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Remember this is an original novel written by Addis of ExR. This is not a translation.

Chapter Nineteen

Moaning into the kiss, Kai didn’t resist. Cian leaned into Kai, his rock hard body firm against Kai’s soft one.

Cian swept his tongue against Kai’s lips, seeking permission to enter. Cautiously, Kai opened for him, shuddering at the feeling of warmth against his lips. Not appreciating the angle of the kiss, Cian took his right arm and picked Kai up beneath his perky ass.

“Wrap your legs around me,” Cian breathed into the kiss. Obediently, Kai did as he was told. Cian’s right hand wrapped around the back of Kai’s head and held him in place as he ravaged the younger man’s mouth with his tongue.

Kai looped his arms around Cian’s neck, bringing their lips closer. Cian growled into their kiss and pushed Kai against the wall until his back was flush against it. As this was a new experience for Kai, his face began to turn red from lack of oxygen. Cian chuckled as he pulled away, “Breathe through your nose.”

Their kiss lasted until their lips were red and raw and saliva created several spider like threads between their mouths. Kai was gasping for breath, his entire body shuddering in Cian’s arms. Looking at the young boy who had his eyes closed, gasping for breath and his cheeks flushed a pale pink, Cian suddenly felt like he had accomplished something great. He shifted his arms that were still under Kai’s ass and wedged himself closer to cradle his hard length in between Kai’s thighs.

Gasping at the heat he felt through their clothes, Kai’s eyes flashed open and before he could let out an intoxicated moan, Cian claimed his lips once more. Even with their clothes a barrier between them, Cian rocked his hips into Kai, loving the sound of Kai’s breath hitching with every movement.

Cian bit down on Kai’s lower lip, hard enough to draw blood. His instincts were raging beneath his skin telling him to claim this small body beneath him and mark him with everything he had. Following this instinct, Cian released Kai’s lips and kissed along that pale neck, licking behind his ear before following that slight curve to just beneath Kai’s jugular.

Licking that area, Cian’s tongue danced out playfully before he nipped that ivory skin lightly. As if knowing what Cian wanted to do, Kai cried out, unable to speak, his own his rocking in time with Cian’s. He wanted all of their clothes gone, he wanted to feel Cian’s skin against his.

His teeth scraping lightly over Kai’s jugular, Cian’s revealed nothing but mind numbing ecstasy. He had lost all reason, nothing existed for him at that moment other than Kai.

A loud knock echoed thought the room, causing both of them to flinch, their actions halted and their minds slowly coming back to them. Kai was the first to react and let go of Cian, hiding his face into the older man’s chest as his cheeks burned furiously.

Cian felt regret at that moment Kai’s feet touched the ground. He had loved the feeling of Kai clinging onto him so desperately. Remembering the knock, Cian felt rage flow through him. Who had dared to disturb them!?

His touch gentle on Kai despite the rage flooding through him, Cian leaned down and kissed Kai lightly on the forehead before turning around and stomping towards the door. With three steps, Cian’s body flashed and he was gone from the room.

Kai was left against the wall in the small kitchen, his entire body trembling with feelings he had never felt before. Unable to control the trembling, Kai collapsed to the floor, his hands shaking violently. If someone where to see Kai at that moment, his eyes were flashing different colors, just like a kaleidoscope, and his pupils had narrowed to the point of just being slivers of black. He had lost control of holding back his dragon instincts, and they were flaring to the surface, changing his appearance.

Breathing in slowly, Kai looked at his trembling hands, his eyes locking on the scales on his left hand that looked like a ring. Slowly, Kai brought those scales up to his lips and kissed them tenderly. He felt as though he could feel Cian from those scales, as if this was part of their bond.

Wondering what was taking Cian so long, Kai stubbornly stood up on his fawn like legs and began to clean up the area in the kitchen. After that was complete, Kai went to the small living room and sat down, folding his legs beneath him as he reached out to his conscious, reciting the mantra Cian had taught him that would help him control the small dragon manifestations within him.

Hours began to creep by, Kai still focusing on his core as he waited for Cian to come back.

However, even as the sun rose high into the sky, signalling the next day, Cian had still not returned.


Sitting on a chair, with his legs propped up on the desk in front of him, Cian rubbed his temples trying to ease the throbbing headache. All he wanted to do was be next to Kai, however, even if his mate had finally realized everything, fate had made it so he could not be with his smaller lover.

The day before, just as Cian was about to finally claim Kai as his, one of his retainers had knocked on his door. Infuriated, he had stomped out to teach whoever had interrupted a lesson. But, when he saw the look of fear on his retainers face, Cian calmed down, demanding to ask what had happened.

The Academy was the focal point of the city, everything else revolved around it. Even the King had to listen to Cian’s opinions as he was the Headmaster. This time, though, the King had a request for Cian.

Starting a fortnight ago, children throughout Ludum began disappearing. The children were from poor families in the beginning, none of them older than ten. Each day, one would go missing. Then, the week before, three to four children were taken. The reason it finally caught the King’s attention was because two of his maids children had disappeared. With a total of over thirty children having completely vanished, the King decided to finally ask for help.

Missing children was not an uncommon occurrence, but with it happening in such a short span of time, something was going on that was not within the norm. The main reason the King decided to turn to Cian for help was because there was dark elemental residue left at every scene. Since Cian was from the Golden Winged Leopard tribe, he was more sensitive to dark magic than most others.

The King hoped that Cian could track down the kidnappers and bring back the missing children. The entire situation was a headache. He had left late the day before to find clues with Sitross, however, since the clues were already days old, it was hard to find a trail. The only thing they could do was wait for another to be taken.

Cian called for a meeting between all teachers in the Academy. Since they had students under the age of ten, it was highly likely one of their students could be next.

As he was musing over this, a soft knock startled him before he felt his blood begin to boil. Even before the door opened, Cian knew Kai was on the other side.

“Come in.” Cian called out trying not to let his emotions show in his voice. When Kai opened the door, poking his small head in, his eyes worried, Cian had to resit a laugh. Kai didn’t look Cian in the eyes as he stepped over the threshold, always watching his feet, his hands twisting in front of him.

His voice lower than a whisper, Kai began, “You didn’t come back, so I thought…”

Hearing the apprehension in his voice, Cian stood up and walked over to where the younger man had stopped in the room. Still staring at his feet, Kai bit his lower lips, chewing on it. Cian reached out his hand and touched Kai’s cheek softly with his fingertips. When Kai leaned in to them, Cian whispered, “You thought what?”

Still chewing on his lower lip, Kai whispered, “I thought maybe I had done something wrong.”

Shocked by this thought, Cian hissed in a breath, immediately reassuring, “No, you did nothing wrong.”

At this statement, Kai’s shoulders seemed to sink as if all the weight he was holding up had disappeared. He leaned in to Cian’s touch and finally looked into those green eyes. Cian then told Kai everything about what was occurring in the town. Kai’s face went from pale to a fiery red from his anger.

“We have to catch them!” He declared, his fists bunching at his sides.

Cian sighed, his fingers playing with Kai’s silver hair. “I want to but we need to find out who they are first.”

“What are they doing to the children?” Kai said, horror filling his face as he thought of everything that kidnappers were known for. His eyes wide, he looked at Cian with tears slowly forming on his eyelashes. “They can’t be killing them, can they?”

Wanting to hold Kai in his arms and take away all of the pain, Cian instead kissed the top of Kai’s head and whispered into his soft silver hair, “We do not know. But we have to think the worst.”

After a few seconds of silence, Kai resolutely said, “Can I help find them?”

Cian’s response was immediate, and almost thunderous, “No, you aren’t powerful enough yet.”

Anger flashing in his eyes, Kai hissed, “But I can’t sit around knowing that I could be helping find all the missing children.”

Cian sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “If I let you help, you have to promise not to leave my side even for a second. I do not want you to be harmed.”

Kai stood up on his tip toes and wrapped his arms around the larger man’s neck, hugging him tightly. “I promise.”

Cian leaned down and kissed Kai deeply, their tongues tangling, and Kai’s breathing quickening. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

The smile that flickered across Kai’s face lit up Cian’s world. “You won’t lose me. I’m not that fragile.”

Kissing those cherry colored lips once more, Cian pulled away, whispering, “I hope you are right.”

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