plot twist isn’t they being brothers, but the fact that Zhu Xi is actually younger than Mo Shu! He always gave the impression of being a bit older than Mo Shu!
And it’s quite impressive that the lil bro was the one chosen to be the advisor….
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I’m shook. I didn’t expected it at all that Zhu Xi is Mo Shu’s brother… but then I remembered I read about ‘Mo Shu’s mother almost miscarried…’, that means.. They’re real brothers right??!! *still trying to digest the information and stares blankly at the screen*
Anyway, thank you sooo much for the translations and all of your hard work, guys!! *bows*

October 5, 2018 7:37 pm

To think that Lil Pumpkin thought they were lovers before, the truth is they’re actually brothers. How thrilling.

March 11, 2019 7:31 pm

He is his brother and MO Shu doesn’t know. Pitiful. But he’s at his side, that counts for something.
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Oh. I feel sad for Mo Shu’s father and Zhu Xi (maybe Zhu Xi’s father too) that knows the truth. Aunty Zhu and Mo Shu didn’t know, so they are blissful in their ignorance but imagine Zhu Xi feeling facing Mo Shu once he was told that before. As Advisor was chosen from a “happy, loving and stable family”.

I had a fleeting thought that Mo Shu’s mother is the kitchen helper aunty before. It surprised me that it is Aunty Zhu and Zhu Xi having that position. Truly didn’t see that coming.

June 19, 2021 10:42 pm

One thing I’m a little vague about… Mo Shu’s mother was given the medicine to erase her shocking memory… but what about Mo Shu? Why doesn’t he remember what she looked like?
Loving this story.
Thank you for translating.

February 22, 2022 6:08 am

the moment xiao nan asked the advisor that he wanted to see mo shu’s mother but then he simply replied that he wanted to invite xiao nan for a meal with his own mother, i already had a hunch that mo shu and zhu xi are brothers and the matchmaker aunt is his amnesiac mother

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