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Chapter 74: Exercising

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Gu Ting Yu stopped moving.

“Xiao Yu?!” Nian Xing bumped his head onto Gu Ting Yu when he suddenly stopped, “What’s wrong? Quickly! Let’s go already!”

“… What is that…” Gu Ting Yu pointed at the black leopard, “Why is he tied there?”

Zhuo Yin’s face turned grim, “Just ignore him, he’s the culprit that attacked you, he almost killed you.”

One of Fu Wang’s blossoms caught the black leopard’s leg. Fu Wang was pulling on the chained black leopard at full force. The chain was tied on the leopard’s neck; the pulling caused it to strangle the black leopard’s neck, about to break it. The black leopard dug his claws deep into the ground, struggling and wailing in pain.

Gu Ting Yu frowned as he couldn’t help but feel bad for the leopard.

Zhuo Yin immediately understood what Gu Ting Yu was planning to do. He was going to stop him, but Nian Xing gave him a look and held Zhuo Yin back.

He wouldn’t be thinking of…

As Zhuo Yin hesitated, Gu Ting Yu rushed into Fu Wang’s attacking zone on his own.

“Ting Yu!!!” Qing Que planned on following him, but Nian Xing grabbed his arm and pulled him back. Nian Xing muttered a few words at Qing Que’s ear. Qing Que opened his eyes in shock.

Apparently… marine creatures are so cunning.

The ground was sinking in, Gu Ting Yu carefully moved towards the black leopard, the leopard was shocked when he saw Gu Ting Yu risking his own life to come save him…

The injured leopard slowly used up his remaining strength. His claws in the ground made claw marks on the soil; with blood seeping from his fingers, the leopard cried out.

The situation was already very bad, but to make matters even worse, the other blossom started moving and opening its mouth; it bit the black leopard’s waist, making the leopard scream in pain again. He was losing strength in his claws. In a hurry, Gu Ting Yu rushed up and hugged the leopard tightly, trying to pull him away. Fu Wang’s blossom dragged the leopard and the human slowly into the empty field.

Gu Ting Yu turned his head around and screamed, “What are you guys going, come and help!!!”

The three of them had lost quite a lot of blood, so they didn’t want to fight, but dealing with a Fu Wang was actually not that difficult. Nian Xing put his palm on the ground; coldness diffused through the soil to reach Fu Wang’s roots, making it feel numb. Even its attack slowed down.

“Xiao Yu.” Nian Xing squatted down next to Gu Ting Yu, and he said in a low voice, “… I really don’t want to save him, look, he even bit me… But if Xiao Yu… promised to… with us tonight…” Nian Xing closed in on Gu Ting Yu’s ear and muttered with an even lower volume, “… Ahem, if you are willing to, we can overlook his wrongdoings and save him~~~”

Nian Xing was used to Gu Ting Yu’s behaviors. Since they couldn’t stop him anyways, then at least… they could ask for something in return before rescuing the leopard.

“Nian Xing!” Gu Ting Yu said angrily in a hurry.

What kind of a situation do they think we are dealing with here, how could they suggest that at a time like this?!

Suddenly, Gu Ting Yu’s body was in the air. Zhuo Yin lifted Gu Ting Yu up and said with an evil smile, “We aren’t going to force you; if you’re not willing to, then let’s leave.”

“…” Gu Ting Yu was feeling dizzy. He just woke up from being unconscious for days, and his body was weak. Seeing that Fu Wang began to recover and its attacks became more intense, he pursed his lips in frustration, leaning his head on Zhuo Yin’s chest and lowering his head.

“So you agree to do it?”

Gu Ting Yu didn’t speak, he only nodded his head lightly after a moment.

Qing Que quietly stood aside, trying to express that he had nothing to do with all this scheming, but the only thing on his mind was Gu Ting Yu’s tender skin, his long and slim legs, and the sacred place between them…

“Qing Que, what are you daydreaming about!? Come and help me already!” Nian Xing was fighting with Fu Wang by himself. He found Qing Que standing there doing nothing when he turned around.

Qing Que felt like thousands of worms were crawling on his soul; he lifted his head to look at Fu Wang, his green eyes filled with rage, as though Fu Wang was the last obstacle on his road of love. A blinding light busted out; the sky was instantly filled with gold sand. Not even the huge Fu Wang could withstand the strong force, and it turned into dust.

Zhuo Yin’s broad shoulders blocked the sand and dust; Gu Ting Yu was embarrassed and angry at the same time. He pushed himself away from Zhuo Yin the moment he thought about them using the crisis to force him to cooperate, and he was even more unwilling to do anything with them now.

Nian Xing pretended to be obedient and said with an innocent face, “It was Zhuo Yin’s idea, please don’t be mad.”

“You…” Zhuo Yin was pissed that Nian Xing threw the blame onto him. As he watched Gu Ting Yu walk away from him to check up on Nian Xing’s wound with a worried face, it was clear that his “bad guy” image would be really hard to overturn now.

“Xiao Yu… It’s so painful… Please don’t be sad, I can still go on… I know Xiao Yu is kind, you’d even save the villain who bit me sooo badly~” Nian Xing sounded so sad as if tears would fall any second. Taking in a breath of fresh air, he continued, “… But I’m not blaming you, I’m just in a lot of pain right now…”

Qing Que turned his head to Zhuo Yin when he heard Nian Xing’s words, and he mouthed, “I thought he was almost healed.”

Zhuo Yin turned white and nodded his head.

Gu Ting Yu stayed silent for a while; then, he looked at the black leopard lying on the ground behind him, feeling complicated.

In the end, he sighed and walked towards the black leopard. Nian Xing’s eyes sparkled, as he assumed that Gu Ting Yu was going to get revenge; instead, the human undid the chains on the black leopard.

“Xiao Yu~~!!!”

Gu Ting Yu stopped Nian Xing who rushed over, wanting to cut the leopard into a million pieces. Gu Ting Yu said, “… Let’s go.”

“So you are letting him off the hook just like that?!”

“… Let’s go.”

“But he—”

“… Let’s go… it’s going to be dark soon.”

The three of them were shocked by the sentence as they all thought, Dark means night, and night means…

“Alright,” Nian Xing answered happily.

At night, the firelight illuminated Gu Ting Yu’s worried face.

Qing Que, Zhuo Yin, and Nian Xing were sitting by the fire, all staring at Gu Ting Yu, as if waiting for something important.

Gu Ting Yu didn’t dare lift his head up to look at the three, his mouth was dry and his throat felt parched.

After laughing dryly, Gu Ting Yu said, “It’s… .pretty late now, I’m tired, you guys are tired too… Let’s sleep separately, okay?”

He carefully put emphasis on the word “separately”.

Qing Que started gathering soft leaves to make a “bed”, while Nian Xing started taking his pants off, Zhuo Yin stood up and walked towards Gu Ting Yu.

“Wai… Wait!!” Gu Ting Yu said hurriedly, “I have a headache, can’t we just have a nice little chat… Ah!”

Zhuo Yin took a hold of Gu Ting Yu’s hand, pulling it towards the bulge between his own legs. Gu Ting Yu immediately retracted his hand as if he was burned by something. He tried his best to stay calm, but no matter how he tried, he felt his breathing becoming irregular.

“… You guys… Are you guys going to… ” Gu Ting Yu couldn’t stop his lips from shivering… How could they… They wouldn’t, would they?!

“We are going to do some healthy exercise before bed, that’s all,” Nian Xing smiled sweetly.

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