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Chapter 693: Ambush

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When You ZhenTian’s roar sounded, it was as if the smoke-filled battlefield completely froze for a split second. Everyone paused. Two seconds later, the sound of fighting and shouting started once more.

Everyone began fighting each other again, and nobody paid attention to You ZhenTian, who was seething with rage, including the experts from the Vermillion Blood Clan. Their opponents continued to attack them, so it wasn’t as if they could just stand there and let themselves be hit.

This time, it was You ZhenTian’s turn to be so angry that the veins in his neck bulged.

The ambusher didn’t stop attacking just because You ZhenTian discovered them. On the contrary, they started to move even faster, taking one glance at the closest enemy who was fighting someone from the Cang Alliance before acting.

One fist smashed into the head of an expert from the Vermillion Blood Clan, who screamed before dropping from the sky. With a boom, he landed on a sharp and smooth rock that had been eroded by the wind and rain, which immediately pierced through his head with a bang. He was dead to the point that he couldn’t be any more dead.

The disciple from the Cang Alliance’s jaw dropped. Just like the people before him, he was given a complete fright by the sudden unexpected turn of events. The next second, the figure of the ambusher finally materialized in the air. The faint shadow grew more and more solid, and You ZhenTian finally saw ‘his’ appearance.

You ZhenTian’s eyes suddenly opened wide, and they were bloodshot as he stared at the ambusher. He thought that it was just one person, but unexpectedly there were two of them. Even worse, it was the two people who he spent his entire life wishing he could kill.

“You XiaoMo! Ling Xiao! I’m going to kill you two!” You ZhenTian’s furious howl resounded again, his voice carrying a sky-shaking anger. The oppressive aura of a seven star Sacred Realm expert immediately flooded out violently, the roiling whirlpool surging towards them uncontrollably. It scared the people nearby to the point that they hastily retreated, afraid of being hit.

The ambusher was precisely You XiaoMo. Ling Xiao helped to serve as a shield for him, which was why not even You ZhenTian had found out at the beginning. As a result, the Vermillion Blood Clan had lost more than a dozen experts in only an hour.

With You XiaoMo’s strength, he naturally didn’t need to ambush anyone, but in order to catch them off guard and deal the Vermillion Blood Clan a heavy blow head on, he intentionally abandoned his usual aloofness. What a sacrifice.

He had long since expected You ZhenTian’s fury. When he heard his voice, You XiaoMo smiled quite smugly. With his current cultivation base, he could even help Ling Xiao face You ZhenTian. He no longer needed to hide behind Ling Xiao the moment he saw him anymore.

The powerful pressure was stopped halfway through the air. As if it had smashed into an invisible screen, the violent wind swept away in all directions, and it was as if the sky was torn in two. It only quieted down after a long while.

You ZhenTian stared dead at Ling Xiao, who was blocking You XiaoMo. The moment he thought about his underlings that had been killed, the rage in his heart grew more and more vigorous. He wouldn’t be satisfied unless he finished them off for good. He hadn’t expected the two of them to actually appear here.

“You ZhenTian, I came today to take back what belongs to my dad! Wake up!” You XiaoMo shouted loudly. He knew that his clingy dad wasn’t really interested in the Vermillion Blood Clan, but when he saw You ZhenTian’s arrogant appearance, he couldn’t let off that easily. No matter what, he still had to make things awkward for You ZhenTian for a bit!

You ZhenTian was so mad that his beard started to quiver. He didn’t respond to You XiaoMo; instead, he immediately told Yin Lie, “Yin Lie-xiong, I’ll leave Zuo Yan to you.”

Logically speaking, You ZhenTian should refer to him as Father-in-Law, but in this world, strength defined social status. It wasn’t that big of a deal if age hierarchy was flipped around, so many people called others like this.

Yin Lie nodded gravely. He was powerless against Ling Xiao, but he had no problems facing an insignificant Zuo Yan. However, for the sake of his daughter, he still said, “ZhenTian-xiong, be careful.”

Even though Ling Xiao currently only had a six star cultivation base, Yin Lie’s son-in-law had gotten the worst of it two times in a row at Ling Xiao’s hands. At that time, Ling Xiao’s cultivation base was even lower than six stars, so Yin Lie couldn’t help but be worried about an accident occurring. He didn’t want his daughter to lose her husband. Furthermore, You ZhenTian being in control of the Vermillion Blood Clan was also of great use to the Silver Dragon Clan.

But You ZhenTian frowned imperceptibly.

After a while, Zuo Yan was blocked off by Yin Lie. One star against two, there was a bit of a disparity between their strength levels.

The experts from the Silver Dragon Clan also filled in for the experts that You XiaoMo had slaughtered painstakingly. However, there were still a few missing, so as a result the situation on the battlefield started to turn. The Cang Alliance started to gain the upper hand.

You XiaoMo wanted to go help Zuo Yan get rid of Yin Lie, but he was stopped by You ZhenTian.

You ZhenTian knew that You XiaoMo was the variable on the battlefield. If he slipped away, they didn’t have any experts on his side that was on par with You XiaoMo’s strength. At that time, the Vermillion Blood Clan’s experts would definitely be toyed with and ruined by him. He couldn’t allow that to happen no matter what!

This was the Vermillion Blood Clan’s most important battle. Only winning was permitted, not losing!

“Today, neither of you better think of escaping!” You ZhenTian glared at them with a face full of dark resentment. The killing intent in his eyes was extremely concentrated.

You XiaoMo jumped out and said seriously, “Who wants to escape? Relax, if you aren’t dead, I definitely can’t bear to leave. I’m still waiting to see how you drop down from the position of the Vermillion Blood Clan’s leader. My dad suffered for so many years, it’s about time for you to pay for it.”

“Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll help you with that!” After You ZhenTian finished speaking, a tyrannical energy suddenly exploded, the spiritual energy surging out. Sharp blades of light seemed to float all around them in the air as the astral winds transformed into swords, aiming straight at them like a horde of hornets from all directions before striking.

You XiaoMo didn’t plan on fighting him head on, force against force. Even though he already had a grade six cultivation base, he still wasn’t You ZhenTian’s match. Furthermore, the one being attacked didn’t necessarily have to be You XiaoMo himself.

He withdrew backwards and Ling Xiao immediately took his place. With a shake of his sleeves, the air around them instantly started to shake. As if tall walls had been erected around them, the swords transformed from astral winds encountered a barrier at once as the sound of cracking echoed all around them endlessly. They could see the sharp swords being continuously destroyed all around them.

“Giant Extermination Claw!” You ZhenTian shouted angrily before a forceful energy started to whirl fiercely in his right hand, transforming into an illusory sharp claw midair. It ripped through the space as it clawed towards them.

Ling Xiao lightly lifted an eyebrow. This degree of attack wasn’t even as powerful as back when Lin ShaoYi and TongTian Emperor had joined hands against him. Two kinds of flames immediately shot towards the sky from beneath his feet, one on the right and one on the left, materializing into a fire Qilin above his head. With a furious howl, it leaped out and shot towards the Giant Extermination Claw.

At this point, one of them had to die!

You XiaoMo found the time to glance in Zuo Yan’s direction. Fu CangQiong’s head disciple truly did have a remarkable strength level. Even though he was one star lower, he still wasn’t at a disadvantage, even now.

Yin Lie discovered that Zuo Yan was a very hard person to deal with. He didn’t want to tangle with him. At once, the drawn-out sound of a dragon’s cry resounded through the sky, followed by the explosion of an intense, harsh white light. Several seconds later, a silver dragon several dozen meters long appeared before everyone. Yin Lie had appeared in his true body, and the dragon pressure from his body was even more obvious.

A flash of solemnity passed over Zuo Yan’s face, but his momentum didn’t falter in the slightest. Instead, it surged up even more, and he waved the halberd in his hands before shouting loudly, “Today, I will kill the first silver dragon here!”

The two of them swiftly started fighting again. Even though Yin Lie’s body was enormous, he was still very nimble. Moreover, his skin was thick, so it was very hard to hit him. Fortunately, Zuo Yan wasn’t a pushover either. Ever since the halberd had become his, it had dranken countless people’s blood and become very infused with spiritual energy. No matter how hard something was, as long as he had a bit of time, sooner or later he could pierce through it with his halberd.

Seeing this, You XiaoMo wasn’t actually that anxious to go help him.

Taking advantage of Ling Xiao fighting You ZhenTian, he finally escaped from You ZhenTian’s grasp. By the time You ZhenTian discovered this, You XiaoMo had already massacred his way through the crowd. The Vermillion Blood Clan and Silver Dragon Clan became cannon fodder, and, after a short while, the casualties were disastrous.

A silver dragon was beaten to the point that he had to reveal his true appearance, but he still couldn’t get away. It was cut into two pieces by You XiaoMo with a sword, too tragic to look at. Since the blade was the Metal Swallowing Beast’s, it was incomparably sharp.

This scene seemed to provoke Yin Lie. For a moment, his pressure intensified, shocking Zuo Yan. However, he didn’t have time to rush over yet before he was blocked again by Zuo Yan.

You XiaoMo saw that they basically controlled the battlefield, and that the rest of the people didn’t need his help anymore. They even had enough for two people to gang up against one. He then returned to Ling Xiao’s side to see whether he could lend a hand. Just when he looked back, a sharp light slid past the edge of his ear. It didn’t harm him, but it did cut off a lock of hair next to his ear, giving him a scare.

When he wanted to see just who ambushed him, another sharp light attacked him from behind. The position made it seem as if whoever it was wanted to slice him in two across the waist. It contained an eerie killing aura and was clearly infused with a deep-rooted hatred.

You XiaoMo directly dodged it before looking in the direction of the attack. He thought that the opponent had some entrenched resentment with him, but when he saw their real face, he immediately felt that it should be the opposite way around. The person who ambushed him was, astonishingly enough, Lady Yin.

Lady Yin, who was already several tens of thousands of years old, seemed just like a beautiful young woman in her twenties, elegant and noble. Her appearance was delicate and perfected. Rumor had it that she had once been called the most beautiful woman. As the Silver Dragon Clan’s princess, she had an unmatched air of arrogance around her.

At that moment, Lady Yin’s face was full of cold frost, her eyes chilly as she stared at him. They contained a sense of determination and a wish to kill him on the spot where he was standing. When she saw him look over, she waved her hand again without hesitation, and the dagger in her hand flashed with cool light.

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