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Chapter 705: A Race Against Time

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Even though the Qilin Clan’s territory was also located in Xi Jing, they actually resided in a different dimension, an enormous space that the founder of the Qilin Clan opened. After Lin Gu and Lin Ming entered, a huge range of towering mountains appeared before their eyes, just like another world. Their clan members lived among these towering mountains, and the tallest peak was where the Qilin Lord lived.

The two of them didn’t stop. They immediately flew towards the main peak. On their way there, some Qilin Clan members wanted to block their way, but, at that moment, the only ones left behind to guard were some experts who were below Level Eleven. They could only try and stop them for a second before they were sent flying.

They swiftly reached the bottom of the main peak.

According to the information that the mole sent them, Lin ShaoYi was currently in secluded cultivation at the main peak, looking for a chance to break into the Almighty. Under these circumstances, if he was disturbed, not only would he fail, he might also very likely be counterattacked.

Lin Gu controlled his heart, which was beating slightly faster. Just thinking of how Lin ShaoYi would be taken care of very soon and Xiao-er would no longer be in any danger, nor would Lin Ming be pursued to death anymore for bearing the crime of murdering the Qilin Lord, made Lin Gu unable to restrain his excitement.

“Ming, nobody is currently guarding the main peak. Should we go up now?”

Lin Ming’s forehead wrinkled severely, and he looked at the quiet main peak with hesitation. The current peak felt slightly different from how it had before. “We don’t have much time. Let’s go up and see.”

But when they were about to enter the main peak, they suddenly collided with a barrier. A series of brilliant light rays shot out from the barrier, the strong golden light forcing them to retreat a few steps.

Lin Ming’s expression changed. “This is…”

“What is it?” Lin Gu also had an unpleasant premonition.

As if he had realized something, the look on Lin Ming’s face became extremely ugly. He gritted his teeth and responded, “Lin ShaoYi actually used the Qilin Lord’s bones. He ground the Qilin Lord’s bones to powder and then used it to create a barrier. Those golden bones contain the energy of the Qilin Lord when he was alive…”

Lin Gu opened his eyes with shock. Lin ShaoYi was actually audacious enough to grind the Qilin Lord’s bones to powder just to guarantee his own safety. This kind of utterly heartless behavior…

“Do the Qilin Clan’s people know of this?”

Lin Ming shook his head, his expression as ugly as ever. “If it was before, I could still be certain of it. But now, I no longer know how the clan members would react if they learn of this.”

“We cannot let Lin ShaoYi succeed!” Lin Gu said with a darkened face.

“I know. Step aside, let me see if I can break through the barrier.” Lin Ming nodded. There was no way he would let Lin ShaoYi succeed either. Even though he had been separated from A-Gu for so many years back then because of the Qilin Lord’s opposition, the Qilin Lord had been kind to him. He had already departed from this world for many years, so there was no way Lin Ming could just stand and watch the Qilin Lord’s bones be trampled on.

After he spoke, Lin Ming immediately unleashed all of his strength. His spiritual energy whipped into a fierce wind; he hadn’t even tried this hard when he was fighting with Lin Tian just then.

By the time Zu Ma evaded the Demon Phoenix Clan’s people to rush over, she just happened to see Lin Ming attacking the barrier. His blow contained all of his power, and the barrier started to distort violently. But just when it looked like the barrier couldn’t handle it anymore, a layer of golden light appeared on the surface, seemingly blocking Lin Ming’s attack. A second later, the barrier returned to its original state.

Zu Ma let out a sigh of relief at once. She was the only one who knew the truth about the barrier, but Lin Ming was too powerful, so she wasn’t certain whether the barrier would be able to sustain itself against his attack. Now she could be at ease.

At that moment, Lin Ming turned and glared viciously at Zu Ma. Zu Ma’s expression went cold, and she immediately went on guard as her spiritual energy started to revolve quickly inside of her, ready to strike back at any moment.

“Woman, it seems like you also know.” Lin Ming’s face went dark. He said to Lin Gu, “A-Gu, go gather some manpower to attack the barrier together. As long as the Qilin Lord’s energy is consumed, the barrier will collapse.”

Lin Gu nodded. Zu Ma wanted to stop him, but with Lin Ming present, she couldn’t do a single thing. Furthermore, she didn’t have an opportunity to do so either before Lin Ming’s attack arrived immediately in front of her.

Meanwhile, inside the palace on the main peak, in the center of the array, Lin ShaoYi’s eyes were closed. The array under him was like a living being, and the pattern on the ground was carved with fresh blood, blossoming with red light. It continued to writhe  on the ground like veins, endlessly transferring blood to Lin ShaoYi in the middle.

Someone was hanging in front of the array – shockingly, the TongTian Emperor. Right now, he couldn’t be called a person anymore. There wasn’t a single section of skin that was still intact, and it was as if there was no end to his blood as it continued to drip down onto the array before being absorbed. Because his cultivation was unique, there was a faint golden color to his blood.

The TongTian Emperor was still barely breathing, but he was pretty much about to die. He lifted his head slightly, and even though it was very minute, his red eyes looked towards Lin ShaoYi as strange wheezing noises came from his mouth. He knew that he wouldn’t be alive for much longer.

Strictly speaking, Lin ShaoYi was much younger than him, so TongTian Emperor had always believed that he would be the one to become the master of all the planes. He had firmly believed that, but he hadn’t expected to end up falling to someone of the younger generation. His whole life was just like a big joke.

Compared to Lin ShaoYi, their levels were too far apart. TongTian Emperor had never thought that he would actually become the key for Lin ShaoYi breaking into the seven star pinnacle realm, and the only one at that. His strength level was at the seven star pinnacle level, but most of his strength came from gathering and accumulating the faith of many planes.

The strength of faith was an illusory sort of thing, but it still really did exist. Every time his strength increased by a level, another golden thread would appear in his blood. That golden color was the power of faith.

What Lin ShaoYi wanted was that power of faith. His original plan was to let Zu Ma break into grade seven and make a Yin Yang God’s Pill for him, but that had been ruined by You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. Fortunately, he had a backup plan, so his plans wouldn’t be ruined by an accident at the last moment.

He had investigated it before. Even though the power of faith was something from other planes, it was also applicable elsewhere. Moreover, after gaining the power of faith, the difficulties of cultivating would decrease greatly. Once he gathered enough faith power, he could attack the highest realm.

The TongTian Emperor had already collected the power of faith for over a hundred thousand years now. The power of faith in his blood was extremely thick, so there wouldn’t be anyone more suitable for being Lin ShaoYi’s stepping stone. If the TongTian Emperor had known this would happen earlier, he wouldn’t have regretted over what he had done before, but he definitely would have strangled all of the dangers to him in their cradles.

“Your suffering will end very soon.” Lin ShaoYi’s eerie voice echoed in the empty palace.

Resentment seemed to flash through the TongTian Emperor’s eyes, but it darkened again in the next moment. They didn’t know that Ling Xiao was currently also attacking the the last layer of restraint. But, most likely because he had just broken into the seven star level, it wasn’t going very smoothly.

Of course, it might also be because he didn’t know the right way to do it. Under the constant drench from the spiritual water and multicolored spiritual energy, his foundation was already extremely stable, so the most likely possibility was that his method wasn’t right. Even with the Yin Yang God’s Pill, it was only a supplement. The most important part still depended on his own awakening.

In order to allow Ling Xiao to break through in the best environment possible, You XiaoMo had moved the Five Blessing Spirit Eye into his dimension. With the five-colored spiritual energy and heavenly spiritual energy mixing together, perhaps it could create some results that went beyond their expectations. Furthermore, if Ling Xiao broke through by luck, maybe they would be able to avoid the Lightning Tribulations by hiding in the dimension. You XiaoMo was truly a little worried that he wouldn’t be able to block it when the time came. If he caused Ling Xiao to be struck by lightning, everything would be over.

The rich white spiritual energy and five-colored spiritual energy danced gracefully through the air like a rainbow, multi-colored and extremely beautiful, before finally flowing into Ling Xiao.

That scene persisted for about six hours before finally stopping. When everything calmed down, Ling Xiao moved, both of his hands slashing strange tracks through the air. Each track was a different color, as if corresponding with the five elements, releasing a sort of flourishing aura.

You XiaoMo discovered with astonishment that all of the grass underneath his feet were all pointing in Ling Xiao’s direction, as if they were worshipping him. Some patches of bare dirt were even starting to sprout new shoots of grass at a visible speed.

When he looked at his magic herb field again, there was faint movement on the distant mountain peak as well. He thought that Ling Xiao was about to succeed. Half an hour later, that feeling subsided like the tide, and Ling Xiao coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood as the spiritual energy around them immediately scattered.

You XiaoMo hastily ran over to his side. “How are you feeling?”

Ling Xiao waved his hand. “No harm, I just feel a little blocked up. It seems like I’m missing something.”

“Should you take the Yin Yang God’s Pill now?” You XiaoMo had a flash of realization.

Ling Xiao shook his head. “It’s not time yet.”

You XiaoMo grew anxious at once. If he didn’t take the Yin Yang God’s Pill and continued to cultivate, it seemed like nothing much would change. Even though Ling Xiao’s path of cultivation didn’t really have any difficulties, he still couldn’t just blindly keep doing what he was doing if he encountered a problem, especially if it was a bottleneck. The more worried he was, the easier it was to fail.

“How about taking a rest?”

“No, I’m afraid there isn’t enough time.” Ling Xiao rejected him without even thinking about it. The closer he was to that layer, the more clearly he could sense what the rules for that Heaven and Earth Realm were. He could faintly see the indication that the rules the previous Almighty left behind were about to collapse. This usually indicated that a new Almighty was about to appear, most likely Lin ShaoYi.

When the Almighty appeared, the rules would be shattered, and the Heaven and Earth Realm would draw up new rules. As long as this new Almighty was still alive, all the rules would be made by him, and as long as a promise was broken, the rules would directly punish the person who broke it. With Lin ShaoYi’s personality, he would probably make it even more extreme.

You XiaoMo clutched at his head, jittery, his hair a mess because of him pulling at it. At that moment, the two husbands suddenly felt something, and they both looked towards the small wooden house. In the quiet, simple house, a strong light exploded from the cracks in the windows, as if there was something resonating inside of the room.

What could it be?

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Castle Lee
March 1, 2019 12:25 pm

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