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Chapter 53

Never am I willing to mull over too much; I only wish to live my life day by day. However, humans just can’t control how they think.


After a long quiet moment of locking eyes with Mo Shu, Nan Ge Er let out an abrupt smile silently. He sat onto Mo Shu’s legs, tugging on Mo Shu’s lapel.

Mo Shu didn’t utter a word. He simply reached his hand out, protecting Nan Ge Er from falling off accidentally.

Do you know what I want to do now?

Nan Ge Er looked at Mo Shu with a turn of his head, attempting to find a clue from his expression.

However, Mo Shu merely looked at him back, no difference in his expression.

“Mo Shu,” he called out to him softly.

Instead of answering, Mo Shu just fixed his gaze at him.

“You really are cunning.”Even I..even I am willing to nibble away any bit of resistance in me because of you.

It was unknown if Mo Shu understood the meaning behind Nan Ge Er’s sentence. He curled his lips up, forming a light smile, as he reached out to stroke Nan Ge Er’s hair.


“I don’t like you,” Nan Ge Er muttered with his head buried. “I don’t like this place.” For making me revive again, letting me be able to get injured and be miserable.

“Mn.” Mo Shu chuckled lightly. With his head lowered, he kissed Nan Ge Er’s forehead.

Nan Ge Er slightly broke Mo Shu’s shackles when he lifted his head, straightened his body, tilted his head up, and landed a gentle kiss onto Mo Shu’s lips.

“Do whatever you like.”

The wind of the midsummer soared past outside the windows, tousling the rustling leaves of the tree beside the window. The cicadas on the treetop rest for a moment before singing brightly along with the wind.

Peddlers hollered on the streets with their goods at their back. Faint noises of children playfully dashing past could be heard, as well as the whispers from passers-by.

Yet, the clamor was tranquil.

Just like the heartbeats thumping against his chest — chaotic yet peaceful.

Mo Shu froze initially, before reaching his hand out and stroking Nan Ge Er’s head, “There’s no need to force yourself.”

“No, I am not,” Nan Ge Er snuggled his head into Mo Shu’s arms, shaking his head. “I just feel a need to do it.” Since they were mutually in love, it was obviously natural for them to take this step forward.

This step was a result occurring naturally under the right conditions.

He lifted his head, “Mo Shu, don’t you want to?”

Mo Shu perked up his lips while poking Nan Ge Er’s cheeks, “You…”


“-r face is so red.”

Nan Ge Er’s face boiled in fury once he heard that. He howled lowly with a tint of irritation in his voice, while pretending as though he was going to climb off the bed, “Are you going to do it or not? If not, I’m off.”

Mo Shu that bastard!

Mo Shu grabbed Nan Ge Er’s wrist in a swoop, gripping it. He raised it up to his lips and kissed Nan Ge Er’s fingers tenderly, “Since Xiao Nan presented such an invitation to me, how can I be so insensitive to reject it?”

“Oh scram, will you?” Nan Ge Er snarled while beginning to struggle away from his clutches. Who in the world invited you? Keep dreaming on, you scoundrel!

“No way.” With his other hand, Mo Shu gently yet forcefully hooked onto Nan Ge Er’s waist, stopping him from escaping. “How can I ignore a delicacy offered right at my doorstep?” He kissed Nan Ge Er’s fingertips meticulously, sucking on his skin.

Who the hell is a delicacy?! You’re the one who’s a delicacy; your whole family are the ones who are a delicacy!

Nan Ge Er thrashed around noisily, but of course, he could never win against the Great Official Mo who had a maxed out level in strength; he was swiftly suppressed. Due to his energy being exhausted by the struggling, his entire body ended up lying flat on top of Mo Shu, letting him do as he pleased to it.

Mo Shu’s tongue fell onto Nan Ge Er’s chest.

The flimsy summer clothes had already been stripped away. Mo Shu’s hand, previously grasping onto Nan Ge Er’s wrist, had shifted its location as well, hastily caressing the body of the person in his arms.

Nan Ge Er’s nude skin was exposed out to the summer air. Although it wasn’t freezing, that uneasiness of losing a cover made Nan Ge Er seemingly afraid to lift his head and face Mo Shu.

However, Mo Shu’s gradually hurried pants made his face flush crimson red, panicking him.

The rapid heartbeats, as though just right beside his ears, were deafeningly loud, disorienting him.

He couldn’t make out whether the heartbeats belonged to him or Mo Shu.

Both of their bodies leaned closely against each other, blazing hot yet causing a shudder.

Once the image of the scene he would encounter later popped into his mind, he lost the courage to face it.

Am I actively seducing Mo Shu by doing this?

Though Mo Shu’s reactions still aggravates me.

When Mo Shu’s hand slid down Nan Ge Er’s waistline and came in contact with the organ both of them possessed, Nan Ge Er let out a soft gasp, trembling involuntarily.

“Be good,” Mo Shu kissed Nan Ge Er’s blushing cheeks, “it will be fine.”

Of course you’ll be fine, you bastard! The one who won’t be fine later on is me, you idiot! Nan Ge Er dissed in his heart chaotically.

“…Mo Shu…” With a bit of difficulty, he raised his head while gasping, pressing against Mo Shu’s chest—Mo Shu’s heart was throbbing speedily under his palm.

As though startled, Nan Ge Er let go at once.

While holding Nan Ge Er’s member and moving his hand up and down, Mo Shu lifted his head, smiling towards Nan Ge Er, “…What is it?”

That thing of yours…is poking me.

Nan Ge Er really wanted to spit the sentence out bluntly.

Nonetheless, the words spilled out from his mouth were feeble, interspersed with pants, “…I’m inexperienced; please be gentle…”

He wished he could just sink through the floor the moment he finished his sentence.

After being briefly stunned, Mo Shu beamed, gazing at Nan Ge Er’s absent-minded look with a coddling expression.

“Kiss me then.”

Nan Ge Er felt that his face couldn’t get any redder. If it blushed even more than that, his veins really would burst.

Nan Ge Er glanced at Mo Shu’s face.

He actually has a serious look on his face…

Nan Ge Er clenched his teeth, moving towards Mo Shu to give a peck on his lips, before licking a little, “Is this enough?”I really am scared! Damn it; I shouldn’t have relented! Ughh!!

Noticing how pitiful Nan Ge Er looked, Mo Shu couldn’t stop himself from chuckling slightly. He shifted closer, kissing Nan Ge Er’s lips hard. His tongue entered from the seam of Nan Ge Er’s lips, intertwining with the other’s tongue.

At the same time, something a little chilly threaded its way agilely inside Nan Ge Er’s body in the midst of Nan Ge Er’s trance. It moved back and forth, enlarging the region.

Nan Ge Er’s body tightened up, nervous—What’s that?!

“Don’t be afraid.” Mo Shu kissed Nan Ge Er’s face to soothe him, “I will be very careful.”

“…” As matters stood, Nan Ge Er threw caution to the wind too.

Not a word more was uttered. Nan Ge Er simply stomached the sense of strange disharmony emitted from his body, attempting to place all of his focus on the stimulus provided by Mo Shu in front of him.

However, as he body wasn’t used to it, he kept feeling unaccustomed and unwell. He was half limp in front, while his back was being fiddled with.

Trapping in a mixed state, feeling neither high nor low, was excruciating.

When Mo Shu increased to three fingers, Nan Ge Er finally couldn’t help himself from pleading, “…Mo Shu…”

“Be good.” Mo Shu merely gave Nan Ge Er’s clammy forehead a peck, yet another finger was still added mercilessly.

Tolerating pain was a common occurrence for Nan Ge Er; the reason he begged involuntarily was just that he was facing Mo Shu. Nevertheless, he did know it was a necessary process. Thus, he only called out once to Mo Shu weakly, before trying his best to breathe and relax his body as an attempt to improve his current uncomfortable situation.

Nan Ge Er’s silent endurance seemingly ached Mo Shu’s heart a little. He kissed Nan Ge Er’s cheeks, whispering, “You can let it out if it is painful.”

Nan Ge Er shook his head, smiling towards Mo Shu slightly forcefully, “No use letting it out.” Besides, since Mo Shu is still helping to prepare me when he himself finds it so unbearable that the words he utters are quivering, how can I possibly bear to complain?

“You really are…” Mo Shu caressed Nan Ge Er’s face gently, continuing after a short silence. “Xiao Nan, be good; endure it for a bit.” He kissed Nan Ge Er’s lips again.

Meanwhile, the lower part of his body shifted a little.

Nan Ge Er’s body tensed up for a moment, before flopping down on Mo Shu, as though every ounce of his energy was extracted away.

“Alright, alright.” Mo Shu patted Nan Ge Er’s back lightly. “I’m inside, it’s alright now.” He did his utmost to suppress the impulse to ravish him wildly, as he continued stroking Nan Ge Er’s shaft that had already turned flaccid.

After trembling slightly, Nan Ge Er mumbled, “Mo Shu, you bastard.”

“Yes, yes I am.” Mo Shu whispered back while moving gently, trying to probe the limits.

Nan Ge Er let out a mildly labored groan. Still, it didn’t stop him from rebuking again, “Why is there… ointment?” The volume of his moans fluctuated along with Mo Shu’s movements.

“Just in case.” Mo Shu bit down to control his thrusts while murmuring lowly.

“You beast!” Nan Ge Er hollered again.

Mo Shu gave a stifled smile a little helplessly, “Yes.”I admit it.

While he was agreeing, a few drops of sweat dripped down onto Nan Ge Er’s shoulders.

Noticing how arduous it was for Mo Shu to repress himself, Nan Ge Er deliberated for a while before suggesting, “You… just go on and move, since…ah…” since I don’t really feel any pleasure from it. I can’t keep making you suppress yourself, can I?

Before the sentence was even finished, it was cut off by sudden, frantic lunges.

You bastard! You are going too fast!

Nan Ge Er almost had tears bursting out.

Due to his position, and Mo Shu’s vigorous force, he felt as if his innards were about to be bumped out.

It hurts.

“Sorry…Xiao Nan…You…feel so good…Sorry…” While ramming in and out of Nan Ge Er madly, Mo Shu apologized in pants.

Mo Shu…looks so stunning.

Longing, delirious eyes, paired with an infatuated expression…

Alluring face; a body brimming with energy, yet as exquisitely elegant as a jade.

I made such a person tumble down to the world outside, and become crazy for me.

So many people and wonders in this world, yet all of them are easily obtainable objects to Mo Shu.

But I won his favor.

I wish to lament how did this come to be, yet I still feel ‘tremendously honored’ describes my feelings the best.

I feel honored for both myself and Mo Shu.

Never will there be a person like Mo Shu, nor will there be a person like me.

“It’s…alright…” Nan Ge Er raised his brows abruptly, displaying a smile, “It’s alright…Mo Shu…” Yes, I acknowledge this honor of mine.

The eyes of the person opposite of Nan Ge Er were filled with complete trust in him and tenderness that was usually concealed.

Mo Shu gazed deeply into Nan Ge Er’s eyes, before turning Nan Ge Er’s body around and pressing him down onto the bed. Leaning down, he exchanged an intense kiss with him.

“I love you,” He muttered out.

Nan Ge Er froze. Before he could respond to Mo Shu’s sentence, he gasped uncontrollably all of a sudden, “Mo…Mo Shu!”

Mo Shu slowed down when he first noticed Nan Ge Er’s strong reaction. Once he lowered his head and looked at the irrepressible lust emerging onto Nan Ge Er’s face, he understood the situation immediately.

“Mo Shu…no…hah…st…stop…” Nan Ge Er started writhing. What is this? It’s so scary! So it really is possible for men to feel pleasure doing it together?

Mo Shu revealed a smile so gorgeous; it was almost cruel. “No…can’t stop…” He moaned, thrusting vehemently at the spot fatally pleasurable to Nan Ge Er. “Isn’t it too unfair…if I’m the only one…feeling it?”

“…Ahh…Stop…” Nan Ge Er’s entire body quivered from the exceedingly frightening ecstasy. He even had tears spilling down his cheeks unconsciously.

The delicate watery sounds of friction got even more erotic in the silent room.

He could only feel that he was about to go crazy.

Every ounce of logic vanished into thin air, replaced by the pursuit of gratification.

“So cute; so obedient, so amazing…” when Mo Shu looked at the expression Nan Ge Er displayed as he sunk into madness, he couldn’t help himself from bending down and kissing him.

“You belong to me; my Xiao Nan.” Mo Shu whispered into Nan Ge Er’s ears repeatedly.

I can’t contain my line of thoughts. However, at the very least, I still can hold onto the current treasure I possess firmly and carefully in my palms.

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