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Chapter 617: Help

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When they heard this voice, everyone subconsciously looked over, only to see a flash of light that was originally preparing to fly over their heads suddenly turn around and start falling in their direction.

The Vermillion Blood Clan and Guma Tribe couldn’t help but share a glance. They thought that this unexpected person was most likely someone from the opposite side. After all, he had shouted ‘second-shixiong,’ and it couldn’t be possible that he was so coincidentally calling for Fu ZiLin. However, the Guma Tribe had heard before that Fu ZiLin had a da-shixiong.

You XiaoMo’s figure appeared very quickly in front of everyone else.

Only then did they discover that this was a youth who looked very young. He wasn’t tall, and his skin was very pale, but it wasn’t that kind of deathly pale color. Instead, it was fair and clear with a hint of pink peeking through. With one glance, you could tell that he was very healthy, and that he had been ‘raised’ very well.

After the young man landed, he rapidly ran over to Fu ZiLin in front of everyone’s eyes. He called with pleasant surprise, “Second-shixiong, why are you here?”

Immediately, everyone was shocked.

This was actually Fu ZiLin’s shidi?

The Guma Tribe was especially shocked. They had never heard of Fu ZiLin and Fang ChenLe having a shidi before. Ever since the two of them demonstrated their tremendous talent in Dong Zhou, the Guma Tribe investigated them thoroughly, therefore finding out that they came from the Middle Level Realm and that they basically didn’t have any close relatives in TongTian Continent.

At the time, they hadn’t recognized You XiaoMo. After all, not everyone had seen You XiaoMo before, especially since every time he appeared, he would disappear for a while after.

Fu ZiLin was also stunned. He thought that he was dead for sure, and he was just thinking that he wouldn’t have a chance to see his little shidi, but then the Heavens just sent him to his door. He didn’t dare to believe that this was real, and his typically ice cold, ‘don’t-get-close-to-me’ expression showed a bit of astonishment.

“Little-shidi, is it really you?”

You XiaoMo looked at him, before he suddenly had a thought that the man the Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping were bent on saving was second-shixiong. Even though he had accepted the Metal Swallowing Beast in TongTian Continent, Xiao Ping had become his contracted demon beast a long time ago, so it wasn’t surprising that he would recognize Fu ZiLin.

“Second-shixiong, it’s me. But why are you here? Are you with da-shixiong?”

Back then, when You XiaoMo went back to the Tian Xin sect, he learned from Zhao DaZhou shixiong that second-shixiong and da-shixiong went out to travel. He had never imagined that he would see them in TongTian Continent. Since second-shixiong was here, then wouldn’t da-shixiong also be here?

Fu ZiLin coughed. “When there’s time, I’ll tell you the entire story. Right now, it’s more important to take care of these people first.”

Even though he couldn’t see what his little shidi’s cultivation base was, he had already heard about You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao’s achievements. Their cultivating speed was something that he and Fang ChenLe couldn’t compare to at all, so by now, You XiaoMo should be at the rainbow level.

Only then did You XiaoMo look at the people who were surrounding second-shixiong, and he discovered with this glance that they were people from the Vermillion Blood Clan and Guma Tribe, since their clothing had distinctive elements to it. He involuntarily narrowed his eyes. It just so happened that he was not in a good mood with the Vermillion Blood Clan and Guma Tribe’s people right now.

“I don’t care who you are. If you dare to meddle in our affairs, then you’re the enemy of the Guma Tribe and Vermillion Blood Clan. You better think carefully!” The leader of the Guma Tribe’s people said calmly.

A bit of killing intent welled up in his eyes quickly, his expression slightly disapproving. They had six people on their side, so how could they be afraid of facing one person? Even if it was Fu ZiLin’s shidi, he couldn’t be that strong. After all, it wasn’t common to find a shidi whose cultivation was higher than his shixiong’s.

The Vermillion Blood Clan weren’t worried at all when they saw You XiaoMo. They felt that something was a little off, and they didn’t know if it was their misconception, but they kept getting a feeling as if they had seen this young man somewhere before. But that didn’t mean that they had actually seen You XiaoMo before.

You XiaoMo snorted coldly. Who cared about the Vermillion Blood Clan or Guma Tribe; it wasn’t as if this was his first time offending them. If they dared to hurt his shixiong, then they shouldn’t think about leaving alive.

You XiaoMo stared at them, his voice mild. “Of course I’ll think about it carefully. Nobody knows better than I do, however, you all still have to survive first…”

The leader of the Guma Tribe’s people froze for a second before instantly flaring up. He seemed like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t expect the young man across from him to suddenly sway and disappear. By the time he recovered, a hand that didn’t belong to him suddenly plastered itself onto his chest, and a sense of terrifying danger instantly welled up in his mind…

Nobody else reacted in time. When they discovered that something was wrong, their leader was already kneeling on the floor with a hole in his chest, his bright red blood spilling all over the floor.

There was a voice telling them to run, but no matter how fast they were, they still weren’t faster than their opponent. Not even five minutes later, everyone was lying on the floor.

With You XiaoMo’s cultivation base, unless it was a Sacred Realm expert, anyone under the Divine Realm level really couldn’t possibly be his opponent, much less a bunch of useless men.

Fu ZiLin also hadn’t expected that his little-shidi would be this powerful. Even though he knew that You XiaoMo was stronger than him and Fang ChenLe just by listening to the rumors, it was still extremely shocking to see him easily kill the people who had forced him into a hopeless situation. Under circumstances that he and Fang ChenLe didn’t know about, his little-shidi had grown to a level that they could only look up to.

You XiaoMo didn’t look at the corpses on the ground. Compared to Ling Xiao’s bloodlust, these few people he killed didn’t count for anything much. There was simply no way to compare.

“Second-shixiong, why are you here by yourself? Weren’t there two demon beasts who saved you before?” You XiaoMo hadn’t forgotten that he came to find those two troublemakers. Even though them saving second-shixiong made his anger vanish almost completely, but there was still that little portion that he absolutely couldn’t just let go of like this. If Xiao Ping had recognized second-shixiong, he should’ve told him sooner.

“Were those two demon beasts your contracted demon beasts?” Fu ZiLin was slightly stunned before he recovered. He had always wondered why those two little demon beasts saved him, but when he heard his little-shidi mention it now, he instantly understood.

You XiaoMo nodded. “I formed a contract with one of them at Long Xiang Continent. I think he must’ve seen you before. Didn’t they save you? Why don’t I see them?”

Fu ZiLin nodded too before shaking his head. “We were separated halfway through the journey. I don’t know where exactly they are right now either. If you’re worried about them, then let’s go find them now? I don’t really have any obstructions, I can go down the mountain by myself.”

You XiaoMo didn’t say anything. He took out a magic pill that replenished blood and gave it to him to eat before taking out a half-empty spiritual water bottle. Spiritual water could allow spiritual energy to recover much faster compared to using magic pills. As for the problem of being exposed, it wasn’t even an issue at this moment.

Fu ZiLin didn’t reject them. There was no need to be unreasonable at a time like this. After he drank the spiritual water, he felt his soul force quickly recovering, but he didn’t show a single trace of surprise. After a while, most of his wounds had already healed.

“Little-shidi…” Fu ZiLin had just spoken when the sound of fighting suddenly came from in front of them. It was coming closer and closer, as if it was coming towards them, and when he turned his head, he saw his little-shidi’s expression change. Without a single word, he rushed over. Fu ZiLin didn’t have a chance to ask why before he also immediately followed.

After a short while, they saw the true identities of the people fighting.

Those were two extremely strong Divine Realm experts. They were continuously attacking the ground, breaking apart the mountain rock and creating a large hole, but their opponent’s figure couldn’t be seen. Before Fu ZiLin could be surprised, he saw two golden figures slice through the air and burrow into You XiaoMo’s embrace almost simultaneously.

The two Divine Realm experts were You Qibei and his subordinate Wu Ya. Clearly, they hadn’t expected two unwelcome busybodies to appear, and they couldn’t help but pause. Unlike the other people, they instantly recognized You XiaoMo.

“It’s you?” You QiBei hadn’t expected to encounter one of his targets at this kind of time. He subconsciously looked warily behind him, and he let out a breath of relief when he didn’t see Ling Xiao. With Ling Xiao’s strength, only their family head could take him on.

But he wasn’t relaxed for very long, because You XiaoMo’s strength right now also wasn’t one that he could defeat, or else he wouldn’t be standing here.

“Captain, he’s the only one here.” Wu Ya’s eyes blazed as he stared at You XiaoMo. He had also discovered that Ling Xiao wasn’t next to him, so he felt that this was a good opportunity.

Across from them, You XiaoMo ignored both of them. He examined the Metal Swallowing Beast and Xiao Ping worriedly before letting out a sigh of relief when he didn’t find any wounds. Even though typically, they were a little unreliable, fortunately, their ability to run away was still pretty good.

He handed them temporarily over to second-shixiong before actually paying attention to You QiBei and Wu Ya. However, he clearly didn’t recognize them, even though You QiBei was very famous.

“Are you from the Vermillion Blood Clan?” You XiaoMo narrowed his eyes, revealing a bit of a dangerous aura. This movement was actually a little like Ling Xiao.

You QiBei furrowed his brows.

“Even if we are, so what? It’s your bad luck to have run into the two of us today. Will you obediently allow yourself to be captured and come with us, or will we have to act?” Wu Ya extremely disliked You XiaoMo’s tone of voice. He was only one of the Vermillion Blood Clan’s unwanted bastards, yet he dared to use this kind of expression when speaking to the two of them.

“Act?” You XiaoMo revealed a smirk. “I’m afraid you’re going to be the ones allowing yourselves to be captured today…”

When he finished speaking, he immediately disappeared.

“Be careful!” You QiBei’s expression changed, and he quickly pushed Wu Ya away before disappearing as well.

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