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Chapter 586: Made Into A Scapegoat

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Xia Yin was the incumbent holy maiden of the Guma Tribe and the only Grade Six Rainbow Level mage in the tribe. There was one point that had to be mentioned when speaking of this.

Although there were few mages in Dong Zhou, the quality of those mages were high. This was because other than Xia Yin who had a Grade Six cultivation base, there was also a Grade Five Rainbow Level mage under her. As that mage undertook more tasks than Xia Yin, their reputation outside was higher than hers.

As the saying went, things were valued for their quality rather than their quantity. That was the truth. The Vermillion Blood Clan did not have a Grade Six mage and even the Mage Association and the Beast Transfiguration Guild only had one or two.

The holy maiden’s position in the tribe was extremely high, second only to the Chief of the Guma Tribe, Mo Ma.

The reason these foreigners would appear here, was firstly because of Mo Xue and Mo Fei, who came to Dong Yu without many guards with them and with their father on their back. The second reason was the ultra legendary abode.

The tribes of Dong Zhou would rather believe in such a thing then let it slip by. Furthermore, they had received secret reports that the ShuiXi Tribe had secretly sent experts to Dong Yu. In this case, the Guma tribe could not sit idly by. It was just as well that Xia Yin was interested in ultra legendary adobe, so Mo Ma requested her to come over and to take care of his daughters while she was at it.

Xia Yin was a very smart woman. She was crystal clear about what Mo Xue and Mo Fei’s behavior were like. She believed only ten percent of Mo Fei’s words and did not believe the rest because few would have made a move for no reason if the sisters had not provoked the other party.

After Xia Yin saw the appearance of Ling Xiao, she was absolutely sure that Mo Xue and her sister were the first to incite the conflict.

The entire Guma Tribe knew that Mo Xue was a man-chaser and paid great attention to the appearance of men. When she saw a handsome and dashing man, she could not wait to climb into the other’s bed. She was a licentious and degrading woman. Of course, no one knew that Xia Yin really hated Mo Xue and her sister very much.

An imposing aura suddenly burst out of Xia Yin’s body. The vigorous soul force that carried a boundless pressure blasted towards You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

The imposing pressure and aura of a Grade Six Rainbow Level mage made many people in the inn breathless. Some even exaggeratedly fell to the ground. However, most would probably be injured now if Xia Yin had not deliberately controlled her pressure from spreading to the rest of the people. Just when Mo Xue and their group were pleased with themselves, a terrifying aura suddenly erupted in the small inn. It crossed blows with Xia Yin’s soul force in midair and instantly overturned the roof of the inn.

The excessive power dissipated after two minutes, but by that time, more than half the inn had already been destroyed.

Xia Yin’s beautiful eyes showed her shock. She intended to perform a perfunctory gesture and thought of giving them a small lesson for the sake of Mo Xue and her sister’s face, and for her to be able to justify herself to Mo Ma. Yet she did not think that there was a concealed talent in this remote town.

“May I venture to ask how I should address Your Excellency?” Xia Yin reacted and quickly retracted the aloof and arrogant glint in her eyes. Her expression was neither obsequious nor supercilious and her tone was mostly courteous. The other side had the strength to be on equal footing with her.

Mo Xue and her sister, who was beside her, were shocked by the attitude of Xia Yin and could not say a word. After interacting with Xia Yin for so many years, they had a profound understanding of Xia Yin’s disposition and temper. At times, she would not even show respect to their father, yet, she was tranquilly and calmly speaking to a stranger at this moment. The heavens must be falling.

Ling Xiao swept a glance over Xia Yin, “An address is not necessary. Holy maiden, remember to tell Chief Mo Ma of the Guma Tribe to strictly discipline his daughters. They provoked us as they wished and spoke rudely towards us. For the sake of the Guma Tribe’s face, their lives were not taken this time. The next time they certainly won’t be so lucky.”

“Xia Yin will apologize to Your Excellency on their behalf here. Many thanks to Your Excellency for being magnanimous and not arguing with them.” Xia Yin did not hesitate to believe his words. She even took the initiative to show the white flag. This was all for the Guma Tribe.

Ling Xiao let out a soft smile but did not reply.

Xia Yin knew that the other side would not bother about this anymore, otherwise he would not have just destroyed Mo Xue’s appearance. She thanked him once again and left the inn with Mo Xue and her group. Xie Jun hesitated for a moment, and then he went along. Things had already progressed this far, he could not ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful.


You XiaoMo sighed in despair and looked at a big hole in the roof. Fortunately, it didn’t rain, but he paid a month’s rent in advance and stayed only a few days.

The innkeeper also felt like weeping but he had no tears. It was really an undeserved catastrophe. After witnessing their strength, he also could not ask You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao for compensation.

On the other hand, after Xia Yin left the inn, she asked the people with her to find a clean inn again. After she asked for a first-class room, she took Mo Xue and the three to her room. Xie Jun was blocked from entering and could only wait outside the room. He dared not get too close as there were guards watching.

Once they entered the room, Xia Yin gave a backhanded slap to Mo Xue and Mo Fei. The sound of the two slaps were so loud that even Xie Jun who was outside could hear it.

“Sister Xia!” Mo Fei screeched in agitation, “Even if you didn’t take revenge for my sister and me, why would you hit me? I’ll tell my father about this!”

Xia Yin sneered, “Even if you don’t complain, I will still report this to the Chief Mo Ma. You guys really progressed farther the longer you live. It’s nothing much even when you caused a disaster in the tribe. This time you actually provoked a Sacred Realm expert. It’s already considered a mercy that he did not kill the two of you. I’d like to know what Chief Mo Ma will think when he knows about this.”

Mo Fei could not refute, yet she was not willing to take it lying down as she shouted, “Aren’t you the holy maiden of the Guma Tribe? Isn’t your strength very high? Why didn’t you kill him and spare all later trouble? Don’t tell me you deliberately let them go. What kind of intention do you have for the Guma Tribe in the end?”

She did not like Xia Yin because she had heard people talk about her and her sister in private, saying that they could not even compare with a finger of the holy maiden even though they were Chief’s daughters. The holy maiden was aloof and remote, they were only licentious and degrading women.

But this time her father actually sent Xia Yin over. Mo Fei wanted to let Xia Yin and those two people fight it out. She did not think that Xia Yin would take the initiative to show the white flag. Now, she even hit them. New hatred piled on old and she hated Xia Yin, this woman, to death.

Xia Yin looked at her with cold eyes.

“Mo Fei, how can you say this to the holy maiden? The holy maiden is majestic and pure. How can you make such comments at will? If it’s passed back to the clan, even your father cannot protect you.” Niu XuYang saw Mo Fei was saying more and more outrageous things and immediately reprimanded her.

“Majestic and pure?” Mo Fei mocked. She only felt her qi and blood in the pit of her stomach raging and she could not help but voice out her malicious words. Flashing over and over in her mind were the words of those who praised Xia Yin and belittled them.

“You!” Niu XuYang was furious.

“All right.” Xia Yin suddenly interrupted Niu XuYang, “I’ll send you back to the Guma Tribe later. As for the wounds on Mo Xue’s face, there is no need to heal them. It is impossible to heal anything burned by Godfire.”

Mo Xue shook the table in agitation. Now, she could only express her inner thoughts in this manner. Xia Yin had obviously said there might be a way before, but now she went back on her words and said it could not be healed. It was evident that she just did not want to help her.

Xia Yin ignored her. She let the guards in and brought four people over. The four people were relatively strong and she asked them to escort the two sisters back. She let Niu XuYang stay instead.

Xie Jun immediately went over upon seeing them come out.

Xia Yin glanced at him, “Young Master Xie, we still have something to do so please return.”

Xie Jun did not dare to offend her. Although he had a lot of things to ask Mo Fei, since holy maiden opened her mouth to chase him away, he could not continue to stay here. The future was long and there was still a chance, so he said his goodbyes. He did not know that Xia Yin was going to send the two sisters back. At this point, he never expected that they would not have the opportunity to meet again.

Returning to the room, Xia Yin sent Niu XuYang away and asked him to call her attendant over. After a while, the attendant pushed the door open and walked in.

“What is the holy maiden’s command?”

Xia Yin opened her eyes. Her beautiful black eyes harbored a trace of chilliness, “Send a message to Xiao Qiu and the rest. Ask them to find a suitable opportunity to kill the two sisters.”

The attendant was startled, “Holy maiden, I’m afraid that it’s not appropriate to do this. It will be hard to avoid the effects of this if Lord Mo Ma blames you. Even if they spoke rudely to you, you must not act rashly and disregard the consequences.”

Xia Yin stood up, “This is not an impulsive idea, this is an opportunity. The incident between Mo Xue and those two are already known to all. When Mo Ma investigates this, I can push the blame for this onto them. It would be a shame to waste such a good opportunity.”

The attendant thought for a moment. This plan was indeed feasible. Not only could she get rid of the two sisters, but she could also divert Mo Ma’s attention.

“The holy maiden is wise. Your servant will do it right away.”

Xia Yin nodded her head and dismissed her. Although this would turn the two of them into her scapegoats, she had no choice but to make them suffer such an injustice for the time being.

At this point, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao did not know that they would become Xia Yin’s scapegoats. However, even if they knew, they would probably have no reaction since they already had a feud with the sisters.

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