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Remember this is an original novel written by Addis of ExR. This is not a translation.

Chapter Twenty

Before Cian and Kai set out to look for the missing children, Cian decided to hold a meeting with all the teachers to see if they had any leads. It was still early in the morning when more than forty teachers gathers in the large dining hall within the school. Cian sat at the head of the table with his hands folded beneath his chin, watching as all of the teachers began to trickle in. Beside him was Kai who had his eyes clothes and was cultivating silently without even a fluttering eyelash.

After Cian had told him about the children, he realized just how helpless he would be if they did need to fight. Although his strength wasn’t bad for his age, it was still not on par with any of the older adults. This fact really irritated him as he wanted to be of some use to Cian. So, from that moment on, he followed behind Cian when he needed to, but was cultivating at any other time.

The moment Cian mentioned taking Kai with him to look for the children, over half of the teachers began to protest. To the left of Cian, Sitross sat with a serene look on his face, not even voicing his opinion as the other teachers voice their own.

One teacher spoke up with care in her voice, worried for the young silver haired boy to Cian’s right. “Are you sure it’s smart to take Malakai with you?”

It was at this point that Sitross finally spoke, his hands folded on top of the table and his wrinkled face not revealing any of his emotions. “I see no problem with it, this can temper him and let him see the world.”

Another teacher spoke up, his hands waving in the air with each one of his words. “But, Sitross, he isn’t strong enough.”

“That should not matter,” surprisingly, the one who spoke up was not Cian or Sitross, but one of the older teachers with a graying beard. “Tempering is always being face to face with life and death battles. If he never leaves, how will he get stronger?”

The teachers continued to argue. “But isn’t there the beast core competition coming up soon, he could use that to temper himself.”

At last, Cian spoke up with a resolute voice. “The dire beasts are not enough for him.”

This even stopped the old teacher that had been defending Kai. His face was scrunched up in concentration. “What do you mean Cian?”

“His level is enough for the competition,” Cian began,  “however, it will not let him face life and death. It would be a walk in the park for him.”

“So it’s not challenging enough? You do realize you are saying this about a mere eighteen year old boy who hasn’t even grown all the hair on his balls yet, right?” A younger male teacher voiced with a sneer on his face. At the last sentence, Cian’s face last all emotion, but his eyes burned with a hidden fire.

“Whether he has any hair down there or not, is not any of your concern.” Cian snapped without even realizing he did so. ”But if you think he is not prepared to leave with me, one of you can fight him to see what his level is at.”

“Isn’t that unfair?” The female teacher voiced out, her concern clear on her face. “Shouldn’t it be another student?”

Sitross spoke up for Cian, seeing the anger in his disciples eyes. “He can beat all of the students. It has to be a teacher.”

The young teacher who had commented on Kai’s nether regions spoke up, “If that’s the way you want it to be, I will fight him.”

“My Kai will not lose to you,” Cian growled, still mad that the teacher dared to even think about his mate’s private area. “Tomorrow will be the duel, prepare for it and then we will leave to look for the children.”

All of the teachers in the room bowed their heads slightly, “Yes, headmaster.”

With that finished, all the teachers began to talk about what they had heard of in the last several days. Some even talked about incidents that were occurring in some of the kingdoms nearby, trying to figure out if they had any correlations with what was happening in their kingdom.

Cian leaned forward in his seat, his thigh bumping Kai’s. He was still irritated about the other teacher and felt a need burning inside of him that told him to claim the younger man in front of everyone present. With this thought, he clasped his hands in front of him and smiled. That devastating smile made Kai’s knees weak, but he knew that there was a bit of aggression in that simple gesture.

Hearing Cian call him ‘my Kai’ had sent a coursing heat throughout his body, but he tried to resist the trembling that had accompanied that sentence. Kai felt like a dog in heat, every part of him was aching and burning, even that simple knee against his caused him to shudder.

Slowly, with soft movements, Cian’s right hand moved from the top of the table to make its way to Kai. Underneath the table, Cian’s hand wandered along Kai’s thigh, slowly edging it’s way towards the place that wanted his touch the most.

Kai glared at Cian, trying to tell him to stop with his eyes. But that devilish smile spread along Cian’s lips, and a single word formed soundlessly, ‘No.’ Even with everyone else in the room, Cian teased Kai without a care in the world until his face went red and his knees trembled violently.

Kai’s face was beet red as he glared at Cian in embarrassment with no way to escape the ‘treatment’ of that hand on him. Feeling Kai release in his hand, Cian’s lips tilted upwards in a mischievous smile.

No matter what anyone else said, this young man beside him was his.

Soon it was time for Kai to battle against the teacher that was against him going with Cian. Kai stood at one end of a large field, his hands shoved in his pockets, trying to keep warm as a chilly wind swept through the area. Across from him stood the teacher, his red hair short and a grumpy look plastered across his face.

After that exchange earlier, Kai had found out that this young teacher was actually Logan’s older brother, Dean. Dean was older than Logan by almost twenty years, but the two brothers still got along. According to Cian, Dean wasn’t actually against Cian, but he was holding a grudge against Kai for Logan’s sake. Logan had been embarrassed by Kai to the point that he had asked his older brother to get revenge for him. So Dean thought of this challenge as the way to boost his younger brothers pride.

He looked across the field at the one who had wounded his younger brothers self esteem and tried to figure out why this young man gave off an odd aura. Kai was shorter than the average male, he only reached the headmaster’s shoulder. His white hair seemed to glow with a radiance in the dim light and his eyes were like a cat’s, proud and resolute.

Dean watched Headmaster Cian who was standing beside Kai. The older man talked with the younger one, making hand gestures as he explained something. An irritated smile flashed on Kai’s face and he smacked the headmaster with the back of his hand. A frown replaced the smile and he grumbled something under his breath. Cian’s lips lifted minisculely before he turned to look at Dean with narrowed eyes.

Dean knew that he had somehow gotten onto the Headmaster’s bad side and after the small exchange before him, he realized why. The headmaster seemed to dote of Kai. There may also be something more going on between the two. Dean sighed loudly. There was nothing he could do about it now, he had dug his own grave.

“Let’s get this started,” Cian yelled out. There was an audience on the side line, a group of teachers had appeared to watch this scrimmage match between the two. Kai’s face flushed red, he hated being in the limelight.

As this was the first actual fight Kai had ever been in, he was nervous. Cian had repeatedly warned him to not use any of his powers that could hint to others that he was a dragon. Kai was worried he wouldn’t be able to control his strength and would hurt Dean.

Although he had fought with Logan to Cian’s name, he hadn’t even used any of his Elements. What he was most unsure of was his grasp of his own powers. He knew of Logan’s power to be weaker than his, but with Dean, he didn’t know about this young teacher.

Dean was stoically standing in the field, a long blade in his grip when he said, “If you can withstand one hundred sword strikes from me, it will be counted as your win.”

In the next moment, the elemental energy in Kai’s entire body surged like the tide. It was an unprecedented battle intent that surged like blazing lava throughout his body, and it stimulated him to the point his mind was concentrated to an unparalleled level. He wanted nothing more than to be able to stay at Cian’s side and to accomplish this, he would try his hardest.

“Good!” Dean’s eyes lit up when he saw Kai’s focus was tremendous. As he spoke, his own battle intent rumbled as his crimson red hair fluttered like flames.

With the two of them facing off towards each other, the battle had begun.

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