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Translated by satellite of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Regardless of how they got there, in the end everyone landed safely.

“Starting now, keep silent.” Jesse said.

Feisha opened his mouth to respond.

Jesse interrupted. “You sneezing?”

“No, I’m farting.” Feisha then asked innocently. “What if gas starts building up when we’re halfway there?” (1)

Jesse smiled. “Then get a plug and plug it up. Need help finding one?”

Feisha forced a laugh and made a motion of plugging up his mouth.

With that, everyone set out on the road again.

As they entered Crystal City, they pulled the hoods of their cloaks over their heads so that only half their faces were visible.

The city walls around Crystal City were incredibly tall– using human standards, they had to be at least seven or eight stories high. The surface was perfectly smooth, like the face of a mirror. It didn’t seem like it had been built from stone or bricks, for there wasn’t a single seam or break across the on the entire wall.

Feisha, curious at the sight, wanted to ask what type of material and work had to go into creating such a thing, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he noticed Jesse tilting his head just slightly. Although Jesse hadn’t fully turned around, the subtle motion was more than enough to convey a silent warning. Thus Feisha took a deep breath, then promptly shut his mouth again.

As he approached the city gates, Jesse took something out from the folds of his clothes and gave it to his real attendants.

An attendant took the item and laid it in a notch next to the city gates.

They heard a ding sound, and the notch glowed red. From Feisha’s vantage, he could see something like a computer appear.

With a few taps, the attendant entered some numbers, and the gate slowly opened.

Feisha stood stupefied. If it weren’t for the fact that the gates hadn’t started spitting out wads of cash yet, he would’ve thought that this Crystal City of theirs was just a supersized ATM.

Inside Crystal City, someone was already standing there, respectfully waiting for them.

During their stay, an invisible being named Geikie would be managing all matters. Seeing the short, flaxen blonde haircut, Feisha was suddenly reminded of back when he first arrived at Noah’s Ark, confused and trembling in fear and trepidation. (2)

Back then, Hughes was also standing there with a gentle expression, calming like a soft spring breeze.

Since many other clans would be traveling to attend the conference here in Crystal City, Genesis had built a special foreign residential area.

They were now staying in this area.

Jesse had his own room, Locktini and Shamal shared one, Feisha and Antonio shared another, and the remaining six warlocks were also paired off into rooms.

In addition to both him and Antonio, the other two were also very unhappy with this arrangement. Normally, Feisha would be more than happy to help Shamal out, but by helping him out this time, he’d have to deal with Locktini. After thinking it over, Feisha had no choice but to ignore the passionate gazes of both brothers, shamelessly dragging Antonio into the room with him.

Walking into the room, he immediately headed for the balcony.

Outside the balcony was a massive flower garden stretching nearly a thousand square meters. In the center was a crescent-shaped fountain.

Feisha had just enjoyed the sight for a little while when his expression suddenly changed. He turned to Antonio and asked, “What’s today’s date?”

Antonio replied, “The 11th.”

Without another word, Feisha dashed next door.

Shamal opened the door, and upon seeing his anxious face, started tensing up as well. “What happened?”

Feisha grabbed his arm tightly. “Let’s you and me share a room, okay?”

Locktini’s expression went bitterly cold.

Shamal frowned and asked, “Why?” He originally thought Feisha had finally thought it through and came to swap rooms with him.

Feisha panicked and said “Today is the 11th, Antonio, he….”

Just as he began speaking, Antonio came over and said, “I’ll switch rooms with you.”

Shamal’s eyes flicked suspiciously between the two of them. “Did anything happen between you guys?”

Antonio explained. “Although the Lunar Madness Syndrome is only supposed to affect us during nights of a full moon, it’s been so many years that I can’t guarantee it hasn’t changed. If it starts showing symptoms earlier, Locktini will be able to fend for himself, but Feisha would certainly die.”

Feisha bobbed his head up and down rapidly. (3) He was afraid Antonio might attack so quickly, he wouldn’t even have enough time to call for Isefel.

Shamal turned and looked to Locktini.

Locktini’s expression was cold. “If you want to switch rooms then hurry up. You all standing around in the doorway to feed the mosquitoes?”

Feisha looked around a bit and wondered, “Are there really mosquitoes around at this hour?”

Shamal sighed and dragged him back over to the room next door. “Time to go, let’s head back and kill some mosquitoes.”

After returning to their room, Feisha and Shamal dawdled about and took their showers. Seeing as there was still quite some time before dinner, they laid down on their respective beds, stared at the ceiling, and began to chat.

“So, what next?” Shamal asked Feisha out of habit.

Feisha sighed. “I don’t know either. It’d be best to ask around for some of the latest news on Crystal City first. For example, is Lanka actually married or not?”

Shamal replied. “Who are we supposed to ask?”

“Don’t you guys from the faerie realm have any spies here in Genesis?” Wasn’t that a necessity for every nation?

Shamal ask. “Why?”

“You’d be able to defend against enemy attacks, ambushes, or expose national secrets and stuff like that…you really don’t have any?” It wouldn’t happen to be some sort of highly classified information that Shamal wouldn’t be able to divulge, would it?

Shamal replied. “Other than heaven and hell, the other worlds have not been at war for a very long time.”

Feisha asked. “Then what about The Liberation Resistance?”

“They’d much rather the worlds have nothing to do with one another, why would they try to instigate attacks between them? Wouldn’t that just create even more inseparable and complicated relations between them?”

Feisha realized once again that all human logic was rendered alien here.

Shamal thought for a bit and said, “Once it it gets dark, let’s sneak out of here?”

“Why?” Feisha asked, already knowing the answer.

Shamal stammered and said. “It’s not safe here.”

“We’re not safe, or is it just you’re not safe?” Feisha asked mockingly.

“You guys don’t understand him at all.” Shamal’s fingers trembled, clutching at his blankets tightly. “He’s always been a unforgiving, narrow-minded, and vengeful man.”

Feisha said, “Then back then, you shouldn’t have just severed all contact with him like that.” This people say that one shouldn’t be too arrogant. Regardless of the conflict, one needs to leave the other party an out in case their paths meet again. (4)

“I didn’t have a choice.” He sighed.

Feisha asked, “Then what kind of revenge do you think he has planned?”

Shamal said, “If I knew, then I wouldn’t have to sneak away!”

“You don’t have a frame of reference?”

“There was once a warlock that colluded with an enemy clan.” Just mentioning it again brought lingering fear to Shamal’s voice. “Afterwards he was subjected to lingchi by dozens of knives and thrown into a herd of beasts.” (5)


“There was also a case where a warlock, in order to please his wife, mercilessly killed his own parents. He was covered in oil and thrown into a fire pit.”


“There was also……”

“Okay, okay that’s enough.” Feisha waved for Shamal to stop, forcing himself to think away from the horrifying scenes he was imagining. “You could say that all those people deserved what they got though, right? Hey, you’ve neither betrayed…the warlock race, nor did you murder your parents. For you, it shouldn’t be as severe.” (6)

Shamal was silent for a long time, then finally sighed. “But I betrayed his trust.”

“From what you know of him, how bad do you think it’ll be?” Feisha asked quietly.

Shamal bit his lip and avoided answering directly. “Actually, he’s been to the faerie world. My First Brother granted him an audience.” (7)

Feisha was rather shocked. “Oh?”

“That time, he knelt before my First Brother…begging him to help search for me.” Shamal’s despondent gaze was fixed on the ceiling, his fists clutching the blankets so hard his knuckles were white.

Feisha was left speechless.

This same man who could put himself in another’s shoes, he understood how much courage and determination it must take to kneel before a stranger. It’s just that, if Jesse had sacrificed so much back then, today he would probably be looking to get it all back and even more. And this additional price…he was afraid it wouldn’t be as simple being thrown to the beasts or jumping into a pit of fire.

Would they really be able to retreat peacefully this time?

He couldn’t help but worry, if only Isefel had their backs.

He tossed and turned for a bit, holding his brooch and whispering Isefel’s name, but no response came from the Black Star of Hell no matter how long he waited. Maybe he went swimming? Feisha tried again to no avail. Looking down at his watch, he realized it was almost dinnertime, and had no choice but to give up.

At six o’ clock, Geikie came knocking on their doors one by one, informing them that dinner was ready.

Shamal and Feisha hurried and got up, putting their cloaks on once more.

As they walked through the door, Jesse just happened to walk over from the other side of the corridor. His single room was arranged to be at the end of the corridor. He just glanced at Shamal with a mild look of disgust before turning his head and walking downstairs.

Feisha didn’t know if it was because Shamal’s vivid account of Jesse on his knees was still stuck in his mind, but even though it was only a faint, momentary glance, he could feel a chill sweeping through his entire body. At that moment, he finally understood why Shamal was so terrified of Jesse.

Because the calmer he appears on the surface, the more violently the storm he hides inside rages. Once it breaks free, it would surely either tear its target from limb to limb or completely reduce everything along its path to ashes. (8)

Feisha couldn’t help but pat Shamal on the shoulder.

The two of them walked downstairs together.

Jesse was already seated at the head of the table. They followed after the rest of the attendants, dividing themselves between the two sides of the table.

Locktini and Antonio were the last to arrive, and so they were seated at the very end.

Geikie waved for the servers to begin bringing in the food.

Feisha stared at the plates of what looked like meat paste in front of him and lost his appetite. But perhaps the most unfortunate were Locktini and Shamal. They were both strict vegetarians.

Geikie bowed and said, “These were prepared specially in accordance to your preferences, Master Jesse. We hope you enjoy it.” (9)

Jesse held his spoon and slowly stirred the content in his plate. “There was once a time I ate vegetarian food every day.”

Geikie started, then asked worriedly, “Is it not to your taste? I will ask the kitchens to prepare something else immediately.”

Jesse raised a spoonful to his mouth and slowly swallowed it before saying. “But then, I finally realized that meat is the most suitable for me after all.”

Geikie was visibly relieved. “Everyone, please take your time and enjoy.” He said before standing to the side, watching attentively so that he could offer his services whenever needed.

Shamal forced down the sour taste of bile and slowly brought a spoonful of meat paste to his lips.

Jesse offered his aptly praise. “This really is the flavor warlocks love the most.”

Shamal gritted his teeth and forced it into his mouth.

Geikie smiled in satisfaction, but then realized that one individual had yet to touch his spoon at all. He couldn’t help but worry. “Do you not like it?”

Locktini stiffly replied. “I’m on a diet.”

Geikie quickly said. “No problem, I’ll immediately prepare some fruits and vegetables for you.”

Shamal quickly spoke up. “I’m also on a diet.”

Geikie just stared for a moment.

Feisha quickly explained for them. “Actually, Master Jesse felt like the two of them always neglected to exercise properly, their bodies growing much too broad and harming the reputation of the warlock clan. Thus he told them to diet.”

Since Feisha brought up Jesse, Gaikie couldn’t really say anything more, immediately turning and heading towards the kitchens. But he couldn’t help but wonder along the way, doesn’t the cloak they wear hide their bodies either way? Why does it matter if they’re fat or thin?

Shamal let out a sigh of relief, and all the greasy meat he ate earlier suddenly came back up. He dropped his spoon and ran off towards their room. Feisha watched him go, then looked towards Jesse who was eating the meat paste without a word, and silently sighed.

If he was being honest, in his heart, he still sympathized with Jesse. After all, in this day and age, people who could fall so heads over heels in love were extremely rare. But infatuation was infatuation, and friendship was friendship. People are always short-sighted, and if it really came down to it, he would still stand on Shamal’s side. Can’t do anything about it– they were all part of Noah’s Ark after all. If their crew won’t even work together, they can hardly call another ship over for help. (10)

Shamal returned to his seat just as Gaikie finished hurriedly preparing the vegetarian dishes.

Dishes of fresh green vegetables, tofu, and rice were brought, allowing him and Locktini to finally eat and satisfy themselves.

As Shamal turned to eat his food, Feisha paid close attention to Jesse and realized that though his face remained expressionless, his gaze would occasionally flicker to Shamal. But whatever feelings he held were hidden deep, and Feisha couldn’t guess at them.

At last, they somehow managed to finish the meal without starting a fight.

Everyone rose from their seats and, following after Jesse, returned to their rooms one by one.

Translator Notes
  1. “不是,是放屁” The first part of Feisha’s dialogue I’ve translated this literally, but to fart is also slang for bullshitting/speaking nonsense in Chinese.
  2. The second part is “气沉丹田怎么办”, lit. what if we qi chen dan tian. “Qi Chen Dan Tian” is literally “qi sinking towards the pubic region” (dan tian is right below your belly button). It refers to a practice where people, when meditating, focus their inner energy there (if you see videos of the stereotypical meditating motions, they usually include someone making a pressing motion downwards while sitting in lotus– that’s what they’re doing).
  3. The “qi” can also mean air though, so I’m assuming Feisha here is cracking a joke about having gas built up for a “fart”, which then serves as a [bad] metaphor for wanting to talk.
  4. The invisible guy’s name here is “盖基”, pronounced “gai ji.” These are the same characters used in the Chinese transliteration of the Geikie Gorge in Australia, so I went with that spelling for the translation.
  5. His role is that of a “管家”, lit. managing the household. The job description is very similar to that of a butler in English, but tends to cover a wider variety of duties and is gender neutral.
  6. “点头如捣蒜” lit. nodding like pounding garlic is the original phrase here. As explained in a earlier translator’s note, a garlic pounder, used to make garlic powder or paste, is a pretty common Chinese kitchen tool. You can Google it to see what it looks like.
  7. The saying Feisha is quoting should be “凡事留一线,日后好相见.” Taken literally, it’s something along the lines of ‘in every situation, leave an out, and it’ll be easier to meet each other in the future.’ It means that, when dealing with people, you shouldn’t act too arrogantly and should always leave the other party an out– this way, in the future, if you need their help or need to work with them, you’ll be able to.
  8. What the text actually reads is “所谓凡事留一线,日后好想见.” This could be a stealth pun/joke that I’m missing– the last two characters are “to infer/to come to a conclusion after thought” instead of “to meet” in the original. However, considering the sentence right after the line is an explanation of the original saying, and there’s no follow-up of this possible pun/joke, I’m leaning towards the assumption that this was a typo on the author’s part and I’ve translated it as such.
  9. “凌遲”, pronounced Lingchi, translates roughly as “slow process or lingering death”, is a torture (and possibly execution) method, also known commonly as a thousand cuts. You can find more info on the Wikipedia page.
  10. The part I’ve translated as “deserved to die” was original the idiom “死有余辜” in Chinese, which literally means “crimes remaining upon death”, referring to people whose crimes are so heinous that even death cannot redeem them.
  11. As in an earlier chapter, Shamal refers to his brother King Almedande as “大王兄” or “big/eldest royal brother.” I’ve continued translating this as “First Brother.”
  12. I’ve changed this sentence slightly for flow, but two pretty descriptive idioms are used in the original sentence here “不是粉身碎骨,就是玉石俱焚”, lit. “if it’s not tearing the body and crushing the bones, then it’d be burning both jade and stone.” The first idiom is exactly what it sounds like, translates pretty well into the English “torn from limb to limb.” The second one refers to indiscriminate destruction– ie he’s so angry it doesn’t matter if what he’s destroying is precious or not.
  13. Originally Gaikie refers to Jesse as “大人”, lit. “big person” and used as a respectful way to address people of higher status/officials. I’ve translated it as “Master” here.
  14. There’s a saying in Chinese that Feisha uses, originally “同心共济”, literal translation is something like “[those with] the same hearts help each other”– it’s an idiom for working together to overcome difficulties. Feisha substitutes the “heart” for “ark/boat.” The last character for “to help each other” can also mean “to cross a river” so that’s the wordplay here.
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