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Remember this is an original novel written by Addis of ExR. This is not a translation.

Sorry about the delay for this chapter. I have a major case of writer’s block and am still kind of struggling with it. I am not sure when I will get the next chapter out, but thank you for continuing to read my original novels. – Addis

Chapter Twenty One

Both of them moved towards each other at practically the exact same time.

“Come! Let me see exactly how great your ability is!” Dean shouted loudly as he charged over and swiped out viciously with his sword. This strike was truly too violent, it crushed the ground and caused dust to cover the area.

Luckily Kai was able to dodge in time, though he was immensely shocked. Although shocked, Kai wasn’t afraid, and he raised his palm to strike out with the strength of his Elements behind him.

He utilized the power within one of the black dragons in his core. It was simple and direct, but within that single strike was a myriad of waves, and layer upon layer of energy overlapped together, causing its might to rise steadily and explosively.

The sword and palm collided together and erupted with a terrifying radiance. The shockwave caused the ground to rumble as if an earthquake had occurred. The two separated as both of them took three steps back, and every single step caused cracks to stretch out along the ground.

Both of them were actually on par in this strike. Completely focused on nothing but this battle, the two of them exchange over twenty moves within a few minutes.

The more he fought, the more Kai felt his moves condensing together to finally break past that barrier he had been stuck against. Kai’s aura changed as he completely forgot his own existence.

Within moments, Dean was standing stock still, panting as large drops of sweat rolled down his face. He was shocked to the extreme! This little guy had actually withstood over a hundred moves from him. And he wasn’t holding back in the slightest!

As soon as his one hundredth move blocked Dean’s sword, Kai froze as if his strings had been pulled taught. From within his core, the small dragons roared out loudly.

On the sidelines, Cian noticed this pressure and swiftly moved before his little lover, looking down on Dean with cold eyes.

“Do you dare say he cannot go with me now?” His voice was as cold as ice and even seemed to freeze everything around it. Dean could do nothing but slightly glance away.

He had decided to battle this boy behind Cian for his younger brother and he had the confidence he would win. Now faced with the aftermath, he realized he was nothing but a stepping stone to that young man. He felt rather aggrieved at this thought, but suppressed his emotions. He could do nothing but use this experience to temper himself.

Cian clicked his tongue at the teacher before him and reached out to pick up Kai who was in a state of comprehension. Feeling that small beating heart against his chest, Cian’s lips slowly curled up. He turned his cold eyes toward the crowd that had gathered.

“Leave your reports about the children with Sitross. Kai and I will leave in the next two days.” With these words still hanging in the air, Cian disappeared from view, his golden wings the last image the spectators saw.


Lady Ava sighed as she stared at her hometown. It was sad that she was summoned to the castle, but she was bound to her duties. As a white mage, she was required to report to the castle when needed. Nine year old Kayeen stood next to his mother as she stared at the town adoringly. His father, Ty, was tying their belongings to a wagon so they would travel to the castle easier.

“Mama?” Kayeen asked as he tugged her dress. His mother was dressed in white dress with a breastplate over it. A sword was strapped to her waist as she continued dreading the thought of leaving her town. “If you don’t want to leave, we don’t have to.”

Ava smiled at her naïve son and hugged him close. Ty watched his family from afar. It was also hard for him to leave Vespiria but it was their duty to the king. Vespiria was purely a magic town. Everyone in the town wield at least some degree of magic. Dire Beasts were also a common creature in the town. They were bringing one along with them; a clever canine who responded to the name Blade.

“Blade?” Ty asked the Dire Beast.

Blade appeared next to him from the forest. He was one of the newest beasts in the town. He was in his full wolf form as he stood next to Ty. His black eyes stared at Ty with both wisdom and understanding. “What’s wrong Ty?” He asked in a deep toned voice. His eyes were fixed on Kayeen as he said goodbye to his friend, Eve.

“Nothing, I just want to make sure you didn’t disappear.” Ty said as he continued tying the wagon to both of his horses. Ty was dressed in light armor and twin swords were strapped to his waist. The crest of the town was clearly printed on his arm guard.

“I didn’t.” Blade commented as he jumped on the wagon and laid down. “But, Ty, don’t forget I’m an odd one.”

Ty smiled at the comment, knowing it was true.

Blade didn’t need magic like other Dire Beast that flocked to the town of magic. Blade did crave excitement. That was probably why many people pointed him towards Ty’s family. They were one of the most active families in the town besides the Duke’s house. Blade sighed as Ty went to say his goodbyes too.

“Eve, don’t worry I’ll be back.” Kayeen said as the small brunette girl squeezed the air out of his lungs. She was sobbing in his clean shirt. Eve glared at him with her golden eyes. Kayeen sighed and gave her another hug. “Hey, don’t cry. I’ll come and visit.”

“Kayeen, you better, or else I’m going over to the castle to beat you up!” Eve said between sobs. The group of adults chuckled at the antics of the young children.

Ty walked up and stroked Eve’s curly brown hair. “Ty! Promise me you’ll come back with Kayeen!”

“Of course, duchess, I will follow your every command.” Ty said as he kneeled down to talk with her. Lord Blake gave Ava another hug as he listened to Ty talk to his only daughter. Eve smiled and hugged him tightly.

“Kayeen, you better get stronger when you’re gone! I bet I can beat you when you return!” Eve declared. Kayeen pouted as he glared at the nine year old girl. Eve smiled and ran to Ava. She wrapped her arms around Ava’s waist. “Come back soon to visit me!”

“Yes, my lady.” Ava said as she hugged Eve. “Come on guys, let’s go,” she said, dreading the words she had to say. Kayeen waved goodbye to everyone as he mounted his horse. His horse was still young but already well trained. Ava sat on the wagon next to Blade as Ty mounted one of his two horses.

“Let’s go Sean!” Kayeen shouted as he kicked his horse. Sean, the black stallion, ran ahead of his parents and out of Vespiria. Ty and Ava traded tired glances before Ty urged the horses faster so he could catch up with his son.

A loud boom sounded from the forest as four warriors exploded towards the three on horses. Ava, Ty, and Kayeen reacted immediately. Ava already fired a fireball at the nearest warrior. Kayeen dodged a slash and rolled out of the range of his attacker.

Ty blocked an attack and scanned the area. The attackers were powerful and skilled. He slashed his attacker and tried to locate his son.

Kayeen ran and caught his mother’s rapier, which she thrown at him before. He blocked the attack and couldn’t match the man’s power. Kayeen was pushed back and landed against the solid tree behind him.

“Kayeen!” Ty shouted as he slashed and kicked the two men he was fighting. Ty watched as the nine year old forced himself up and dived under his attacker’s legs. However, he wasn’t fast enough and the attacker grabbed the boy. Eyeing the other four men around him, the attackers disappeared swiftly, taking the young boy along with them.

Ava clutched her bleeding arm and screamed out as her soul began to shatter, “Kayeen!!”


That very night, Cian received a report of the missing child. This time the attackers had worked in broad daylight unlike the other times. The child was only nine years old. Sighing, Cian rubbed his forehead, his head throbbing. Even though another child had been taken, there was one ‘good’ thing about this incident. The child had a Dire Beast as a companion that had not been noticed. This beast had been able to follow the kidnappers for a long distance before he was noticed and injured.

This was a trail that Cian and Kai could follow, and they needed to follow it before it went cold. Sighing one more time, Cian stood up and walked over to the bed where Kai was sleeping. He shook the young man awake and told him what was happening.

Two different colored eyes shined like willow wisps in the dark before he breathed out, “Let’s go.”

He would not let another child be taken.

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December 3, 2018 10:50 am

Thank you so much for pushing on and bringing this chapter to us. It’s much appreciated.

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sebby holmes
December 3, 2018 11:48 am

Not bad for someone with writer’s block! Great stuff!

December 3, 2018 11:58 am

Was sooooo waiting for a new ch!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Love all your novels!!! 💞💞💞 please keep going and know that you’ve got a loyal follower of your talent 🙌🏻

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Thank you Addis

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I totally get writers block, it’s rough. But it literally makes my day when I see your stories update! 😘 I’m super excited to see where the story goes

December 5, 2018 6:35 am

Oh my, I love this story. it mixes some of the higher points of the alpha/omega stories with the cultivation stories in a really original and beautiful way. But think about this the powers in the dragon bloodline don’t wake up until they meet their one true mate right? so how heart breaking is it that so many of the Time Dragon’s die right after their true forms wake up? You’ve just met your forever love and now you watch them get ripped to shreds by something you don’t even understand, or by forces you thought where only a myth.… Read more »

December 6, 2018 1:38 am

LMW in a new light.
From all your stories this one is my favover. I really like it. Hope it will get more and more interesting.

December 14, 2018 7:19 am

Thank you for the new chapter! 😀
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